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The Music of Life ~ A natural pair ~ Boy and Girl. The black and white spheres are a piano/organ keyboard.
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Level 3 CSIA, 1978, Sunshine Village.
Level 3 CSIA, 1978
Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance

Assistant Director Sno Pro Ski School 1973/74.
Assistant Director
Sno Pro Ski School 1973/74.

8 way star crest, earned Sept.8, 2001, Chilliwack, I also earned Starcrest Solo, meaning last man in, Bernie was buffeting, it was fun.
Starcrest, Sept.8, 2001
8 way skydiving award
I have my C COP CSPA

Ski Tips

I have my Level 3 Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance #74-076 ~ 1978 Sunshine Village, though I am not current.

I have my C COP Canadian Sport Parahuting Association, #2546, 2003 Fraser Valley Skydive Center, Chilliwack. Approx. 520 jumps.

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree 1984 from Simon Fraser University.

I have my Level 1 Coach, Practical, Technical.

I ski with a DIN setting of 7 , always .

Teaching myself Wing Skiing 2009, Hudsons Bay Mtn, Smithers, BC. 54 yrs old.

Teaching myself wing skiing ~ 54 yrs old

Tips for getting into shape, tips for skiing/boarding (even though I don't snowboard) A lot of things to do with the senses, balance, carving, terrain and safety still apply.


No alchohol or drugs when skiing, they impair senses.

After Skiing : moderation and/or abstination.

Do not over ski your ability or your conditioning.


Figure Eights:

Stand in one place lift your right foot, from the hip down use your foot and toe to trace a figure eight pattern .

When you are tired change to the left foot. Music with a beat you like helps.

A lot of people see me doing this on the lift from the knee down .

~ ' Dream Weaver ' ~ My own composition.

Figure eights from the hip down work so well in the thought process for carving a complete turn. It also saves wear and tear on the knees.

Figure eights would work for boarding too, even though you are exercising one at a time, when you are on the board just do it at the same time.

This way your center of gravity is always following the fall line at a specific height from the snow.


Point your index finger somewhere, your eyes will follow to look in that direction. Skiing requires you to look in the direction you want to go. While you are turning point your finger in the direction you want to go, your body will follow. When you are turning left point with your right arm. When you are turning right point with your left arm.


Look ahead, look at the terrain, plan your turns, remember there are others around you, know whos around you, situational awareness. Plan accordingly, given their ability.


When you are riding a bike, ski, board. Carve the bike as you turn it, turn your eyes to the point where you want to go, keep carving, then rise slightly and use the momentum to turn the bike effortlessly and begin carving the turn the other way. It is a lot of fun on a hill. Make sure there is no traffic. Keep turning the bike until your bike is just over 90 degrees to the slope.


When you are walking around pretend you are skiing or boarding, if you see a corner ahead of you ski or board around it. I look point and then ski around a corner with my mind, the body follows. I even use sound affects sometimes. I don't actually point when I ski, it is unconcious. Your allowed to.

Go swimming, not laps, but full movement of all limbs in place in the deep end, it keeps the legs, arm and stomach muscles in a more natural movement.

Find a creek bed for bushwhacking and stair climbing, more fun than a trail, natural movement connected to the senses... eyes, ears, touch. Sight, thought, planning, steps, movements, safety... better exercise for the muscles. Better muscle memory and conditioning.

Walk, run through the bush, jumping over logs and dodgeing branches, good for the senses, coordination, balance. Helps with situational awareness.

Try doing a russian Cossack dance occasionally, squat, cross your arms and kick one leg out at a time maintianing balance. It will be be good for muscle, cell and mind memory training... center of gravity. I use the method sometimes when I am skiing in the bumps and need to move my skis quickly. The momentum along the center of gravity allows me to pick up my skis and move them without falling. It works really well.

It also works really well in the edge transition of high speed GS turns. Momentum, I remember someone saying in the winter of 2010 while I was doing them down Express Way at Purden, 'How the hell do you do that?'.

It feels as if I am floating at times, so much fun.

Have fun!

Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) Aug 10 2022 DSCN9934 t (23K) Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) MBA BBA Business Card t (12K)

Robert W Nelmes (Bob) MBA BBA ~ Where I live - Google Map .

Full Given Name : Robert Wayne Nelmes , Born 10.9.55 : 714 525 839 .

R. W. Nelmes , Robert W Nelmes , Bob Nelmes , Bobby Nelmes

MBA : Degree of Master of Business Administration .

BBA : Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration .

Simon Fraser Uiversity Faculty of Business Administration .

See : University Education

Level 3 CSIA, 1978, Sunshine Village. 8 way star crest, earned Sept.8, 2001, Chilliwack, I also earned Starcrest Solo, meaning last man in, it was intentional, formation was buffeting, I waited for Bernie to get grips, it was fun. NASA Virtruvian Man Astronaut Patch, proportional 1 earth gravity.

The patches I wore on my ski pants plus my Level 3 Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance Certification pin

The question is : Do I sew them on my new ones ?

I found the Virtruvian Astronaut on Ebay back in 2009 and bought it .

I love it .

Robert W Nelmes(Bobby)t (84K)
2016 ~ 61 years old

Bob's Tree.
Beautiful Terrain... Slide show.

My Skiing Videos

I had never seen myself skiing until I took some footage myself in the spring of 2010. I liked what I saw so I decided to do a video about genetics, senses, and my ability to ski. I combined it with some of my own digital paintings and music to tell a story. My first video is ' Senses ', I am saying good morning and then skiing. Same guy !

Highlight each button below to see the name of it. Each links to the video on my google drive .

I removed my videos from Youtube and I am having difficulty uploading to my google drive ,

The first ten are working as does the slideshow underneath the photo on the left .

56 years old , Ski Bum Grub Time , I love skiing so much . Forever Young with added footage Signature Exit Video. Senses Music Video. Why I Love it so. Prelude to Dance of the Dragonfly. Mountains of Music. A blast from the past Bob Cat. Wing Skiing. Waves of Warmth. University Way

The following not uploaded yet .

Little Round Top ~ ski video by Robert W Nelmes (Bob) 10955 Elm Tree at play. Waves of Warmth Music Video. I love the sounds of skiing. Forever Young

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