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2021 ~ January to March ~ April

March 31, 2021, Modern Era.

A couple of photos this morning.

I have not had running water all winter.

For most of it I have had to take containers to the barn and use the tap there.

The water at Bills place has been dribbling for years apparently, I believe there is a serious break in the line between the barn and the house.

Anyway, the line and tap at the barn froze so I have been melting water.

The creek at Km 18 ice melted so I was able to take some containers and fill them up.

Voila, a clean kitchen two mornings in a row.

Kitchen where I am house sitting 03 31 2021

I brought my sculptures with me for safety.

Good thing I did since someone tried to break in during October and when I went to check yesterday someeone had tried to get up the back trail.

One of the arms on " Theory of Everything ", the sculpture I originally called " Perceptions: A sculpture " was broken so I was finally able to repair it yesterday.

I originally carved the sculpture in the summer of 2004 at Troll Ski Resort on the Barkerville Hwy east of Quesnel, BC.

Here is a photo with the kudos and white clay carvings nearby.

My sculptures 03 31 2021

Here is a photo with the kudos balancing on the arms of the sculpture.

Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything 03 31 2021

I prefer the kudos vertical representing a living tree, genetics.

They can also be horizontal, representing the circle of life, life upon life, natural law.

Both perspectives can be seen on my sculpture page, scroll down when you get there.

There are series of photos from 2005, 2009 and 2016.

I just added the one from today also.

Touching the smaller icons will bring that photo to the screen.

You can really see the patina change with 15 years of oiling.

I started with Linseed Oil for about 8 years and then started oiling it down with canola oil once in a while after that.

Sculptures, Theory of Everything.

April 1, 2021, Modern Era.

Did a gasoline run today, also got some meat, fruit, six pack of extra old stock, saki, and a toot.

Checked the mail, nothing.

Checked the bank, my guarenteed income supplement was not there.

I believe it should have been after a full month.

As they used to say on " Laugh In ", Interesting !

On Home Page.

Renamed " Food for Thought " - " Sage of the Mountain " just for fun.

 ~ Food for Thought

Have added " Moderation " ~ coming soon.


Why moderation and abstination are the best way.

Carling Black Label ' Extra Old Stock ' :

" The best beer on earth. ", " What beer tastes like. ".

I buy one six pack a month.

April 2, 2021, Modern Era.

Having a ' Lord of the Rings ' marathon today.

I have the generator going charging all the batteries.

Portable and otherwise.


April 3, 2021, Modern Era.

I have begun tweeking the moderation page.

It is a simple message.


April 4, 2021, Modern Era.

I have experienced numerous UFO's in this area in the last 5 years.

From more than one race.

The high majority very friendly.

I saw something so incredible one evening, a ship went into warp speed and left a light trail.

A very bright light, shaped like butterfly wings, then it went out leaving a trail.

The light trail was a straight line and than a sharp angle, meaning it traveled in a long curve.

It is engrained in my memory.

It is what this painting means.


April 5, 2021, Modern Era.

I can't find my chainsaw anywhere !

I know I brought it with me, I've used it.


Could be at my cabin, I might have taken it the last time I went.

Could be under the snow, you never know.

I can't see anyone coming all the way out here, onto the property and stealing my chainsaw, nothing else.

I am not going to panic.

April 6, 2021, Modern Era.

The great melt of 2021 hasn't started yet.

I am ready for spring.

These are for family, dna and otherwise, forever and always.

I am Canadian !

This is my face and ears in grade 1 and 2, 6 and 7 years old plus my first passport photo.

My ears were butchered before my first passport photo.

Robert Wayne  Nelmes Bobby Grade 1 Robert Wayne Nelmes Bobby Grade 2 Bob Nelmes 1t (15K)

I am an endangered species.

I am a good honest base line white man.

Clean DNA, healthy and normal.

You know, I so much wanted today to be one of those days when I could rave about our Old Age Security and Guarenteed Income Supplement.

But alas, not yet.

April 8, 2021, Modern Era.

Some things I have discovered.

The Great Unknown.

