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Family Tree

Robert Wayne Nelmes

Robert W Nelmes, Bob Nelmes, Bobby Nelmes.

Born Oct. 9, 1955 in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada.

2nd son of Ted and Sylvia Nelmes.

Never Married, Single, Straight.

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Robert W Nelmes (Bob) June 5 2021 t (37K) Photo Album - photo, Me at 26/7, prime of life, my full dna growth !  Taken in Stewart, British Columbia when I was there paving the hwy to Meziaden. 80/81 Robert Wayne  Nelmes Bobby Grade 1 Robert Wayne Nelmes Bobby Grade 2 Bob Nelmes 1t (15K) Nelmes Family Crest Elmes coat of arms Elms Armorial ~ same family Robert W Nelmes (Bob) June 5 2021 right thumb



Ted and Sylvia Nelmes.

Edgar Norman Nelmes ( Ted ), born June 3, 1933, Chilliwack,
(deceased, cancer, Chilliwack.)

married Edgar Norman (Ted) and Sylvia Charlotte Nelmes CLICK TO ENLARGE Pic of mom and dad, Ted and Sylvia Nelmes and teddy, Edgar Norman Nelmes, Sylvia Charlotte Evans, Edgar Frank Nelmes

Sylvia Charlotte Evans ( Sylvia, Syl ), born April 14, 1933, Calgary,
(deceased, cancer, Chilliwack.).

Children: - my brothers, sister and myself.

Photo taken around 1984, my last year of university. With descriptions.

Family Photo with Grama Mabel circa 1984 CLICK TO ENLARGE Click to enlarge.

Older brother
Edgar Frank Nelmes, ( Teddy, Ted ), born April 23 1954,in Powell River, BC, Canada, married Rita Simak. ( Kept her maiden name )
(deceased) ~ He died of a heart attack at 38 yrs old at a father son hockey game in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Edgar Jeremy Nelmes, married a real nice beautiful girl.

Edgar Nelmes

Daughters name unknown.

Elyssa Nelmes


Peyton Nelmes

Robert Wayne Nelmes, ( Bobby, Bob ), born Oct. 9, 1955, in Powell River, BC, Canada, never married, single.


I never knew they existed until recently. I discovered I had two daughters in 2011 after they had died, murdered. I have never formally met any of them, there are grand children I have not met either.

  • A Chinese born son by a young woman in Hong Kong. Conceived 1974. Including his wife and sperm children, my grand children.
  • A Canadian born daughter by Carla. Conceived, Prince George, circa 1975. Including her sperm children. Settled in Smithers and married Jeff Kelso I believe. Lived in Calgary with brother and mother on same street as me when I lived there and I didn't know ! I so wish I did.
  • A Canadian born son by Carla. Conceived, Prince George. 1976 or 77? Including his sperm children.
    R.R. Romnyiak, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Constable to ITCU, seconded to CSIS.
  • A Canadian born son by Shelly Darnell. Conceived, Prince George. 1977 or 78. Including his sperm children.
    I am assuming his name is Bob ? Darnell, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Constable to Drug Squad, ITCU.
  • A Canadian born son by Ramona, her 2nd son, adopted out, first son by Doug Brooks I believe. Conceived in Stewart, BC. Canada. 1981(year?) While rakerman for Central Paving and Engineering, she was a flag girl, black hair, so cute. Including his sperm children.
    I believe his hame is Bob Stewart Brelow. I think of him as 'Stew' in my mind now, easier to differentiate. We have not formally met.

    Joined US Navy as a Seaman, Craftsman to Petty Officer to Lt. (Capt) to Lt. Commander (Major), US Navy Seal Teams, Team 6.

