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August 1, 2021, Modern Era.

Support for satellite dish at corner of cabin .

Satellite dish support t (22K)

I am ready for it .

When the installer comes I even have a clean margarine container for him to pick early huckelberries if he likes .

He also has permission to bring his wife to see the view if he likes .

Early Huckelberries .

My new laptop is working fine , it feels good to have something new .

Flight Sim working on new laptop .

When I have my satellite dish installed this week I'll be able to activate for full functionality .

Then I will be able to install ' Acceleration ' and land on aircraft carriers again .

Message for Mike McGowen of Eloy , Arizona .

Bow Island , southern Alberta is the location your looking for !

Not Terrace or Smithers .

Bow Island is safer and more practical , do you understand ?

I really am Bobby from Bieseker , the man you stayed with in Calgary .

Do not ever worry about the mad money on the fridge or the phone bill , ever .

August 2, 2021, Modern Era.

Guess what ?

They shut off my keyboard from somewhere else .

The keyboard on my new Acer laptop won't work at all .

Everything was working perfectly yesterday .

It turned on this morning .

I shut it off and then it would not turn on again .

Maybe I'll go to a desktop .

You know what I wanted to talk about today ;

The superior service at Starlynx where I bought my computer .

They were so professional , so nice , so helpful .

The best service in town , even laughing at my jokes about us going to more than one box .

I am going to work with Starlynx on this , I am not going to go somwhere else .

I liked them for now and the future for myslf .

Starlynx , the best computer service in town .

August 3, 2021, Modern Era.

Explorenet satellite dish being installed tomorrow .

Starlynx looking at why my new Acer laptop not turning on .

Will look at options .

August 4, 2021, Modern Era.

Explorenet satellite dish installed .

Yeeee Hawwww .

Explorenet Satellite Dish

Click to see photo .

Starlynx upscaled me to a new laptop .

It is a good day .

They get added to my links page .

August 5, 2021, Modern Era.

Explorenet satellite working primo , perfecto mondo .

I paid my install bill and the first month no problemo .

I like the data and volume security .

My new laptop is setting up just fine and boy is it fast !

I love the speed .

A lot faster than my top of the line Data Train from 1987/8 .

It had a 50 MB hard drive , two disk drives , 1 MB RAM .

Back then communication lines via the modem worked at around 64 baud .

We have come a long ways .

I am so happy I took ' Management Information Systems ' ( MIS ) at Simon Fraser University . .

It is one of the concentrations available within the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration program.

I also took Acccounting , Management , Marketing , Economics and Contract Law in addition to Anthropology , we studied the Yanomamo .

MIS is about ' Computers ' , programming , database analysis , business analysis , information flow , reporting systems , hardware , software , etc .

I graduated from SFU with a BBA , Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration .

BBA Simon Fraser University.

I understand the University awarded me a Masters ( MBA ) in a re-evaluation of my courses and work .

I have not received it yet for a number of reasons , not my fault or SFU .

Why I do not have both BBA MBA after my name yet .

This is a link to Simon Fraser University in Burnaby , BC , Canada , actually in Vancouver .

This is a link to a description on Wikipedia of the degree program offered : Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA )

The feather is under the glass , a feather in my cap .

The carbon is from the previous glass frame that was open at the top allowing carbon from the wood stove to get in .

Maybe one of the cans of compressed air techy's use will work to clean it .

Vancouver has the University of British Columbia also that offers a BCom which is a different program .

August 6, 2021, Modern Era.

Kudos to the Canadian Women's Soccer Teams Gold Medal .

Yeee Hawwww .

Be Proud !

Today I am relaxing with a pizza and monitoring solar recharge after previous evenings battery use and satellite usage .

Recharged fully by noon in non direct overcast sunlight .

Beginning to collect Explorenet daily data usage stats to evaluate my own usage over time .

Also time I am connected to satellite internet .

August 7, 2021, Modern Era.

The raspberry's are beginning to ripen though the 40 degree weather killed a lot of them .

It was really disappointing .

August 8, 2021, Modern Era.

I am original white nordic blue eyes .

They have almost slaughtered our species to extinction .

We are the " White Buffalo " .

I can't wait to get busy again starting tomorrow .

I need the physical activity .

I have pasted lists on the windows .

August 9, 2021, Modern Era.

A little adage for men and women today .

Those who learn , dream , do : The dreamers .

If you can eliminate your job , you will always have one

You may end up running the company .

Merit .

First raspberry's .

First Raspberry's

Yummy .

Painted ' 7013 ' on my trail sign across from Dennis Lake Recreation Site near Smithers .

Dennis Lake Recreation Site Entrance. My Trail Head across the road. My Trail Head sign .

I have never been hiding from anyone .

It is my front entrance , always has been for over six years now .

The address is necesarry for my drivers license and all other documents relating to me since it explains ' Where I live ! '

1 Bobs Place , 7013 McDonell Forest Service Road .

( McDonell Lake Forest Service Road , McDonell Lake Road . )

Top of Black Diamond Trail . 54.776258, -127.437675

There is another entrance , 1.8 km up Km 14 road , the next right after my trail head .

I call Km 14 road Raspberry Lane , my driveway and parking .

August 10, 2021, Modern Era.

If you don't like getting up in the morning ,

Perhaps your in the wrong line of work .

I have been working on the deck today , a lot has gotten in the way of it .

The chainsaw has been working fine , a new bar , chain , spark plug .

It stopped right in the middle of cutting a log in half for the deck .

I was sure I would get the deck finished today .

It will not start or spark at all .

Inexplicable .

I need it .

Do I buy a sparepart and replace it or do I buy a new chainsaw ?

August 11, 2021, Modern Era.

Apparently someone who is not in the know is trying to erase me and my influence on our little planet of the Milky Way Galaxy .

It is to bizzaire !

Is it my flag ?

Imagine Waves of Warmth, the flag of Earth.

I even have a crest for it .

Waves of Warmth Flagt (48K)

There is no red trim .

No military has the right to give it to anyone !

It represents me , my ideals , not anothers .

