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The Great Unknown

Spritet (9K)

Sprite ~ What our quantum conciousness, life memory looks like after oxygen, after we die.
Other cultures, beliefs may call them deamons, spirits, djinn, akashic records, engrams.
  • Our life memory exists in the quantum state.
  • It includes everything, and I mean everything to do with our lives.
  • Cell memory is connected to the brain.
  • Your genetics, your memories, your muscle tone, your personality.
  • Your height, weight, hair color, voice, tattoos, everything you do in life.
  • Everything retained and learned.
  • Even your skiing ability.
  • Your love of life.
  • What you believe.
  • When you die your sprite merges first with your perfectly compatible soul that was with you from before birth in your mothers womb .

    soult (12K)

    The soul with your sprite 'one' then litereally 'goes' in an instant to it's most perfectly compatible Life if their is no perfect match for your DNA and personality .

    Why the key is your living brain , you go to a life that matches that , your soul is one with your brain .

    Or to their genetic and spiritual father and/or mothers 'LIFE'.

    The sprite/soul arrives in their perfectly compatible life instantly upon death.

    They instantly see, feel, hear, taste, think, one with the living person.

    A perfect match

    This occurs life upon life, life after life.

    For example: ( not complete, all full life, birth to death. )

    gog, Iceni Bob, Celtic Bob, Nordi Bob, Nor Adoni, Alexender the Great, Roman Centurian ( Ben Hur ), Mary Magdalene's son, Merlins son, Robin Hood [Lord Robert Nelmes ~ Truth , Richard 1st and Royal Families of Europe swore fealty to him during the crusades ],
    A musketer (D'Artagnen and father of ), my great Uncle George Weaver, a US Marine , Me (Bob Nelmes son of Ted and Sylvia Nelmes, born Oct. 9, 1955. Powell River, Canada.).

    These are men my immortal soul was born with and died with .

    When I die my sprite (akashic record) will go to a life perfect for me and my immortal soul will go with me , one .

    All the religions are wrong , they cannot make me for them .

    The key is your brain , your DNA , your life experience .

    Spritet (9K) + Spritet (9K) + Spritet (9K) + Spritet (9K) = soult (12K)

    Perfect Compatibility ~ Natural Law ~ Everlasting Life.

    The Living First

    We the living have to know the truth about the sprite, the immortal soul, the larger soul, our field of souls, what I call our Field of Life.

    When the living know the truth, every sprite and soul with them naturaly will learn and know the truth.

    When the living know the truth, every sprite and soul with them will accept it.

    The secret to everlasting life is natural law.

    Life - We do not even have to consider the sprite.

    We honor them by being ourselves and honoring our ancestors.

    Universal Law.


    The religions are all wrong .


    I am not a living soul , I am a man .

    My living soul is one , it is my immortal soul , one .

    I am a man , I am alive .

    I do not have to concern myself with the soul .

    The brain is the key to where I go .

    My brain is the key to where I go . Your brain is the key to where you go .

    Everyone has their own key ~ their own life

    We all have an empty brain at birth, it is up to us to fill it.

    What do you fill it with ?

    Nice feels good

    Being nice feels good.

    The peoples of the north are the white nordic descendents of the people we call neanderthal, the gogen.

    I am one of them.

    The original peoples of ancient Europe, light red hair, blonds, strawberry blonds, sandy blonds, brunettes, dark red, freckles.

    They were not brutes, they were highly intelligent, inventive, curioius, straight backs, proportional one earth gravity.

    They loved life, family, the world around them, respecting life, respecting animals.

    First loyalty, family, people, genetics, dna, natural law.

    They / We did not start war, others did when we taught them how to hunt non sentient animals for food during lean periods.

    They hunted us.

    We just happen to be evolving away from freckles, white pink is the base color of our skin, before melanin.

    Gog and Magog's people, Adoni and Aphroditi's people, white heterosexual boys and girls, that is who we are.

    Adoni was a man of the same genetic, white nordic, who married into our line.

    The peoples of the north on our planet are the descendents of Gog and Adoni.

    I am one of them.

    The peoples of gog and adoni are a highly creative people, compassionate, caring, kind, happy, loving people and life.

    A people of ingenuity .

    Highly intelligent .

    The first sentient race on our planet

    I am one of them.

    We are the dreamers, the doers, the intrepid explorers, the real builders .


    I have discovered without a shadow of a doubt the sprite, the soul exists, it is not a religious issue, it is a scientific one.

    I know I have an ancient soul that if imaged looks like a large bright white sun with a huge halo hundreds of kilometers wide.

    That our sprites, our souls go continue on after we die in the quantum state.

    The sprite formed of a life looks like a sparkle, like glistening dew in the sunlight after a rain.

    A concious record of our life and memories.

    Like genetics and minds attract.

