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Modern Era ~ I love skiing more that you can imagine !

Dedicated to my sons, daughters and grand children.
I love you to, I always will, Forever and Always.

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Robert W Nelmes (Bob) Nov 28 2021 DSCN0068 t (25K)
Me , Nov 28 , 2021

DSCN0066 t (24K) 1 Bobs Place my home Nov 20 2021 DSCN0014 t (25K)
1 Bobs Place , My home .

BBA Simon Fraser University.
University Degree , BBA , SFU'84

Level 3 CSIA, 1978, Sunshine Village.
Level 3 CSIA, 1978
Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance

Me, Bob, Bobby, Robert Wayne Nelmes winning the sand blast 1972, the shirt says 73 because George made a mistake silk screening the shirts and flags, the next year he used my picture on the shirt for the 73 sand blast.
Winning 1972 Sandblast
T-shirt a printing error
See : Explanation

Bob Buqour Memorial Star Crest Award. 8 Way.
Bob Buqour Memorial Star Crest

8 way star crest, earned Sept.8, 2001, Chilliwack, I also earned Starcrest Solo, meaning last man in, Bernie was buffeting, it was fun.
Starcrest, Sept.8, 2001
8 way skydiving award
I have my C COP CSPA

Assistant Director Sno Pro Ski School 1973/74.
Assistant Director
Sno Pro Ski School 1973/74.

Chairman, Canadian Cancer Society Campaign, Chilliwack.
Canadian Cancer Society Campaign

Cascadian Footbal Camp Award, Wenatchee Washington.
Cascadian Football Camp

Palliative Care .
Palliative Care

Drayton Valley Players Award. I was the Stage Manager.
Drayton Valley Players
Stage Manager

Special Olympics Swimming Coach.
Coach : Special Olympics

Chilliwack Times, Nelfam Publishing.
Chilliwack Times

My Cub Scout Scarf from when I lived in Australia as a child .
Honorary Cub Scout , NSW .

Photo Album ~ Then and Now .
Photo Album
Then and Now .

Robert W Nelmes (Bob) BBA Nov 20 2021 DSCN0027 t (22K)

Note : I am still fighting identity theft by the highest echelons of power and crime on our planet .

Robert W Nelmes (Bob, Bobby), BBA.

Robert Wayne Nelmes, Bob Nelmes, Bobby Nelmes, numers nelmes.

Born Oct. 9, 1955 in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada.

Never Married , Single , Straight , white , blue eyed , nordic , male , right handed.

Skier and Creative Artist, Business Analyst, Process Improvement Specialist.

Family Tree

In all legal matters you must speak with me. ~ Legal Need to Know.

Clean Healthy Normal Base Line No Fault DNA ( Personal Genetic Code ), Blood Type: O - (O Negative).

For Example :

It is scientifically absolutely impossible for me to have illnesses such as schizophrenia , manic bi-polar , dyslexia , homosexuality , etc . It is not subjective .

  • Security Clearance :The highest on earth .
  • Above and Beyond

    Free: Clean and Cleared

    Education ~ Other Accreditation ~ Other Education ~ Career History BBA Simon Fraser University.

    University Degree:

    Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA )

    Simon Fraser University ~ 4 Fun Years !.

    Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. 1979 - 1984.

    See , BBA Courses.

    See Canadian Encyclopedia .

    Career History ~ See below, meaning click heading for Career History.

    Other Education:

  • Collage of New Caledonia ~ 1974-5.
  • Prince George, BC, Canada.

    Collage's in Canada are a 2 year diploma, but equivalent to first 2 years of University.

    Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English.

    I was thinking Pre-Med and then decided on becoming a Marine Biologist, then heck hit the fan, what happened ?.

    I did not actually fail anything ! I passed all the course work apart from one rabbit dissection I was not able to complete due to Puti Plati on my left shoulder, 12" scar.

    I really enjoyed Biology, Fruit Fly DNA Inheritance, Frogs, Blood typing, Marine life studies, etc.

    I enjoyed Chemistry, Chart of the Elements, Valences, etc.

    I enjoyed Physics, Battery studies, Calculus, Logorithmic Progression, Mathematics.

    I enjoyed doing my English Term Paper on ' Media '.

    The Professor did not know their were two definitions for ' Media '.

  • Prince George Senior Secondary School, PGSSS'73, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
    High School Grade 11 and 12, University Stream, Class of 1973,
    Bob, Bobby, num num, numers

    Lakewood Lakers Football Team #33 Grade 11, I was too busy teaching skiing at 100 Steps to do rugby in grade 12 and I decided to save my knees.

    In Grade 12 Science I did a term study on Effluent of Prince George Pulp and Paper flowing into the Fraser River.

    I discovered that it was as safe as it can be.

    The only problem would have been full/high concentration, non diluted in stagnant water.

    I was amazed with how plant and marine life thrived in most concentrations.

