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Genetics/Genome Projects

  • Genetic research has the potential to repair all the damage we as a species have done to the earth to date. For example, here are some advances I have no doubt will be discovered as the result of genetic research. We will be able to grow meat and vegetable products in advanced petri dishes. Just slice off what you need, when you need it. This advance will eliminate the need for animal and plant harvesting and will eliminate world hunger.
  • If one of your organs is failing you will contribute a few of your own cells and the lab will clone a healthy replacement organ from scratch. Why clone a whole body when it isn't necessary.
  • Genetics will enable us to grow replacement teeth and also to eliminate decay.
  • Research will give us the ability to re-generate a complete limb as some reptiles do today.
  • Genetic research will inevitably give us the ability to reverse genetic abnormalities. That hereditary eyesight, heart problem, disease, of yours will be history, brain deficiencies identifiable and correctable prior to birth. With eventual eradication..
  • A means of not only halting, but reversing the ageing process will be discovered. It will also be found that most don't want to live longer. Except for you and I of course.
  • Just look in the mirror, wouldn't you like to make improvements to yourself or ensure your children don't have that fault you were teased all through high school for.
  • Scientific findings will re-define humanity, self awareness... the definition of life.

All of the above is now occuring. We are seeing it happen, we will be living it.

Synopsis of a Future... Imagine a world where we can all believe...

Tomorrows Newspaper Today

We really can have our garden if we really want it.

An economic and social solution for our world ~ " Society of Friends "

Can you imagine a world that is quiet again?

Energy research

  • We will discover warm/cold fusion... to a point where the reactors would be the size of a grape fruit then progessively smaller... golf ball size.
  • An image of neutrons in a cold fusion reaction.  An article dated Mar.23, 2009.

    May 26, 2009. There is no doubt... genetics and cold fusion... no more cave vs cave... poverty, starvation will end.
    An image of neutrons in a cold fusion reaction. An article dated Mar.23, 2009.

    It is when I had the epiphany for the quantum field container from another article about a ring with a constant charge.

    The painting of the quantum field that I call anti-gravity is of that epiphany.

    The world will be quiet again.

  • All vehicles will be silent... electric.
  • We will realize that in the interim... the tech developed to power aircraft carriers and subs can be used safely in cities and towns.
  • We will be able to dispose of spent fuel safely... ie sun
  • We are now discovering alternate means of producing materials presently made with fossil fuels.
  • We will no longer need hydro/power lines dotting the landscape above and below the ground.
  • We will transition to the point where we will no longer need pipe lines... refineries... etc.
  • Present energy structure... infrastructure... basis of whole economy... the transition to the new source reguires a smooth transition due to global economic impact... it will take time... planning... it will alter the very definition and structure of the world economy.
  • Focus less on methanol, gas and other temporary fuels that would alter infrastructure unnecessarily while developing the revolutionary energy source. The new source will mean much of the worlds energy infrastructure will become obsolete. It will need to be dismantled, re-cycled. Hydro, dams, poles, gas stations. It cannot happen over night without needs met... we all need to live... ie. jobs affected.
  • It will be easier in a peaceful world. No borders, no fear.


  • With the transition to new energy sources and the application of genetic research to producing food... land used to harvest food animals... food to feed food animals will no longer be required apart from hobby vegetable gardens...
  • Chicken farms... cattle farms... pig farms will be a thing of the past.
  • Many of the reasons that have been used for expansion, cave vs cave will be gone... it will be easy to feed, clothe, house and educate the children.
  • The justifications and reasons for crimes will be non-existent
  • The justifications for invading other territories will be non-existent


  • With new portable and small energy source... heating is available to all... electric power is available to all...
  • With development of new materials... strong... light... virtually indestructable... but reusable.. housing becomes available to all.
  • With increased availability of land due to less demand for farming food and animals in conjunction with new transportation systems... less need for mass high density... ie skyscapers.
  • With tech a small space will be perceived as large... movement away from mega urban centres.

Politics/Decision Making

  • Technology... access... will alter politics and how decisions for the whole are made...
  • Tech will decrease the size of government... the movement away from cave vs cave will make the need to argue over method obsolete... no need for parliament... senate... or any other debating forum.
  • Tech will allow all to be equally informed of facts and truth... decisions made quickly... with like minds decisions come easily and paths are obvious... much of what was debated for thousands of years become givens.


