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I love you to, I always will, Forever and Always.

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My Journal
Serendipitous Synchronicity

The whole truth and nothing but the truth ! ~ Most Recent Entry

January 15, 2021, Modern Era.

I love you to, I always will, I'm your Grampa Bob, I'm your Father, Forever and Always.

January 16, 2021, Modern Era.

I accidently overwrote the journal entry I had on the net today.

I went to town but no computer at the source, the inventory on their Smithers site said they were there, but alas, the clerk said no.

My Lenovo is still working so I bought a new DVD player for it, saved some money.

I checked my account, with CPP and Old Age Security I am getting about $ 1,000 per month

I have to supply a little more info for my Guarenteed Income Supplement.

I filled out the form so all I have to do is get in during the week or mail it.

It was nice to see more than $360.

Once I get my Guarenteed Income Supplement it will be over and above what I get now.

Hopefully I get the max since I have been on the poverty line a long time.

Maybe it will be enough to actually get to the poverty line.

I have had my profile as my index page for a little while to combat identity theft, it was meant to be seen by particular people.

They have now seen it, no doubt.

I will be editing all the pages as I place them back up on to the main index/home page.

I have had some additional information on my profile page and food for thought pages to fight identity theft.

Those pages can now be edited pointing to the profile page.

I have also updated the internal links to copyright, etc., they all now lead to my Profile page and/or Profile Copyright Section.

I have also indexed every single page of my website personally pertaining to identity plus content and will continue to do so.

Returning the site to normal is now a work in progress improving as I go along.

January 18, 2021, Modern Era.

A little while ago I reset my computer, so it deleted all the software I added since I bought it and reinstalled Windows 10.

It was nice having a clean install, it fixed a few things.

I downloaded and installed Firefow, Open Office, Gimp and started a new.

I made a new letter head and even wrote a letter to some friends.

I might even download Ubunto Studio to try it out for videos and music.

I bought a Vital DVD Player so I was able to reinstall my Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration.

Feels good to fly again.

My rudder still doesn't work, a new joystick will be next.

After 10 years I finally received an email relating to my family tree, not my art, music or videos or anything.

I didn't really trust it but answered it anyway, I have not heard back.

There are so many mind games going on.

January 19, 2021, Modern Era.

It is a beautiful January day, it is supposed to go 20 below soon until the end of the month.

I am getting ready for that, it can get cold.

My home on the hill above Dennis Lake Recreation Site is fine.

I hope to get up there skiing this month, though I found another little hill close to Bill's place where I can get a few good turns in.

I sure miss a ski hill, I love cruising.

A phrase to sing to your heart.

I love me, I love you too !
I love you, I love me too !
Forever and Always.

January 20, 2021, Modern Era.

As I have mentioned previously in my journal, both in 2009 and subsequently.

I think it is time for a

Technological Democratic Meritocracy.

Representation by population in the modern age can be achieved by other means besides a physical representative accomplishing nothing.

We have the technological capability today to eliminate every MP, Senator, MLA in Canada and still have an effective, productive and efficient democratic nation.

The same holds true for the United States of America !

Can you imagine how much we could save on our coninent, within our nations without all those superfluous people in Ottawa and Washington flying back and forth for meetings ?

Can you imagine the spending money we will all have ?

Can you imagine free medical, glasses, teeth, hearing aids, school, university ?

Can you imagine economic boom, economic and scientific expansion ?

Parliament and Congress will become an anachronism.

Can you imagine an " age based " compensation system, a ' known ' in the economic formula ?

One based on professionalism and pride.

  • You get a raise every year of your life experience !
  • You get paid to go to school and/or work !
  • A flat tax for individual, business and corportaions of %15 !
  • We will end up with more money to spend both at home and as a nation !
  • The need for much of government 'waste' will be gone !
  • The booming private sector will be beckoning them to freedom.
  • Would we even need political parties ?

    How would criminal organizations survive ?

    Would there be any need to pray ?

    Contemplating a crime would diminish until it vanishes into history.

    If there is no poverty or crime, would we need prisons anymore ?

    Can you imagine , no prisons, no locks, no passwords, no log in.

    Can you imagine a world of no fear !

    Where a smile, a handshake, a hug are the norm.

    My Flag

    I love the Captial Investment Market System based on needs and wants.

    It will lead to no financial system at all.

    An Honest System for Good Honest People.

    January 22, 2021, Modern Era.

    Catch 22 day today.

    I tried logging into my ebay account which I have not used in 7 years.

    I do not have a telephone number, what a nightmare.

    It is so hilarious sometimes.

    I don't really need it right now so I am not worrying about it.


    For those who need to know.

    I am quite capable of taking care of grand children.

    A safe bed, school, unconditional love, it is all possible.

    I am their grand father, my love is unconditional.

    Their safety is imperative.

    Forever and Always.

    January 23, 2021, Modern Era.

    Boy does it feel good to see my home page back looking like it used to.

    I think I will just keep it that way for a while.

    I need to add some future to it.

    I have been reducing pictures of me on the site but I have found some that burned in my cabin fire in my account on !

    Here is a good one of me in Stewart, BC, when we paved the highway between Stewart and Meziaden Junction.

    Robert Wayne Nelmes Stewart BC CPE Paving 1980-81 summer

    I am almost 27 !

    Another one from a few years before.

    Robert Wayne Nelmes Stewart BC CPE Paving 1980-81 summer

    We are at Parkers Ridge just south of Jasper.

    Me Bob RWN in my fav suit behind my fathers home in Chilliwack t (33K)

    My and Chilliwack Skydiving days.

    This one is taken behind my fathers home on Victoria Ave in Chilliwack, BC, sometime between 2001 and 2003 when I was living at the Drop Zone.

    My and DZ Coordinator Fraser Valley Skydive Center days.

    They are also in my Photo Album, link on my profile page.

    January 24, 2021, Modern Era.

    Additions to my Need to Know section !

    A couple more of the photos I found.

    Here is one of me in Calcutta, India circa 1964, with my older brother Teddy beside me, then the taxi driver and our dad Edgar Norman Nelmes, (Ted).

    He worked and trained people at Khulna Newsprint Mills where we lived in an expat compound.

    Bobby Nelmes Teddy Nelmes and Edgar Norman Nelmes (Ted) in Calcutta 1964 t (32K)

    This one is me at the Prince George Senior Secondary School Class of 1973 15 year reunion in 1988.

    It was taken just before I was transferred from Amoco Canada's District Office in Drayton Valley to Crude Oil Marketing, NGL Operations in Calgary.

    Robert W Nelmes Bob Bobby PGSSS 15 yr class reunion t (30K)

    A conclusion:

    I am a comman man with no god.

    I stumbled upon an excerpt from Common Sense, written in 1776 by Thomas Paine.

    I do not choose to be a common man.

    It is my right to be uncommon … if I can.

    I seek opportunity … not security.

    I do not wish to be a kept citizen,

    Humbled and dulled by having the State look after me.

    I want to take the calculated risk,

    To dream and to build. To fail and to succeed.

    I refuse to barter incentive for a dole;

    I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence;

    The thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of Utopia.

    I will not trade freedom for beneficence

    Nor my dignity for a handout

    I will never cower before any master

    Nor bend to any threat.

    It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid;

    To think and act for myself,

    To enjoy the benefit of my creations

    And to face the world boldly and say:

    This, with God’s help, I have done.

    All this is what it means to be an Entrepreneur.

    He is right!

    Common Sense.

    But, he is describing me, therefore;

    Isn't he describing a ' Comman Man ' with no god !.

    Every Entrepreneur starts as a Common Man.

    January 25, 2021, Modern Era.

    You know, I believe the conclusion of Thomas Paine's declaration could be restated as:

    All this is what it means to be a Man.

    He is describing me.

    I am a sentient, intelligent animal of planet earth.

    A man with no god.

    A man who loves girls.

    A man who loves children.

    A man who loves family.

    A man who loves the front and back lawns and a workshop.

    A man who loves community.

    A society of friends and family.

    A society of good honest people.

    January 25, 2021, Modern Era.

