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Robert W Nelmes(Bobby)t (84K)

Robert Wayne Nelmes
(Bob, Bobby )
Born Oct. 9, 1955
Bachelor of Business Administration
Simon Fraser University
Creative Artist and Skier

Level 3 Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance
#74-076 1978 Sunshine Village

C COP Canadian Sky Diving Association
#2546, 2003 Fraser Valley Skydive Center, Chilliwack.

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Robert W Nelmes(Bobby)t (84K)


Dream Weaver 2122

Can you imagine?

A television channel about the future.

What we call Science Fiction, but it won't be fiction.

Based on known science and possible science of the future.

A future I dream about, imagine.

The year is 2122 forward.

The movie I plan about Landfall 2122, settling a new planet is the lead in to the new channel.Dreameaver ~ Landfall 2122

Landfall 2122 by Robert W Nelmes (Bob

There is a world of needs met.

There is peace on our world.

No religion, no politics.

Borders only percieved.

All living under one banner.

No crime, no hate.

No poverty, no worry.

We are exploring, discovering and understanding our galaxy, our universe.

We are meeting and friends with multiple races in our galaxy.

The Federation of Planets is a reality.

Concurrent series all inter-connected.

Series exploring every facet of our society, our civilization and others.

Drama, Comedy, Music, News, Science, etc.

One series, once 1st contact established is the reaction on another planet of our meeting.

One series, our discovering a planet like ours with a sentient race already there.

One series, our discovering a planet like ours with an extinct civilization, an archeological and anthropological paradise.

A series about family connections on a Star Ship of Exploration and their interaction with Earth and the Federation of Planets.

A series about concurrent exploration amongst races within the Federation of Planets, exploring in co-operation, sharing discoveries.

A series about the history of our planet from the future perspective.

A series about university.

A series about young people making their way to Star Fleet from all over the world, all walks of life, even the smallest village in deepest Brazil, Africa and on Wiceon, Pracker.

A series about the Exploration Operations Center of Star Fleet.

A series about Explorations Teams and Special Operations Forces of The Federation of Planets.

A series about time travel, methods and their consequences, implications, upon us, our friends and the space time continuum.

A series about a hospital and medical school.

A series about documentaries.

An intereactive educational channel, multiple in conjunction with other members of the Federation of Planets.

A series about an elementary school comprising multiple races from multiple worlds, children of ambassadores, emmisaries, settlers, professionals.

A series of multiple professionals of various planetary races discussing and comparing issues of evolution and development on their worlds.

A series about a planet where we discover a race genetically identitcal to the natives of British Columbia and their scientific study concurrent with possible settlement.


A world above and beyond.

Our family flag on the side of Star Ships.

Cando Penentt (48K)

Actors using their own names.

The same names will be out there.

When I recieve the money owed me in addition to earnings from Numers Inc. ( Not a fake company in Huston BC ued as a front. )

Satellites ringing the world.

Free internet.

Free communications.

My free television channel.

Free server space for everyone to be creative.

How much does a terrabyte each cost.

How much server space does it need.

In the big picture, not much.

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