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The cover I used for 'The Pocket Guide to Universal Understanding.' in 1997. A new color cover for 'The Pocket Guide to Universal Understanding.'

The Pocket Guide to Universal Understanding

PDF E-Book


Robert Wayne Nelmes, (Bob), Born: Oct. 9, 1955, Copyright 1998

Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data

Nelmes, Robert W., 1955-

The pocket guide to univversal understanding / by Robert Wayne Nelmes

ISBN 0-9682163-4-X

1. Canadiana (English)* 980182697
PJ1533 R42 N44 1998

ISBN: 0-9682163-4-X
Sept. 1998.

This guide is dedicated to the memory of my mother, my father and my older brother.

Sylvia Charlotte Nelmes
Edgar Norman Nelmes
Edgar Frank Nelmes


A. Introduction 7
B. Try to Understand 9
C. 3 Steps to Understanding

1. Accept 25
2. Realize 27
3. Respect 29

D. It is your choice 32
E. About the Author 37

A. Introduction

The reason for this quide is simple...

a personal desire to communicate thoughts to
my fellow inhabitants of our planet.

B. Try to Understand

The starting point for learning to understand and accept the inherent differences in each of us is the recognition of the universal right of each individual to be different.

Why do we find it so difficult to co-exist? Is it possible each of us truly believes we are the centre of the universe... everything revolving around our life?

Why is it ... we cannot agree to disagree and continue down the road of life together?

I look around daily and feel saddened by what I see. Those who profess to love one another... condemn bigotry... and vilify ignorance... can in the same breath... express hatred for their neighbour simply over different belief systems.

Confused idealists and extremists believe it is justified to cold heartily target and extinguish the life of another human being... in order to protect... their narrow minded perception of reality.

Nationalists so insecure in their global identity... they justify committing genocide in the name of a tradition or dialect.

When exposed to these dilemmas, I cannot help but believe it is all so unnecessary.

Why continue to impose your beliefs on others?

Is it because you never truly try to understand... respect... or believe.. another has an equal right to exist?

Do you believe you or your beliefs are the centre of the universe... and everyone must adhere to your interpretation of universal law?

I believe this to be one of the most fundamental issues behind all human interactions and the resulting misunderstandings that result in conflict. We are all conditioned, from an early age, within our diverse societes to either accept others or hate those who we percieve to threaten our place in our world.

The problems arise when you fail to recognise and accept that those you interact with also believe they are the centre of the universe.

With this assumption in mind understanding and acceptance can be achieved by following 3 simple steps.

1. Accept that yes... you are the centre of your universe.

2. Realise that yes... everyone is the centre of their own universe.

3. Respect that each universe has an equal right to exist.

When your universe is colliding with another think about the 3 simple steps.

It is your choice... will the collision be hard or soft?

Do you wish a life of intolerance, mutual tolerance or... do you say ‘Hello’ and talk to each other?

True understanding can only be achieved when we talk to one another with respect and understanding of our inherent differences. Don’t let the fear of the unknown universe create hate and prevent you from living in peace with your fellow inhabitants of this small planet.

It is simple.

Excerpted from 'The Pocket Guide to Universal Understanding.' by Robert Wayne Nelmes.

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