    I have changed the right top banner from my Then and Now series to the music of life.

    I am in the process of changing the link to a beautiful painting.

    Time for a change !

    The Then and Now series can be found on my profile and photo album pages.

    January 27, 2021, Modern Era.

    I really like my new banner.

    The Music of Life ~ A natural pair ~ Boy and Girl.

    It is a piano/organ keyboard, black and white keys.

    The lights are peoples emotions, musical notes rising from the keyboard.

    The music of life, a boy, a girl, children, family, a tree.

    My sculptures repesent it.

    A Tree
    A Treet (26K) DSCN9685 t (26K) IMGP3598 t (19K)

    The 1st two are on a rug backdrop that represents dna, natural law; biology, chemistry, physics.

    I found the shape inside a piece of wood I was clearing with a chainsaw on Black Diamond Trail.

    I went back and cut out the shape hoping the 'tree' would remain solid enough.

    One of my kudos I call ' One Touch Massage ';

    Representing a life, a family, a people, it fits perfectly within it.

    Why I call the sculpture combination ' A Tree '.

    It is another way of illustrating my first sculpture and the truths it represents.

    The sculptures flow from one to another, natural connections, all created serendipitously.

    They all fit the theme of my work.

    Perceptions: A sculpture ~ My Theory of Everything..

    Perceptions: Theory of Everything.

    They are all part of my Business Plan ~ A dream !

    Numers Inc

    Robert W. Nelmes (Bob)

    One that I first started fleshing out in 2004 and 2005, fine tuning it from 2009 to today.

    I first placed it on my website in various ways beginning in 2009.

    I first put my dream ' numers inc ' onto my website in 2011.

    In 2011 someone seeing that registered my 'numers' domain mame, the one I wanted to use for my corporate name.

    I do not like the people who did that, the name as pertaining to my site, my work, my dream already belonged to me !

    As does ' Creative Milk Productions ' which I started using in 2009 also in my videos.

    I also used in to name on of my paintings, one that evolved from my painting ' Milk '.

    ' numers ' was a nic name of mine during senior high school, numers nelmes.

    I am vocal when I eat, I love food, flavour, num num, the girls also thought that about me, their little secret.

    Why my ideas led to pendents and candy connected to me, my sculptures, my theme, boys and girls, etc.

    The products are directly connected to my website and visionary ideas.

    My Business Plan is very difficult to pursue without mail, without numbers.

    The government says I recieved one piece of mail in 11 years, and enough traffic for $3.70.

    I do not believe it !

    I know the truth.

    January 28, 2021, Modern Era.

    A beautiful day today.

    4 more months of house sitting then home to my cabin, roofing and trail blazing.

    Old Age Security and Guarenteed Income Supplement soon, I may enjoy being retired, it might be more profitable.

    Hopefully I can make my cabin a lot more accessible this year.

    I intend to begin collecting water from the roof and then into a raised tank and a gravity feed into the kitchen.

    I know I'll finally be able to buy a mattress and a few other things for the cabin, yeeeee hawww.

    Maybe I'll just become a craftsman creating and selling art.

    Better yet sell myself a permit and set up a little store selling pop and chips, I'm already an artist.

    Maybe it'll evolve into a post office and village, population one.

    More profitable:

    I could rent it out to some billionaire who wants to split his own wood for a month in the winter or a month in the summer.

    Believe it or not, my target market doesn't mind an outhouse or bucket.

    They want to live like their ancestors for a little while, bush wacking, hiking, climbing, skiing, firewood, wood stove, etc.

    I could live on that income and have two holidays a year !

    I'd be able to get a guest tent for family.

    I love you to, I always will, I'm your Grampa Bob, I'm your Father, Forever and Always.
    My dream of ' numers inc ' ( all lower case ) is not over !

    I have added my writing page back onto the Home Page.

    It is a work in progress restructuring it.

    I am still working on it.

    So far I have included writing I published under my Canadian ISBN Publishers Number for Nelfam Publishing.

    What If...... Your Head Isn't Empty?

    January 29, 2021, Modern Era.

    For those in Smithers who look at news and science sites you might find ' Interesting Links ' at the top of the page handy.

    It even has HBM, Smithers News and Smithers weather on it.

    I use it, I made it for myself.

    For those who do not know, my website is my hobby.

    I don't get tired of it.

    I started this site in May 2009 when I lived in Smithers for a year.

    I had just returned to my 1st love, skiing, sparking my creativity.

    I was also hoping to attract a girlfriend, a wife, a friend.

    No mail, no contacts, nothing.

    It didn't happen, I am still single, always have been, never married, not by choise.

    I moved to Purden, then PG when my cabin burned down, then Golden, them I moved back in 2015.

    That is when I began building my cabin, my safe bed, survival.

    1 Bobs Place ~ Robert W Nelmes (Bob)

    My home !

    I am still looking for my best friend, my girl.

    For some of us we find each other at 15, others later, others it takes our whole lives.

    I still hope, I still dream.

    The following is very important for any girl to know.

    There is no religion in my life, absolutely none !

    Never will be.

    There will never be a church wedding, more like making love on moss in a field of wildflowers away from everyone.

    I am Above and Beyond all the boxes.

    I am a man with no god

    January 30, 2021, Modern Era.

    Boy do I need to get to the ski hill for a few good turns.

    I am not in tip top shape like I was hiking up and down Black Diamond Trail all the time since I have been house sitting at Bills place over the last two winters, but boy do I want to ' cruise '.

    The wind on my face, pedal to the metal.

    I am looking forward to some turns down ' Turkey Shoot ', I enjoy that run, slope, grooming, length, etc.

    Ptarmagan and Chapman's Way also.

    I just want to put them on edge and cruise.

    Not to worry, I know where everyone is on the hill, I won't hit anyone, I will just go around.

    My bases need to be flattened so I may go a little earlier to get a base grind at the shop.

    I'll be able to fine tune the edges when I get back.

    Maybe I'll take a file and some emery cloth just to touch up before I get on the snow.

    I like my base flat and my edges ' sharp ', I'll put in the bevel later.

    It is time !

    January 31, 2021, Modern Era.

    I did not get skiing today and will not be going on Wednesday.

    My heart is so broken.

    Everything is wrong in my little corner of the Universe.

    I saw a young couple skidoo by this morning, the wife with a baby strapped in a baby carrier behind her driving slowly.

    It was really nice to see.

    When I was out packing trails with the skidoo to the library and the empty guest house I thought a hard shell child carrier heated with a window for the child to see out of would be a great idea.

    It would float also !

    It could be strapped onto the passenger seat of the ski doo.

    When the child is older they could get one of those cool towed ones.

    When I was at the hospital in the beginning of October for some tests, CT, Bloodwork and DNA I am sure I crossed paths with the young couple, he in visiting his wife and newborn, that, or they were both in for a child check up.

    I even got a chance to say hello to them.

    It was so nice to see a young couple, obviously totally in love with each other and their newborn, a child, a family, a future.

    Especially out enjoying the outdoors the best way they can.

    It brings a smile to my face everytime.

    FYI: I updated my Profile today, ' Identification ' section.

    This is absolute truth !

    I have Clean Normal DNA, CT scan just fine, Blood work clean, Blood Type: O- (O Negative) !

    Confirmed from tests taken at Smithers Hospital between Oct. 5th and 9th, 2021 using 4 vials of my blood.

    Matching results of blood taken in Powell River Hospital, 2007/8 (exact date forgotten), using two vials of my blood and DNA 2011 taken at Purden Mtn.

    Base Line, Top of the Bell Curve, White, Nordic, Straight Male, Original Clean European DNA, No degredation.

    Blood Type: O- (O Negative) !.

    I am an innocent, good, honest, clean, healthy, normal, straight white male !


    February 1, 2021, Modern Era.

