Bob's Tree - a tree hjalf way up Purden Mtn.  I stop at to rest. Purden Lake and the McGregors. The slalom run at Purden. The Pipe. The lower pipe. Purden Lake from Baker chair. Rabbit tracks. Clawmarks. Bobcat catchs a bird. Bobcat stalking tracks or wallking away. Bobcat catchs rabbit. Top of Hickory Wing. Hickory Wing. Bobcat catchs rabbit. Bobcat stalking rabbit. Bobcat catching bird. Hickory Wing. Caterpiller. Hickory wing. Hickory wing. Backyard. Cabin. Pack and Poles. Yellow Chair. Yellow Chair. Bottom of Pipe, Lower face. Above the slalom run yellow chair. The pipe. The pipe. The pipe. Lower pipe. Lower pipe. Lower Pipe. Yellow chair. Top of yellow chair. Slalom run. Lower National jr. The plain looking towards the ridge and crater lake at Hudsons Bay Mtn. The plain. My shadow. Crater lake. 2nd ridge. Above crater lake looking towards HBM. Crater Lake. My skis and poles. My pants and crater lake. Looking up from Crater lake. Up from Crater lake. The plain. Looking towards 2nd ridge. North from the ridge. Above simpsons gulch. Towards ridge. Simpsons gulch. Bottom of the ridge. Up from Simpsons Gulch. Simpsons Gulch. My cabin. My cabin. The bowl, Purden. Yellow chair. Hudsons Bay Mtn. Hickory Wing Purden. Yellow chair. Purden Lodge. Baker chair, Purden. T-bar, Purden. Yellow chair, National jr. Baker chair. Shogun and lakeview. The lodge and yellow chair. Yellow chair. Yellow chair. The cliff, yellow chair. Purden Lake. The bowl. The bowl. Baker chair and Purden Lake. Baker Chair. Baker chair and Purden Lake. Baker chair and the McGregors. Express Way, Purden. Express way. Baker and Yellow chairs. Express way. Top of Baker chair. Top of Baker chair and McGregors. Skis and poles. Yellow chair. The lodge. Yellow chair. Top of yellow chair. I love these skis... the best skis I ever owned. Up from tower 9 yellow chair. Down from tower 9 yellow chair. Towards cliff yellow chair. Yellow chair. Baker chaiir and Purden Lake. Porcupbine on HBM road. Hudsons Bay Mtn.  I climbed to the 2nd ridge and skied down to Crater Lake.  It is the Mtn in the Digital Painting 'Milk does the Body Good... my day skiing.' Hudsons Bay Mtn. T-Bar, HBM. Towards 2nd ridge and crater lake. The plain. South from 2nd ridge. Looking towards crater lake and HBM. West from 2nd ridge. My car, it saved my life. The T-bar HBM, held a Molstar here back in the 70's. T-bar HBM Climbing to plain. Climbing to plain. Climbing to ridge. Looking east. The plain HBM Climbing to 2nd ridge, the bowl above crater lake. Climbing to 2nd ridge. The plain. Above crater lake. Up from crater lake. T-bar HBM HBM I still prefer the pack rather than skins. Ptarmigan, HBM T-bar HBM The sun over the plain and the chair HBM Above Simpsons Gulch Me above Simpsons Gulch Ridge above Simpsons Gulch Simpsons Gulch The ridge from Simpsons Gulch Avalanch I started that day.  Avalanch 10 turns of pure heaven... thats what it felt like that day. Simpsons Gulch Simpsons Gulch Simpsons Gulch Snow on a tree going up chair at HBM Climbing to plain HBM Climbing to plain HBM Climbing to ridge Looking west Above crater lake Above crater lake. The plain. Climbing to ridge. On 2nd ridge. Tracks from 2nd ridge. Tracks from cornice to crater lake Left image on digital painting 'Milk does the body good.'  Me drinking milk from a jug.  Tracks down to crater lake. My Day Skiing. My backyard, Purden. A yellow pussy willow.