  • A Canadian born son by a beautiful red haired girl from Quebec. Conceived in North Vancouver, BC, Canada 1980. 2nd St East. Including his sperm children. Graduated from University with a Degree in Psychology I believe. Possibly UBC or SFU. Joined the US Navy. ( adopted my surname in California Court or has had it since birth records, I do not remember his mothers surname, though connected to Rambault somehow that is for sure. She may have gotten my full name from SFU, no problemo.)
    Robert W Nelmes, (Bobby) Commander (Captain in convalescent retirement I believe equiv to Army Colonel), US Navy Seal Teams, Team 6, Secret Service.

  • A Canadian born daughter by Natalie Kunow. Conceived North Vancouver, BC. Jan. 1985.
  • A Canadian born daughter by a female oil transportation analyst. Conceived in Calgary, 1993.
  • An American born son named Jessie ( Bob Delgadio ) (I referred to him as BD for Bob Delittle, I didn't know his name.) by Cathy Delittle / Delgadio, an american author from Orlando, Florida. Conceived in Chilliwack or Seattle. Including his sperm children.
    Accepted at United States Naval Acadamy Annapolis, by ' MERIT ', applied for, tested, passed, accepted.
  • The youngest, an American born son by in vitro fertilization to a beautiful girl in the United States Air Force. Blood, a drop from two vials taken from me in Powell River hospital used. I crossed paths with the little boy at BCWeb one day, they were in Smithers. Proximity Family. I loved him unconditionally right away. Just as with all my other children and grand children I have not formally met yet.

    Acknowledged and accepted by me !

    He was told his dna father was me, Robert W Nelmes, Bob, Bobby ! Truth.

  • All loved unconditionally immediately upon discovery, acknowledged and accepted by me though I have not formally met any yet !

    My sister

    Charlotte Mae Nelmes ( Carrie ), born Aug. 18, 1957,in Powell River, BC, Canada, married Stephen Hanison ( added-Nagel after marriage )


    Shay Charlotte Hanison(-Nagel), married Sasha Dorer ( divorced ).

    Brody Dorer

    Calder Dorer

    Kalen Dorer

    Robyn Hanison(-Nagel), married Bill Smith


    Kennedy Ali Smith

    Arron Smith

    Stephen Tyler Hanison(-Nagel), married Amanda.


    Maley Hanison(-Nagel)

    Myla Hanison(-Nagel)

    Avoly Hanison(-Nagel)

    Younger brother

    Geoffrey Paul Nelmes ( Geoff ), born Jan. 21, 1960, in Powell River, BC, Canada, married Donna Beer.

    Justine Arron Nelmes

    Barbara Nelmes

    Shannon Nelmes


    Grand Parents:

    My fathers line.

    Edgar Alfred Nelmes, son of David and Anne Nelmes of Chilliwack and Popkum.

    married Grampa Edgar Alfred Nelmes, father of my dad, Edgar Norman Nelmes Grama Adele Nelmes nee Weaver my dad's mother, daughter to Thomas and Francis Weaver

    Charlotte Adele Weaver, daughter of Thomas and Francis Weaver of Harrison Mills, Morris Valley, Aggazzi, Upper Fraser Valley, British Columbia.


    Leslie Allen Nelmes : Married Marnie (Marion) Alexander.


    Bryden Nelmes

    John Nelmes ( Adopted ) : Married Milred Dickie.

    Children: ( to the best of my knowledge. )

    John Nelmes : Lives in Terrace, BC.

    Robert (Bob) Nelmes : Lives in Kelowna, BC.

    Bonnie Nelmes

    Margaret Nelmes

    Patricia (Patty) Nelmes : Lives in Chilliwack, BC.

    Ann Francis Nelmes : Married Peter Martin Merrotsy. (Australian)


    Margaret Ann Merrotsy : Married Derek James Hastie.


    Beth Frances Hastie

    Kim Eleanor Hastie

    Matthew James Hastie

    Anna Kathleen (Kathy) Merrotsy : Married Rodney William Bulley (deceased), 2nd marriage Richard Hogg .


    Liam Grant Bulley

    Kylie Ann Bulley

    Peter Leslie Merrotsy : Married, 3 times.

    1st Janelle (C)Garmont.


