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The Music of Life ~ A natural pair ~ Boy and Girl. The black and white spheres are a piano/organ keyboard.
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My Music

All my own compositions, many I have used in my videos .

Dream Weaver



Bobbys Girls

Dance Floor

Feeling at home

Elliptical Sphere

Hands across the water

It takes two

Music 55



Song of the Butterfly

The Bowl

Tree of Knowledge

Virtual Cuddle

Dance of the Dragonfly

A Natural Love

BoB Guys




First Violin

I am Clean



School Song

Snow Day

Star Light

The Great Escape

Tribute to Saturday Night Live

Water Ice

Issus 333 Battle of

The Elm Tree

Navy Seal





I Love Skiing

Miss Cando

Perfecto Mondo


Sole of Foot

Stepping Stones

The Wave

Velvet Fingers

Waves of Warmth

How I learned.

I have come to love the organ, especially the piano mode on it... I have wanted a violin for a long time and would like a guitar.

When I was a young man I got a guitar for a present... took some classical lessons... did not like it. We got an organ... I was able to teach myself by numbers how to play Auld Lang Syne... I have wanted to learn the organ ever since. I have always, since I was a child played air guitar, piano and other instruments. I have been deaf in my left ear since I was a baby... I have always believed I was tone deaf... I did not like the way my voice sounded or the way I spoke... I taught myself how to annunciate my words better... my voice doesn't bother me anymore, when I hear myself... I don't mind it... but I never learned how to play an instrument. I bought an organ the other day when I went to Prince George... I have been playing notes... listening to the tones... letting myself feel them... I like it... I am not tone deaf.

I didn't know how to write music... but I did come up with some rythms and melodies I like... I came up with my own way to write them down so I can remember them. I am finding I like the exercise for my hand eye coordination... the principles behind looking ahead, using perepheril vision and awareness while skiing is helping with learning how to place my fingers on the keyboard...

I tried some different tones with the same rythms... I also tried connecting a couple of the rythms I came up with... one of them fit pretty good... I am still trying to find a way to smoothly connect another, I tried a few combinations... I like the process of trying to connect the notes... trying to connect the rythms I come up with.

I am finding the rythm and feeling of playing the organ... the keyboard... is very much like the rythm of skiing... turning... carving... looking ahead... finding the right snow... keys... tones... when the right rythm is found for the terrain... the melody.. the feeling is like floating... being one with your mind and body.

I was playing with the various voices (instruments) on my keyboard one night... I found one called Stereo Gamelan Gongs... I really liked the tone of this voice. One of my favourite songs is called... 'Bang a Gong'...

I was looking at the Yamaha logo on my keyboard one day... the logo I remember on the tips of my first fibreglass skis... a pair of yellow yamaha's... I like yellow... I have a pair of yellow ski pants... I noticed a similarity with other themes in my work... I did an image of the three tuning forks... along with a keyboard... I included some shining lights on the keys... I have included recordings of the melodies they represent. I have a few of them in my gallery.

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