  • I was brought up in the protestant environment (protest-ant), a christian, meaning ~ I am a heretic, a kafir, a goyem, a gentile, a heathen.
  • Christianity is not a religion.
  • There is no religion in my life, never will be.
  • I believe in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • I believe in a Society of Friends, Family, Science, Truth, Fact, Natural Law, Life ~ I am a realist.
  • I believe a free society is a society of good, honest people.
  • I am a goody two shoes and proud of it.
  • I do not believe in, belong to, follow or serve

    The Illuminati, Kabbalah, Sudairi Seven, The Society of Knights of the Round Table, Opus Di, Vatican, Bilderburg, Scientology, Neo Nazi, Odessa, Muslim, Babar Khalsa(el qeada), Sihk, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Mormon, Jehova's Witness, Buddhist, Falun Gong or any Religion, Cult, Secret Society, Monarchy, Skull and Bones, Masonic, Knights Templar, Freemason, Oddfellow, Scottish Rights, political party, fraternal organization, terrorist or criminal organizations, etc.

    I never will.

    They are all the living and immortal soul 2nd.

    The immortal soul exists, proven, it is one with the living, symbiotic, hardcoded, DNA.

    It is comprised of many ' sprites ', DNA, perfect and natural compatibility, life upon life. Natural Law.

    It does not climb inside, it attachs automatically, in the mothers womb in the 3rd trimester, natural law, DNA.

    Quantum mechanics, physics, chemistry, biology,

    It arrives instantly upon sentience of the fetus from our planets field of souls, from it's own family genetic bubble within the genetic tree, DNA the key.

    100 % truth !

    The living first !

    Breast feeding please, yeee haaaawww. slurp, slurp, slurp.

    The living learn, dream, do.

    I live, I breath, I learn, I dream, I do, I love, I live, I do not have to even worry or think about the soul.

    Full Life !

    From birth to death.

    Alpha and Omega.

    The first and the last.

    I am the child, I am the man.

    I am Bob Nelmes, son of Ted and Sylvia Nelmes, born Oct. 9, 1955 in Powell River, BC, Canada. Planet Earth.

    The first word in the diaper age is usually, ' poop '.

    There is no up and down, no heaven or hell.

    There is only life !

    Natural Law.

    Universal Law.

    Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

    I am going to place this in my ' Great Unknown ' page soon and then I am not going to talk about it in my journal again at all.

    February 2, 2021, Modern Era.

    You know what I did yesterday.

    I put on my ski boots and skis in the living room.

    It felt so good.

    I put them on edge, left and right.

    It felt so good.

    I did my signature exit.

    Signature Exit Video.

    It felt so good.

    You know what I also did yesterday.

    I applied to the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance ( CSIA ) for reinstatement of my certification.

    I have my Level 3, a red pin, my most prized possession, difficult to achieve and I earned it at 23 years old.

    It starts at 1 with bronze, then 2 with white, 3 red and 4 blue.

    I have not forgotten how to ski.

    This is what the certification pin looks like.

    Level 3 CSIA, 1978, Sunshine Village. Level 3 CSIA, 1978 ~ Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance

    click to enlarge.

    Here is a pic of my home.

    IMGP3368 t (30K)

    54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W --- or --- 54.776258, -127.437675

    Here is a pic of where I am house sitting up the road this winter.

    Looking after a friends/nieghbours home while he is in Michigan looking after his sick father.

    Robert W Nelmes Bob 02 02 2021 house sitting at Bills on Hankin Rd, up the road from my cabin.

    54 49'22.4"N 127 32'51.8"W

    February 3, 2021, Modern Era.

    CSIA were prompt in their reply, I can be reinstated.

    No Problemo !

    I'll be able to get a crest and a new pin, unless I find the old one !

    It feels so good !

    I lost it in the lodge at Purden Mtn Ski Resort one day in 2010.

    The staff told me they didn't find it and posters didn't work so I need a new one.

    I'll be able to put the crest on my pants with my skydiving star crest.

    8 way star crest, earned Sept.8, 2001, Chilliwack, I also earned Starcrest Solo, meaning last man in, it was intentional, formation was buffeting, I waited for Bernie to get grips, it was fun.

    I have my Canadian Sport Parachuting Association ' C ' certification.

    Time to renew it also !

    All my gear burned in my cabin fire at Purden in 2012. I sure it.

    Especially my Stiletto 120 canopy.

    That is what I am using in the ' Wing Skiing ' series on my ' Ski Tips ' and ' Photos Series ' pages.

    Wing Skiing ~ Me, at play, 54 yrs old


    Whoever says they 'pulled' my D ring in the US Military is not telling the truth.

    I have never jumped with the US Military !

    I have never formally met anyone in the US Military.

    I did though, teach a 1st jump course for the British Light Dragoons at CFB Suffield in the early 90's.

    I was running satellite schools for Calgary Skydive that summer.

    February 5, 2021, Modern Era.

    We are already beginning to grow meat, chicken, etc.

    We will be able to grow meat, chicken, salmon, tuna in large sheets.

    Mass production.

    We will also be able to develop a home appliance for doing the same thing.

    Like an incubator with 1" thick trays for different meats.

    Get on it !

    It will fit on the counter or in the cupboards or even connected to the fridge.

    Like the modern microwave.

    We will be able to grow our own beef, chicken, salmon, tuna, pork at minimal cost.

    A months meat for the cost of a chicken.

    We won't need to fish to extinction.

    We won't need slaughter houses anymore.

    We won't need chicken, pig or cattle ranches anymore.

    We won't need to feed them.

    The land required to feed them will be converted to other products or uses.

    Can you imagine ?

    The industry is still young but it is here.

    Combine that with free electricity derived from safe fusion.

    Can you imagine ?

    What would free electicity do to operating expenses not only for the home, but industry ?

    Can you imagine ?

    How many fences could come down ?

    February 6, 2021, Modern Era.

    It is snowing lightly this morming, frost covering everything.

    It is so beautiful.

    I need to get to my cabin pretty quick to check on some things.

    I think I'll take my skis up and ski down.

    Maybe more than once.

    I'm able to renew my Canadian Sport Parachuting Association membership.

    C2546, I can't wait to fall from a perfectly good airplane all over again.

    It will be my high school's 50 year reunion in 2023.

    Maybe I'll be able to jump into the dance !

    That would be so much fun.

    You know, I don't feel much different now than I did in 1973.

    Life is so incredible.

    February 8, 2021, Modern Era.

    - 32 below 0 Celsius this morning, buuurrrrr it is cold. ( - 26 Farenheit )

    Hunker down stay warm.

    I have my spring and summer planned.

    The renovations last summer have really brightened the place up.

    Easier to keep clean too !

    This summer the roof on the cabin and woodshed.

    I am also going to try gravity fed water to the kitchen.

    Black Diamond Trail also, time for some TLC.

    Time for a picnic table of some type on my garden terrace, the view point.

    Physical labour all summer, I need it.

    The last two winters house sitting is far too sedentary for me.

    Time to get fit again.

    I know I can get 2 bars from microwave at my place, so I am also going to look into the internet somehow.

    I could use a smartphone as a ' node ' to get the net or I could get a stick with a booster or a satellite dish.

    I am leaning towards the stick with a booster.

    I don't use a phone or have a smart phone as yet, haven't needed one.

    I'll choose the best method for me.

    On the upside:

    I live in the
    Land of Plenty

    Canada Pension Plan

    Old Age Security

    Soon Also

    Guarenteed Income Supplement

    I am Canadian !

    February 9, 2021, Modern Era.

    As soon as this cold snap is over I am going skiing.

    I am going forward.

    Life !

    Health !

    Fitness !

    Scenses !

    My smile !

    February 11, 2021, Modern Era.

    Boy is it cold today.

    It was -25 C in the sunshine this morning, getting warmer.

    I have long underwear on, snow pants, turtleneck fleece, snow boots and I'm inside.

    Fire is going, nothing is frozen.

    On the upside, there was no cold snap in Dec or Jan.

    February 13, 2021, Modern Era.

    Pictures next.

    I have so many picture series to place on my site you would not believe.

    Mountains of snow, food, sunrises, wormwood.

    I still have all the footage for my documentary about Cando Camp.

    I would be able to make an hour long documentary with it.


    I was actually trying to get up to the glacier on Mt. Sir Robert Bordon to do a music video using my song ' Dream Weaver '.

