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Wing Skiing

Me ~ 54 years old

Hudsons Bay Mtn Ski Resort, May 2, 2009 on the plain.

I loved my Stiletto 120 Canopy and my Atomic Skis, they burned in my cabin fire at Purden on Sept.19, 2012.
I didn't know how so I started teaching myself Wing Skiing. It is just a matter of doing two highly technical skills I love at the same time.
We have the most incredible brain, when we are allowed to use it we can do the most incredible things.

Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance
Level 3 #74-076 ~ 1978 Sunshine Village.

Canadian Sport Parachuting Association
C COP #2546 ~ 2003 Fraser Valley Skydive Center, Chilliwack. 520 jumps.

"Question... Believe in Truth!... Knowledge is a wonderful thing."

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