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" Society of Friends "

An economic and social solution for our world.

With 1% of the worlds wealth controlling half the worlds money and the present state of the worlds economic and social structure there is something wrong.

This is a solution that will actually work.

the freedom to learn ~ the freedom to dream ~ the freedom to do

We have a technology available to us today, proven by what has been going on with maintaining the bubble around my life and site to enable us to eliminate virtually every MP, MLA in Canada and politican on the planet.

With no fear, safety, health, truth, science, fact in education and universal access and availability we will all have the same information forever learning something new even though we will all be starting as beginners.

With the same knowledge, health and viturally the same brain we will invariably come to the same conclusions every time.

When we are all going in the same direction than disagreements over decisions are few.

Professionals will make the right ones with truth and understanding amongst all of us.

Major issues can be decided by electronic referendum, one page, one explanation, Yes or no.

The right person for the job will be the most professionally qualified person chosen by the people.

This is a democracy for true ethical capitalism.

We'll all be entrepreneurs with a true open source open development system.

A true supply and demand market oriented Technologicaly based Democratic Meritocracy based upon true needs and wants.

Experienced Coordinators, Managers, Professionals, Teachers.

A meritocracy with a very small bureaucracy.

We will eventurally see the end of politics.

A little humor.

A benevolent dictatorship.


Age Base Compensation System

With pride there is quality, no need for performance evaluations or pay scales due to the age based remuneration system

A system based on $ 1.00/hr for each year of life experience.

I would be getting $62.00/hr just for breathing oxygen.

Given an 8 hr work day.

That would be $472.00/day

That would be $172,280/year

We would be getting paid to go to school and work.

A child going to grade 1 at 6 yrs old at a 7 hr day with lunch would be getting $42.00 a day for savings and/or spending money.

A young man or woman finishing school and leaving home at 17 yrs old would have $ 446,760.00 to start with.

At 18 they would be making $ 52,560.00.

A young couple of 21 would have a combined income of $ 122,640.00 per year.

A flat tax of 15%. No paperwork

We would have a surplus on our planet.

We will all have more money than we can imagine to spend on ourselves and each other.

Natural continuous economic and inventive boom.


We will all eventually become the ultimate volunteers and then we will see the end of money.


Society of Friends


No worry, no stress, no crime, no fear, no hunger, no war.


The equivalent of heaven on earth for everyone.


When we have 'heaven on earth' for the living, we have 'heaven' for those in spirit perfectly compatible with the lives (souls/light) they go to naturally instantly upon death.


Eventually the need for a 'financial system' will vanish.


We won't need money anymore.

We will have made ' heaven ' for ourselves.


Now, imagine that as we settle the galaxy with quantum technology.



It is a science world, not a religious world.

It is called truth.


" I am removing religion and politics from the equation. "

The freedom to learn, the freedom to dream, the freedom to do, the freedom to live.

We will all have time coming out the ying yang.


I do not believe in, belong to, follow or serve any monarchy, religion, political party, masonic, templar, freemason, fraternal organization or secret society.

I believe in a society of friends, science, truth, natural law, natural and perfect compatibility ~ I am a realist.

I was baptised in the United Church and brought up in the protestant environment (protest-ant), meaning ~ I am a heretic.

I am a good man.


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