Sprite ~ What our sprite (quantum conciousness, life memory) looks like after oxygen.
Be Yourself.
We should be celebrating our 27th Birthday forever.

April 12, 2021, Modern Era.

Modified my sub domains to the following:

Discovered something today while working with google adsense and youtube in relation to my website.

After 11 years the Canadian and American Governments have fixed nothing.

I am still in a nightmare of stolen mail, stolen identity, stolen email, faked statistics, stolen data trails, faked data trails, stolen communications, faked communications, etc.

I discovered today that the Canadian Government, CSIS, RCMP NC3, Canadian Armed Forces; Communications Sqd and others will only let me have around 6% of my real traffic and none of the mail.

I am a little upset.

I was upset all day, furious, so at least that is over with.

I am not even going to bring it up anymore.

They destroyed my life, my family.

They have fixed nothing !

Message for my children and grand children.

I am just going to ignore them.

I am not even going to get mad anymore, they don't care.

It is my website, my life's work, my creativity, my intellectual property, not theirs .

I am still poor.

I still do it for you.

I love you to, I always will, I'm your grampa bob, I'm your father, forever and always.

April 13, 2021, Modern Era.

For my children and grand children.

Here is a little trivia for you:

Thank you so much Prince George Museum and Exploration for including my name.

My sand blast skis !

Though it was the 2nd Annual Sandblast that I won.

The t-shirt says 1973, but it was 1972 !

It was a boo boo by the silk screener. We lived with it.

If you want more information about the error and the fun talk to George Lesniewicz , he used to work for the Prince George Citizen as did Dave Milne who took the photo below.

The next year they put this photo on the T-shirt, me !

Me, Bob, Bobby, Robert Wayne Nelmes winning the sand blast 1972, the shirt says 73 because George made a mistake silk screening the shirts and flags, the next year he used my picture on the shirt for the 73 sand blast.

I can still remember painting the skis.

They were the first pair of skis I ever bought with my own earned money.

I bought them early on the payment plan and I was able to have them for the next winter.

A pair of Rossignal 102's.

For non skiers : I do not sit back on snow, we are skiing on sand.

FYI : I have O negative blood.

As far as I am concerned, the best blood on earth.


Universal Blood Donor.

April 14, 2021, Modern Era.

My cabin is fine !

No damage, porch awning is still there.

Ready for me.

Maybe I'll get some spring skiing in yet.

Natural pack of snow is still at the porch level.

I'll be home soon.

The summer house sitter said he would come early if it was ok.

I think it's a great idea.

FYI : My real eye color !

My real eye color - Blue.

This photo was taken on the porch of my cabin with a piece of broken glass to get the color right.

The light of the flash did not interfer with the color.

Since I was a baby my eyes were always recorded as hazel, they are not.

I wonder if this is common among others with blue eyes.

Good thing there are fingerprints and DNA !

I am the real deal.

The photo is from my ' 1 Bobs Place ' cabin photos in the ' Photo Series ' section.

Photo Series

April 16, 2021, Modern Era.

Started moving some things to my cabin today.

I will be going back and forth until saturday when I will be back full time.

I will not be house sitting anymore.

It will be so nice to be home again.

I was able to sit on open ground this morning enjoying the view.

I won't have the internet until I can get a stick.

I can get 2-3 bars from Microwave to I should be fine.

I might even get a telephone.

April 17, 2021, Modern Era.

Almost got stuck in rotten snow with the snow mobile yesterday.

Phewww. It is still deep on McDonell Forest Service Road and my trail.

I do not recommend trying to drive anywhere off gravel or skidooing off trail.

Black Diamond Trail up to my cabin is impossible at the moment, rotten snow.

I am going up via the upper trail, the snow mobile track up is packed.

I'll still be able to walk to the corner when I need to and ride my bike when the snow is clear to Dennis Lake.

When it is clear to Bill's place I will be able to insure the pathfinder and use it.

Moving a few more things today, cleaning windows, bathroom of Bill's place, so it is clean for David and his wife who are coming on Monday morning.

