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Robert Wayne Nelmes, BBA
Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration

I have no employees.

I have no associates.

The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth !

Bobs Place:

I am at my cabin on the hill above Dennis Lake Recreation Site, Smithers, BC.

Top of Black Diamond Trail, you will have to bushwack through the foilage after the creek this year, still getting to it. Renovations were a higher priority. I am clearing the one through the bush.

See map at the bottom of this page.


A free society is comprised of good people.



Aug. 28, 2020.

Now that anyone who was going to see it has seen it I am starting my journal over again.

It will be in sequence by date. You need only scroll down.


My Flag
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An explanation of my Base Line Normal DNA using a Bell Curve.

My immortal soul and living dna family tree lrg t (12K)

I am clean, healthy, normal, straight.


For those who do not know I have a Universty Degree in Business Administration.

If I don't know how, I learn how.

If I don't know why, I learn why.

The brain works most effeciently when it is clean.

Natural Law.


A free society is a society of honest people.


Food for thought A compendium of my thoughts.


That is who we are, the grand children

I will cherish them forever !

Sept. 1, 2020.

I am Above and Beyond all religion, politics and secret societies.

Outside all the boxes.

A natural conclusion based on facts, on truth.

I am a good man.

Base line normal white straight heterosexual male.

Sept. 2, 2020.

I stand by those I agree with.

I stand alone on my little hill against the enemies of the free world.

So many of our genetic tree, our genetic proximity murdered by fake friendlies, kidnapped, enslaved.

My genetic family and I Betrayed !

My heart is so broken.

Everything is wrong !

Nothing is fixed .

I am an innocent man, a very good man.

I just shake my head.

They have all gone insane.

Sept. 3, 2020.

In town updating.

Sept. 5, 2020.

My laptop has finally died, RIP.

Lenovo can be proud of it's B575 series, it lasted 8 years.

I will be having a holiday for a while.

I don't get any mail anyway.

I still need to put in my paper work for Old Security but their are no personel at the Canada Service Office here in Smithers. They say to try again by the 8th of this month.

I might be able to buy myself a new laptop for christmas.

I will NOT be buying a different device, phone or ipad, I NEED a LAPTOP with POWER for my FLIGHT SIMULATOR and Gimp.

I do not own a smart phone only a very old one with no phone number, I cannot affort it.

All my phone numbers expired a long time ago.

Take care.

Sept. 9, 2020.

My laptop is alive !

The ' Resurrection of Bob '.

Sept. 10, 2020.

I have been betrayed to the enemy by my own people.

For almost twenty years now they have been helping bin ladens and khan over me and mine.

They stole my identity, my mail, electronic and snail, my communications, my website traffic, my google adsense, my life, my family.

Myself, my grand children and children betrayed to the enemy by our own people.

Our military's and police helping ishmailie sihk el qeada islamic jihad muslim brotherhood make war upon us and getting away with it.

I just shake my head.

Nothing is fixed.

Everything is wrong.

The Royal Family of Enlgand beheaded a grandson of mine at the Tower of London.

They were in concert with ' The Society of the Knights of the Round Table. ' who are owned by the Agha Khan, the Khan Foundation, the Sedaryi 7 and the Sihk.

They invited the Agha Khan, the King of the Netherlands, the Canadian Ambassador, who else ? etc.

Was Bin Laden there ?

There is no forgiveness.

I am telling the truth.

They owe my $ 680 Million dollars, for real !

They agreed and still will not fix it.



Put in my paperwork for Canadian Old Age Security today.

It will start in Nov this year, a month after my 65th birthday on Oct. 9.

I am looking forward to it.

I have been poor a long time thanks to the Canadian Government and RCMP.

Sept. 11, 2020.

I am so heart broken.

I just shake my head.

They are exterminating my blood line.

I have CLEAN DNA !


Sept. 13, 2020.

For the souls of my children and grand children with me after their murder, for my living grand children I am getting back to my life to get my smile back.

For them and for myself.

We have been cheated out of our lives.

I have borrowed my niegbour Bill Mix's digital camera to take some photos of my cabin renovations.

Coming shortly.

I will be able to return it when I start house sitting this winter. He is still in the US taking care of his sick father.

I will be looking after both his and of course my cabin.