  • Lakewood Junior Secondary School, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
    Grade 8 to 10 (Lakewood Lakers Football Team #33, Bob, Bobby)

    Sciences, Math, French, English, Geography, Social Studies, Typing, Guidance, Bachelor Cooking/Cleaning/Ironing, Woodworking, Metal Working, Mechanics, Physical Education.

  • Spruceland Elementary School, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
    Grade 6 and 7.

    Blue Bombers Pee Wee Football Team.

    In team photo I am standing beside the coach with white turtle neck on.

  • Sunshine Hills Elementary School, North Delta, British Columbia, Canada
    Grade 5

  • Wauchope Elementary School, Wauchope, New South Wales, Australia
    Grade 5, 6 months started in Grade 4

  • Kulna Newsprint Mills Colony School, Kalishpur, Khulna, East Pakistan, (Present day Bangladesh).
    Grade 3 and 1/2 of 4

  • Lakeview School, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
    Grade 2, Div 7 1962/3 and Grade 3

  • Port Kells Elementary School, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
    Grade 1, Div 5 1961/2

  • Other Accreditation:

  • Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance
  • Level 3 CSIA, #74-076, Ski Instructor, 1978 Sunshine Village, 23 yrs old.

    Renewed during University at Whistler, examiner was Director Grouse Mtn.

    ~ not current.

    Level 2 CSIA, #74-076, Ski Instructor, 1973 just after I turned 18.

    Asst. Director Sno Pro Ski School, Prince George, BC, Canada, 1973-4.

  • Canadian Sport Parachuting Association
    'C' Certificate of Proficiency - #2546 CSPA

    Radio Control of First Jumpers and dispatcher 1994-5(non CSPA),

    Satellite School First Jump Course Instructor 1995 (non CSPA). Calgary Skydive Center, Alberta.

    In example: 1st jump course for British Light Dragoons Canadian Forces base Suffield.

    Radio Control First Jumpers 2001-4, Drop Zone Coordinator 2002-4. Fraser Valley Skydive Center, Chilliwack, BC.

  • Coach 1
    Theory 2002-3, and Technical, 1987.

  • Ski Technician , 1974
    Oct 9th , Calgary , Alberta ..

  • St. Johns Amubulance First Aid
    Circa 1970, Jr. Ski Patrol, not current, high marks.

  • Palliative Care
    2005, Quesnel Hospital, Quesnel, BC, Canada.

  • Ocean Sailing Course ~ Circa 1983
    Private Accredited course held out of a private home and the West Vancouver Yacht Club.

  • PHD, Doctorate of Skiing, University of Bob. (Me).
    I gave it to myself just for fun.

    Just fun for my Ski Tips page.

    Dr. Bob
  • Four Star General Skidio, M4 Tank Brigade. (My Handle: Skidio. Translation, dio is latin for ' god ' )
    I tried to earn 5 Stars but the internet simulation wouldn't give it to me.
    A young fan at Tabor one day as he skied by on his way to the lift ' He's Tank Dio ', it was so nice.

  • My Damaged Ears Explained

    I was born with normal ears .
    Robert Wayne Nelmes Baby Bob

    You can see them in these photos from grade 1 and 2 .

    Robert Wayne  Nelmes Bobby Grade 1 Robert Wayne Nelmes Bobby Grade 2

    When I was 7 they were sewed back in an intentionally botched surgical operation at St. Pauls Hospital in New Westminister , BC , Canada .

    Bob Nelmes 1t (15K)

    It was an unnecessary operation , my father telling me he didn't want me to be called Dumbo .

    Both were done by different masonic doctors and both botched , butchered , the left nerve cut damaging my hearing .

    Combined with the unnecessary end of my tonque clipped as a baby in Powell River by another masonic doctor , again for inexplicable reasons , it was very difficult for me to whistle or pronounce the letter r .

    I still almost cry when I touch them even today .

    I conciously take the time when speaking to annunciate my words as best I can .

    I am a man with a brain .

    Pertinent Info and Identification:

  • Full Given Name:
    Robert Wayne Nelmes - I use Bob Nelmes, Bobby Nelmes, Robert W Nelmes, RWN.

    Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA )

    Family Tree

  • 2nd son of Edgar Norman Nelmes (Ted) and Sylvia Charlotte Nelmes (Maiden name Evans).
  • Never Married, Single, Straight.
  • Born Oct.9, 1955, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada, North America.
  • Right Thumb Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) BBA Born 10-09-55 IMG_20210828_0003 t (14K) Robert W Nelmes ( Bob) 10-9-55 IMG_20210926_0001 t (12K)
    Right Palm Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) BBA Born 10-09-55 IMG_20210826_0003 t (14K) Left Palm Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) BBA Born 10-09-55 IMG_20210826_0004 t (14K) Robert W Nelmes ( Bob) 10-9-55 IMG_20210926_0003 t (12K) Robert W Nelmes ( Bob) 10-9-55 IMG_20210926_0004 t (12K)
    Drivers Licence Robert W Nelmes (Bob)

    My Eye Color

    My eyes are actually blue not hazel as the doctor at birth and subsequent documents indicate .