I have never authorized anything .

I used it a a crest for an idea of mine that the US Military wanted to try .

That idea and job never came to be .

It was intercepted and usurped by others trying to steal my influence .

I have nothing to do with Escape and Evasion , Terrorist Camps , Survial Courses , Seminars , holidays , nothing !

Never have , never will .

I am a good man .

I am Ted and Sylvia Nelmes son .

Robert W Nelmes family crest t (41K)
My family tree .

Went into town and bought a new chainsaw at Evergreen .

They are very professional there .

The rest of the year is getting ready for winter .

Natural Exercise .

Firewood , planking , roof , chinking , etc .

August 12, 2021, Modern Era.

I am re-adding pages to my home page .

I noticed today that ' Mountain Range Lions ' was missing .

There are more .

springskiingt (11K)

August 13, 2021, Modern Era.

Apparently there is an identity thief going down to the FBI in the United States portraying me going over financial data trails .

They are not me !

They have done this once too often .

I am the only man alive who has the right to analyse and make decisions regarding those financial data tails to money accounts that are rightfully mine .

I wonder which one of the fakes it is ?

Perhaps the bald one I saw at Canadian Tire the other day .

I am calling him ' Baldy ' now , one of his hench men I call ' Palm Tree Tattoo ' aka ' Black Helly Hanson Jacket ' .

He is involved in the murder of a Major of the Green Berets who discovered the truth in this area .

The one suckering a young american offcer to believe a lie .

The lie : he , Baldy , is using my identity here in the Smithers area where I live , so are others when they are in town .

That is a crime by anyone , even those using forged letters and a transparency of my signature .

All such documents are forgeries .

I am , I have been since May 2009 .

It is my domain name for this website .

That is who I am , , Robert W Nelmes , Skier and Creative Artist !

Read the banner at the top of the page .  Hello... Welcome to my studio.

In addition :

No one can be receiving cheques / checks from me , , creative milk productions or numers inc .

It is impossible , I am not writing any , I have no employees , no associates , no staff !

No one is handling my affairs .

Peter Hobson is not my accountant , niether is a local girl and the RCMP are not managing my affairs .

Peter Hobson is not a friend , he has not been for a long time , he is a thief .

Why would I use an accountant when I have the equivalent of a Finanacial Accounting Degree .

Do you understand ?

My Business Administration Degree is equivalent to having :

a Financial Accounting Degree

a Management Information Systems Degree

a Business Management Degree

a Marketing Degree

in addition to 2 years of Economics .

In addition I have a year of Sciences , Physics , Chemistry and Biology .

I have also taken ' Contact Law ' , the same course one would take for a Law Degree .

It was either a 300 or 400 level course , I don't have my transcript anymore , it burned in my cabin fire at Purden Mtn Ski Resort .

I understand with my present degree I would be able to apply to be admitted to the bar with that course !

Maybe I will , though , I don't need to in order to represent myself .

Understand , no one represents me , I take my own council .

There is no one on this planet who represents me or who is authorized to represent me .

No one in Smithers , Prince George , Quesnel , Chilliwack , Vancouver , Calgary , Ottawa , Washington , New York , New Jersey , Los Angeles , Oahu , anywere !

Do you understand ?

In all matters you must deal with me personally .

In other words for clarification :

I am my own lawyer !

Just so you know :

The following is a link to some photos of men I know are using , or have used , my identity .

Identity Thieves

It is not a complete list , I don't have photos of everyone .

Missing are people like Leeann Muir's husband David Kueing, her sons , Osama bin Laden , one of his sons , Ron Musa , Derek Lunden , Brian Gough , Danny Luvgren (deceased) , Wade Doering - Carrie Nicholsons husband , Robert ( Bob ) Paulson , Eugene - Niezie's husband at McDonell Lake , Km 23 , David Doherty house sitting on Hankin Rd and McDonell lake , William Stephens Mix , Kevin of Shamus and Terrace ( picture in directory but not clear ) , David from grade 2 photo other end of row , David - Purden Mtn lift attendent , man heside me in grade 1 photo .

Here are the Grade 1 amd 2 photos which show a few identity thieves as young boys :

The man beside me it grade 1 and the two men at the other end of the row in grade 2 are or have been using my identity .

I have writing on me describing me and my education .

Port Kells School Grade 1t (33K) Lakeview School Grade 2t (35K)

Sorry Pat Dean ( a world drug lord as is Todd Robinson ) , I have not just died .

I know Pat from high school and lakewood lakers football and he worked for me for a year as a new instructor at Sno Pro Ski School , 100 Steps , no longer exists .

Todd is the brother of Brent Robinson who I played football with also .

Ron Musa I hae known since grade 6 and played football with , he lived two doors down .

Peter Hobson I knew indirectly from skiing and school , we were not friends at all .

Derek Lunden I also knew from school , we all graduated from PGSSS in 1973 .

100 Steps location is where University Way is leading to UNBC in Prince George, BC , Canada .

It closed after I left on the Cherry Blossom Cruise in 1974 .

David Kueing went out with my sister Carrie for a while .

Brian Gough was a tandem master at the Fraser Valley Skydive Center when I was DZ Coordinator .

David and Danny Luvgren were low time jumpers at the Fraser Valley Skidive Center .

Bob Paulson is a leader of the Hells Angels Biker Gang and ex commissioner of the RCMP .

He works for the Post Office steals my mail and has known who I am since 2001/2000 or earlier .

John Marien I know from Sno Pro Ski School , he was Asst. Director before me .

I worked for him at Pinegrove Ski School , Troll Resort and at Quesnel Ski and Sports .

Chris Dittman , I know from school and skiing in Prince George , I taught with his mother .

Shall I go on ?

Very Important.

I DO NOT believe in, belong to, follow or serve

The Illuminati, Kabbalah, Sudairi Seven, The Society of Knights of the Round Table, Opus Di, Vatican, Bilderburg, Scientology, Neo Nazi, Odessa, Muslim, Babar Khalsa(el qeada), Sihk, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Mormon, Jehova's Witness, Buddhist, Falun Gong or any Religion, Cult, Secret Society, Monarchy, Skull and Bones, Masonic, Knights Templar, Freemason, Oddfellow, Scottish Rights, political party, fraternal organization, terrorist or criminal organizations, etc.