    It is not a religions issue, it is a scientific one.

    There is no Heaven or Hell as generally accepted.

    We all go to our Partriarch, Matriarch or a perfectly compatible life where our soul is symbioltically one with the living.

    The living first.

    Everlasting Life.

    I have figured out how it works.

    So incredible, so wonderful.

    It is a scientific fact.

    I think therefore I am.

    A sprite/soul with me naturally, arriving instantly upon death, NOT delivered by some god, angel, devil, demon or priest.

    Natural Law.

    If a sprite/soul could describe it he might say:

    I died ~ Now I see, hear, feel, think one with Bob, I have input.

    So many, so wonderful.

    So many will return to life within their own tree branchs, genetic lines, when perfect compatibility with a fetus occurs or they are in proximity of their genetic match already living.

    The rest become my children perfect compatiblility or natural sprites with them born again with a child, becoming children themselves again, life.

    I call it " 1st Attraction ".

    Our DNA is so important, it dictates where we go in addition to personality and belief.

    Good to good, not good to not good and variations thereof.

    Why the good go to the good.

    Why the not good go to the not good.

    Why Homosexuals go to homosexuals.

    Who Heterosexuals go to heterosexuals.

    Why normal go to normal.

    Why the mentally ill go to the mentally ill.

    Why axe murderers go to axe murderers.

    Why the not good have to become good.

    Why it is in our best interest to do what ever we can to have the ' not good ' pursue ' good ' or become ' good '.

    When we have that, we will have

    Heaven on Earth


    Myself, I am top of the bell curve, a statistical distribution.

    Given my ancient neanderthal, nordic soul,

    I am base normal genetics for the nordic males on our planet.

    Why my soul is so large, so massive, so incredible.

    Matriarch, with me via 1st Attraction, everlasting love, always with me, always my love, my wife.

    She to base normal nordic female.

    Natural Attraction, 1st Attraction, Perfect Compatibility, Genetics, Life Experience, Love.

    Why compatibility between boy and girl is so important.

    We are gogen, the children of gog and magog.

    gog and mother gog.


    Just to set the record straight, wiki is wrong, a hatchet job.

    We are not cannibals, we are hunters.

    We eat meat, non-sentient.

    Others ate us when we taught them to hunt instead of killing us.

    They found it easier to use the weapons we taught them to use to kill us rather than hunt.


    Alexander was not fighting gog and magog, they were the core of his soul, he ' gog and magog ' incarnate, one of their grand children.

    Just thought I would get that straight since ' gog and magog ' are also of my soul, I am one of their grand children.

    My immortal soul incarnate, one with me.

    My name is Bob.

    Bob Nelmes.

    Nelmes, the root being Elm, near the elms, n elms -> nelmes.

    The clovis tool site in england is near the old Nelmes Manor.

    We are a very ancient family, originating with Neanderthal, ' gog '.

    Weavers have virtually the identical genetics, so we originated in the same place.

    Possibly the same first village.

    We over course the woodsmen, tool makers, dreamers and then one day one of the family discovered the reed and weaving.

    Their hut became the Weavers.

    Our hut was the Elders, original family who stayed near the elms tree which provide shelter and protection.

    Ours ' gog hut ' the ' Man(or) house ' ~ Humor ( maybe not )

    Interesting isn't it.


    Why there are so many young with me and my girl(s) that have died in war, murder, accidents.

    They return to life under the same principle.

    Quantum Attraction ~ First Attraction

    Natural Law ~ Universal Law

    Genetics/DNA (Life) + [Life experience + Knowledge] (Brain) = Unique Quantum Signature

    Compatible girls attract Compatible boys.

    Like minds attract


    My soul is a good soul, I am a good man.

    I am clean, healthy, normal.

    I am a heterosexual white nordic male.

    In Quantum Mechanics, like attracts.

    Quantum Signature = DNA plus life experience ( knowledge, belief, personality, plus )

    Quantum Signature attracts Quantum Signature.

    Like minds and genetics attract.

    Natural Law ~ Universal Law.

    When we die we go to people like ourselves.

    Good to good, not good to not good.

    What are you going to be ?


    Something wonderful about Natural Law.

    The girls soul goes to the man as the result of compatible gentics, life experience and love.

    Love is the key to ever lasting love in your after life !

    Your souls are always together.

    Compatible lives produce compatible children.

    Compatible children marrying compatible mates produces compatible lives.

    Male and Female spiritual lines merge naturally, compatibly.

    Always attaching to their compatible genetic when conditions apply.

    For myself, my perfectly compatible wife/girlfriend will always also be the wives of men of my immortal soul.

    Quantum Signature attracts Quantum Signature !

    Quantum Attraction.

    Everlasting love ~ Everlasting pairs.



    Here is an entry in my journal that explains things in another way.