    Peter Vivian Merrotsy (deceased, at 3 days)

    2nd Stephanie Janette Newman.


    Alinta Merrotsy

    3rd I do not know.

    Edgar Norman Nelmes (Ted, Teddy) : My father ! Married Sylvia Charlotte Evans: My mother.

    Children: (see above)

    Edgar Frank Nelmes

    Robert Wayne Nelmes, me !

    Charlotte Mae Nelmes

    Geoffrey Paul Nelmes

    My mothers line.

    Frank Evans, originally of Oswestry, Wales/England.

    married Grampa Frank Evans my moms dad, with my Aunt Pat, my mothers sister, she married Richard Caldwell Mabel May Platt my mothers mother

    Mabel Mae Platt, daughter of Merrit Platt and Hattie Henrietta Flack of Rimbey, Alberta.

    They divorced after my mother and sister were born, she then married Robert (Bob) Cameron, I have two grampa's, I am named to honor him and a great uncle Wayne in California.
    After he died she married a man named ' Cloutrie ', he died also.


    Patricia Evans: married Richard Caldwell.

    Sylvia Charlotte Evans: My mother, married Edgar Norman Nelmes (Ted, Teddy): My father .

    Great Grand Parents Thomas Weaver Haying middle ground

    My fathers mothers line

    Thomas Weaver and Francis Rebecca Priddy, (I believed Francis surname was Rambault, I was mistaken, it fits elsewhere)

    Both born in the United States, Thomas born in Ringgold, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, Oct 30, 1861 his father Amos Weaver, Francis born in Illinois, Feb 6, 1866. Also worked in Washington at a saloon, he a logger, piano player and crooner, she an actress, dancer, entertainer. Cultus Lake Picnict (79K)
    Settled at Harrison Mills, Morris Valley, Aggazzi, Upper Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada.
    He owned his own logging company, they lived happily ever after to the best of my knowledge !



    Harriet Weaver

    Married Harry Englander of Long Island New York and subsequently moved there.

    Violet Weaver

    married Ogilvie and then Ernest Nelmes.

    Charlotte Adele Weaver ( grand mother )

    married Edgar Alfred Nelmes my grandfather. My fathers father.

    George Weaver

    My information is he went to Australia and jointed the Light Horse while there, dying at Gallipoli in that famous charge in the movie.

    He fell in love with a nurse on a hospital ship and may possibly have fathered a child with her.


    My Mothers mothers line.

    Merrit Platt and Hattie Henrietta Flack

    ( entry 5566/6674 The William Ward Geneology. )
    Originally from the United States, Ohio, Idaho, crossed on the Oregon Trail, settled in Rimbey, Alberta.
    Children: ~ ( All children born in the United States. )
    Raymond Stearns Platt

    Charles Earl Platt

    Mabel May Platt ( grand mother, my mother Sylvia Charlotte Evans mother ! )


    My Fathers fathers line.

    David Nelmes and Anne Danbrook, Woodstock, Oxford County Upper Canada, settled in Popkum and Chilliwack, British Columbia.

    Gr Grampa David and Annie Nelmes (Danbrook) with my grandfather on his lap Gr Grampa David and Annie Nelmes and family corbould house chilliwack
    Children: ~ ( All children born in Canada. )

    Edith (Nellie) Nelmes, Born May 16, 1884. Married John H. Toop.

    J. Harold ( Hal ) Nelmes, Born Apr 26 1889. Married Louisa Owen.

    Francis Gordon (Frank) Nelmes, Born Jan 17, 1890. Married Mabel Beatrice Martin.

    Herbert Nelmes, married Freida Kieth.

    Ernest Nelmes, married Violet Ogilvie. ( Her 2nd marriage, maiden name Weaver ).

    Edgar Alfred Nelmes, married Charlotte Adele Weaver. : My grand parents.

    Percival (Percy) Nelmes.

    Frederick Norman Nelmes.

    William Nelmes, married Laura Jinkerson.