    I still want to do that little movie.

    Some pics of my little holiday in the spring of 2014 can be seen on my Photo Series page.

    Photo Series

    I of course still want to make my movie " Dream Weaver ", working title ' Scar Creek ' directing and producing it myself.

    I was going to do that in Prince George, where I grew up, I still want to.

    Showcasing PG and of course UNBC, the cutbanks, Connaught Hill, Rainbow Park, Fort George park, Purden Mtn., Lakewood.

    I have already scouted locations, shots, angles, etc.

    If you haven't already, take a read.

    Dream Weaver a screenplay, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob), Oct.9, 1955

    Another one I want to make is my screen play about homesteading on another planet.

    It isn't finished yet, it is still in my imagination, my mind, my head.

    Landfall 2122

    A little House keeping:

    In my code I use a target to open a new window for a new page.

    I don't get any mail really at all, never have, never.

    Let us try a thought experiment, if you like, in thought, let me know if tge new pages for each button bother you or not.

    I use a new page so every page can be closed.

    I can eliminate the new pages if you like, you would just have to use the ' back ' function everytime.

    If someone is like me then they might look at more than one page at a time.

    Should I leave target or eliminate ?

    It is difficult to know without feedback.

    February 14, 2021, Modern Era.

    Happy Valentines Day.

    I wish everyone had some numers candy today.

    Robert W. Nelmes (Bob)

    A little House keeping:

    I updated the photo on my Resume today.

    February 15, 2021, Modern Era.

    For those who don't know I have a 4 year University Degree in Business Administration.

    Here is a good description of it, BBA.

    Here is what it looks like.

    BBA Simon Fraser University.

    February 18, 2021, Modern Era.

    Why I want to go skydiving again.

    A wingsuit !

    Heck, we live to 120 yrs old, I'm only half way.

    angelt (12K)

    What a rush aye ?

    February 20, 2021, Modern Era.

    Tried getting to my cabin on show shoes yesterday.
    1 Bobs Place Map 2t (39K)

    I decided to use the ' Little Black Diamond ' trail.

    I only got about half way, the snow was too deep.

    When I tried skiing down my skis were sticking really bad.

    Snow was just a little damp, I waxed them last night.

    I might try again today.

    I think I will pack the trail before I try to carry my skis up.

    I will take my camera and get some pictures.

    February 21, 2021, Modern Era.

    Snowing again, didn't get to my cabin yesterday.

    The snow is damp so here is a little tip for everyone to keep their skis sliding easily.

    Get a bar of parafin wax, keep it in your pocket.

    Rub it on the base of your skis, do not buff it.

    The rough will break the suction and the skis will slide again.

    Just like the skin of a submarine under the water.

    In really cold weather you can use parafin but then you need to buff it to a sheen.

    Use a newspaper since it has ' silicone ' in the ink.

    Little secrets.

    February 22, 2021, Modern Era.


    This is ' Absolute Truth ! '.

    I have not renewed my passport since the mid 90's after my trip to London, England.

    The following is my first passport photo. click all photos to enlarge.

    Bob Nelmes 1t (15K)
    Unnecessary Surgery at 7
    They sewed my ears back.
    They were normal.

    Surgery performed at St. Pauls Hospital in New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada.

    Following is a picture of what I looked like before surgery in grade 1.

    Robert Wayne  Nelmes Bobby Grade 1
    Grade 1 Port Kells

    This is me today.

    Robert W Nelmes (Bob) 28 11 2020 IMGP3676 t (31K)

    I am a good man !

    February 28, 2021, Modern Era.

    Things are not right in my little corner of the world.

    I woke up suddenly just over 48 hours ago at 2 am in the morning.

    The sound has been continuous since, it is so awful.

    There was sound so intense it was incapacitating, my right ear felt as if clogged with wax, dull, heavy.

    I have been deaf in my left ear since the unnecessary surgery as a child to alter my ears, they must have cut a nerve.

    I know I was not born deaf, I thought it was bad milk as a baby or yellow fever in East Pakistan but evidence indicates a cut nerve.

    I have tried cleaning my right ear, but still no improvement in hearing.

    From my estimate with music, sound on my computer I have lost about half the hearing in my right ear.

    The sound and pressure has not diminished, it has intensified.

    I am really concerned about it.

    It is not my imagination, I know that !

    If my hearing does not come back when the sound is off then they will have permanently damaged it.

    I will never stand by the people doing this to me.

    They betrayed my trust, my love, my friendship.

    FYI - Vital Statistics.

    March 1, 2021, Modern Era.

    The following is a collage of then and now photos overlayed on top of a photo of me in my favourite suit taken in the alley behind my fathers home in Chilliwck when I was living in my trailer at the Fraser Valley Skydive Center.

    I created, paid for, owned and ran then, ie: I was the editor, programmer, etc, chief cook and bottle washer.

    I believe I was on my way to Craig's funeral, he was a pilot of ours who died in a plane crash we had.

    I really liked him, a really nice young man with so many dreams.

    The news of course caught me fielding telephone calls after it happened.

    One of the reporters, a really cute blond caught me unawares one morning as I came around my trailer and saw them.

    I was upset, what were they doing there, stalking me, why didn't they just come say hi.

    I pointed my finger at her.

    I was just upset over the intrusion, I did want to bang her though.

    Anyway, I am including it this morning to fight identity thieves.

    They have used my photos to portray themselves.

    They are not me.

    I am doing this so others who are victims of their duplicity can know the truth.

    I am a good man.

    Me Bob RWN in my fav suit behind my fathers home in Chilliwack with now t (51K)

    Cool Aye !

    For those who do not know.

    Using aye to accent a statement is Canadian !

    March 2, 2021, Modern Era.

    URGENT: My intel indicates.

    It is 11:49 am BC time.

    I just discovered that a grand daughter of mine living in Stewart, British Columbia sent me an email to yesterday or the day before.

    It never arrived in my mailbox !

    She was kidnapped this morning by those who intercepted my email and prevented me from receiving it.

    Her life is in jeapordy right now just east of the campsite in northern Stewart.

    Just after discovering it I felt her scared at than location, family christmas tree.

    She needs help.

    Corrupt authorities are involved !

    There are other family, grandsons, sons and dna cousins, possibly the daughter of an hereditary chieftan in Smithers being detained against their will and being subjected to torture north of Terrace at a back country location north east of the lake north of Terrace, THEY ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ME AT ALL, they are FAKES.

    Also at some pseudo back country home near or in Cedarvale near the rail road tracks.

    In addition, there is a slaughter house used by hunters for moose, bear etc that is also being used for extermination in addition to a home/house two doors down my intel indicates.

    All the captives at these locations are in jeapordy, their lives at threat !

    They are innocent civilians and military being murdered !

    They all need help, need rescue, safety, comfort, love, they are family !

    They Canadian Government is not doing it.

    They always pretend and the captives end up at Midway Camp and dead, never to be seen again.

    It must STOP, the camps must close, the terrorists must be disarmed and held !

    My intel indicates the perpetrators intend to take the captives over the border to the US side, Hyder, Alaska and/or Midway or Oklahoma.

    All camps run by our gov and terrorists, captives to never be seen again.

    There is a NY police officer in Hyder that works with corrupt authorities, Can and US, Biker Gangers, El Qeada, Opus Di, Mafia, Odessa and is NOT a real A team member, he murdered one trying to find me knowing I'm a good guy.

    He works with El Qeada bin ladens, baba khalsa, hells angels biker gangers, zeta, pgsss, international pedo club, neo nazi odessa, all criminal organizations, etc.

    March 3, 2021, Modern Era.

    I am right handed !
    Robert W Nelmes Bob Right Hand DSCN9883 t (25K)

    Now for the left.

    Left palm print taken at the same time as the right.

    Good news, much of the sound bombardment and pressure diminished today and I was able to 'pop' my eardrum.

    I was able to hear again, the relief I am feeling is so good, I was so worried.

    The bombardment did not deafen me permanently !

    Yeeee Hawwwww.

    I am giving it a good cleaning.