I hope to get more skiing in this winter.

Here are the updates I placed on my ' Cando Cabin ' and ' Photo Series ' pages.

Note: The raft photos on my Cando Cabin page are on my portable backup and I forgot it at home. I will fix it as soon as I can.

IMGP3359 t (31K) IMGP3360 t (31K) IMGP3363 t (32K) IMGP3364 t (28K) IMGP3365 t (28K) IMGP3366 t (28K) IMGP3367 t (30K) IMGP3368 t (30K) IMGP3371 t (29K) IMGP3373 t (28K) IMGP3374 t (31K) IMGP3375 t (30K) IMGP3376 t (25K) IMGP3387 t (29K) IMGP3392 t (23K) IMGP3393 t (30K) IMGP3394 t (27K) IMGP3395 t (30K) IMGP3396 t (28K) IMGP3397 t (26K)

Sept. 14, 2020.

For all the nay sayers I have used my nieghbour Bill's camera to take another dated photo of my right thumbprint this morning at

my cabin on the hill above Dennis Lake Recreation Site.. click

I still cannot find a new charge cord for my Nikon camera.

Robert W Nelmes (Bob) Right thumb Sept 14 2020

This is the one I took a while back and use on my website.

Robert W Nelmes DSCN8503 54-46-34_13N   127-26-16_56W t (18K)

They match the photo I took of my self made finger print sheets !

Me, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob)

Someone is faking my thumb print to gain access to what is rightfully mine !

Sept. 15, 2020.

Updated at Bill's Place.

I am now using a new photo for my University Degree, BBA.

It has a new frame and I found a nice feather so I included it as a feather in my cap !

If you have a University Degree then you will understand.

BBA Simon Fraser University.

Sept. 17, 2020.

I am a straight white single male.

I live for girls and our children.

I will love them Forever and Always.


For those who would like the colors of the my Renovations 2020.

Flirtation Yellow, PPG1212 7

Egg Plant (Purple) PPG1247 7

Sept. 18, 2020.

My heart is so broken.

Betrayed by my own people.

Sept. 25, 2020.

My palm prints to add to my finger prints and retina scans on my profile page.

Left palm print taken at my pathfinder upper trail.

IMGP3467 t (26K)

Right palm print taken on the porch of my cabin.

IMGP3455 t (25K)

My right thumb print taken on two diff dates.

Robert W Nelmes Thumb Print Right Hand 54-46-34_13N 127-26-16_56W

Robert W Nelmes (Bob) Right thumb Sept 14 2020

For facial recognition, my photograph on my British Columbia, Canada Drivers License.

Me, my drivers lic photo, Robert Wayne Nelmes, Bob.

Two photos for retina scans, one taken in a mirror on my porch recently.

My blue eyes

IMGP3387 t (29K)


IMPORTANT: Please Understand

" I do not hold a commission in any military. "

This is NOT a Canadian or American Military or Police Operation.

I am a civilian, a private citizen, a poor one, they will not let me have what is rightfully mine.

Regarding a unit calling themselves ' Special Projects ' and using my name.

They stole the six step process from me.

I have Absolutely Nothing to do with and have never had anything to do with, Special Operations Group Green Berets, Canadian Special Operations Command, Canadian Joint Operations Command, RCMP, RCMP ITCU, RCMP NC3, Khan Foundation, Pakistan or Indian Military, Escape and Evasion, Ishmailie Sihk Zeta Islamic Jihad, muslim brotherhood, islamic state, Training Terrorists, Detention or Extermination, NOTHING !

They are not associated with me in any way shape or form, any portrayal as such is fraudulent, illegal !

I have never had any communications inviting anyone to any type of exercise, team building seminar, survival camp, anything, nothing at all, never ! "

I have no employees. None.

I have no associates. None.

If I had what was rightfully mine I would not be living in my cabin.

Sept. 26, 2020.

A while back I disovered my Mountain equip co op back pack missing, stolen from near my bike near my pathfinder.

It had a muffin tin I took over to Bill's last winter in it.

I believed somone malicious stole it.

I found it the other day in the bush near the bike with the muffin tin.

It is the one I am wearing in my Wing Skiing photo.

It has had it but it means somthing to me.

No unauthorized use permitted

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