Hello... Welcome to my studio.
The Music of Life ~ A natural pair ~ Boy and Girl. The black and white spheres are a piano/organ keyboard.
Modern Era ~ I love skiing more that you can imagine !

Dedicated to my sons, daughters and grand children.
I love you to, I always will, Forever and Always.

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I have deleted all of my content from Youtube !

I have made a directory on my google drive with some of my videos public .

My digital videos My digital videos

  • You cannot use them commercially , meaning you cannot make money from them without my permission ,
    I have given none .
  • You will be able to access the videos , watch them or download them for viewing only .
  • School , College and University students may use them in presentations , for discussion , etc .
  • You cannot slander me , denigrate me , make subjective judgements about me or lie about them .
  • Once I have share links for them all I will be able to activate all the links on this page again .
  • Creative Milk Productions
    My Music, paintings in a message context.

    "The Babysitter"

    Includes my original music, video and paintings in a message format.

     The Elm Tree
    The Elm Tree

    Dream Weaver
    Dream Weaver

    creative milkt (34K)
    Bob Guys

    A Symbolt (34K)
    A Symbol

    0gswimmingpoolt (22K)
    Navy Seal

    natureslovingtoucht (22K)
    My Mom, My Daughter

    Love at first sightt (22K)
    Issus 333, Battle of

    apringskiingt (22K)
    Bobbys Girls

    Trees of Knowledge.
    Trees of Knowledge

    Love at first sightt (22K)
    I love it so much

    First Snowt (22K)
    A treasure map

    Song of the Butterfly.
    Day the World Changed

    Song of the Butterfly.
    Song of the Butterfly

    Bob's Bunny's.
    Bob's Bunny's

    Senses Music Video.
    Golden Mountains

    Sole of Foot Music Video.
    Sole of foot


    I am a dreamer.
    I am a dreamer

    I love the sounds of skiing.
    Sounds of Skiing

    Peanut Butter


    numers ~ I found some footage from 2011 and decided to make another composition using my new paintings.

    Love at first sightt (22K)
    A natural wave



    G Spot
    G Spot

    Magic Carpet Ride
    Magic Carpet Ride


    Prime of Life
    Prime of Life


    I am just a young man
    I am just a young man

    Planting Seeds
    Planting Seeds

    Field of Light.
    Field of Light

    A Natural Love.
    A Natural Love

    Love at first sight.
    Love at first sight

    Dance of the Dragonfly.
    Dance of the Dragonfly

    The Garden of Aden.
    The Garden of Aden

    The Spot.
    The Spot


    I Love Skiing.
    I Love Skiing

    Eye Candy.
    Eye Candy

    When all seems lost.
    When all seems lost


    Perfecto Mondo.
    Perfecto Mondo

    Star Light
    Star Light

    The Code... It takes two.
    The Code

    Tree of Knowledge.
    Tree of Knowledge


    Mountains of Milk.
    Mountains of Milk

    Water Ice.
    Water Ice

    School Song.
    School Song


    A Chord... Music, planting seeds.
    A Chord

    Velvet Fingers.
    Velvet Fingers

    Virtual Cuddle
    Virtual Cuddle


    Fusion... Silent Sunshine.
    Silent Sunshine

    My Skiing Videos

    I had never seen myself skiing so I took some footage in the spring of 2010 at Purden Ski Resort.
    I thought ' cool ' so I used one of my songs and some paintings in a message format, DNA ~ " Senses ", my first ski video.
    I am the man saying good morning and the skier !
    Different lighting, different clothes, different background.
    I started skiing at 12, teaching at 15, CSIA Level 2 at 18, CSIS Level 3 at 23.
    I am 64 now, in Senses I am 55, Wing Sking 54, Waves of Warmth 56, Elm Tree at Play, 62.
    My goal was to get some shots of myself in all terrain, all conditions, all techniques, I have not finished yet.

    Mountain Range Lions.
    Mountain Range Lions Little Round Top ~ ski video by Robert W Nelmes (Bob) 10955
    Little Round Top
    Senses Music Video.
    Senses Forever Young
    Forever Young, re-edit
    Waves of Warmth.
    Waves of Warmth Why I Love it so.
    Why I love it so
    Prelude to Dance of the Dragonfly.
    Well of Nymphs I love the sounds of skiing.
    I am a skier
    Forever Young
    Forever Young, original Mountains of Music.
    Mountains of Music
    University Way
    University Way A blast from the past
    A blast from the past
    Wing Skiing.
    Wing Skiing Bob Cat.
    Bob Cat
    Waves of Warmth.
    Waves of Warmth, original Elm Tree at play.
    Elm Tree at Play

    High Alert !

    I received an update to the Youtube Terms of Service.

    They sent the following:

    What I do not agree with :

    YouTube’s right to monetize:

    They are stipulating the following.

    Quote :

    " YouTube has the right to monetize all content on the platform and ads may appear on videos from channels not in the YouTube Partner Program. "



    They do not have the right to monatize anything of mine without my explicit authorization whether in the Partner Program or not.

    They are attempting to gain the right to monatize my content and earn income while denying me !

    The answer is NO !

    The content does not belong to them.

    Royalty payments and tax withholding :

    Quote :

    " For creators entitled to revenue payments, such payments will be treated as royalties from a U.S. tax perspective and Google will withhold taxes where required by law "


    The income is direct renumeration, not royalties, they have no right to deduct tax from anything until such time as personal income tax is filed by the individual.

    This one unilateral decision has the potential to destroy the ' farmers market ' aspect of the internet, and internet business.

    The answer is NO !

    I have removed all my content from Youtube and deleted my accounts.


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