I might sleep at my cabin tonight, definitely Sunday night.

It looks to be another beautiful sunny day.

You know, my cabin is just about the same sq ft as the 10 x 12 trailer I had at the Fraser Valley Skydive Ctr in Chilliwack.

It was the first trailer as you came around the corner with a blue tarp on it.

I was DZ Coordinator at the time I sold it to David Luvgren at the end of March 2004 before leaving to go north.

You can see it in my ' Career History ', it is on my profile page, you can scroll to see the rest.

I went to Troll Ski Resort after seeing my sister in PG for a weekend.

They saved my life.

Edited my ' contact ' information so it shows I am not house sitting anymore.



I AM NOT house sitting anymore, I am back at my cabin effective April 16, 2021.

24 hrs a day starting on the 18th.

Understand, I have not been receiving any email, twitter, facebook or mail electronic or paper pertaining to this website or my youtube videos since inception, May 2009.

April 18, 2021, Modern Era.

Back at my cabin full time.

Home again !

Feels good.

April 21, 2021, Modern Era.

Sure feels good to be home.

Working on water supply today.

What a nice relaxing day.

April 22, 2021, Modern Era.

Snow is almost gone on my little hill.

I borrowed a few things from Bill to get my sculpture and things over on the snow mobile and sled.

It is bothering me so I will make sure I get them back when I pick up my pathfinder.

Another completely relaxing day.

I did nothing at all.

April 28, 2021, Modern Era.

On my laptop I have two logon's, my ' Administrator ' logon and my personal ' Bob ' logon.

I could use my Administrator all the time but after I bought it I created my own logon for me !

Just as everyone else does.

I placed my ski photo on the left side of my profile page again.

For an experiment today I took a screen shot of the top of my profile page and then placed it as wallpaper on both my ' Administrator ' and ' Bob ' logons.

If anyone is hacking my digital stream on either logon they will see them first.

I do not have the internet at my cabin yet, I'm not house sitting anymore so I don't have a sat connection.

I won't be able to update my site on the internet until I can get to Smithers with my laptop and/or buy a stick and telephone

I finally added a course I had forgotten about since I took it during University, circa 1983.

Added to my ' Other Accreditation ' on my profile page.

  • Ocean Sailing Course ~ 1983
    Private Accredited course held out of a private home and the West Vancouver Yaght Club.

  • I really need a new joy stick for my flight simulator, mine doesn't have a rudder anymore.

    I'll finally be able to buy one soon, somehow.

    It makes helicopters and aircraft appoaches very difficult.

    You know, I purchased a printer from The Source last fall.

    I have hardly used it and it is busted already.

    I can't print off anything.

    When I had my DataTrain in the late 80's I also had a Laser Printer, I think I might get another one someday.

    The road is still not snow free to my place yet, though pretty quick.

    My Pathfinder is still under snow at Bills place where I was house sitting, still a while until I can use it.

    I have a bike until then.

    It is raining so I can't get to the bank today to see if my Guarenteed Income Supplement is there.

    My CPP and Old Age Security should be getting topped up to the poverty line this month with the supplement.

    April 29, 2021, Modern Era.

    Nice feels good.

    Being nice feels good.

    Walked down Little Black Diamond to Mcdonell Forest Service Road.

    The road is still covered in snow.

    I walked towards Km 12 but around the corver it is still deep and soft.

    Sections still have about a foot of soft snow.

    A good 4 wheel drive would make it this far but not much further.

    Made some new maps to my place, where I live.

    Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live
    Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live

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    April 30, 2021, Modern Era.

    Raining today.

    I can see water on the east end of Dennis Lake, the ice will all be gone soon.

    I am looking forward to getting to town and getting my stick for the internet and a telephone number.

    On my little hill I can get cell service from the nearest microwave tower, no one else in the valley can.

    A few people up here with their smart phones were all able to get 2-3 bars.

    Robert W Nelmes (Bob), BBA
    Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration
    Process Improvement Specialist, Business Analyst
    Skier and Creative Artist
    creative milk productions

    Contact has new map links also !

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