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Note : I am still fighting identity theft and felony theft at the higbest level .

The Music of Life ~ A natural pair ~ Boy and Girl. The black and white spheres are a piano/organ keyboard.
Modern Era

The more I know , the more I don't know , the more I know !

Dedicated to my Sons, Daughters and Grand Children.
I love you to, I always will, Forever and Always.

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Water , Air , Space , Earth .

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Waves of Warmth Flag

Effective Feb. 14 , 2023 .

No one on Earth is as yet authorized to wear the ' Wave of Warmth ' crest or to fly the flag .

It is still my family flag but also the flag for the ' Federation of Planets ' .

Terra .
Smithers , BC , Time : 7:09 pm pst .
1 Bobs Place .

Grid Reference :

Latitude and Longitude :
5446'34.49"N 12726'15.67"W

Google Map
1 Bobs Place , 7013 McDonell Forest Service Road .
( McDonell Lake Rd on Google Earth )

Important :

Military and Civilian
Need to Know :

My unit does not exist !

The paper and personel never arrived .

Our personel profile has been going missing all over the world .

Including those from off planet , they are all missing .

The established order on our planet is lying about everything .

Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) Aug 10 2022 DSCN9934 t (23K)

Waves of Warmth Flag Robert W Nelmes (Bob) MBA BBA

Special Projects

Process Improvement Specialist

Military and Civilian need to know : My unit does not exist !

Better Information makes Better Decisions

Process Improvement Specialists .

Management Information Specialists .

Mission Statement

Sharing of knowledge at the management, strategic, operational, tactical and functional levels to improve development and implementation of ideas between functional units.

Above and Beyond , I know has been your desire as it is ours.

Section 1

When you want to get it done.

Specialists at Process Improvement
  • Improvements are always identifiable within all functional units of an organization.
  • Intelligence and dissemination thereof to applicable functional and operational units.
  • Eradicating inefficiencies is our specialty.
  • We consider it a pre-requisite to an efficient and cooperative organization.
    Section 2
    Trying something new
  • Development and testing of innovative technologies for the Strategic, Tactical and Operational levels.
  • Development and testing of innovative technologies for the Command/Management level.
  • Application and implementation thereof.
  • Transitional Management and Methods
  • Section 3
    Climbing a tree
  • Problem solving, planning
  • Determining what is necessary to get there.
  • Knowledge, information, training
  • Section 4
    Opening the door
  • Lets take a look: safely.
  • Section 5
    We are alive.

  • Forward Ho !
  • Section 6
    When your in a fix, call section six.

  • Above and Beyond
  • Pro Active Process Improvement
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • All for one, One for all.

    I am a common man who dreams of a free society.

    A free society of good honest friendly people.

    In the mordern world, a co-operative could be described as a

    Technological Democratic Meritocracy

    Comprised of good, honest friendly and cooperative investment capitalism.

    Above and Beyond.

    Very Important for dreamers to know :

    I DO NOT believe in, belong to, follow or serve :

    Kali , Vishnu , Chyren (charon) , Baba , Bab , Muhammad , Bhudda , St Peter / Paul , the Illuminati, Kabbalah, Sudari Seven, The Society of Knights of the Round Table,
    Opus Dei, Vatican, Bilderburg, Scientology, Neo Nazi, Odessa, Muslim, Islamic Jihad , Muslim Brotherhood , Babar Khalsa(el qeada), Sihk, Niazi, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Mormon, Jehova's Witness, Buddhist,
    Falun Gong or any Religion, Cult, Secret Society, any Monarchy or Royal family, Skull and Bones, Masonic, Knights Templar, Freemason, Oddfellow, Scottish Rights,
    political party, fraternal organization, terrorist or criminal organization, etc.

    I am a good man.

    I stand by those I agree with .

    No unauthorized use permitted

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    visionary scientific ideas and inventions, business ideas, product ideas.

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