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Robert Wayne Nelmes Baby Bob Robert Wayne  Nelmes Bobby Grade 1 Robert Wayne Nelmes Bobby Grade 2 Port Kells School Grade 1t (33K) Lakeview School Grade 2t (35K) Bob Nelmes 1t (15K) Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Me, Bob, Bobby, Robert Wayne Nelmes winning the sand blast 1972, the shirt says 73 because George made a mistake silk screening the shirts and flags, the next year he used my picture on the shirt for the 73 sand blast. Robert Wayne Nelmes ~ Asst. Director Sno Pro Ski School 1973-74, it is an Outrigger turn, I am not falling. Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Stewart BC CPE Paving 1980-81 summer Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes, me, circ SFU or Amoco with Lee Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Robert Wayne Nelmes Bob Waves of Warmtht (30K) Bob Nelmest (20K) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Bob Nelmes Waves of Warmth Video4t (26K) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Bob 03 19 2015 004t (77K) Robert Wayne Nelmes (Bob Bobby numers) 10955t (90K) Robert W Nelmes Black Diamond Trailt (89K) Robert W Nelmes/Robert Wayne Nelmes (Bob Bobby numers) 10955 head shott.JPG Robert W Nelmes Bob Jan 4,2017 Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Feb 24 2017 Robert W Nelmes (Bob) July 8 2017t (22K) Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Me Robert Wayne Nelmes Feb 15 after getting back to my cabin, 13km hike. Me the skier and creative artist, Robert Wayne Nelmes (Bob) Mar 28 2018 Robert W Nelmes (Bob) Skier and Creative Artist homepage (326K) 62 yrs old. Robert W Nelmes (Bob) rwnelmes_ca May 30 2015 009.JPG Robert W Nelmes (Bob) rwnelmesca creative milk productionst.JPG Robert W Nelmes Bob June 16 2019 Robert W Nelmes Bob May 13 2019 shaved Me, 2009 Hudsons Bay Mtn Robert Wayne Nelmes Mar 8 2020 Me, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Me, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Robert Wayne Nelmes BBA Aug 12 2020 t (20K) Robert W Nelmes Bob July 28 2017t (24K) Click each for photo.

Robert W Nelmes(Bobby)t (84K)
2016 ~ 61 years old

BBA Simon Fraser University.
Bachelor of Business Administration 1984
Simon Fraser University
Click to enlarge degree

Level 3 CSIA, 1978, Sunshine Village.
Level 3 CSIA, 1978
Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance

8 way star crest, earned Sept.8, 2001, Chilliwack, I also earned Starcrest Solo, meaning last man in, Bernie was buffeting, it was fun.
Starcrest, Sept.8, 2001
8 way skydiving award
I have my C COP CSPA

Robert Wayne Nelmes Born Oct 9 1955t (46K)

Cherry Blossom Cruise 1974 Itinerary
Cherry Blossom Cruise

2015 ~ 60 years old

Robert Wayne Nelmes, BBA'84

(Bob Nelmes, Bobby Nelmes, Robert W Nelmes)

  • Skier and Creative Artist,
  • Born Oct.9, 1955, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada, North America.
  • Robert W Nelmes DSCN8503 54-46-34_13N   127-26-16_56W t (18K) Robert W Nelmes (Bob) Right thumb Sept 14 2020
  • I am a Libra.
  • 2nd son of Edgar Norman Nelmes (Ted) and Sylvia Charlotte Nelmes (Maiden Evans).
  • I live at 1 Bobs Place, Black Diamond Trail,

    1 Bobs Place Map 2t (39K)
    7013 McDonell Forest Service Road, Smithers, BC, across the road from Dennis Lake Recreation Site. Directions

  • Coordinates: 54�46'34.13"N 127�26'16.56"W

  • Skier, Creative Artist, Sculptor, Painter, Musician, Writer, Videographer, Photographer, Dreamer.
  • I beleive in a society of friends, common sense, science, truth, natural law, natural and perfect compatibility ~ I am a realist.
  • I was baptised in the United Church and brought up in the protestant environment (protest-ant), meaning ~ I am a heretic.
  • I do not believe in, belong to, follow or serve

    The Illuminati, Kaballah, The Society of Knights of the Round Table, Bilderburg, Scientology, Odessa or any
    Cult, Secret Society, Monarchy, Religion, Skull and Bones, Masonic, Knights Templar, Freemason, Oddfellow, Scottish Rights, political party, fraternal organization, terrorist or criminal organization.
  • I never will.

