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Me, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob)



I am back at my cabin.

House sitting is over.

May 9, 2020


Back at my cabin winding down.

Still more to haul up.

So much to do, I am looking forward to it.

So long for now.


My home awaits.

My safe bed.

My cabin does not have the internet.

I will be offline for a while.

May 8, 2020

Entry 2

Who needs futures trading ?

It is not investment, it is destruction !

Invest in the future.

Children, Education, Medicine, Technology, Business, Recreation, Friendship.


Tomorrow, my cabin again.

I can start working on it and the raised garden bed right away.

In the evenings I can work on ' Tomorrows Newspapger ', etc.


For those who do not know and won't stop until they do !

More importantly:

For my grand children if they see it.
I'm really not crazy, I'm just worried for you.
I love you to, I always will, Forever and Always.

Here are pictures of me as a boy.

Bob Nelmes First Passport Photo after botched plastic surgery on both ears.
Botched Plastic Surgery on both ears, 7 yrs old.

1st Passport Photo. ( scars behind both ears )
Click to enlarge.

Robert Wayne  Nelmes Bobby Grade 1
Grade 1 photo
Port Kells School, Surrey, BC. 1961-62.

Click to enlarge.
Robert Wayne Nelmes Bobby Grade 2
Grade 2 photo
Lakeview School, Surrey, BC. 1962-3.

Click to enlarge.
Grade 1 and 2 Class Photo
# 33 Lakewood Lakers Football Team
Me in grade 1 and 2, also Teddy my older brother. Before botched unnecessary surgery.
Grade 1 and 2 Photos.
Port Kells and Lakeview Elementary Schools,
Surrey, BC, Canada.

Click to enlarge.

May 8, 2020

I do not have a telephone number.

I do not own a phone, landline or otherwise.

I do not own a smartphone and do not plan on ever buying one either.

I like a wide field of view, I love life !

I have a Lenovo B575 laptop I purchased at the Future Shop in Prince George, BC, about 8 years ago.

It is held together with yellow duct tape.


You know, I bank at CIBC, but have also banked at Toronto Dominion and Bank of Montreal, both accounts never closed.

The TD I opened in Drayton Valley, Alberta when I worked for Amoco I haven't used since I left Calgary in the mid 90's.

My intel indicates that someone monitoring me just said ' that is the one we are using '.

Now who would that be ?

I know my cousin in Calgary still had access to my checking, she may be using it.

The Bank of Montreal I opened in North Vancouver while I went to Simon Fraser University I haven't used since 1985.

I have never closed either.

Who might be using my TD and BoM accounts ?

Someone is !

I don't have cards to either.

May 7, 2020


I will be back at my cabin on Saturday, May 9th.

I am looking forward to working on my cabin again.

First order of business, the roof and water.

Next, floor and interior.

I am planning some major changes this year to make it more livable.

Except for unforseen circumstances, I am still planning on leaving the area in the spring of 2021.

One more year.

I am going to find a small town with a ski hill without any masonic org., secret societies, religions or org crime trying to own my life with pirate ghosts.

I've also thought of just going sailing, skydiving, kite boarding and skiing 2 months a year but someone is withholding my earnings from me are you not Ottawa ?

I will be leaving the cabin to the community for the kids, for outdoor recreation, skills training, etc.

My heart is so broken.


We all have our own key, our brain, our DNA !

You cannot use anothers.

You cannot steal home.



So everyone knows I will repeat it.

I do not believe in, belong to, follow or serve any

Secret Society, Monarchy, Religion, Skull and Bones, Masonic, Knights Templar, Freemason, Oddfellow, Scottish Rights, political party, fraternal organization, terrorist or criminal organization.

I never will.

All High Security Risks for any organization, any life.

They are all dedicated to the extermination of my bloodline, my dna from our planet.

They are forbidden.

If your a member, quit, do not buy their lies !

I believe in a Society of Friends, Science, Truth, Natural law ~ I am a realist.

May 6, 2020

Everything is wrong in my little corner of the world.

My heart is so broken.

Betrayed by my own nation.

Betrayed by those I trusted.


I discovered this morning someone sent me a twitter, and then the man sitting beside him received it not me.

My twitter is being intercepted !

I have recieved nothing !

I have also received no emails from the two I listed.

I am assuming they also are being intercepted.

I am also assuming they are still intercepting my skype, bob.nelmes also.

Nothing is fixed.

I just shake my head.

My heart is so broken.

I am going to work on ' Tomorrow's Newspaper ', ' Society of Friends ' and ' Needs Met ' over the summer.


We cannot be mining the moon.

We cannot be letting anything disrupt the delicate physics behind our moon, our solar system.

It will irrevocably change our planet, our lives, our genetics.

We cannot be letting anything disrupt the delicate balance of life on earth.


May 5, 2020

The future is my business.

I am no longer snowed in.

My Pathfinder is insured and back on the road.

No unauthorized use permitted

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