I never will.

I am a good, honest man.

For my DNA Sperm family :

I love you to , I always will , I'm your father , I'm your grampa Bob , Forever and Always !

The family song .

How it came to be :

A grand daughter of mine was being kidnapped and taken overseas by the Royal Family of Jordon in 2017 .

I discovered her and with our family proximity were able to connect and I was able to comfort her .

We were able to communicate in knowing , family .

I held her in my mind , she was crying in the lower levels of a ship , a yacht .

I sang to her , ' I love you to , I always will , I'm your grampa Bob ' .

She sang back to me , " I love you to , I always will , Forever and Always ' .

I will never forget it .

She was thrown overboard by Leeann Muir and David Keuings son and then rescued by heros that day , the United States Navy Seals .

So many have gone so far to rescue so many .

Heros All .

Thank you so much United States Naval Special Warfare Command and United States Special Operations Command .

You and other very special men and women have gone so far to rescue so many .

Purpose !

The other day I discovered another granson of mine on a sidewalk in Calcutta .

He died that day , hit by a vehicle , they had already blinded him and removed his arms and genitals .

His soul and all those souls with him are with me , arriving instantly , his line and his girls .

Who put him on that sidewalk , a little Canadian boy , lost and alone ?

Who kidnapped him ?

Who has been kidnapping so many of my family , our children ?

Who put so many on so many sidewalks , into slavery in foriegn countries ?

Who has killed so many ?

Whomever you are , you will be held responsible for your actions , I will ensure you are brought to justice somehow.

Purpose !

August 14, 2021, Modern Era.

A new pic of my cabin today .

Working on the wood shed roof .

1 Bobs Place , Top of Black Diamond Trail .

1 Bobs Place Top of Black Diamond Trail Aug 14 2021 DSCN9900 t (26K)

I am not having dinner with anyone tonight , I am at home .

Someone is pretending to be me in more than one location .

The following is to combat them .

Boy I can't wait to go sky diving again .

Wing Skiing ~ Me, at play, 54 yrs old

I was 54 in this photo taken on the plain above Hudsons Bay Mtn Ski Resort in 2009 .

I am an expert skier and I also have 520 skydives under a square .

I have also taught skiing professionally and taught the Skydive IAD 1st Jump Course for Calgary Skydive, dispatched , radio , coached , manifest , and was DZ Coordinator for the Fraser Valley Skydive Center for a while before I left in March 2004 .

While at Calgary Skydive a ran the Satellite Schools one summer .

It was a lot of fun .

Congratulations Jumper #1 , Reach up , Grab your toggles , pull them all the way down then let them back up again.

Great , give me a 90 degree turn to the right .

Go ahead , have some fun .

Jumper #1 , give me a 180 to the right .

Jumper #1 , give me a 90 right .

Jumper #1 , give me a 90 right .

Great , hold it .

Hands Up , hold it , hold it , hold it , Flair , All Right ! Congratulations Jumper #1 , let go of one toggle and pull in your chute .

It is the most important job !

I loved the smiles .

I loved teaching the course for the Light Dragoons of the British Military at Canadian Forces Base Suffield .

They all did so well .

Kudos to them all .

In particular the Sgt. Major , troopers and officers I met there that lost their lives in a Bazra ambush .

I think of them and their Sgt. Major , a man I liked immediately almost everytime I play : Issus 333 , Battle of .( original without the horns )

I have another recording of Issus 333 , Battle of with horns at the beginning though it is an MP4 video from my camera and is not playable seperately yet and is played on my 2nd organ .

It is the only way I play it now .

I just realized with my new laptop I can record it now .

All I need is the software .

You can listen to or download all my songs for your personal enjoyment ( no commercial use ) from the following link also on my home page .

My Music

I will record on my 2nd organ as soon as I can .

I might also dig up the video which has my hand movements in it if I can .

August 15, 2021, Modern Era.

Further to combating some fakes .

The following is a photo of my favorite skydive jumpsuit along with momentos on the wall and a newspaper article from Chilliwack when I was pursuing ' Nelfam Publishing ' .

The jumpsuit is a ' Dragon Master ' I purchased and picked up when we went down to Eloy from Bieseker in the early 90's .

Momentos Robert W Nelmes Bob DSCN9915 t (26K)

Nelfam Publishing I began when I was looking after my mother who was terminal with cancer at 1330 Harwood Street in the west end of Vancouver .

My National Library of Canada ; Aquisitions and Bibliographic Services Branch Publishers Number is : 0-9682163-

I went there direct from the Pery's , Lord and Lady Limerick's condo in Kensington , London after my mother called me in the mid 90's .

I first published " What if... Your Head Isn't Empty ? " from there .

I placed a copy of it in the ' Canadian National Library ' as required .

I have all the ' Certificate of Deposits ' with me at my cabin here plus the negative of the barcode .

ISBN 0968216307
Nelfam Publishing
Pdf ebook
Gutenberg Copy

Most of my writing can be found on my writing page .

What If...... Your Head Isn't Empty?

A candid photo taken today with my jumpsuit and momentos in the background .

Me , Robert W Nelmes Bob Aug 15 2021 DSCN9940

August 16, 2021, Modern Era.

A painting of mine explained .

Morning Ladies :

BED Musict (21K)

The painting is of me skiing by two girls waiting at the top of a racing course .

I am saying : " Morning Ladies " .

I love girls .

Should I have stopped ?

They were training .

I know they just wanted to go skiing !

A quote from a message in a bottle I found in the creek at the back of my property at Purden Mtn Ski Resort .

Go from silver , bronze and gold walk .

Three steps to a chest and find poney mal .

That is where the reuters is .

Reuters is an anagram for ' Treasure ' .

Went to town and bougbt some new stove pipe , a flashlight and a few odds and ends .