I am a good man. ~ Family Tree

Nescit cedere
"He does not know how to give up."


University Degree: 4 fun years, five including CNC.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA ~ Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia. 1984.

  • Equivalent to an Honors degree that I did not declare, I have no idea why, I just didn't want to take all those unnecessary electives.

    After removing the unrepresentative low for a true statistical distribution of my work my grade point is a respectable 3.3 out of a possible 4.

  • Management:
    Compensation Management
    Organizational Behaviour
    Contract Law
    Small group dynamics
  • Marketing:
    Consumer Marketing
    Industrial Marketing
    Business Analysis
  • Accounting:
    Business Accounting
    Management Accounting
    Financial Management
  • Economics:
    Micro Economics
    Macro Economics
    Third World Economics
  • Management Information Systems:
    Cobol Programming
    Information Analysis
    Database design and structure
    Management reporting
    System Planning and Analysis.
  • Electives:

  • Other Accreditation:

  • Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance
    Level 2 CSIA, #74-076, Ski Instructor, 1973 just after I turned 18.

    Asst. Director Sno Pro Ski School, Prince George, BC, Canada, 1973-4.

    Level 3 CSIA, #74-076, Ski Instructor, 1978 Sunshine Village, 23 yrs old.

    Renewed during University at Whistler, examiner was Director Grouse Mtn.

    ~ not current.

  • Canadian Sport Parachuting Association
    'C' Certificate of Proficiency - #2546 CSPA

    Radio Control of First Jumpers and dispatcher 1994-5(non CSPA),

    Satellite School First Jump Course Instructor 1995 (non CSPA). Calgary Skydive Center, Alberta.

    In example: 1st jump course for British Light Dragoons Canadina Forces base Suffield.

    Radio Control First Jumpers 2001-4, Drop Zone Coordinator 2002-4. Fraser Valley Skydive Center, Chilliwack, BC.

  • Coach 1
    Theory 2002-3, and Technical, 1987.

  • St. Johns Amubulance First Aid
    Circa 1970, Jr. Ski Patrol, not current, high marks.

  • PHD, Doctorate of Skiing, University of Bob. Cando.
    I gave it to myself just for fun, can't get one any other way.
  • Four Star General Skidio, M4 Tank Brigade. (Translation of Skidio, dio is latin for ' god ' )
    I tried to earn 5 Stars but the internet simulation wouldn't give it to me.
    A young fan at Tabor one day as he skied by on his way to the lift ' He's Tank Dio ', it was so nice.


Other Education:

  • Collage of New Caledonia
    Prince George, BC, Canada, First year Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. 1974-5.
    I was thinking Pre-Med and then decided on becoming a Marine Biologist, then heck hit the fan ?.

  • Prince George Senior Secondary School, PGSSS'73
    High School Grade 11 and 12, University Stream, Class of 1973,
    Bob, Bobby, num num, numers
    (Lakewood Lakers Football Team #33 Grade 11)

  • Me, Lakewood Jr. Sec.
  • Lakewood Junior Secondary School, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
    Grade 8 to 10 (Lakewood Lakers Football Team #33, Bob, Bobby)

  • Me, grade 7 sports day high jump, Spruceland Elementary.
  • Spruceland Elementary School, Prince George
    Grade 6 and 7, Blue Bombers Pee Wee Football Team. In team photo I am standing beside the coach with white turtle neck on.

  • Sunshine Hills Elementary School, North Delta, British Columbia, Canada
    Grade 5

  • Wauchope Elementary School, Wauchope, New South Wales, Australia
    Grade 5, 6 months started in Grade 4

  • Me, my sister Carrie and Teddy, my older brother in East Pakistan ( Bangladesh 1965 )
  • Kulna Newsprint Mills Colony School, Kalishpur, Khulna, East Pakistan, (Present day Bangladesh).
    Grade 3 and 1/2 of 4

  • Lakeview School Grade 2t (35K)
  • Lakeview School, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
    Grade 2, Div 7 1962/3 and Grade 3

  • Port Kells School Grade 1t (33K)
  • Port Kells Elementary School, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
    Grade 1, Div 5 1961/2


Vital Statistics:

Base Line Normal, Top of the Bell Curve, White, Nordic, Original European DNA !

