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Career History

Post Oil Industry ~ Amoco Canada Petroleum ~ Pre University ~ Public Activity
Profile Robert W Nelmes (Bob)

2009 - Present

Robert W Nelmes , Skier and Creative Artist.

2006 - 2008 Research and Analysis

A period of chaos I took advantage of Tourism, Creativity, Business Planning, Ski Hill/Resorts, BC, Canada.

Personal Evaluation while looking for a place to settle down and ski.

Areas of economic/population growth

2006 – 2006 Advertising Sales

I did not like their predatory sales methods so I left after one month.

The Wolf 97 FM.

Quesnel, BC.

2004 – 2006 Retail Sales Clerk / Shop Technician

Quesnel Ski and Sport.

Quesnel, BC.

General sales and clerical duties associated with day to day operations in a retail environment. In addition to general shipping, receiving and inventory as required. Also shop technician specializing in ski and board tuning.

2004 May Retail Sales Clerk ( 1 month )

Mason and Daly

Barkerville, BC.

General sales and clerical duties associated with day to day operations in a retail environment.

2004 Summer, Volunteer

Troll Ski Resort

Quesnel, BC, Canada.

Carved my sculpture “ Perceptions: A sculpture “ while there.

Complete renovation and resealing of the lodge hardwood floor.

Gratis, they saved my life. I even got fed and had a place to sleep.

In my mind they are family of mine forever.

They saved my life !

2002-2004 Drop Zone Coordinator : Bobby - CSPA C2546

Fraser Valley Skydiving Center

Chilliwack, BC.

A local skydive dropzone I fell out of the sky at. I progressed to coordinating the daily activities associated with the operation of a skydiving dropzone. This included, radio control of parachute students, gearing up, manifest, administration, website design and maintenance, jump bookings, marketing, general maintenance and grounds keeping.

1999-2003 Website Owner

Creator, owner, editor. Your online soapbox.

Chilliwack, BC.

Creator, programmer, editor, webmaster, writer.

Archive: Can be found on and on my website:

2002-2003 Office Manager

Chill Air Conditioning,

Chilliwack, BC.

Responsible for performing all administrative, booking, billing, receivables, purchasing and inventory functions required in a service and supply environment.

1997-2000 Owner Operator

Hantiques Repairing and Refinishing

Chilliwack, BC.

Specializing in hand finishing, repairs and restoration of antiques and family heirlooms. In addition to the

redesign and finishing of old furniture for esthetic results.

1997-2000 Owner Operator

Nelfam Publishing

Chilliwack, BC.

Self-Publishing, production, marketing and distribution of experimental fiction for the general market. Five books presently published on backlist.

First Business License was in Vancouver where I was looking after my mother at 1330 Harwood St.

1994-1997 Marketing Consultant


Calgary, Alberta.

Conducted weekly business presentations for groups of 20-100. Developed and conducted bi-monthly training seminars concentrating on corporate training, sales techniques, lead generation, follow-up, customer service, product knowledge and personal growth.

Explored potential market in Bonny Hills, Australia and London, England ( Kensington, Builders Arms ) in the mid 90's.

1995 Satellite School Coordinator, It spanned the period 94 - 95

Calgary Skydiver Center ~ Bieseker, Alberta.

Responsible for conducting and operating roving skydive first jump courses at various small towns in southern Alberta and Cranbrook, British Columbia for the Calgary Skydive Center.


Senior Administrative Analyst

Head Office, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

1991-1993 Coordinator Pipeline Operations

NGL and Crude Oil Marketing

Responsible for improving overall efficiency of crude oil nomination and transportation processes on all company operated crude oil pipelines. Including Rangeland. Interacting directly with pipeline customers for the purpose of controlling and monitoring the nomination of transportation space, ensuring equitable pro-rationing decisions.

Substituted for Inter Provincial Pipelines batch scheduling and control in order to fully understand that function of the transportation, scheduling and trading process.

Worked with a contract programmer, assisted in the development and testing of an automated batch tracking system for Inter Provincial Pipelines.

1989-1991 Materials Coordinator

NGL Operations

Responsible for material management policies and procedures at all NGL operated facilities in Canada and the USA. Reconciliation of over one billion dollars of fixed assets. Saved a bunch of Income Tax.

Specifically, Cochin Pipelines.