    I am going to put Fleetwood Mac on.

    When I was a young man they were one of my favorite bands.

    March 5, 2021, Modern Era.

    I am eliminating the resume on my website.

    It is being replaced with the following page.

    Cruisingt (16K)

    I have added 5 subdomains to my site.

    My digital paintings

    My music

    My music videos

    My books and screenplays

    My sculptures

    I have included my Career History in the text of my profile page.

    In addition to it's own page as in the previous entry !

    March 7, 2021, Modern Era.

    I have finally re-added my ' Personal Archive ' to my homepage.

    I am also using a different button for my ' Career History '.

    The one illustrated earlier in my journal was distracting.

    Personal Archive Career History

    Added my ' field ' experience after my first ' desk ' with ' Amoco Canada ' in my ' Career History ' page.

    March 8, 2021, Modern Era.

    Added my Stage Manager Experience to my ' Public Activity ' section of ' Career History '.

    Remember Monty Pythons Flying Circus !

    " And now for something completely different. "

    How can someone steal anothers life ?

    What if it snowed for 40 days and 40 nights ?

    Would they start a new religion ?

    Remember Nostrodamus ?

    Excerpted from Century 1, Quatrain 21, Nostradamus.

    The rock holds in its depths white clay
    which will come out milk-white from a cleft
    Needlessly troubled people will not dare touch it,
    unaware that the foundation of the earth is of clay.

    To many women, the penis is a mountain.

    White clay seeps and sometimes geysers from the cleft of a mountain.

    Sperm is white !

    DNA !

    On the coming battle.

    I get to pick up my health records from the local hospital this week.

    Hopefully everything I need is there.

    It has begun.

    I hope they have a detailed accounting of every ml of the 4 vials of blood taken.

    Tests, results, destination, location, etc.

    Apparently copies of my CT scan and DNA Strip have ended up in New York City.

    How ?

    What for ?

    Re-added content to my ' Writing ' page.

    What If...... Your Head Isn't Empty?

    March 9, 2021, Modern Era.

    I have finally gotten my ' Ski Bum Grub Time ' page back up on my site.
    Ski Bum Grub Time.

    For those who do not know, a ' Ski Bum ' is just a poor person who loves skiing, skydiving, surfing, etc.

    It is about pursuing what you love to do while living on a budget.

    It is not all there yet and still needs tweeking and re-structuring.

    I love this song from

    ' Fiddler on the Roof '

    March 10, 2021, Modern Era.

    Good Morning General Francis Allen.

    Congratulations on being named Vice Chief of Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces Council.

    I am sure you know I am not happy with the direction your all going in.

    That is my right, I am a naturally born Canadian.

    It affects my family directly.

    My Great grand mothers name was Francis.

    We were all here before confederation, as were the natives of British Columbia.

    M'am I am asking you to please read the following three pages of my website yourself.

    All photos enlarge.

    Better Information makes Better Decisions.
    Robert W Nelmes family crest t (41K)
    Special Projects

    So there is no misunderstanding.

    This is where I am right now !

    House sitting at my niegbours home up the road from me.

    Click Coordinates for Google Maps: 54 49'22.4"N 127 32'51.8"W

    This is where my cabin/home is.

    Click Coordinates for Google Maps: 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W --- or --- 54.776258, -127.437675

    Zoom in and out for orientation.

    March 10, Afternoon 2021, Modern Era.

    A while back I stumbled upon a photo of my old sandblast skis on the internet.

    My Rossi 102's.  The skis I was using when I won the 1972 Sandblast.

    I won in 1972 !

    The 2nd Annual Sandblast.

    I dislocated my shoulder stopping on the first run.

    A very large boulder was in the way.

    I climbed up afterwards for the 2nd run.

    I still have a piece of metal in my left shoulder after an operation to repair the damage when I was 19.

    It was performed at Prince George General Hospital by Dr. Ducharme and Dr. Dahlstrom, my family doctor.

    I loaned them to someone, I can't remember who, either Kris Dittman or Bob Knight and then never saw them again.

    I stumbled upon a video about the Prince George Sandblast.

    They have my skis in it.

    They are a pair of Rossignal 102's I purchased on the payment plan at a local ski shop after my yellow Yamaha's wore out.

    My parents told me after buying me the Yamaha's,

    ' If you want to ski, you will have to buy your own. ' So I did !

    They were fiberglass and had metal edges.

    They had worn out so I painted them.

    They don't know much about them so I am going to fill them all in today !

    The real story !

    First, here is a " Dave Milne " photo of me winning in 1972.

    Me, Bob, Bobby, Robert Wayne Nelmes winning the sand blast 1972, the shirt says 73 because George made a mistake silk screening the shirts and flags, the next year he used my picture on the shirt for the 73 sand blast.

    You can see ' Dave Crawford ' at the top directly behind me looking upset and ' John Skay ' to the far right looing upset.

    Be advised it is very large so it may take a while to download.

    It appeared in papers all over the country, even in the United States.

    I know it appeared in the British Columbia Province and Prince George Citizen on Aug. 27, 1972.

    The t-shirt says ' 1973 ', but it is ' 1972 ' !

    Before everyone calls me crazy there is a rational explanation.

    Way back then, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, George Lesniewicz did all the silk screening, t-shirts, flags, etc.

    He must have had a little too much Molsons Canadian, toot or something, he made a boo boo.

    No Problemo, we used them anyway.

    The next year he put my photo on the t-shirt !

    It was so cool !

    How it all began.

    I was walking home from somewhere in the summer of 1970 when we lived on Beach Cres.

    I was 14 years old, the summer between grade 10 and 11, I graduated PGSSS in 1973 at 17.

    Around the corner from us lived Bob Melrose, John Marion and Matt Thompson ( His parents owned 100 Steps Ski Hill ).

    I had worked there since I was about 13, hanging around until I got hired.

    I loved skiing so much.

    When I walked by their place on Cherry Ave. I decided to go in and ask John if he wanted to go skiing.

    I then told him about the cutbanks !

    We went sand sking that day.

    We went around the long way rather than climbing up.

    By the time we were on the sand ' Bob Melrose ' showed up with his camera.

    He eventually owned ' Bob Sports '.

    After that day I was pushing it all over the place.

    It didn't take long before a group of us started going out there every Wednesday.

    One day the next winter I was getting a ride back from Purden Ski Resort with Bill Wonnacott and a couple of others.

    He owned ' Northern Ski 'and coached the Hickory Wing Racing Team.

    We were talking about sand skiing and of couse the excitement amongst all of us came out.

    Somehow the idea of a dual slalom came up.

    Voila !

    Matt Thompson was a Molsons Molstar Pacesetter at the time so we eventually got sponsored !

    A little trivia:
    I came to Smithers twice during grade 11/12 with Matt to help him with Molstar races at Hudsons Bay Mtn at the time.

    Who remembers, years later, a basement full of Molsons beer at Mel's place ?

    That winter Bill Wonnacott and a few others came out to 100 Steps and asked me to join the racing team.

    I said ' No, I want to teach. '

    The rest is history.

    35 years later after it was shut down for insurance purposes and insanity.

    They published my picture in the Prince George Citizen again in 2008.

    My sister saved it for me, I have both, cut out of both papers.

    They are normally on the wall in my home.

    I am a skier.

    I also skydive !

    March 11, 2021, Modern Era.

    I love DNA.

    You know, we reach our full growth at 27, I am now 65, half way to 120.

    Here is what I looked like at 26 and 27. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

    Robert Wayne Nelmes Stewart BC CPE Paving 1980-81 summer Robert Wayne Nelmes

    I am going to conduct an experiment.

    I have been using two of my own personal emails since my site email had been intercepted for so long.

    I have recieved no relevant email at all since May 2009, just one to do with genealogy in the last 5 years.

    There is a new site email link below.

    I am asking some ' Above and Beyond ' personel to try it if they like.

    If anyone feels concerned, do not do so.

    If you do and someone replys to you without my acknowledging receiving it in my journal first, DO NOT answer them, DO NOT do what they ask, just move it to your save file.

    March 12, 2021, Modern Era.

