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Me, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob)

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Good Morning
You can call me Bob .
Special Projects.

Robert W Nelmes, BBA

You can call me Bob.
Better Information makes Better Decisions


IMPORTANT: Please Understand

" I do not hold a commission in any military.

Regarding a unit calling themselves ' Special Projects ' and using my name.

They stole the six step process from me.

I have Absolutely Nothing to do with and have never had anything to do with, Special Operations Group Green Berets, Canadian Special Operations Command, Canadian Joint Operations Command, RCMP, RCMP ITCU, RCMP NC3, Khan Foundation, Pakistan or Indian Military, Escape and Evasion, Ishmailie Sihk Zeta Training Terrorists, Detention or Extermination, NOTHING !

They are not associated with me in any way shape or form, any portrayal as such is fraudulent, illegal !

I have never had any communications inviting anyone to any type of exercise, team building seminar, survival camp, anything, nothing at all ! "


Process Improvement Specialist

' Above and Beyond '

Mission Statement

Sharing of knowledge at the management, strategic, operational, tactical and functional levels to improve development and implementation of ideas between functional units.

Will improve efficiency and speed of communication and coordination at all levels of an organization.

Imperative in todays environment

The question becomes:

How to implement smoothly and have universal acceptance without friction.

" Above and Beyond " I know has been your desire as it is ours.

~ Section 1 ~

Who do you call ~ when you wanna get it done

Specialists at Process Improvement
  • Improvements are always identifiable within all functional units of an organization.
  • Intelligence and dissemination thereof to applicable functional and operational units.
  • Eradicating inefficiencies is our specialty.
  • We consider it a pre-requisite to an efficient and cooperative organization.
    ~ Section 2 ~
    Trying something new
  • Development and testing of innovative technologies for the Strategic, Tactical and Operational levels.
  • Development and testing of innovative technologies for the Command/Management level.
  • Application and implementation thereof.
  • Transitional Management and Methods
  • ~ Section 3 ~
    Climbing a tree
  • Problem solving, planning
  • Determining what is necessary to get there.
  • Knowledge, information, training
  • ~ Section 4 ~
    Opening the door
  • Lets take a look: safely.
  • ~ Section 5 ~
    We are alive.

  • Forward Ho !
  • ~ Section 6 ~
    When your in a fix, call section six.

  • Above and Beyond
  • Pro Active Process Improvement
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • All for one ~ One for all.

    Above and Beyond.


    I do not believe in, belong to, follow or serve

    The Illuminati, Kabbalah, The Society of Knights of the Round Table, Bilderburg,Scientology, Odessa or any
    Cult, Secret Society, Monarchy, Religion, Skull and Bones, Masonic, Knights Templar, Freemason, Oddfellow, Scottish Rights, political party, fraternal organization, terrorist or criminal organization.

    I never will.

    All High Security Risks for any organization, any life.

    I believe in a society of friends, science, truth, natural law, compatibility

    I am a realist.

    Me, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob) Process Improvement Specialist

    No unauthorized use permitted

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    I have given none.

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