  • Born Oct. 9, 1955. 5 min after midnight. 2nd son of Edgar Norman (Ted) Nelmes and Sylvia Charlotte Nelmes ( maiden Evans ), in Powell River, beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

  • My DNA is recorded in an international DNA database, it was taken by the RCMP in 2011 when I lived at 3015 Purden Ski Hill Rd at Purden Ski Resort approx. 70 km east of Prince George, BC, Canada. I had reported strange occurences at Purden Mtn in relation to murders that may have occurred in the 70's. I volunteered it. See below.

  • 5' 7" tall, 170cm.

  • Top of the bell curve, not to short, not to tall
  • Proportionally perfect for our planet earth of one gravity.
  • Effective: 7" penis 1.5" thick
  • round head, approx 2" at ridge, circumcised, small dark scar left side of cleft from a tick burrowing under the skin after picking mushrooms when I lived in Australia as a child. My uncle removed it with some gasoline. It works the insect just backed out and left.
  • I have not had sex in 20 years. Not my choise, I have NO disease, none. I plan on suing a Smithers doctor for not taking toxicology for a head wound and infection. A false diagnosis, truth. An outright lie.

  • For those who do not know my teeth were prepped for caps in 2009 but were never finished so I have no enamel and they have chipped. Pretty ugly looking so I don't smile much. I hope to get some false teeth this winter some time or make them myself.

  • I have grey/light light blue eyes, sometimes blue, sometimes green. It's kind of cool.

  • They were first described as hazel when I was a baby so have been described as that on my drivers lic and passport including other paperwork I may have filled out during my life unknowing they were grey/light light blue. I never thought about it, I know now. Just a boo boo by the doctor to my mother and father.

  • FYI: My passport has not been renewed since I used it to go to London, England in the mid 90's. I have not traveled since except for a few crossings into the United States at the Sumas border crossing in Abbottsford, BC, using my drivers license. A few by car and once by bus !

  • My first passport photo: Both of my ears were sewed back from my normal (see grade 1,2 photos) when I was 7, unnecessary surgery, right one botched, left one nerve cut. They have not been fixed.

  • I grew up with blond hair developing to sandy strawberry/golden red blond and now grey.

  • I have freckles on my back, on my arms and legs, lightly elsewhere.

  • I am evolving.

  • I am a clean, healthy, normal, single, heterosexual, straight, white male, descended from original european meaning from Neanderthal (Gog).

  • I have not had sex or had a date in 20 years.

  • It is not that I didn't want to, I did and I do. I have a high libido, cults sell it without my permission.
  • I do not have any type of sexually transmitted disease, none.

  • I am squeeky clean.

Scars: As used in my screenplay " Dream Weaver " original working tital ' Scar Creek '.
Round scar between both eyebrows, Behind both ears ( plastic surgery at 7 botched ), tip of penis, insect tick removed in Australia, scar in eyebrow of right eye, scar across top of head 48 stitchs, Puti plati scar left shoulder, large keloid scar left thigh, small scar side of left knee, trigger finger scar left hand little finger, small scar back left lower shoulder blade removal of cyst, small scar inside right elbow, 2 yrs old, small scar right thumb, misc others.
  • Finger & palm prints and facial recognition photograph on my British Columbia, Canada Drivers License.

    Left palm print taken at my pathfinder upper trail.

    IMGP3467 t (26K)

    Right palm print taken on the porch of my cabin.

    IMGP3455 t (25K)

    My right thumb print taken on two diff dates.

    Robert W Nelmes Thumb Print Right Hand 54-46-34_13N 127-26-16_56W

    Robert W Nelmes (Bob) Right thumb Sept 14 2020

    For facial recognition, my photograph on my British Columbia, Canada Drivers License.

    Me, my drivers lic photo, Robert Wayne Nelmes, Bob.

    Two photos for retina scans, one taken in a mirror on my porch recently.

    My blue eyes

    IMGP3387 t (29K)

  • I have not renewed my Canadian Passport since the mid 1990's after my trip to London, England.
  • ~



    I have not been receiving any email, twitter, facebook or mail electronic or paper pertaining to this website or my youtube videos since inception, May 2009.