I also found out who 2 of the shooters are who fired on 25 members of my dna family in this area .

I also found out they believe bin Laden owns the area and they have their beach head in North America .

Someone shot a member of my family in the head last night , I felt it .

Today they are saying they killed three of them .

This whole situation was arrested 10 years ago , my influence .

We could have nipped this beachhead in the bud 5 years ago.

Now we are in a nightmare .

I also bought a printer today .

The one I bought last year died mysteriously when I tried to print off a letter to the Information and Privacy Commissioner .

I am looking forward to the legal battle ahead .

I will be bringing all my knowledge , education and life experience to it.

I am now in forward defense .

The biggest mistake people make is to under estimate me !

It would have been so much easier for everyone to do the right thing .

There is a problem and I am not it .

After 20 years nothing is fixed , absolutely nothing .

After 12 years nothing is fixed , absolutely nothing .

After 6 years nothing is fixed , absolutely nothing .

Nothing has changed since I wrote an editorial for my old website , so long ago .

For The Want Of Common Sense.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 10/19/2001
For the want of common sense, realism was lost.... And all for the want of common sense.

My heart is so broken .

August 17, 2021, Modern Era.

I replaced much of the stove pipe and improved the support .

It is working just fine .

I tried an idea of mine with a piece of large hard plastic culvert that had been thrown away .

I surrounded the stove pipe on the roof with it like a chimney to prevent the overhang I use and to catch ash preventing possibility of fire on the roof .

It worked like a charm , but , the plastic got very hot and melted by the spark arrester .

I originally thought of using tin with a base to catch ash so the idea is sound , I just don't have the tin .

I have gotten rid of the large tepee style support and am now using one attached to the wall .

It is working just fine .

My mame explained .

My family name is ' Nelmes ' , meaning near the elms .

Elms is a type of tree on our planet .

My first name is Robert .

My middle name is Wayne .

My last name is Nelmes .

My initials are RWN .

I use my initials to sign my paintings .

I use R W Nelmes in my signature when I sign by hand .

A computer system domain name I use is ' ' all together in lower case .

It means R W Nelmes located in .ca meaning Canada .

The BBA is part of my higher education , what we call a Degree .

It means ' Bachelor of Business Administration ' .

One day I will also be able to use ' MBA ' with my name also .

It was bestowed upon me by SFU , I just do not have it yet , not my , my sons or SFU's fault .

Meaning Masters of Business Administration .

The letters at the end would look like : BBA MBA .

My personal name is ' Bob ' , why it appears as ( Bob ) before BBA at times such as below where I sign my journal .

The picture is me , I am 65 years old .

You may call me Bob or Bobby .

I will be placing more of my videos back on my site soon .

For those researching geneology : Family Tree , it is as accurate as possible .

Robert W Nelmes family crest t (41K)


My father Edgar Norman Nelmes is the Ted Nelmes who was a supervisor on the Paper Machine at Prince George Pulp and Paper in the late 60's and early 70's .

His first job as a consulant was in Khulna Newsprint Mills , East Pakistan in the early 60's .

He was an international consulant in the Paper Industry for the rest of his career and retired to Chilliwack , British Columbia , Canada , his birth place .

My Uncle John Nelmes , his older brother , was adopted , he was a rear gunner in a Lancaster during the 2nd world war , bailed out , POw , escaped , fought with resistance as he made his way to Spain .

My understanding was his birth name was John Dickie .

Their DNA is not Nelmes .

Bryden Nelmes of Chilliwack , our cousin , also has DNA that is not Nelmes .

His father was my fathers older brother Leslie Allen Nelmes , first a BCMP then RCMP prior to his early death when Bryden and I were around 5 .

My fathers father was Edgar Alfred Nelmes of Chilliwack .

He married Adele Weaver of Harrison Mills , Morris Valley , daughter of Thomas and Francis Weaver , logger , paino player and land owner , 3 sections I believe ,which he logged .

Weaver Lake near Weaver Creek are named for him .

Francis Lake is named for his wife , my great grandmother .

Grace Lake is named for his oldest daughter .

I am the Bob Nelmes who rescued a man from a chlorine gas leak at Intercontinental Pulp Mill in Prince George .

I am the Bob Nelmes who ran out to rescue an older woman in the west end of Vancouver who had fell and hit her head on the ice in the alley behind the apartment bldg my parents were staying in .

I am the Bob Nelmes who won the Sand Blast in 1972 .

I am the Bob Nelmes who came 1st in class for my CSIA Level 2 in 1973 .

I am the Bob Nelmes who came 2nd or 3rd in class for my CSIA in 1978 .

Apparently I was just one question from 1st in class .

I am the Bob Nelmes who entered Simon Fraser University , Faculty of Business Administration in Janurary 1979 - Student Number 791011513 .

I am the Bob Nelmes who met some young men and a beautiful Sri Lankin model at the Columbo Swim Club while visiting my parents , I paid for the trip .

I am the Bob Nelmes who was at Bucaneers Creek Club Med , Martinique in the very early 80's , I paid for the trip . I paved highways , paid for holidays and university .

I am the Bob Nelmes who met and joined two women at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Disco in Hong Kong on my return trip when another man I believe to be ' Osama bin Laden ' showed up and sat down .

He was on holiday from University also as I was and the girls lived in Hong Kong .

I fell in love with the two women forever .

She and her daughter had an overwatch also .

I am the Bob Nelmes who was staying at the Green Briar .

I am the Bob Nelmes who met a real nice family in Bai Bang , Vietnam , inland from Hanoi , while visiting my mother and father who was working there . I paid for it .

I am the Bob Nelmes you all followed around for so long watching over for so long , I wonder how many holidays some best of the best got to have .

I am not a criminal , it is scientific . Remeber that episode of Star Trek where the light wouldn't get out of the way , it won't .

( Yes , it is necessary to mention this ) . Security Clearance : Above and Beyond above above top secret .

They know I have nothing to do with org crime or bin laden .

I am the Bob Nelmes who was number 33 Lakewood Lakers Football Team all through highschool .