    July 13, 2019,Modern Era.

    Location: Dennis Lake Recreation Site below Little Round Top of Black Diamond Trail, my cabin on the hill above Dennis Lake Recreation Site, Smithers, BC, Canada.
    Coordinates: 5446'34.13"N 12726'16.56"W

    Balance is Natural Law

    Universal Law.

    Physics, Chemistry, Biology.


    A universe existed and collapsed continually compressing, resulting in what we call the ' Big Bang ', creating our present universe.

    Peoples and civilizations existed in that previous universe.

    Why there are souls of people with me from before the ' Big Bang '.

    When they became extinct during the collapse of the previous universe their souls went into stasis, no life, no senses, no life, no time.

    After the ' Bing Bang ' life eventually appeared again.

    Upon the appearence of our genetics, their ancient souls symbiotically attached to life again.

    And then there was light, their souls once again receiving from a compatibile life, brain, senses ~ Life !

    Merging one with our sprites formed upon our deaths.

    Life upon life, life after life.

    One ~ Natural Law ~ Natural Compatibility ~ Perfect Compatibility.

    I have known the possiblity existed for quite some time.

    I know that matriarch prior to the collapse of the previous universe was a blond nordic girl.

    She has been able to communicate her image to me.

    That means their race evolved as ours did, as we did.

    Neanderthal Nordic, red hair, blond hair, strawberry blond, brunette etc.

    When I was climbing to my cabin yesterday for the first time I felt the id association of a man of my immortal soul, perfect compatibility, meaning his genetics must have been exactly like mine.

    He was his peoples patriarch prior to the collapse of the previous universe.

    He is me !

    My genetics.

    It is so incredible.

    It was difinitive.

    Our Neanderthal Nordic race existed in the universe previouse to ours.


    We are all people of a galactic tree.

    Theory of Everything.

    Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

    All of our peoples began the same way on every planet.

    Environments and natural selection dictated which branch of the genetic tree evolved.

    Which became sentient !

    In my mind, friends to be from another planet are ' People '.

    We are People !


    No, not everyone's soul has been existent since the ' Bing Bang '.

    Every life forms a new sprite/soul upon death.

    Sprite = Genetics + Life Experience.

    Life Experience = belief, personality, education, knowledge, experiences, memories, etc.

    Why truth is so necessary in everything we learn.

    The immortal soul merges one with the sprite upon death instantly attaching to their perfectly compatible, naturally compatible life or their Patriarch/Matriarch until such time as they reincarnate or naturally attach to their closest match upon proximity.

    They are then one with that life.


    I am a man with a very old soul, one.

    I am not him, he is me !

    Life upon life, life after life.

    Perfect Compatibility.

    No one is delivered or enters and owns, no one is allowed to enter and try to make for their souls.

    They have a different genetic, a different life experience and they are still connected to their life !

    Those are pirates stealing life.

    Good, clean souls from good, clean people to to good clean people with the same dna !

    Same genetic branch !

    Not good, faulty genetics, go to not good people with their genetics, their variation of genetic and personality !

    Variations there of !

    For example:

    I have clean dna, I am healthy, I am normal and I am a highly educated heterosexual male with a lot of life experience.

    When I die I will go to someone just like myself.

    I am a good man.


    A homosexual/lesbian psychopath goes to a homosexual psychopath.

    A hindu goes to a hindu.

    A homosexual sihk goes to a homosexual sihk.

    A heterosexual sihk goes to a heterosexual sihk.

    A sihk goes to a sihk, they are a specific genetics of a specific belief, religion.

    Same applies to all variations of beliefs and genetics.

    They will never go to a heterosexual, niether do normal homosexuals/lesbians !

    Their souls cannot be inside us, they are not attracted to our lives naturally at all.

    Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

    They attract one another.

    They cannot be inside heterosexual people.

    Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) MBA BBA Born Oct 9 , 1955 , Aug 10 2022 . Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) MBA BBA Born Oct 9 , 1955 , Grade 1 portrait before ears mutilated . Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) MBA BBA Born Oct 9 , 1955 ,  1st Passport Photo , orginal passport lost recovered then given to an identity thief. Robert W Nelmes (Bob) Collage Jan 17 2022 t (12K) Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) MBA BBA Feb 23 2023 .

    Robert W Nelmes (Bob) MBA BBA ~ Where I live - Google Map .

    Finger Prints / Foot Prints

    Full Given Name : Robert Wayne Nelmes , Born 10.9.55 : 714 525 839 .

    I also use : R. W. Nelmes , Robert W Nelmes , Robert Nelmes , Bob Nelmes , Bobby Nelmes .

    MBA : Degree of Master of Business Administration .

    BBA : Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration .

    Simon Fraser Uiversity Faculty of Business Administration .

    See : University Education

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