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The Plan - Micro

The Current 15-30 Year Plan for my little section of land , my homestead , my home .

My Land Grant 09UXA0070170609

I am leaving a Park behind .

A look inside my Den :

A look inside my den . DSCN0031 t (22K)

  • I am building hiking trails to View Points , Natural Viewpoints on my property and above .
  • I am building hiking trails to two locations that have cell service .
  • I am building a circular viewpoint with a spectacular view at the top of the property accessible all year round .
  • I am building a natural park like viewpoint half way west view , grass and wildflowers , another spectacular setting .

All with very beautiful views , summer and winter , all seasons .

A Google image outlining my plan is to be inserted here .- Not finished yet !

I have until I die of natural causes to finish it .

Then it will belong to those who love it .

I hope it will spark a desire for a natural park from Dennis Lake all the way to the corner with Hudson's Bay Mountain Rd .

The Norh Face invaluable .

Sparking a desire to build trails up from Dennis East to the perfect bowls above , hiking and selected atv , skis and snow mobile .

Then in the long term , the 40-100 year plan , given demographics , as far as Mt. Sir Robert Borden .

One that can fit within the larger managed forest area in conjuntion with professional logging , milling , mining , resource and ski/board operations .

The whole valley a park accessible to the surrounding communities , a long term economic boost that will benefit all .

The North Face mountain valley's directly across from my cabin are so very spectacular all season long .

Mt. Sir Robert Borden ' Love at First Sight ' all year round , a destination , but how ?

I never get tired of the view .

Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) Aug 10 2022 DSCN9934 t (23K) Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) BBA Born 10-09-55 Right Thumb Scanned Aug 28 , 2021 , 6:38 AM .  Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011 , 54 46'34.49 N 12726'15.67 W Robert Wayne Nelmes ( Bob ) MBA BBA Right Thumb Nikon Coolpix photo taken Aug 26 , 2022 , 10:17 PM . Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011 , 54 46'34.49 N 127 26'15.67 W

Robert W Nelmes (Bob) MBA BBA ~ Where I live - Google Map .

Full Given Name : Robert Wayne Nelmes , Born 10.9.55 : 714 525 839 .

R. W. Nelmes , Robert W Nelmes , Bob Nelmes , Bobby Nelmes

MBA - Degree of Masters of Business Administration

BBA - Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration

I am a goody two shoes and proud of it .

"Question... Believe in Truth!... Knowledge is a wonderful thing."

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