  • Education... knowledge... identification of natural inclinations and skills, a gift... leads to love of a path, career, skill, craft... when you love what you are doing it isn't work...
  • With the movement away from a trading financial system of money... the basis for urban settling will change and alter how and where people will live.  Centre of gathering will be more focused on meeting one another... entertaining one another... sharing with one another... not competing as in cave vs cave.
  • WWW... the ultimate library
  • WWW... to restrict access is to deny knowledge, the internet is the equivalent of the Alexandria Library... we cannot allow it to be destroyed as the library was... we cannot deny access to the internet library to anyone... to do so is wrong. Senses plus knowledge... a given. Senses plus knowledge plus communication... understanding.


  • Evolution of thought and state of mind moves us away from looking out for oneself first... and toward looking out for each other first... awareness of those around us... we put others ahead of us... think of others before ourselves.
  • A new definition of life and family will coincide...
  • Global Trust:... There will be no poverty... no want... no homelessness... no starvation...
  • With the new state of mind and exploration of the galaxy and universes around us... new frontiers draw people...


  • More utilization of parks and recreational areas where likeminds can experience the wow factor... the mona lisa smile factor.
  • More personal time will be devoted to physical and mental recreation... hobbies... physical and mental.
  • Pursuit of natural inclinations... nuturing of skills... abilities... dreams
  • As in knowledge... introduction of recreational activities that have not been considered or temp lost, as during the dark ages, can be introduced and re-introduced into areas of the world where they are needed.


  • Anit-gravity
  • Maglev
  • Electric
  • New lubrication material... solid... no fossil fuel... less impact on time frame... less stress on economy.
  • New structural materials
  • Materials and compounds that can alter their shape and function dependent on need or use
  • Fusion power.
  • Transporter without dematerialization


  • No land lines... no cell phones... one system... appliance... video... 3D... movies... satellite... television... internet... the ultimate library... free for all... access and use.
  • Internet... access to knowledge... communication... individual... non-controlled interaction. Dinner and a chat.
  • As in the printing press.. illiterate to literate, less reliance on someone reading to them... less central control... with healthy senses... education... access to knowledge... understanding.


  • With the advent of new energy source..... no long commutes... no traffic jams
  • Private vehicle will still exist... anti-gravity.
  • Recognition of effective.... higher use of mass transit
  • Progressing in tech to what some would consider to be science fiction... science as magic.
  • Reduced gravity suit, a flight suit. We will all be able to fly like superman. We will be able to walk into a live scene on our wall and be there.
  • Increased use of outdoor recreation... healthy lifestyles... accessable to all.


  • Language... Telepathy... Combination thereof... Evolution... Method... Species... Understanding
  • The importance of mitigating the use of and effect of specific words and their meaning in the minds of the young.
  • Understanding the relationship between the living and those in spirit... understanding of how the spirit is created... will lead to Heaven on Earth for both the living and those in spirit walking with compatible lives.
  • WWW... the seed


  • Importance of senses... eyes... ears... touch... taste... smell... other senses known and unknown... will finally be accepted and universally applied
  • With senses covered... access to knowledge a given... food a given... diseases and sickness will decrease... Health.


  • Importance of keeping science seperate from cultural, religious, mythological, political and superstitious beliefs.
  • The new state of mind will allow acceptance of ideas and thoughts that would have been unacceptable or impossible in previous states of mind... science as magic.


  • With the movement away from cave vs cave... the dissolving of borders and fences both real and perceived will occur... just as the Berlin wall eventually came down... just as the great wall of china became obsolete... just as the Canada/US border will eventually vanish.
  • This new view... non competitive... sharing... caring... loving... kind... will be the one we colonize other planets with.. the one we will take to the stars, the galaxies, the universes we discover, the one we meet others with.


  • Financial/Insurance Systems... will eventually disappear.
  • Ethical capitalism, entreprenurialship, process improvement, an open source environment, fusion in a golf ball and the quantum field will make a financial system obsolete.
  • Total awareness... situational awareness... periferal vision, sound... awareness of safety and those around you... tlc for all those around you in all activities... no need for insurance. 
  • Bureaucracies, political structures, public services, corporate structures will change dramatically... much smaller.
  • Economic/Society/Global structure/Communication/Biological Evolutionary Changes/Medical Advances
  • Infrastructure... evolution of cave... village... town... city... city state... trading blocks... countries... trading blocks... continents... border elimination.... planet... global village... planets... galaxies... universes...
The end of cave vs cave... Heaven on Earth.

Tomorrow's Newspaper Today
by Me

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