I am the Bob Nelmes who played Lakewood Lakers Fullback for the BC Championships against the Whally Bears at Queen Elisabeth Park .

The previous year I played both ways , Full Back and Line Backer .

I am the Bob Nelmes who was on the Cherry Blossom Cruise in 1974 after my season as Asst. Director Sno Pro Ski School and 100 Steps Ski Hill in Prince George , BC , Canada. ( It does not exist anymore , University Way is there . )

I did not make love to the girl from the Bedside Bar , I know who did though .

I made love to a young woman who was the descendent of a wife of the Emperor of China .

She was so cute .

Her child by me is family , sperm plus ovum , always will be , I accepted them as soon as I discovered it .

I have not met them , someone has gotten in the way .

I am not making this up .

It is absolute truth !

August 18, 2021, Modern Era.

Something calming for everyone this morning .

A painting of mine I call ' Wave of Warmth ' .

I used it as a logo at first but it detracted from the content , affecting peripherals and field of view .

It is a painting of a brain wave , like on an oscilloscope .

The wave

Happy Birthday to my sister , Carrie Nelmes !

I have been coming up with anecdotes for the following screenplay for 10 years now .

Time to start writing them down .

Some are in my journals since May 2009 .

A new screenplay : The Fens .

The Fens

I have included it on my writing page .

It is connected to ' Nine Elmes ' of London , England and Chelmsford , England .

August 19, 2021, Modern Era.

Today I have made public a directory of my videos on my google drive space .

You will be able to access the videos , watch them or download them for viewing only .

School , College and University students may use them in presentations , for discussion , etc .

You cannot slander me .

You cannot use them commercially , meaning you cannot make money from them without my permission , I have given none .

I will be adding the rest of my videos like " Issus 333 " , " Bob Guys " , " Bobby's Girls " etc over the next month .

My digital videos

Once I have share links for them all I will be able to activate my ' Creative Milk Productions ' and ' Babysitter ' page again .

Music Videos ~ Creative Milk Productions, compositions using my art, my music and loves.

I have decided today that I am going to use the same size as the home page and creative milk productions page buttons from now on , they are smaller and present better for the big screen .

I will slowly make the changes throughout the site .

Get ready google .

August 20, 2021, Modern Era.

Just so you know , the videos were made quite some time ago , some footage a decade .

I am the man saying ' Morning ' in ' Senses ' and the man skiing .

Different lighting , different clothing , different angles .

Truth , anyone saying differently is lying .

I am older now and have grey hair .

I was learning .

Not all of them were on my website and not all are there or will be .

It is just a directory .

Mountains of Music is one I want to redo .

Perfecto Mondo I want to take the words off .

I use fades differently now .

I am the only one involved , Chief Cook and Bottle Washer .

My style is developing .

They all have a message , that is all .

I am playing .

I am dreaming .

I am doing .

I am learning .

The more I know , the more I don't know .

If I don't know how , I learn how .

If I don't know why , I learn why .

Life is a learning experience.

I have learned enough to make a documentary of all the footage I took of ' Cando Camp ' .

I have learned enough to do ' Dream Weaver ' working title ' Scar Creek ' myself .

Produce , Direct , Film , Edit , Distribute .

I will use actors of my dna .

It is about me , my girls .

Life .

Our possible lifespan is 120 years .

I am 65 , that is middle aged .

All things being equal , I have time .

This page is just the journal on my website ~ Home Page

The site is my hobby .

It is getting larger .

I am Canadian ~ It is 100% Canadian Content .

I fell on a log in the bush yesterday .

My lower left ribcage is sore .

Bummer .

I was thinking last night about Canada and the United States .

It just flowed , I thought so .

Canada is a Confederation of Provinces .

The United States is a Union of States .

I concluded that Continental North America is a Unified Confederacy .

It fits with our history .

Can you imagine a Unified Confederacy as a

Technological Democratic Meritiocracy

One with an age based compensation system ( base rate ) , 15% flat tax , needs met .

Paid to go to school .

Significantly reduced government .

Investment Capitalism .

The Market System .

Everyone of us going in the same direction .

All living the same dream for the future .

I know some super computers have run the numbers .

It will work like a charm , we will have a surplus .

On population .

We need to get the girls off the birth control pill .

It affects chemistry , it affects biology , it affects 1st attraction .

We need contraception .

Every child needs to be wanted , loved , cherished .

This message is for the makers of the ' day after pill ' , communities , government and everyone .

Make it free to the population .

Lower the price to the minimum for communities to purchase in bulk for hospitals , community health clinics , etc .

Volume will go through the roof .

You will make a fortune .

Forever .

It will be covered with ' needs met ' .

We will all have a choise .

Every child born will be wanted , loved , cherished .

Every child will have the whole world at their fingertips .

An observation :

The smart phone is affecting peripheral vision .

The brain processes everything we see , the full field of view .

The person is only seeing what is directly in front of them while the brain is trying to process the whole field of view .

It is a fuzzy feeling as you look at the phone .

The kids need to use the phone horizontally and less .

It is affecting serendipitous synchronicity ~ serendipity .

Physics , Chemistry , Biology .

Natural Law .

August 21, 2021, Modern Era.

Finished my deck today .

My cabin at Purden had a little dolphin over the lower deck railing I saved from the fire .

3015 Purdem Ski Hill Road , Cando 2010 .

I have incorporated it into the view deck .

DSCN9997 t (26K) DSCN9998 t (26K) DSCN9999 t (26K) DSCN9969 t (22K) DSCN9971 t (25K) DSCN9972 t (25K) DSCN9973 t (24K) DSCN9976 t (26K) DSCN9979 t (20K) DSCN9980 t (21K) DSCN9982 t (24K) DSCN9983 t (24K) DSCN9987 t (23K) DSCN9989 t (22K) DSCN9992 t (26K) DSCN9993 t (24K) DSCN9994 t (26K) DSCN9996 t (22K)

Now to make a page just for my deck .

You know what I noticed today .