    Under bathroom lighting and florescent lighting they can look green , but they are blue .

    Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Feb 24 2017 Robert W Nelmes (Bob) Oct 3 2021 DSCN9946 t (24K)

    My DNA and Blood Type

    I have Clean Normal DNA, no faults, Base Line, CT scan just fine, Blood work clean, Blood Type: O- (O Negative) !

    Confirmed from tests taken at Smithers Hospital between Oct. 5th and 9th, 2021 using 4 vials of my blood,

    Matching results of blood taken in Powell River Hospital, 2007/8 (exact date forgotten), using two vials of my blood and DNA 2011 taken at Purden Mountain Ski Resort by RCMP which I volunteered !

    Base Line, Top of the Bell Curve, White, Nordic, Straight Male, Right Handed Original Clean European DNA, No degredation, No faults.

    Blood Type: O - (O Negative) !.

    For Example : It is scientifically impossible for me to have illnesses such as schizophrenia , manic bi-polar , dyslexia , homosexuality , etc .

    I am an innocent, good, honest, clean, healthy, normal, straight white male !

    Absolute Truth !

  • I do not have a credit card, I haven't for 20 years.

  • I have not renewed my Canadian Passport since the mid 1990's, not since Victoria Rd, Kensington, London, England.
  • I was brought up in the protestant environment (protest-ant), a christian, meaning ~ I am a heretic, a kafir, a goyem, a gentile, a heathen, a non believer.
  • I am a good honest man with no god.
  • There is no religion in my life, never will be.
  • I am outside all the boxes.
  • I believe in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • I believe in a Society of Friends, Family, Science, Truth, Fact, Natural Law, Life ~ I am a realist.
  • I believe a free society is a society of good, honest people.
  • I am a goody two shoes and proud of it.
  • I DO NOT believe in, belong to, follow or serve

    The Illuminati, Kabbalah, Sudairi Seven, The Society of Knights of the Round Table, Opus Di, Vatican, Bilderburg, Scientology, Neo Nazi, Odessa, Muslim, Babar Khalsa(el qeada), Sihk, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Mormon, Jehova's Witness, Buddhist, Falun Gong or any Religion, Cult, Secret Society, Monarchy, Skull and Bones, Masonic, Knights Templar, Freemason, Oddfellow, Scottish Rights, political party, fraternal organization, terrorist or criminal organizations, etc.

    I never will.

    I am a good, honest man.

    Vital Statistics:

    • Full Given Name:
      Robert Wayne Nelmes - I use Bob Nelmes, Bobby Nelmes, Robert W Nelmes, RWN.

      Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA )

      Family Tree

    • Born Oct. 9, 1955. 5 min after midnight. 2nd son of Edgar Norman (Ted) Nelmes and Sylvia Charlotte Nelmes ( maiden Evans ), in Powell River, beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

    • Never Married, Single, Straight.
    • My DNA is recorded in an international DNA database, it was taken by the RCMP in 2011 when I lived at 3015 Purden Ski Hill Rd at Purden Ski Resort approx. 70 km east of Prince George, BC, Canada. I had reported strange occurences at Purden Mtn in relation to murders that may have occurred in the 70's. I volunteered it.

    • My fingerprints and DNA were taken again, I insisted, I take my own council, the beginning of Oct, 2020. They matched. I am an innocent man ! False report, false arrest, case closed.

    • I am right handed !

    • 5' 7" tall, 170cm.

    • Top of the bell curve, not to short, not to tall
    • Proportionally perfect for our planet earth of one gravity.
    • Effective: 7" penis 1.5" thick
    • round head, approx 2" at ridge, circumcised, small dark scar left side of cleft from a tick burrowing under the skin after picking mushrooms when I lived in Australia as a child. My uncle removed it with some gasoline. It works the insect just backed out and left.
    • I have not had sex in 20 years. Not my choise, I have NO disease, none. I plan on suing a Smithers doctor for not taking toxicology for a head wound and infection. A false diagnosis, truth. An outright lie.

    • For those who do not know my teeth were prepped for caps in 2009 but were never finished so I have no enamel and they have chipped. Pretty ugly looking so I don't smile much. I hope to get some false teeth this winter some time or make them myself.

    • My tonque was clipped, the end cut off as a child in Powell River, BC, Canada for no reason, it was not deformed.

    • I have blue, sometimes look green depending on lighting, like in the bathroom mirror or in photos.

    • My eyes are blue They were first described as hazel when I was a baby so have been described as that on my drivers lic and passport including other paperwork I may have filled out during my life unknowing they were grey/light light blue. I never thought about it, I know now. Just a boo boo by the doctor to my mother and father.

    • FYI: My passport has not been renewed since I used it to go to London, England in the mid 90's. I have not traveled since except for a few crossings into the United States at the Sumas border crossing in Abbottsford, BC, using my drivers license. A few by car and once by bus !