    I watched the first episodes of the X files and Northern Exposure last night.

    Holy makeral were Gillian and Janine cute.

    I was imagining having virtual sex with both.

    You know, we are not dead at middle age.

    If Telomears in cells did not become exhausted we would maintain our youthful look and live longer.

    When they are gone, we die of old age.

    Therefore, exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    March 13, 2021, Modern Era.

    I love DNA.

    Sperm plus Ovum.

    Sperm plus Ovum, the courting trail, natural law. Boy and girl. Sperm plus Ovum, the courting trail, natural law. Boy and girl. Sperm plus Ovum, the courting trail, natural law. Boy and girl.

    March 15, 2021, Modern Era.

    Made some changes to my screenplay ' Dream Weaver ' ( working title Scar Creek ).

    Changed ' Aden's ' name to ' Bobby '.

    Changed ' Sera's ' name to ' Ayla '.

    More accuate !
    Dream Weaver a screenplay, Robert W. Nelmes (Bob), Oct.9, 1955

    Made some changes to my screenplay ' Landfall 2122 ' ( working title Landfall ).

    Changed ' Betty's ' name to ' Ayla '

    I will be using ' Aden ' as both a boys and a girls name, it works for both.

    The Children's names are to be be determined,

    " Sera, Lee, Katy, Lisa, Bree, Aden, Betty, Sally, Ayla, Bobby, Bob, Robert, Robby, Rob, Jeffy, Alexander, Alex, Alexi, Annie, Charlotte, Adele, Vi, Billy, Tommy, Tracy, Po, Ham, Mona, Roxy, Jenny, Amelia, Audrey, Grace, Harriet, Eddie, Jessie, Mary, Sandy, Mabel, Charly, George, Jane, Bonnie, Jimmie, etc ".
    Landfall 2122

    March 17, 2021, Modern Era.

    I picked up my health records from the beginning of Oct. the other day.

    Boy, I am not pleased with their response.

    There is no medical basis for any of their subjective conclusions or suppositions let alone diagnosis.

    It is scientifically absolutely impossible for me to have what their private records say.

    The statements on my profile page are the real thing, truth.

    DNA !

    March 17 Early Evening, 2021, Modern Era.

    It is a good thing I have a painting just for this feeling.

    When all seems lost ...
    Wonder upon wonder.

    My angel

    The wonder of life !

    I just stumbled upon these girls dancing, I love it.

    I have always loved dancing.

    Thank you ladies for waking me up.

    Kudos to all of you.

    I love dance music.

    Dancing is a whole body movement.

    It is so good to see kids dancing again !

    March 18, 2021, Modern Era.

    You know, in 2009 I sent a letter and some information to:

  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police ITCU ( present NC3 ).
  • The Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
  • The Central Intelligence Agency.
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • UK Military Intelligence 6.
  • UK Military Intelligence 5.
  • Interpol.
  • The crime being committed against me was/is international in scope.

    The interception and faking of information was difinitive.

    It traces back to 2004.

    Today they are all working against me hiding their involvement in destroying my life, then and now.

    I should clarify myself.

    Many people in those organizations believed they were helpng me, they were intentionally deceived by the highest echelon.

    Many people in those organizations are helping me the only way they can, being themselves.

    Intelligence, morals and ethics.

    March 18, Evening 2021, Modern Era.

    Kinda spooky aye !

    Go Figure !

    I just shake my head.

    I've got $360 Canada Pension Plan (CPP)/mth plus Old Age Security and Guarenteed Income Supplement coming.

    Why I support the kids dancing !

    I know where I am going when I die .

    I'm just over half way at 65 .

    All things being equal I should be able to relax for a while.

    Here is a really good article.


    I agree with Valeriy Yakovlev – an astrophysicist and hydrogeologist from Laboratory of Water Quality in Kharkov, Ukraine

    And another one.

    Farming Mars

    March 20, 2021, Modern Era.

    Skiing, skydiving, sailing, golf, hiking, girls.

    After 65 years those are the recreational activities I prefer.

    Even though I have not had a date in 20 years I still love girls.

    I have decided what to do with some of the money I have saved this winter.

    New teeth... new smile... new clothes... new boots... brush cutter for the trails... pathfinder.

    I'll be able to open my mouth again, be able to smile again, to talk again, be comfortable having a conversation again, eat comfortably again.

    My teeth were prepared for caps that never got completed for various reasons, enamel removed, they are damaged beyond repair now.

    I am looking so forward to getting my teeth done.

    I'll be able to get work done on the trails now, even a couple of little foot bridges.

    The trails will be navigable and safe.

    I'll be able to put my machette away on the wall again except for bush wacking.

    A souvenir from my holiday in Montego Bay, Jamaica so long ago.

    Carry on luggage on an international flight.

    We lived in a world of no fear then, on our way to global peace.

    For me it is a souvenir I can use around the cabin for kindling, branchs, safety while hiking.

    The tip is getting far to many dents from hitting rocks on the ground using it as a mower.

    I'll be able to shine it up and polish the wood scabbard again.

    While researching something I found an entry in my journal from Sept. 8, 2014 that I am repeating for today.

    We all need a little humour, they are my answers to some of the conjectures in my book, " What if... Your Head Isn't Empty ? ".

    What If...... Your Head Isn't Empty?
    Sept. 8, 2014, Cando Era Entry 1

    Some humor today. Don't take it too seriously, have a good laugh.

    I thought I would answer some of the conjectures from my book 'What if... Your head isn't empty?' today"

    What if... A portable anti-gravity device is invented... Today?

    Well, I'm going skiing then! No lift ticket needed.

    What if...Astral travel replaces the telephone?

    Let's hope not. They would be like telemarketers, leaping in and talking when you least want them to.

    What if... A military coup will occur in Canada?

    Well, there are probably a few in our forces who are as sick of the situation as I am.

    Given the motto of Cansofcom, it wouldn't take very many.

    What if... Our first inter-planetary touchdown is with a primitive tribe of telepaths?

    Who would have thought they were hiding as 420's.

    What if... You lived beside a lonely nymphomaniac?

    I wish.

    Actually I did, but a ghost stole her because she was living beside a lonely male nymphomaniac.


    What if... SETI receives a message signed... 'GOD'?

    What is their address? I think I sent them one on the net once. Signed 'SkiDio' = ( Dio is latin for 'God')

    The following one is a conjecture I feel very strongly about, it isn't really humorous.

    What if... Acceptance of the unknown was the norm, not the exception among humanity?

    We, as a world really do need to make a paradigm shift in how we think so we can have peace on earth.

    What if... A secret society informs a man he is the rightful heir to Jesus Christ?

    Well William, your not!

    What if... Joan of Arc was a lesbian?

    She wasn't. She was actually one of Henry V's soul mates, natural attraction, she was a girl !

    What if... The Jesus diaries are found revealing his preference for prostitutes as so many religions imply ?

    Impossible ! He didn't keep a diary, but he and Mary were in love with each other. Totally.

    What if... Jesus Christ really was a King in the line of David, not a simple carpenter?

    He was, but he was also a very good carpenter, why they framed and set him up to have him murdered on the cross in order to kill his unborn children in life and spirit.

    They failed in killing and erasing his soul and his spiritual children.

    Quantum Mechanics.

    What if... Women desire sex as frequently as men?

    Actually more. Women like to make love, most men like to come and go. Me I like to make love to women.

    In compatible marriages it isn't a problem.

    What if... The title of this book is 666 inverted?

    Well, in truth, if you invert 999 it does read 666.

    Does that make me the devil or a sign that the devil is attacking me.

    Personally, I interpret 666 as dna, the genetic code of a human being.

    The natural world is perfect compatibility, squirrel to squirrel, moose to moose, good man to good man.

    In the natural world there is no evil and we are part of the natural world so why do we have evil on our planet ?

    Why have some men and women chosen to do evil, something that does not really come naturally to us ?

    Who is teaching the children ?

    What are they teaching them ?

    What if... The Pope announces Vatican archives contain proof that Christ had not died ?