There is no site for

" Hit Song of the Day . " Global , Continental , National .

August 22, 2021, Modern Era.

Natural Law .

It takes two , a boy and a girl .

An expansion on my painting ' Balance ' :

It is a teeter tooter , like the earth and the moon , balancing . You can also see the sign ' Omega ' with a reflection below .

Omega is the sign for balance .

A Tree

The symbiotic nature of the quantum state and the material world .

Physics , Chemistry , Biology .

The building blocks of life .

Carbon , etc.

We will be able to grow a steak from the quantum level up .

A whole new meaning to the fridge , the stove , closet , toybox .

By understanding natural and universal law .

I just decided how I am going to do the shed roof for the time being .

It will work just fine .

August 23, 2021, Modern Era.

When I was in town a couple of weeks ago I overheard a girl say to someone ;

' He's almost ready to let us come up . '

She's right , they are welcome to check it out .

The deck is fine , picnic table and umbrella not done yet , it is safe .

A beautiful view .

I am not dangerous .

I have the shed roof jury rigged for now , water should flow off .

My left lower rib cage is really sore .

Difficult to move around easily .

I don't think anything is broken but the cartilage is damaged .

No doctor needed , I have my St. Johns Ambulance and Biology , I am just fine .

I just have to take it easy .

There was a boat of fisherman today , they would have heard me hammering and using the chainsaw .

Since the big storm 2 years ago my cabin is visible from a particular angle .

It is interesting how they fish in a spot where they can see my cabin now .

They never fished there before , always somewhere else .

August 24, 2021, Modern Era.

My heart is so broken .

Betrayed to the enemy by our own christmass tree .

A grandson of mine captive in Afghanistan walked from the kyber to the capital where he asked to come home from Canadian Authorities there to rescue Canadians .

They said no , they protected and rescued hard core el qeada and niazi khan over true born Canadians captive in a foriegn nation .

You know why they did not rescue him , they are the ones who took him into slavery .

His soul is with me so he must have died very soon after , who shot him ?

I discovered that I had over 70 grand children , dna , they are virtually all missing .

The Canadian Government has everything wrong .

I am Canadian !

I have removed the identity thieves directory , the authorities have all the info now .

I don't want to see their faces anymore .

August 25, 2021, Modern Era.

It was so nice to just take a drive into town last night .

It was so nice to cross paths with some very nice young people .

I was smiling all the way home .

I was still in my home work clothes , dirty as heck , unshaved .

It felt so good to be accepted unconditionally .

I love them all , people of our tree .

I haven't mentioned this in a while , some people do not know it . Important:

There have been 0 - Zero relevant emails, twitter , facebook , skype , mail or communications received of any kind since May 2009 . Absolute Truth !

I know there has been , where did they go ?

I found a digital copy of a photo that did not burn in the cabin fire at Purden .

I got some great footage but all copies I had were destroyed in the cabin fire on Sept. 19, 2012 at 3015 Purden Ski Hill Road at Purden Mtn Ski Resort east of Prince George , BC , Canada .

I am checking footage on my parents video camera at my banda at Ruaha National Park in Tanzania .

On safari Ruaha National Park in Tanzania , Amoco period

I brought back a bunch of wooden ebony letter openers and passed them around at Amoco Canada Petroleum in Calgary Head Office .

I had just been transferred to Materials Coordinator , Supply and Marketing , NGL Operations .

I was doing a reconciliation of the current asset account of the Cochin Pipeline .

Dean Paras and his inventory group had NOTHING to do with it .

In addition to possibly the first pre-authorized automatic payment of an invoice via EDI between a Unix Mainframe and PC Inventory System .

A deliminated file that populated a database in the accounting system .

Sarnia Refinery to Calgary Head Office, Alberta , meaning Chicago .

I imagined it into being and one of the best VP's around let me do it .

No one else knew what I was doing at all , not even my supervisor .

It worked , who stopped it ?

It eliminated the need for payable's clerks/analysts .

All accounts and purchases pre-assigned , pre-authorized , worked like a charm .

If it had been known I could have been giving a presentation at the EDI Convention in Anahiem I attended when a Sr. Analyst with Crude Oil Marketing .

My Nissan Pathfinder has just about had the biscuit .

I have found a van I am going to take a look at on Friday or Saturday .

It would really fit my needs at the moment .

I can use it to transportion , bulk supplies/lumber and also convert the inside with removable bed , counter , etc .

If I am taking a trip I would only have to remove the seats to put in the camper .

I can have a bed whereever I go , save some money .

August 26, 2021, Modern Era.

I decided this morning not to get the van .

My own intel indicated it would not be a good idea at the moment .

I emailed the man right away .

You know , one thing I will never get is a tattoo .

I don't have one , never will .

I really really do not like biker gangers , terrorists and others enslaving and forcing tattoos on our girls and children against their will .

I really really do not like organized crime or terrorism which are hand in hand .

I cannot understand why someone would put an all seeing eye pyramid on their chest .

Do you understand El Qeada and El Qeada Platoon ?

Do you know what I found out , the son of the head of Odessa is in Smithers and is helping bin Laden , el qeada .

Odessa is not about helping waffen ss anymore ,they are criminals , major org crime .

His father is a man I met in Montego Bay while on holiday with a female cousin in the mid/late 80's.

One of the few times in my life I ever did cocaine , one line .

Apparently he has been using my identity also .

Is he using my TD Bank Account , the one I opened in Drayton Valley ?

Is he living in Calgary ?

Why someone is owning my communications .

Here is a picture of a study that was conducted .

Think about it .

Why moderation and/or abstination work !

Some current identification I just did .

Go ahead , run it everywhere .

Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) BBA Born 10-09-55 DSCN0039 t (18K)

As soon as I can get some cold charcoal I will get my left thumb and both palm prints on paper .

August 27, 2021, Modern Era.

Something better , I hooked up my new printer and scanned my palms .

Right Palm Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) BBA Born 10-09-55 IMG_20210826_0003 t (14K) Left Palm Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) BBA Born 10-09-55 IMG_20210826_0004 t (14K)

Go ahead , run them everywhere .