    • My first passport photo ~ Robert Wayne Nelmes
    • Both of my ears were sewed back from my normal when I was 7.

      Scars and stitch marks behind both ears,(see grade 1,2 photos right column and above).

    • Unnecessary surgery, right one botched, left one nerve cut. My first passport photo.
    • I was left deaf in my left ear combined with the clipped end of my tonque as a child it was a bummer. It affected my speech. My education and concerted effort to annunciate my words properly for my ear, and others at University and Amoco Canada Petroleum allowed me to enjoy public speaking.

    • I have never had the ear damage repaired, I probably would not even if I could; apart from nerve damage, though if I could regenerate the ears I might.
    • I have never blamed my parents, ever.
    • I grew up with blond hair developing to sandy strawberry/golden red blond and now grey.

    • I have freckles on my back, on my arms and legs, lightly elsewhere.

    • I am evolving.

    • I am a clean, healthy, normal, single, heterosexual, straight, white male, descended from original european, original Briton.

    • I have not had sex or had a date in 20 years, I am straight.

    • It is not that I didn't want to, I did and I do. I have a high libido, cults sell it without my permission.
    • I do not have any type of sexually transmitted disease, none.

    • I am squeeky clean.

    Identifying Marks:

    Scars: As used in my screenplay " Dream Weaver " original working tital ' Scar Creek '.

    Round scar between both eyebrows, insect bite, later in life.
    Behind both ears with stitch marks, Surrey, St. Pauls Hospital, New Westminster.
    Tip of penis, insect tick removed in Australia as a young boy.
    Scar in eyebrow of right eye, Wauchope, Australia.
    Scar across top of head 48 stitches, Hudsons Bay Mt Ski Resort, Smithers Hospital 2009.
    12" Puti plati scar left dislocated shoulder, Dr. Ducharme and Dr. Dahlstrom, Prince George Hospital.
    Metal Stapel by left shoulder socket, see above.
    Left collar bone broken, protruding, Troll Resort, Quesnel Hospital.
    Large keloid scar left thigh, 4", Surrey.
    Small scar side of left knee, Tabor Mtn, Prince George
    Trigger finger operation scar left hand base of little finger, 3 stitches visable, Dr. Dahlstrom Prince George.
    Small scar left lower shoulder blade removal of cyst, benign, Dr. Dahlstrom, Prince George.
    Small scar inside right elbow 2 yrs old, Powell River.
    Small scar right thumb, whittling.
    Scar base of right thumb, 1.5 ", Smithers Hospital.
    Circumcision scar behind head of penis, Powell River.

    1972 Sandblast Photo explained :

    Me, Bob, Bobby, Robert Wayne Nelmes winning the sand blast 1972, the shirt says 73 because George made a mistake silk screening the shirts and flags, the next year he used my picture on the shirt for the 73 sand blast. Click to enlarge , zoom in anywhere on it .

    This photo is of me winning the 1972 Prince George Sandblast , I was 16 years old .

    It was a two run race .

    Zoom in on my face , you can see Dave Crawford directly above my head at the top , Dave Galloway holding his skis , John Skay on the far right .

    I dislocated my left shoulder on the 1st run .

    I was wearing my fav Nordica Ski Boots that were subsequently stolen from me at Purden Ski Resort that winter .

    The skis are a pair of Rossignal 102's , 195 cm .

    I had purchased them myself after my yellow Yamaha's wore out .

    They had finally worn out so I painted the word Canada on them and the Canadian flag for the Sandblast .

    Skiing on sand is different than skiing on snow , that is why I am sitting down slightly to take the forward pressure off the shovel of the ski .

    I loaned the ski's to someone prior to going to University , I never saw them again .

    A few years ago I found a picture of them on a site related to the Prince George Museum , they are safe in the right place .

    Rossi 102 sandblast t (14K) Click to enlarge



    I AM NOT house sitting anymore, I am back at my cabin effective April 16, 2021. 24 hrs a day starting on the 18th.

    Phone Number :

    I have a personal phone and number now through Telus but I will not be using it for my website.

    I went to Smithers on Monday the 10th of May and got it.

    Active Site Email : - None.

    I have deleted .

    I have sent NO emails to anyone apart from BCweb using the above email address since I started using it again.

    I have received No relevent email/mail, twitter, skype, facebook since May 2009. - TRUTH !

    I have not recieved anything but one email regarding geneology this last year.

    I have only ever recieved Government of Canada or BC government mail while here in Smithers.

    Just so you know !

    Recieved one regarding genealogy, I replied to it, nothing back.

    I am not including nieghbours and/or family.

    Active Personal Email :

    As I have indicated before and above ,

    0 - Zero relevant emails re: this website, twitter , facebook , skype , mail or communications received of any kind since May 2009 . Absolute Truth !

    I have not recieved anything pertaining to my website , art , videos , writing , anything .

    Not on my personal emails either . NOTHING . Not in 12 years .