    If you have ever received one saying it is from me and your not a niegbhour, then it is/was fraudulent.

    Active Emails:

    ( they are all being intercepted by authorities against my will, I have been receiving nothing but spam or house keeping. )



    The following is the mailing address on my drivers license.

    I have never received any mail pertaining to my website or videos.

    While in Smithers I have only received reminders for my drivers license and BC Medical.

    General Delivery
    7013 McDonell Forest SRV Rd.
    Smithers, BC
    V0J 2N0


    Need to know:

    Physical Location:

    Where I live:

    1 Bob's Place, 7013, (Km 13) McDonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC. Canada.

    Across from Dennis Lake Recreation Site turnoff.

    Understand, I have not been receiving any email, twitter, facebook or mail electronic or paper pertaining to this website or my youtube videos since inception, May 2009.

    "The best way to contact me is " In Person ".

    See MAP !

    Need to know:

    If you try to contact me the Canadian Authorities and/or those helping them, both of which are connected to org crime and terrorism, may reply to you lying about me trying to prevent you from contacting me or meeting me.

    If you try to meet me by climbing to my cabin they may try to stop you, telling you it is dangerous when I am not dangerous or stop you physically themselves, even to taking you into custody outside the real justice system since what they are doing is illegal.

    I have discovered a lot of people have gone missing trying to meet me, civilian and military, they never arrived at my cabin, ever, Purden and here !

    I always found out about it afterwards, sometimes years.

    They were always intercepted by Canadian Authorities sometimes at the airport, sometimes at the hotel/motel never to arrive.

    In paperwork the RCMP, Canadian Military, Canadian Security Intelligence Service and others use my name and website or the location where I live as someone they suspect when they KNOW IT ISN'T ME.

    They know the crimes they are referring to were committed by others, identity thieves or murderers, serial killers, terrorists or corrupt authorities. For Real.

    My fingerprints were taken by the RCMP in the 70's for an impaired charge I was convicted and sentenced for, they are still on file.

    I was betrayed by fake friends at a party given by Pat Dean.

    My DNA was taken at Purden Mtn Ski Resort at my home 3015 Purden Ski Hill Road in 2011 at the request of RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson.

    3015 Purden Ski Hill Road, Purden Ski Resort, British Columbia, Canada.

    Disposition number 850505

    LSD: Block B of District Lot 3480 Cariboo District and containing 0.2316 hectares.

    I owned it from Jan 2010 until Jan 2014 though it burned down on Sept.19, 2012.

    I gave my blood for the DNA test voluntarily, Dennis and Raj explained everything, I said No Problemo.

    I know what DNA is.

    I am a highly educated innocent man, my DNA would not and will not show up anywhere on earth on any crime scene.

    Commissioner Robert Paulson ordered them to make the impossible case, ordered them to check everywhere.


    In 8 years they have checked my DNA and finger prints against every murder, rape, crime scene on Planet Earth.

    They have checked data trails, times, dates, locations, digital and tape security videos, etc.

    It is impossible for me to be at any crime location, TRUTH !

    I am clean !

    The US Military and Security Services have a digital record of almost every second of my life over the last 35 years.

    I am not a criminal, I am not really under investigation for anything.

    It is Classified Above Top Secret ! Above and Beyond.

    They also know it is impossible, they also know who the real culprits are !

    Those in the know and I have been trying to fix this and put the criminals away for a long time.

    We still intend to continue.

    The crime is international in scope, global, organized crime have their network working against us.

    I am a good man.


    IMPORTANT: Please Understand

    " I do not hold a commission in any military. "

    This is NOT a Canadian or American Military or Police Operation.

    I am a civilian, a private citizen, a poor one, they will not let me have what is rightfully mine.

    Regarding a unit calling themselves ' Special Projects ' and using my name.

    They stole the six step process from me.

    I have Absolutely Nothing to do with and have never had anything to do with, Special Operations Group Green Berets, Canadian Special Operations Command, Canadian Joint Operations Command, RCMP, RCMP ITCU, RCMP NC3, Khan Foundation, Pakistan or Indian Military, Escape and Evasion, Ishmailie Sihk Zeta Training Terrorists, Detention or Extermination, NOTHING !