If I had my CT Scan and DNA strip I would have them here for everyone to check also .

Where did they go ?

My DNA is baseline white nordic blue eyed ancient european .

It means every clean , healthy , normal , white person is a variation of my dna .

It means it is absolutely impossible for me to have genetic faults .

If I marry the right girl , our children will also have no faults .

Ideally a girl with O negative blood like myself .

The children will also be like us , loving life .

A long time ago in a province far far away there was a small town called Drayton Valley , Alberta .

In a beautiful office with an atrium and a palm tree sat a young man from British Columbia .

He was me .

I was an administrative anaylst for Amoco Canada Petroleum at their Pembina District Office .

I spent 4 and a half years there , before being transferred to Calgary , learned a lot and met some great people .

It was a very enjoyable place to work .

While there I joined the local theater group , Drayton Valley Players .

I became their Stage Manager .

I really enjoyed it , a lot of fun .

While there I stage managed " Oliver ", " Whisper into my good ear ", " How the other half loves ", " The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. "

We took ' Whisper into my good ear ' to the One Act Play Festival in Calgary and one best set .

In ' The lion, the witch and the wardrobe ' I got to make someone vanish on stage , it was a lot of fun .

With ' Oliver ' the director had a great idea , no curtain call , an open stage with extensions into the audience .

It worked like a charm , set changes with kids wearing costumes like someone in the bowrey with Fagan !

It worked really well .

Very happy memories for me .

Drayton Valley Players Award. I was the Stage Manager.

I went to town this morning to pick up some things .

My CPP and Old Age Security was there but not the Guarenteed Income Supplement .

I received a letter about 3 weeks after my lump sum arrived saying I was approved and they paid a retroactive amount .

This month should have arrived also .

It did not .

When I got home I checked the letter again to see if the deposit date was different , it wasn't .

There were addendums I had not noticed due to my happines at receiving something I so needed .

They are requiring more forms completed .

I am considering adding them to my list to sue for undue hardship , but this might be easier

I just shake my head .

It is asking for the same income information they asked for in February of this year , 3 months after it was to begin .

I haven't even received my T4A for CPP 2020 , only 2019 .

It will be the same amount .

They already have ALL of the information they are asking for .

In our day and age it is all recorded and their office informed from all sources .

They know exactly what my income is .

Talk about irritating , the hardship the Canadian Government is causing me .

They need process improvement specialists in the Canadian Government .

Guranteed Income Supplement is an additional $1000 / mth that brings me up to the poverty line .

It allows me to pick myself up from the hole they dug .

There was so much I was going to use it for this month , things necessary to prep for the winter and still have a cushion .

They are asking for 2020 :

Canada Pension Plan Benefits
( 2019 reflecting 2020 no statement from government )
Other Pension Income 0
Employment Insurance 0
Interest and Investment Income 0
Taxable Canadian dividends and capital gains 0
Net Rental Income 0
Net Employment Income 0
Net Self-Employment Income 0
Other Income Old Age Security Nov/Dec 2020 . 1252.98
Total 5636.46

August 28, 2021, Modern Era.

A scan of my right thumb print alone .

Go ahead , run it everywhere .

For those of you who think the high definition will allow you to plant it with an artificial print to frame me , think again , it takes more than that .

No , it is not enough to take me anywhere .

I take my own council , I represent myself , I know I am an innocent man , I am not going anywhere .

Any action against me would be fraudulent and illegal in todays world .

Modern forensics can prove it is not mine !

A person leaves a piece of themselves every time they leave a finger print , hahaaaaaaa .

Right Thumb Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) BBA Born 10-09-55 IMG_20210828_0003 t (14K)

I have Free and Cleared , that cannot be faked .

Here is a direct link to my profile page :

Now to work on a new sitemap .

61 pages to date including the index/homepage .

August 29, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : 54.776258, -127.437675

The born identity :

Born to be alive !

One of my fav songs .

If it was playing at the disco then I was on the dance floor , I still love it .

Thank you Patrick Hernandez for the song .

I am having problems today with my google earth location , it isn't showing up properly at all .

I have had my location on my site for a long time , the location showed , but nothing else , side panel photos not right .

The nearest location to mine is Dennis Lake Recreation Site , NOT Lake Tyhee , 45 km away .

I am not doing anything wrong .

I have been trying to place a marker , photos , etc .

Nothing is showing up.

I have used Google Earth Pro and Google Earth Web , nothing .

I did find out my altitude above sea level : 986.5676668 .

The location when clicking the link is right , but most of the info in the side panel is wrong .

Just collapse the side panel then zoom in and out to know where it is .

I am trying to fix it .

This is a link to my google map coordinates :,%20-127.437675,14z

On my computer it goes to Whitehorse .

I just shake my head .

Went into town this afternoon and purchased another solar panel , a battery charger and some groceries.

I'll be picking up another battery also .

I am determined to have lots of electricity this winter .

In order to clear up some disinformation ( the dissemination of false information )

I do not support terrorism or organized crime , I consider them my enemy .

Please understand , is my domain name , numer inc is a dream of mine , creative milk productions is the name I produce my videos under .

They are not paying anyone anything , and no one else in involved in them .

I do not have any relatives involved with me , employees , associates or staff .

Someone else is not handling my affairs .

I do not subsidize anyone , certainly not biker gangers , el qeada , islamic jihad , muslim brother hood , el qeada platoon , bin Laden , Sedari or Khan .

Others controlling money accounts in my name , ones I do not have access to yet are doing so , perpetrating a fraud .

I am trying to expose them and gain access to what is rightfully mine .


Why I put up scans of my palms and right thumb print for the scar on it over the last 3 days .

My new printer has a scanner , which my new solar panels power .

August 30, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : 54.776258, -127.437675

A few secrets from history :

Lord Buckingham was the ' Scarlet Pimpernel ' .

A straight guy banging all the girls of London and Paris .

He was trying to find out what happened to his cousin , the Emperor of France .

Hephaestion betrayed Alexander the Great at the Battle of Issus .