    I know sperm family of mine , children and grand children sent me photos , others did also , I never received a single thing .

    Not email , not twitter , not facebook , not anything .

    My skype number : bob.nelmes

    The following is the mailing address on my drivers license.

    I have never received any mail pertaining to my website or videos.

    While in Smithers I have only received reminders for my drivers license, BC Medical, Old Age Security notice and Insurance Renewal reminder from BC Gov, nothing else.

    General Delivery
    7013 McDonell Forest SRV Rd.
    Smithers, BC
    V0J 2N0

    Physical Location:

    Where I live:

    1 Bob's Place, 7013, McDonell Forest Service Road, (Km 13 7000 Road), Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC. Canada.

    On google earth it reads " McDonell Lake Rd. "

    Across from Dennis Lake Recreation Site turnoff.

    South of Opal Ridge and north of " McDonell Lake Rd. "

    Coordinates :

    IMPORTANT : Collapse side panel it shows a photo of a different location , zoom in on Dennis Lake and my cabin above the lake .

    All coordinates are the SAME LOCATION .

    Google Earth Web

    My Home , 1 Bobs Place

    Google Earth - same location

    Grid Reference 09UXA0049271011.

    Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live My place where I live 7013 McDonell Forest Service Rd 1 Bobs place top of black diamond trail 2 t (39K)

    Legal Need to know:

    Note : I am still fighting identity theft by the highest echelons of power and crime on our planet .

    I have No Employees, No Associates, No Staff, No Advisors , No Contractors , No Programmers , etc. Never Have.

    There is no one handling my affairs , I am quite capable . See : Education

  • Security Clearance :
  • Above and Beyond. : The highest on earth .

    Free: Clean and Cleared .

    For Real !

  • I am Canadian ! ~ I was born in Powell River, BC, Canada on Oct. 9, 1955 .
  • I do not have a lawyer anywhere representing me,
  • Robert W Nelmes, Bob Nelmes, Bobby Nelmes, Robert Wayne Nelmes, Skier and Creative Artist,, numers, or Creative Milk Productions.

  • I am a very well educated man, even a course in ' Contract Law - University ! '.
  • I will be representing myself in all matters, taking my own council.
  • No one speaks for me in any legal matter.

  • I have never hired a lawyer or accepted Legal Aid, I never will.

  • All contracts entered into by others purported to be representing me, associated with me or portraying me are fraudulent, none represent me, any representation as such is fraudulent and illegal.
  • I have had no contact, given no rights, made no contracts, no agreements with anyone.
  • Therefore,
  • All contracts and agreements are Null and Void, though all monies collected belong to me.

    My property and cabin , a full section , was awarded to me by the Supreme Court of British Columbia and upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada .

    7013 McDonell Forest SRV Rd , Smithers , BC , Canada .

    Google Earth - same location

    Grid Reference 09UXA0049271011.

  • All " Last Will and Testaments " are Null and Void effective 7:25 pm, Dec. 15, 2020 !
  • No subsequent Last Will and Testament will be legal unless the notice is on this page of my site.

    Any references since Dec. 15 , 2020 in my journal are now void until further notice . Effective : Nov. 17 , 2021 .

  • I do not hold a commission in any military though one was offered by the United States Military and accepted .
  • I passed confirmation , was confirmed though the paper work never arrived and was never submitted .
  • I do not have a commission .

  • Anyone saying they are ' Special Projects ' and work for a General or Admiral Robert W Nelmes are fraudulent , it is an illegal operation using my identity .
  • My brain child never came into being , it was all intercepted by others .
  • This is NOT a Military or Police Operation.
  • I have no association with any Escape and Evasion Terrorist Training camps.
  • I have never had any communications inviting anyone to any type of exercise, team building seminar, survival camp, anything, nothing at all ! "

  • I am still fighting Identity and Felony Theft at the highest echelons of power on our planet.
  • I have received No relevent email/mail, twitter, skype, facebook since May 2009. - TRUTH !
  • I have not recieved anything but one email regarding geneology this last year.
  • I have only ever recieved Government of Canada or BC government mail while here in Smithers.
  • Just so you know !

  • It defies reason.

  • Regarding : Identity Theft, Felony Theft, Mail Fraud, Data Fraud, Computer Fraud, Identity Fraud, Forgery, etc.
  • Very Important.

    United States, and other Statute of Limitations, including Canada, do not apply, it is an ongoing crime, it is still being committed, it is not victimless, I am the victim. There are missing. It is personal income. My website is not a business, it is a hobby.

    Very Important.

    I DO NOT believe in, belong to, follow or serve

    Kali , Vishnu , Baba , Bab , Muhammad , Chyren (charon) , Bhudda , St Peter / Paul , the Illuminati, Kabbalah, Sudairi Seven, The Society of Knights of the Round Table, Opus Di, Vatican, Bilderburg, Scientology, Neo Nazi, Odessa, Muslim, Babar Khalsa(el qeada), Sihk, Niazi, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Mormon, Jehova's Witness, Buddhist, Falun Gong or any Religion, Cult, Secret Society, any Monarchy or Royal family, Skull and Bones, Masonic, Knights Templar, Freemason, Oddfellow, Scottish Rights, political party, fraternal organization, terrorist or criminal organizations, etc.