Responsible for developing and implementing Electronic Data Interchange with networked PC's between our warehouse at the Sarnia Fractionation Plant and Head Office in Calgary, enabling communication between DB2 data structure and the Unix based mainframe, eliminating the need for an accounts payable clerk manually processing invoices.

It was a test case for something I began attempting in Drayton Valley in the mid 80's implementing a PC based inventory control system.

Concerns about signature, and authorization caused major resistance in completing the project at that time, why mgt had me continue within NGL Operations.

Date stamp, user id's and computer ID, would have sufficed as identification just as computer id, date stamp do now. No trust existed.

Project however was successful in processing invoices payable without analyst account assignment and verification.

Taking it to Chicago would have been fun, but someone did not tell me they asked for me.


Administrative Analyst

Pembina District Office, Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada.

1988-1989 Materials Analyst

Responsible for coordinating all materials management and fixed asset activities within the district.

1988 Contract Analyst

Responsible for all contract obligations within the district relating to surface lease, pipeline crossing, road use and various other agreements, in addition to the licensing of all pipeline construction projects with appropriate Government Agencies such as the ERCB.

Developed and implemented ' essentials information ' sheets for all District Road Use, Drilling and Lease Agreements.

1985-1988 Purchasing Analyst

Performed all the centralized purchasing functions related to the daily operating and maintenance needs of the Pembina District in addition to the operation and material control of the district warehouse incorporating $2.5 million of new and surplus material.

Responsible for the implementation of a PC based inventory control and purchasing system in conjunction with the development of warehouse training procedures ensuring smooth transition.

Responsible for the review and development of procedures to comply with the

Transportation and Handling of Dangerous Goods Act “.

Responsible for the development, programming and implementation of a dbase computer program to control the district vehicle fleet.

Adopted ' unofficially' by all District Offices and our Sarnia Facility.

Later used as a blue print for a new IS department developed Vehicle Program.

1985 Special Project Analyst

Responsible for the development of a surplus materials list for use by all engineering, materials and field personel..

1985 Summer Field Experience

Summer learning the jobs of field staff, roustabouts, forman, etc.

During which the Pembia River Raft Race was held, my team winning the race over the ' Gears ' and their ' Castle '.

It was so cool, our names engraved on the plaque !

1985 Account Analyst

Reviewed accounts payable billings, assigned account, processed payment and implemented revised procedures for controlling utility bills.


Central Paving and Engineering Ltd.


Plant Labourer

Vibrator Roller Operator

Pinegrove Ski School

Ski Instructor

Assistant Director

Troll Ski Resort

Intercontinental Pulp

Steam Plant Labourer,

Power Boiler Fireman,

De-watering Plant Operator

Prince George Paving





Sno Pro Ski School, 1973 TO 74

100 Steps Ski Hill, Prince George, BC

Assistant Director, 73/74

100 Steps Ski Hill, 1970 TO 74

Maintenance Supervisor, 73/74, City of Prince George. ( they ran the ski hill ).


Ski Instructor

Rental Shop Technician

Junior Ski Patrol

Ticket Sales

Lift Attendant

Intercontinental Pulp, 1970 to 74.

Steam Plant Labourer,

Summer and holiday Relief

Prince George Pulp and Paper, 1970 to 74.

Summer and holiday Relief

Mechanics Helper,

Pipe Fitters Helper,

Welders Helper,

Fiberglass Installer Helper,

Carpenters Helper.


1997-1998 Campaign Chairman

Canadian Cancer Society,

Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

Responsible for organizing and coordinating the annual door to door fundraising campaign supervising 5 area Captains, 25 zone Captains and 350 volunteer canvassers.

1986 - 89 Stage Manager

Drayton Valley Players

Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada.

Stage Productions: " Oliver ", " Whisper into my good ear ", " How the other half loves ", " The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. "

1986-7 Swimming Coach

Canadian Special Olympics Assoc.

Drayton Valley, Alberta.


Maintain a high level of current hardware in addition to an in depth knowledge of various software packages.

Cobol programming. DB2 programming. Clipper programming. Html. Shtml.


Skiing, Skydiving, Outdoors, Computers, Sailing, Golf.


British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Scotland, England,

Frankfurt, Italy, Bangladesh, India, Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, New Guinea, Africa,

Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Montego Bay Jamaica, Club Med Martinique, Xtapa Mexico, Anahiem California, Iowa City, Chicago, North Dakota, Montana

Seattle Washington, Eloy Arizona, Hyder Alaska plus 36 days on the Pacific Ocean.

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