    Oh, he died, horribly. I've had a spirit who was inside the man whipping him enter me unnaturally and try hurting me.

    He can't stay inside, quantum mechanics, but he is one nasty bugger, his name was Paul.

    For real. I think he works for the inquisition, Opus Di at the Vatican.

    What if... The autobiography of Jesus Christ 2nd is authenticated?

    Everytime a time traveler or remote viewer has tried to go to Yeshua of Nazareth and others, they have ended up inside me, connected to me.

    Go figure, don't ask me why, though I now know why.

    Quantum Mechanics.

    What if... The richest man in the world is a meglomaniac intent on controlling you?

    Well, he sure seems to be intent on controlling me.

    What if... God reveals the purpose of life to you?

    There is no god, we give ourselves purpose.

    What if... life is simply a souls kindergarten.

    Not really, but for some it seems to be eternal pre-school.

    Life is actually University, perfect compatibility, a doctorate, natural law !

    What if... Science discovers how to transfer soul's between bodies?

    The incarnate immortal soul cannot be transfered, no natural spirit can be transferred permanently at all.

    Quantum Signature, physics, chemistry, biology.

    Any other unnatural movement of natural spirits to another living person is not permanent and should not be done electronically or otherwise.

    It is an unnatural process that results in spirits outside their perfectly compatible life, niether living nor feeling inside another, an invented limbo, purgatory, hell, twilight zone for the benefit of others wishing to steal their perfectly compatible life, their soul, their life.

    When we are capable of identifying individual quantum signatures, the same technology can be used to find and locate lost souls and reunite them with their perfectly compatible life.

    What if... You are allowed to choose your next life?

    No one gets to choose their next life.

    Your soul is formed from your brain, your body, your life experience. It will go automatically to it's most perfectly compatible life.

    You cannot choose it.

    What if... The USA really is the great Satan?

    They are not.

    Who is it that backs cutting off heads, killing to incite fear, eliminates music and sports and prevents learning.

    What if... It really is all just someone's dream?

    It isn't a dream manifested within the light of a divine mind.

    But, it is a dream we are living and building.

    A vision, a dream, a wish, a thought, a direction, a purpose.

    Which one do we want?

    We can have our garden if we really want it.

    With needs met.

    no want, no fear, no locks, no stress

    A world of dreams.

    What if... The 'X-Files' are based on top secret government files?

    I don't know about that.

    I know my over watch started as an X file.

    I know I am base line straight white male earthling.

    I do know my life is above top secret because of some technological imagery of my soul that was taken and discovered serendipitously and secretly, scaring a lot of people who reacted in fear based on their limited understanding of the situation.

    I'm not an alien, just a man with a very old incarnate immortal soul with others ghosts ' souls/djinn ' going in and out of my life for their own agenda, not natural law, not proximity, not 1st attraction.

    The question becomes how ? why ?

    I know I am not sick, absolutely impossible, life experience, DNA !

    I know I am not hallicinating or having delusions.

    I know I am a highly intelligent, highly educated, highly experienced man.

    Therefore, what is going on ?

    After 16 years I have figured it out using the scientific method, intelligence, knowledge, experience.

    Ghosts are a common experience and caused by religion, cults, secret societies all trying to ' make ' their heaven.

    What if... L. Ron Hubbard was right?

    His book Battle Field Earth is sort of right, why they stole him.

    The cult formed of his book is now ' owned ' by alien asexual souls.

    What if... The CIA is watching you at this very moment?

    Tell me something I don't know.

    So is CSIS, RCMP, Special Branch, Vatican Guard, Mossad, KGB, SASS, SG India, SG Pakistan, Iran, etc.

    I know I have done nothing wrong ! Difinitive.

    The question becomes ' Why ? '

    It is not a matter of perception, but fact.

    What if... You had been abducted by a sorority of nymphomaniacs?


    What if... You could have any woman you wanted?

    I would want a girl who loves me for who I am, a girl I love.

    A girl perfectly compatible with me, DNA, likeminds.

    Unconditional love forever.

    March 21, 2021, Modern Era.

    To clarify something for everyone.

    I'm snowed in 35 km out of town, 23 by skidoo.

    I live on an unplowed logging road. : MAPS

    My Pathfinder is trapped by 4 feet of snow, it isn't moving until the snow is gone.

    To clarify something from a previous entry regarding the CIA and others.

    I have done nothing wrong.

    I am not under investigation for anything, any portrayal otherwise is fraudulent.

    Truth !

    A little trivia:

    When I was an extra with the ' X Files ' once, we were all waiting in a huge room at the BC Convention Center, the one with the sails in Vancouver,

    I befriended a man beside me and showed him the first paste up copy of ' What if... Your Head isn't Empty ? '

    He told me he was a retired CSIS officer, we talked.

    He came across the same conjecture, looked at me and said, ' They are ! '.

    It was funny.

    I had visited someone from high school who happened to be on their watch list, so was his brother, org crime, zeta, pgsss, etc.

    I'm a goody two shoes, they are not.

    I didn't know that the man I had crossed paths with in Hong Kong, the one two girls and I partied with all night, on my way home from Sri Lanka, was on their watch list also.

    I didn't know that another man from High School who lived in Bangkok was also on their watch list but he didn't know when he was following me in Bangkok that the CIA, Military Intelligence and CSIS were also.

    What for, was a mystery.

    Perhaps a clandistine way to perform overwatch for the large light around my head.

    I didn't know I went to school with some young drug lords.

    I didn't know I crossed paths with a drug lord in Hong Kong.

    I didn't know I crossed paths with a drug lord and future leader of ' Odessa ' at Montego Bay in Jamaica.

    A man I worked with at Amoco, a contract employee, was also an ex drug trafficker.

    I didn't know that the CIA, CSIS and RCMP personel watching were controlled by embedded operatives for Organized Crime.

    Guess what, the ' Drug Lord Desks ' of all the security services work for org crime !

    They believe they own the world, them, secret societies and futures traders.

    So do some ' Generals ' and ' Commissioners ' .

    I just shake my head.

    Maybe Osama bin Laden is still alive and the drug lord desks gave him and his terrorists sanctuary, they haven't quit.

    There are rumours that Osama is here in Smithers now, was in Abbottsford, Quesnel, Prince George and Golden.

    Is it true ?

    Did they really give him my ID in 2001/2 ?

    I know I want him arrested and on trial, along with those helping him.

    Why are they not arresting the real criminals, the real drug lords, the real dangerous people ?

    Intel indicates el qeada murdered some people in their home in Smithers last night also !

    Apparently their 'contact' at CCA told them to clean it up before they got caught.

    I want them caught, I want them in jail !

    There were more deaths in Smithers last night.

    A girls soul arrived with matriarch with me, a girls soul from us, she was brutally raped and possibly murdered.

    She was targeted !

    They may have injected heroin which sometimes sends their spirits to me.

    They do that sometimes so our natural connection is lost and then kidnapping and white slavery is the result.

    It is possible she is one of my grand daughters by a son and/or a real close dna cousin.

    There also seems to be a couple of American Service personel who were probably here with over watch or continental security.

    Their souls also seem to be with me.

    Was there a party where a bunch of embedded pulled out ' Hells Angels Biker Gang ' jackets ?

    Did they assault or kill the girl ?

    I know some RCMP personel, ie: criminal investigations and others are reading this for other reasons.

    Check it out please ! This is faster than any other method.

    DNA family of mine, people I have not even met, except in passing, are methodically going missing, their souls arriving with me.

    Something is very wrong.

    There are some very dangerous people out there targeting us, my family and cousins, and it reaches to the highest echelon, why ?

    We are healthy, normal, white people who have done nothing wrong.

    For Others:

    Please understand:

    I am not under investigation at all, for real.

    I have what the security services call : Free and Cleared !

    I'm a good guy proven by 35+ years of overwatch information.

    There was just a lot for all of us to learn about what was/is going on.

    One of the reasons why my security clearence really is: Above and Beyond.

    I'm not dangerous at all.

    My intel says ' Birkshire Hathaway ' gave a cheque meant for me to a fake yesterday.

    Is it my missing escrow money ?