    I never will.

    I am a good man.

    I stand by those I agree with .

    I know natural law to be true , even at a universal level .

    Physics , Chemistry , Biology .

    My courses as per SFU unofficial transcript : the official burned in my cabin fire . ( they are different )

    My official transcript has a grade point of 2.73 but there were a couple of F's and a D skewing it in the wrong direction .

    I should have taken it up with the University before I graduated , for some reason I did not , I am not stupid .

    They are not representative so for a more accurate distribution that includes my two A's they must be removed .

    I thereupon have a grade point of 3.3 !

    I discovered yesterday , Sept.6, 2021 , that a couple of key people at SFU checked my official transcript and discovered I am right .

    It is nice to know they agree .

    My University Degree was bestowed upon me by Simon Fraser University ~ Faculty of Business Administration .

    Not by Beedie Business , I am still upset they did that , renamed the faculty of business to the name of some contributor .

    It is now biased towards his desires , his point of view , I may not necessarily agree with .

    Evidenced by errors in the transcript .

    I will be taking it up with the University .

    Business Economics

    Business Economics
    Business Economics




    Intro to Fiction
    Canada since Confederation
    Prgm Language 1 Cobol
    Business in Society
    Calculus - Social Sciences I
    Intro to Anthropology

    Micro Economic Principles
    History of Western Canada
    Macro Economic Principles
    Europe 12th/Mid 16th Century
    Intro to Accounting
    Accounting : Structure and Methods
    Organizational Behavior / Decision Making
    Intro to Labor Economics

    Managerial Economics
    Money and Banking
    Business Finance
    Accounting for Management
    Economics and Business Statistics I
    Elementary Statistics II
    Management Informations Systems I
    Intro to Marketing
    Industrial Marketing
    Buyer Behavior
    Economic Development ( 3rd World )
    Micro Perspectives Organizations
    Macro Perspectives Organizations
    Commercial Law ( Contract )

    Management Information Systems II
    Promotion Management ( Consumer )
    Organizational Behavior
    Seminar/Administrative Policy
    Personnel Management II
    Organizational Development
    Human Relations - Business

    Robert W Nelmes (Bob) June 5 2021 t (37K)
    July 19 , 2021 .

    Robert Wayne  Nelmes Bobby Grade 1
    Grade 1 Port Kells
    Normal ears !

    Robert Wayne Nelmes Bobby Grade 2

    Grade 2 Lakeview
    Grade 1 and 2 Class Photo
    Normal ears !

    Bob Nelmes 1t (15K)
    1st Passport Photo
    Unnecessary Surgery at 7
    They sewed my ears back.
    They were normal.

    Me in grade 1 and 2, also Teddy my older brother. Before botched unnecessary surgery.
    Grade 1 and 2 Photos.
    Port Kells and Lakeview Elementary Schools,
    Surrey, BC, Canada.

    Robert W Nelmes (Bob) Photo Album
    What I looked like when Ramona got pregnant . I was paving the Stewart Meziaden Hwy with Central paving and Eng. (CPE) while going to SFU. I was a rakerman.

    Me, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob)
    On my cabin porch.

    Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Feb 24 2017
    Walking to HBM Road.

    Robert W Nelmes(Bobby)t (84K)
    2016 ~ 61 years old
    Beside my cabin.

    Me, Teaching myself wing skiing ~ 54 yrs old
    Me Wing Skiing at 54 yrs old !

    Career History

    Post Oil Industry ~ Amoco Canada Petroleum ~ Pre University ~ Public Activity

    2009 - Present . ( My hobby , Retired )

    Robert W Nelmes , Skier and Creative Artist , Process Improvement Specialist

    1 Bobs Place , 7013 McDonell Forest SRV Rd , Top of Black Diamond Trail , Smithers , BC , Canada .

    2006 - 2008 Research and Analysis

    A period of chaos I took advantage of Tourism, Creativity, Business Planning, Ski Hill/Resorts, BC, Canada.

    Personal Evaluation while looking for a place to settle down and ski.

    Areas of economic/population growth

    2006 – 2006 Advertising Sales

    I did not like their predatory sales methods so I left after one month.

    The Wolf 97 FM.

    Quesnel, BC.

    2004 – 2006 Retail Sales Clerk / Shop Technician

    Quesnel Ski and Sport.

    Quesnel, BC.

    General sales and clerical duties associated with day to day operations in a retail environment. In addition to general shipping, receiving and inventory as required. Also shop technician specializing in ski and board tuning.

    2004 May Retail Sales Clerk ( 1 month )

    Mason and Daly

    Barkerville, BC.