He was fighting on Darius III side during the battle .

Hephaestion was an effeminate homosexual who fell in love with one during a discussion party before the battle , Darius III .

Alexander was 100% straight , baseline , they were not really close friends .

Hephaestion was not a member of Alexanders body guard , he was a commander of the homosexual Battalion/Division .

Homosexuals and straight men did not fight side by side .

Homosexuals were segregated from straight men .

Alexander the Great really was a warrior , a general , a leader .

A good man , a loved man .

A man who loved women , children , family , a home , dreamed of his own .

He believed he died from bad water .

He was 170 cm tall .

Louis the 14th was the ' Man in the Iron Mask ', imprisoned in the Bastille at around age 30 .

Cardinal Richelieu stole his life and people , they installed a fake .

A homosexual look alike took his place with a velvet mask in the palace .

The man was the homosexual arch , Hephaestions after life .

The legend of Robin Hood has been greatly distorted .

It used to have some inkling of it in wiki but that is now gone for so much speculative bunk .

He did not bring a saracen back with him , Richard the 1st did , both homosexuals .

Richard the 1st kneeled to Lord Robert Nelmes and swore fealty during the crusades .

Lord Robert Nelmes was to be the King of a United England , Wales , Scotland and Ireland .

When he arrived home his family was dead and his lands taken .

He is the legendary Robin Hood and Marion was his wife , she really existed .

He was called ' Robert ' .

He was not a robber .

He was a good man .

He was 170 cm tall , baseline .

He died of old age .

Julius Ceasers adopted son became Emperor of Rome .

He was not really an adopted son .

He was Augustus Ceaser , Octavian , the son of Cleopatra , given name Caesarion .

His brother and sister were rescued and brought to Rome , Alexander becoming a General of Rome .

Moses was a real man .

He was the child of a slave in ancient Egypt .

His adopted father , Seti , commented on his wife finding him . What are we going to do , he is of the peoples of the north .

Seti's soul knew who it was , he adopted the boy .

The boy was a white nordic child with blue eye's and golden hair .

Seti's other son was sick so he named the child his hier .

He became Ramses II .

One day he woke up a slave .

His sick brother Pharoeh , the people were angry .

He tried to erase Ramses name from every stella of Egypt .

Moses and others of his people escaped and left Egypt .

The story is that Mary , mother of Jesus was immaculate conception .

Two mothers of children of mine could be also .

A son by Shelly Darnell , a love at first sight for me and another love at first sight , a beautiful red headed french Canadian girl in North Vancouver .

Lots of Mountain Dew without ejaculating , seepage from a cleft in the mountain .

Girls , seepege has semen in it , you can get pregnant , so be careful .

Anyway , Mary got pregnant the same way .

The father was an Officer of the Roman Legion .

There was a movie made about him .

Ben Hur is a true story .

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August 30, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : 54.776258, -127.437675

My transcript from SFU burned in my cabin fire in 2012 .

I cannot remember my User Id , is it my name , my student number , I cannot remember it or my computer ID or my password .

I need them to get into my account which also has forwarding for my email address .

It has already been forwarded to me but I need to order my transcript also .

I sent them an email last week and used the online form , expecting an answer yesterday , there is still no answer .

Hopefully there is one by the end of the day .

All they have to do is send me one on either or .

They are both still active .

My student number I will never forget , for 4 years I had to use it for everything .

I know it and my social insurance number better than my drivers license .

My Canadian born sperm son by Ramona ( DNA ) who was adopted by Roxanne was in the US Navy . See : Family Tree , Scroll .

He was conceived at the King Eddie Hotel in Stewart , BC , when I was working for Central Paving and Eng while going to Simon Fraser University .

Ask Doug Brooks , Ramona's husband , if he remembers which room it was , he knocked on the door the next morning with their first born in his arms .

I met him here in Smithers , he gave me a ride one day , I liked him .

Doug had a scar on his neck , it was cowboy who did it outside a bar I believe , he knows who he is .

Cowboy was our paver operator .

We were paving the Stewart , Meziaden Hwy .

The previous summer we paved the airport , a watch of mine is in the tarmac .

My name ' Bobby ' was painted on a small cliff between Hyder, USA and Stewart , BC .

I have never formally met my son , but I will never forget the few words we had one day when I was getting a ride home with Archie , a wood cutter at the time .

He and others believed it was someone else , first Peter Hobson then John Marien and/or a relative of his , then Brad Stewart , all supported by corrupt .

For most of his life he believed his sperm dad was Cowboy .

He grew up in Smithers .

One of his sons , a little boy who was born and had grown up in Smithers , one who had been kidnapped by el qeada and others , mutilated more than once , was beheaded in some private ceremony here in Smithers the other night .

I am not very happy about it .

Another grand son of mine , another son of his , was kidnapped and captive in Pakistan / Afghanistan , was trying to make his way home , walking when the Canadian Government sent the planes over to rescue Canadian's , he was shot by a Canadian soldier while asking to be rescued .

The soldier was the same man who transported him into slavery .

I am not very happy about it .

It is not a criminal offense for me to relate this information , I know it to be true .

It is not Canadian or American National Security to suppress it .

Sue me Ottawa : Legal Need to Know - Education

You have betrayed my family and I to the enemy .

I am Canadian , I do not know who you people are anymore .

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August 31, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : 54.776258, -127.437675

Robert W Nelmes (Bob), Bobby), BBA ~ click for profile.

Robert W Nelmes (Bob) June 5 2021 t (37K)
Right Palm Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) BBA Born 10-09-55 IMG_20210826_0003 t (14K) Left Palm Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) BBA Born 10-09-55 IMG_20210826_0004 t (14K) Right Thumb Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) BBA Born 10-09-55 IMG_20210828_0003 t (14K)

I have No Employees, No Associates and No Staff ~ Never have !

Imagine Waves of Warmth, the flag of Earth.

I believe in a Society of Friends, Family, Science, Truth, Natural Law, Life ~ I am a realist.

A free society is a society of good, honest people.

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