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Modern Era ~ I love skiing more that you can imagine !

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Robert Wayne Nelmes, BBA

(Bob Nelmes, Bobby Nelmes, Robert W Nelmes)
Born Oct.9, 1955, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada, North America..

Robert Wayne Nelmes Baby Bob Robert Wayne  Nelmes Bobby Grade 1 Robert Wayne Nelmes Bobby Grade 2 Port Kells School Grade 1t (33K) Lakeview School Grade 2t (35K) Bob Nelmes 1t (15K) Bobby Nelmes Teddy Nelmes and Edgar Norman Nelmes (Ted) in Calcutta 1964 t (32K) Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Me, Bob, Bobby, Robert Wayne Nelmes winning the sand blast 1972, the shirt says 73 because George made a mistake silk screening the shirts and flags, the next year he used my picture on the shirt for the 73 sand blast. Robert Wayne Nelmes ~ Asst. Director Sno Pro Ski School 1973-74, it is an Outrigger turn, I am not falling. Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Stewart BC CPE Paving 1980-81 summer Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes, me, circ SFU or Amoco with Lee Robert W Nelmes Bob Bobby PGSSS 15 yr class reunion t (30K) Robert Wayne Nelmes Me Bob RWN in my fav suit behind my fathers home in Chilliwack t (33K) Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Bob Waves of Warmtht (30K) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Bob Nelmes Waves of Warmth Video4t (26K) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Me, Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) 2013 when I lived on Hunter Place in Prince George, BC, Canada. Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Bob 03 19 2015 004t (77K) Robert Wayne Nelmes (Bob Bobby numers) 10955t (90K) Robert W Nelmes Black Diamond Trailt (89K) Robert W Nelmes/Robert Wayne Nelmes (Bob Bobby numers) 10955 head shott.JPG Robert W Nelmes Bob Jan 4,2017 Robert W Nelmes Bob July 28 2017t (24K) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Feb 24 2017 Robert W Nelmes (Bob) July 8 2017t (22K) Me the skier and creative artist, Robert Wayne Nelmes (Bob) Mar 28 2018 Robert W Nelmes (Bob) rwnelmes_ca May 30 2015 009.JPG Me, 2009 Hudsons Bay Mtn Robert Wayne Nelmes Mar 8 2020 Robert W Nelmes Bob Sept 9 2019 Robert Wayne Nelmes Bob  Bobby 10 23 2020 IMGP3552 t (30K), Me. Robert W Nelmes (Bob) 28 11 2020 IMGP3676 t (31K) Me, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob)


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