    General sales and clerical duties associated with day to day operations in a retail environment.

    2004 Summer, Volunteer

    Troll Ski Resort

    Quesnel, BC, Canada.

    Carved my sculpture “ Perceptions: A sculpture “ while there.

    Complete renovation and resealing of the lodge hardwood floor.

    Gratis, they saved my life. I even got fed and had a place to sleep.

    In my mind they are family of mine forever.

    They saved my life !

    2002-2004 Drop Zone Coordinator : Bobby - CSPA C2546

    Fraser Valley Skydiving Center

    Chilliwack, BC.

    A local skydive dropzone I fell out of the sky at. I progressed to coordinating the daily activities associated with the operation of a skydiving dropzone. This included, radio control of parachute students, gearing up, manifest, administration, website design and maintenance, jump bookings, marketing, general maintenance and grounds keeping.

    1999-2003 Website Owner

    Creator, owner, editor. Your online soapbox.

    Chilliwack, BC.

    Creator, programmer, editor, webmaster, writer.

    Archive: Can be found on and on my website:

    2002-2003 Office Manager

    Chill Air Conditioning,

    Chilliwack, BC.

    Responsible for performing all administrative, booking, billing, receivables, purchasing and inventory functions required in a service and supply environment.

    1997-2000 CEO of Hantiques Inc . 100 % control . Sole Owner .

    Hantiques Repairing and Refinishing

    Chilliwack, BC.

    Specializing in hand finishing, repairs and restoration of antiques and family heirlooms. In addition to the

    redesign and finishing of old furniture for esthetic results.

    1997-2000 Owner Operator

    Nelfam Publishing

    Chilliwack, BC.

    Self-Publishing, production, marketing and distribution of my experimental fiction for the general market.
    Five books presently out of print .

    What if... Your Head Isn't Empty ? ISBN 0968216307

    The Pocket guide to Universal Understanding . ISBN 096821634X

    Goodlight Guardian of Good . ISBN 0968216315

    Princess Teenie Guardian of the Gift . ISBN 0968216323

    DD Guardian of Mothers . ISBN 0968216331

    First Business License was in Vancouver where I was looking after my mother at 1330 Harwood St.

    1996-1997 Movie Extra

    Hollywood North

    Vancouver , BC.

    I was looking after my mother at 1330 Harwood St. in the west end of Vancouver after she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer , so I stayed with her and became a movie extra while writing " What if ... Your Head Isn't Empty ? I enjoyed the experience , learned a lot and got to be a face in the crowd in a couple of movies and episodes of the " X Files " . After that my parents purchased a home on Victoria Ave in Chilliwack my fathers home town and I went with them to help look after my mother and help my father renovate the home while he was still working overseas off and on .

    1994-1997 Marketing Consultant


    Calgary, Alberta.

    Conducted weekly business presentations for groups of 20-100. Developed and conducted bi-monthly training seminars concentrating on corporate training, sales techniques, lead generation, follow-up, customer service, product knowledge and personal growth.

    Explored potential market in Bonny Hills, Australia and London, England ( Kensington, Builders Arms ) in the mid 90's.

    1995 Satellite School Coordinator, It spanned the period 94 - 95

    Calgary Skydiver Center ~ Bieseker, Alberta.

    Responsible for conducting and operating roving skydive first jump courses at various small towns in southern Alberta and Cranbrook, British Columbia for the Calgary Skydive Center.

    I enjoyed them all, though the most fun was when I taught the first jump course for the British Light Dragoons at Canadian Forces Base Suffield.

    A friend of mine I met at the drop zone and helped packing when he could at the satellite courses was an officer with the Light Dragoons, he arranged the course.

    The best students I have ever had, so much fun, so professional.

    I liked them all, even the one that scoffed my beer on electric avenue.

    I got to kiss a British Female Major while doing radio, I liked her a lot, I mean a lot.


    Senior Administrative Analyst

    Head Office, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    1991-1993 Coordinator Pipeline Operations - Senior Administrative Analyst

    NGL and Crude Oil Marketing

    Responsible for improving overall efficiency of crude oil nomination and transportation processes on all company operated crude oil pipelines. Including Rangeland. Interacting directly with pipeline customers for the purpose of controlling and monitoring the nomination of transportation space, ensuring equitable pro-rationing decisions.

    Substituted for Inter Provincial Pipelines batch scheduling and control in order to fully understand that function of the transportation, scheduling and trading process.

    Worked with a contract programmer, assisted in the development and testing of an automated batch tracking system for Inter Provincial Pipelines.

    1989-1991 Materials Coordinator - Senior Administrative Analyst

    NGL Operations

    Responsible for material management policies and procedures at all NGL operated facilities in Canada and the USA. Reconciliation of over one billion dollars of fixed assets. Saved a bunch of Income Tax.

    Specifically, Cochin Pipelines.