    My Fathers fathers father and mother.

    Great Great Grand Parents

    William Nelmes, 1805-1888 and Eliza Gay ~ Settled near Woodstock, Oxford County Upper Canada, immigrated from Gloustershire, England, 1835.

    Children: ~ ( All children born in Canada. )
    Henry Nelems, 1844-1915 ~ Settled near present day Agassiz in the Upper Fraser Valley, British Columbia also South Africa before returning to Chilliwack.

    Mary Ann Nelmes ~ Married Issac Kipp, settled in Chilliwack, Upper Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

    David Thomas Nelmes, 1851-1923 ~ Anne Danbrook, settled in Popkum and Chilliwack, Upper Fraser Valley, British Columbia. ~ ( Great Grand Father )

    William Berkley Nelmes,1842-1912 ~ Settled in NE United States and descendents in Quebec after serving with the Union Army during the American Civil War, possibly Cavalry.

    John Nelmes ~ Settled at Elk Grove, Sutters Fort, California, present day Sacramento after serving with the Union Army during the American Civil War, Cavalry, Officer, Major.

    Eliza J. Nelmes ~ ?


    The Elm Tree

    The Elm Tree, a song of my composition.

    Photos, Documents and Notes:


    Family Crests and my Family Flag. I used the bottom of our provincial flag and extended the waves of warmth upwards, voila, a flag ! Sun and Water, two things without which there is no life.

    Nelmes Family Crest Elmes coat of arms Elms Armorial ~ same family My Family Flag My Flag


    Some family photos including grand-parents ~ I lost a lot when my cabin burned down at Purden Mtn. Ski Resort.

    Pic of mom and dad, Ted and Sylvia Nelmes and teddy, Edgar Norman Nelmes, Sylvia Charlotte Evans, Edgar Frank Nelmes Gr Grampa David and Annie Nelmest (34K) Cultus Lake Picnict (79K) Grampa Edgart (75K) Grama Adeler (67K) Thomas Weaver Haying middle ground Mabel Mae Cameron Plattt (17K) Grampa Edgart (75K)


    Photos of some lineage notes from various family sources.

    David and Anne Nelmes t (83K) Charlotte Sophia Wardt (76K) David Nelmes Article 2 t (83K) David Nelmes Article t (89K) Thomas Weaver and Francis Priddy t (17K) William Nelmes Oxford County 1835 t (81K) William Ward geneology entry 5566 t (84K)

    If you know you are in my tree and want to be included please let me know.

    Found a link to the William Ward Geneology for those who are interested.

    William Ward Geneology on my Onedrive space.

    My Grandmother, my mothers mother, Mabel Mae Platt is on page 598 entry 5566.


    Some Important Information, a must read for family.

    My father Edgar Norman Nelmes (Ted) had an adopted brother John.

    He married Mildred Dickie,

    John and Mildred Nelmes had a number of children

    John, Robert (Bob), Patty, Bonnie, Barbara, Margaret.

    John is a schizophrenic.

    Bob's full name I believe is Robert William Nelmes or Robert David Nelmes, one or the other.

    He may have a son of one of those name also.

    They have a descendent who may also be a schizophrenic and/or mentally handicapped.

    They are not of our genetics.

    My name is Robert Wayne Nelmes, same as a cousin from Sacramento and his grandfather.

    They are descendents of John Nelmes of oxford county upper canada and Elk Grove Sacramento.

    John Nelmes of Elk Grove Sacramento was my great grand father David Nelmes brother.

    Both sons of William Nelmes of oxford county upper canada

    John may have gone south and joined the US Cavalry.

    He may have risen to Major.

    He retired to Elk Grove, Sutters Fort in Northern California, present day Elk Grove, Sacramento.

    He had a brother ' Berkley ', who also fought for the Union Army during the American Civil War.

    They seperated in Pennsylvania, John going west, Berkley staying or going north by north east.

    I do not know where, though I believe one of his descendents is in the Canadian Special Forces.

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