    He is not me !

    Why is no one using DNA, Fingerprints to identify me ?

    They are on record, I volunteered my DNA in 2011, insisted recently again, I am not hiding.

    How does that happen RCMP, Canadian Armed Forces Council, CSIS, Liberal Cabinet, Prime Minister ?

    How do other people think someone else is me ?

    Who is intercepting my mail ?

    Who is faking me ?

    Use the link below to see who I really am !

    March 22, 2021, Modern Era.

    Had a sponge bath, shave and put on some clean clothes I bought in town the other day.

    Feels good so I took a new picture and another shot of my thumb print for comparison.

    Please understand, I am dealing with people using my identity and accessing monies I am suppose to have access to.

    This has been going on for a long time, why I have identification on my profile page.

    People need to know the truth, this is directed towards specific people who need to see it today.

    Have at it, I am the real deal !

    Robert Wayne Nelmes, Born Oct. 9, 1955, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada.

    Robert W Nelmes 22 03 2021 Robert W Nelmes DSCN8503 right thumb Robert W Nelmes DSCN8503 54-46-34_13N   127-26-16_56W t (18K) Robert W Nelmes Bob Right Hand DSCN9883 t (25K) Left palm print taken at the same time as the right. Robert W Nelmes (Bob) 28 11 2020 IMGP3676 t (31K)

    March 23, 2021, Modern Era.

    Go ahead guys, phone your lawyers.

    I am going to demand fingerprints and DNA from all of you .

    I can do that !

    Identity ! Motivation !

    Need to Know

    March 24, 2021, Modern Era.

    Planting Seeds

    Todays Assignment.

    Decoding a message in a bottle !

    I found a really good CGI of a space ship on the internet.

    On one of the counters were some balls like in my painting ' Moon Base Alpha '.

    Moon Base Alpha

    It represents a small contained fusion reaction, free electricity.

    My painting ' Fusion ' represents 4 contained fusion reactions.

    Fusion Energy

    One of the balls in the Spaceship CGI had a happy face on it.

    Happy Face

    On the monitors there was a message written in ' Wingdings '.

    My painting ' The Bob Code ' uses wingdings.

    The Bob Code

    Their message was superimposed over an image of ' Atomic Structure ' illustrated in my painting, ' Snowflake '.

    I used it in my painting ' Serendipity ' , you can see the image representing atomic structure serendipitously within the ' Spheres of Understanding '.

    Serendipitous Synchronicity.

    I found the photos on google.

    Spaceship with wingdings

    It starts with the title " Germination ", meaning a seed sprouting.

    Here is a cheat sheet for the english alphabet to wingdings.

    Have fun !

    Tomorrow I'll elucidate you all on " Science as Magic ".



    For Translations to your language.

    Google Browser:

    Right click screen : Choose Tanslate : Change Language : Choose .

    Microsoft 10:

    Right Click : a small icon appears on the upper right of the browser : Click : Choose Language !


    Click for Solution.

    March 25, 2021, Modern Era.

    Science as Magic will have to wait a few days.


    Apparently a girl sent me an email to yesterday.

    I did not receive it.

    Relevant emails/mail received to date : 0

    March 26, 2021, Modern Era.

    I have removed my ' Career History ' from the Home Page, it can be found on my profile page.

    I have added the following links to my Home Page, just below the buttons and my name.

    Profile ~ Photo Album ~ Education ~ Career History ~ Need to Know

    I will be migrating them to my other pages shortly.

    The end of this month I will be starting a new journal page.

    The previous month link will be listed in the left hand column like I used to.

    March 27, 2021, Modern Era.

    Added a few photos of my cabin to the end of the ' Photo Album ' in order to clarify where I live.

    There are some good photos of ' 1 Bobs Place ' on my cabin page in the ' Photo Series ' section.

    Photo Series

    It is home, a lot smaller than where I am right now.

    I am house sitting the home of a nieghbour who is looking after his sick father in Michigan.

    House sitting = looking after someones home while they are away .

    I will be back at my cabin as soon as freezing is over and the snow is gone on the roads, maybe before.

    I have added a ' QR ' code for smart phones to the bottom of my homepage.

    You can scan my website URL that way !

    Click the image for a higher resolution of the QR. (5K)

    FYI : Still 0 relevant emails, mail or communications received of any kind since May 2009 !

    FYI : Apparently a Canadian born US Navy Officer son of mine was told another man ( using my name ) was me and stood with him receiving a
    ' Masters ' version of my degree awarded by Simon Fraser University.

    How does that happen ?

    I have still not been informed and still do not have it, more than one fake has a copy.

    Interesting isn't it !

    Both my son and I have been cheated .

    March 28, 2021, Modern Era.

    Truth is Everything.

    We perceive the world around us based on our knowledge, our understanding.

    Perceived truth is a problem.

    Subjective conclusions are a problem.

    Fact works.

    For everyone to perceive the same truth they must know it.

    We perceive with our senses.

    We see, hear, smell, touch, taste our world.

    We all start as beginners with an empty brain.

    What do we fill it with ?

    Truth is necessary.

    March 31, 2021, Modern Era.

    A couple of photos this morning.

    I have not had running water all winter.

    For most of it I have had to take containers to the barn and use the tap there.

    The water at Bills place has been dribbling for years apparently, I believe there is a serious break in the line between the barn and the house.

    Anyway, the line and tap at the barn froze so I have been melting water.

    The creek at Km 18 ice melted so I was able to take some containers and fill them up.

    Voila, a clean kitchen two mornings in a row.

    Kitchen where I am house sitting 03 31 2021

    I brought my sculptures with me for safety.

    Good thing I did since someone tried to break in during October and when I went to check yesterday someeone had tried to get up the back trail.

    One of the arms on " Theory of Everything ", the sculpture I originally called " Perceptions: A sculpture " was broken so I was finally able to repair it yesterday.

    I originally carved the sculpture in the summer of 2004 at Troll Ski Resort on the Barkerville Hwy east of Quesnel, BC.

    Here is a photo with the kudos and white clay carvings nearby.

    My sculptures 03 31 2021

    Here is a photo with the kudos balancing on the arms of the sculpture.

    Theory of Everything

    Theory of Everything 03 31 2021

    I prefer the kudos vertical representing a living tree, genetics.

    They can also be horizontal, representing the circle of life, life upon life, natural law.

    Both perspectives can be seen on my sculpture page, scroll down when you get there.

    There are series of photos from 2005, 2009 and 2016.

    I just added the one from today also.

    Touching the smaller icons will bring that photo to the screen.

    You can really see the patina change with 15 years of oiling.

    I started with Linseed Oil for about 8 years and then started oiling it down with canola oil once in a while after that.

    Sculptures, Theory of Everything.

    April 1, 2021, Modern Era.

    Did a gasoline run today, also got some meat, fruit, six pack of extra old stock, saki, and a toot.

    Checked the mail, nothing.

    Checked the bank, my guarenteed income supplement was not there.

    I believe it should have been after a full month.

    As they used to say on " Laugh In ", Interesting !

    On Home Page.

    Renamed " Food for Thought " - " Sage of the Mountain "

    Sage of the Mountain

    Added " Moderation " ~ Coming Soon.


    Why moderation and abstination are the best way.

    Carling Black Label

    Extra Old Stock, " The best beer on earth. ", " What beer tastes like. ".

    Scroll up for Previous Entries.

    April 2, 2021, Modern Era.

    Having a ' Lord of the Rings ' marathon today.

    I have the generator going charging all the batteries.

    Portable and otherwise.


    The Identity Thief page has been seen by the people who needed to see it.

    I have removed it.

    Whether justice gets done or not I do not know.

    They can hang themselves.

    Robert W Nelmes (Bob), BBA
    Skier and Creative Artist

    Contact has new map links also !

    0 ---- : Relevant email/mail, twitter, skype, facebook received since May 2009.

    Imagine Waves of Warmth, the flag of Earth.

    I believe in a Society of Friends, Family, Science, Truth, Natural Law, Life ~ I am a realist.

    A free society is a society of good, honest people.

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