    Responsible for developing and implementing Electronic Data Interchange with networked PC's between our warehouse at the Sarnia Fractionation Plant and Head Office in Calgary, enabling communication between DB2 data structure and the Unix based mainframe, eliminating the need for an accounts payable clerk manually processing invoices.

    It was a test case for something I began attempting in Drayton Valley in the mid 80's implementing a PC based inventory control system.

    Concerns about signature, and authorization caused major resistance in completing the project at that time, why mgt had me continue within NGL Operations.

    Date stamp, user id's and computer ID, would have sufficed as identification just as computer id, date stamp do now. No trust existed.

    Project was successful in processing invoices payable without analyst account assignment and verification. Everything pre-authorized and assigned .

    Taking it to Chicago would have been fun, but someone did not tell me they asked for me.


    Administrative Analyst

    Pembina District Office, Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada.

    1988-1989 Materials Analyst

    Responsible for coordinating all materials management and fixed asset activities within the district.

    1988 Contract Analyst

    Responsible for all contract obligations within the district relating to surface lease, pipeline crossing, road use and various other agreements, in addition to the licensing of all pipeline construction projects with appropriate Government Agencies such as the ERCB.

    Developed and implemented ' essentials information ' sheets for all District Road Use, Drilling and Lease Agreements.

    1985-1988 Purchasing Analyst

    Performed all the centralized purchasing functions related to the daily operating and maintenance needs of the Pembina District in addition to the operation and material control of the district warehouse incorporating $2.5 million of new and surplus material.

    Responsible for the implementation of a PC based inventory control and purchasing system in conjunction with the development of warehouse training procedures ensuring smooth transition.

    Responsible for the review and development of procedures to comply with the

    Transportation and Handling of Dangerous Goods Act “.

    Responsible for the development, programming and implementation of a dbase computer program to control the district vehicle fleet.

    Adopted ' unofficially' by all District Offices and our Sarnia Facility.

    Later used as a blue print for a new IS department developed Vehicle Program.

    1985 Special Project Analyst

    Responsible for the development of a surplus materials list for use by all engineering, materials and field personel..

    1985 Summer Field Experience

    Summer learning the jobs of field staff, roustabouts, forman, etc.

    During which the Pembia River Raft Race was held, my team winning the race over the ' Gears ' and their ' Castle '.

    It was so cool, our names engraved on the plaque !

    1985 Account Analyst

    Reviewed accounts payable billings, assigned account, processed payment and implemented revised procedures for controlling utility bills.


    Central Paving and Engineering Ltd.


    Plant Labourer

    Vibrator Roller Operator

    Pinegrove Ski School

    Ski Instructor

    Assistant Director

    Troll Ski Resort

    Intercontinental Pulp

    Steam Plant Labourer,

    Power Boiler Fireman,

    De-watering Plant Operator

    Prince George Paving





    Sno Pro Ski School, 1973 TO 74

    100 Steps Ski Hill, Prince George, BC

    Assistant Director, 73/74

    100 Steps Ski Hill, 1970 TO 74

    Maintenance Supervisor, 73/74, City of Prince George. ( they ran the ski hill ).


    Ski Instructor

    Rental Shop Technician

    Junior Ski Patrol

    Ticket Sales

    Lift Attendant

    Intercontinental Pulp, 1970 to 74.

    Steam Plant Labourer,

    Summer and holiday Relief

    Prince George Pulp and Paper, 1970 to 74.

    Summer and holiday Relief

    Mechanics Helper,

    Pipe Fitters Helper,

    Welders Helper,

    Fiberglass Installer Helper,

    Carpenters Helper.


    Chairman, Canadian Cancer Society Campaign, Chilliwack.

    1999 Campaign Chairman

    Canadian Cancer Society,

    Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

    Responsible for organizing and coordinating the annual door to door fundraising campaign supervising 5 area Captains, 25 zone Captains and 350 volunteer canvassers.

    Drayton Valley Players Award. I was the Stage Manager.

    1986 - 89 Stage Manager

    Drayton Valley Players

    Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada.

    Stage Productions: " Oliver ", " Whisper into my good ear ", " How the other half loves ", " The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. "

    Special Olympics Swimming Coach.

    1986-7 Swimming Coach

    Canadian Special Olympics Assoc.

    Drayton Valley, Alberta.

    Palliative Care .

    2005 Palliative Care Volunteer

    Quesnel and Distric Palliative Care Association

    Quesnel , British Columbia , Canada .


    Maintain a high level of current hardware in addition to an in depth knowledge of various software packages.

    Cobol programming. DB2 programming. Clipper programming. Html. Shtml.


    Skiing, Skydiving, Outdoors, Computers, Sailing, Golf.


    British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Scotland, England,

    Frankfurt, Italy, Bangladesh, India, Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, New Guinea, Africa,

    Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Montego Bay Jamaica, Club Med Martinique, Xtapa Mexico, Anahiem California, Iowa City, Chicago, North Dakota, Montana, Seattle Washington, Eloy Arizona, Hyder Alaska plus 36 days on the Pacific Ocean


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