    They are not associated with me in any way shape or form, any portrayal as such is fraudulent, illegal !

    I have never had any communications inviting anyone to any type of exercise, team building seminar, survival camp, anything, nothing at all ! "

    I have no employees. None.

    I have no associates. None.

    If I had what was rightfully mine I would not be living in my cabin.


    How to get to my home/cabin/location.

    I am at Coordinates: 54�46'34.13"N 127�26'16.56"W

    A map to " 1 Bob's Place, 7013, (Km 13) McDonell Forest Service Road, Smithers, BC. Canada. Across from Dennis Lake Recreation Site "

    My cabin/home, 1 Bobs Place top of Black Diamond Trail on the hill above Dennis Lake Recreation Site near Smithers, BC.
    Click for a larger photo.

    Drive towards Hudsons Bay Mtn Ski Resort on Hudsons Bay Mtn Rd, after the 13 km sign turn left 13 km up McDonell Forest Service Rd. to the 13 KM sign, Dennis Lake Recreation Site turnoff.

    The top of 'Black Diamond Trail' on the north side of the road across from the Dennis Lake turnoff, inside the trees a trail sign that says " Black Diamond Trail, 1 Bobs Place. " with a happy face on it. You will see a sign that says " Bob " near the rd.

    The trail is significantly blocked this year and I haven't been able to get to it yet.

    My Cabin is at the end of the trail.

    Another trailhead to my cabin is where I park my Nissan Pathfinder.

    Turn right at 7014 Rd,(I call it " Raspberry Lane ", drive past FOB Roanoke, my Fire of Gog, my trail head is 1.7 km up 7014 Rd, You cannot miss it.

    My cabin is at the end of the trail.

    You can see both locations on the google map above. Zoom in, then out to see in relation to Smithers and Hudsons Bay Mtn Ski Resort.


    I do not live at the end of Huckleberry Road, that would be " Maurice Lake ", a high terrorist area, missing persons, they use it as sort of a " Base of Operations ".

    Click All to Enlarge
    My Family Flag Robert Wayne Nelmes BBA Aug 12 2020 t (20K) Me, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Me, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Me, 2009 Hudsons Bay Mtn Robert Wayne Nelmes Baby Bob

    Robert Wayne  Nelmes Bobby Grade 1
    Grade 1 Port Kells Robert Wayne Nelmes Bobby Grade 2

    Grade 2 Lakeview
    Grade 1 and 2 Class Photo

    #33 Lakewood Lakers Football Team

    Bob Nelmes 1t (15K)
    1st Passport Photo
    Unnecessary Surgery at 7
    They sewed my ears back.
    They were normal.

    Me in grade 1 and 2, also Teddy my older brother. Before botched unnecessary surgery.
    Grade 1 and 2 Photos.
    Port Kells and Lakeview Elementary Schools,
    Surrey, BC, Canada.

    Robert W Nelmes Bob brand new Level  2 18 yrs oldt (27K)
    Brand new Level 2 CSIA ( white pin ) 18 yrs old
    Asst. irector Sno Pro Ski School, 100 Steps Ski Hill
    Prince George, BC, Canada. 1973/4.

    Me, Teaching myself wing skiing ~ 54 yrs old
    Me Wing Skiing at 54 yrs old !

    My Flag

    I believe in a Society of Friends, Family, Science, Truth, Natural law ~ I am a realist.

    A free society is a society of good people.



    I am still fighting Identity and Felony Theft at the highest echelons of power on our planet.
    I have still received no relevant email, twitter, skype replies or mail since May 2009, none !
    ... Identity Theft/Felony Theft is a crime

    I do not believe in, belong to, follow or serve

    The Illuminati, Kabbalah, The Society of Knights of the Round Table, Bilderburg,Scientology, Odessa or any
    Cult, Secret Society, Monarchy, Religion, Skull and Bones, Masonic, Knights Templar, Freemason, Oddfellow, Scottish Rights, political party, fraternal organization, terrorist or criminal organization.

    I never will.

    All High Security Risks for any organization, any life.

    I am a goody two shoes and proud of it.

    No unauthorized use permitted

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    All rights reserved.

    All creative content and videos are my proprietary intellectual property, you may listen, view, read, save at your liesure but no commercial use or duplication is permitted without my express personal authorization.

    I have given none.

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