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I love you to, I always will, Forever and Always.

Then and Now, 1955 to today ~ Skier and Creative Artist, Robert Wayne Nelmes,,
Modern Era ~ I love skiing more that you can imagine !

My journal: DNA, ID and legal matters. I have deleted Nothing pertinent.

My .com has expired, I am not using it.
I have no employees, no associates, never have.

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My Music
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Wing Skiing ~ Me, at play, 54 yrs old
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Kudo Seeding Dream Weaver a screenplay, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob), Oct.9, 1955 Perspectives ~ A Sculpture eBook
A Natural Love Story Genetics DNA Spheres of Understanding.
Kudo Seeding Dream Weaver (Scar Creek) Perspectives A Natural Love Story Genetics ~ DNA Our Bubble
Food for Thought ~ If I don't know how, I learn how, If I don't know why, I learn why ! Writing. Photo Series Synopsis of a future. Society of Friends
Sprite ~ What our sprite (quantum conciousness, life memory) looks like after oxygen.
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What If...... Your Head Isn't Empty?
Perfecto Mondo ~ A pick up eBook
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The Adventures of Bob Light ~ A true story
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Landfall 2122 Dream Weaver 2122
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Robert W Nelmes, BBA,
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Robert W Nelmes, BBA
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My Flag

I believe in a Society of Friends, Family, Science, Truth, Natural Law, Life ~ I am a realist.

A free society is a society of good, honest people.



Absolute Truth !

I am still fighting Identity and Felony Theft at the highest echelons of power on our planet.
I have still received no relevant email, twitter, skype replies or mail since May 2009, none !
My Profile ... Identity Theft/Felony Theft is a crime

I do not believe in, belong to, follow or serve

The Illuminati, Kabbalah, The Society of Knights of the Round Table, Bilderburg,Scientology, Odessa or any
Cult, Secret Society, Monarchy, Religion, Skull and Bones, Masonic, Knights Templar, Freemason, Oddfellow, Scottish Rights, political party, fraternal organization, terrorist or criminal organization.

I never will.

All High Security Risks for any organization, any life.

I am a goody two shoes and proud of it.

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I am the creator.

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