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The whole truth and nothing but the truth ! ~ Most Recent Entry

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July 1, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

Happy Canada Day .


For those who do not know, once again, I am NOT house sitting for William Stevens Mix (Bill) on Hankin Road further up the valley at all anymore.

David Doherty is house sitting, we are not friends.

I am at my cabin.

I have no association with that location anymore at all.

My Physical Location:

Where I live:

1 Bob's Place, 7013, McDonell Forest Service Road, (Km 13 7000 Road), Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC. Canada.

Across from Dennis Lake Recreation Site turnoff.

Click Coordinates for Google Maps: Zoom in and Out

54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W --- or --- 54.776258, -127.437675

Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live

Someone flew a remote controlled drone up to my hill top this afternoon.

It was so cool, I want one.

They were taking a look from an angle at the cabin and the new deck for the viewpoint.

View Point

I went out to the deck but it had gone.

I was hoping he would fly it up for a close up.

It was so cool .

I know it was not malicious.

They must have read my journal !

The deck is coming along fine, I need some more canola oil for my chainsaw, I use it for the chain.

The adaptors and crimps I bought at Evergreen were the wrong size, I even had the hose.

The first one he picked and I tried was not to tight, it was the right size.

The crimp is way to big for the hose.

I have the receipt so I will ride in and exchange them as soon as I can.

I decided to fix the gas lines on the Pathfinder.

At least it will be road worthy then, at least until I can find a better solution.

I need it to pick up a new printer, another battery and another solar panel so I can begin legal action against some doctors, Northern Health and the RCMP.

I am pretty fed up, maybe I'll be suing the federal government, how do I afford to you ask, I can do it myself, I don't need to hire a lawyer.

I represent myself, I take my own council, I use my own knowledge, I don't need to hire a lawyer or expert advise, I know the truth.

They have to prove me wrong and they cannot, I can prove I am right !

No way to find out about my Guarenteed Income Supplement is a problem.

I quess I will have to write them a letter.

Maybe that will require a law suit also !

After 20 years, 12 years since I started this website :

Nothing is fixed, everything is wrong.

You know, I wrote the RCMP ITCU (present NC3), Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, MI5, MI6 and Interpol ( International Police ) in 2009.

My site was not showing up on, " The wayback machine ".

It indicated a crime of international scope.

Other .ca sites registered that month were on there, mine was not.

Why ?

It was on the net.

It was a sign that something was wrong, my site was being intercepted, preventing their robot from finding it.

How does anything else find it ? In Example : Google, etc.

When I had it recorded it all the time, the whole site, not just a bit of information from the home page.

I got an answer back from the RCMP, R. R. Romnyiak, " ... It must be a hacker . "

CSIS sent one saying it must be Microsoft .

MI5 sent one saying it wasn't their responsibility, they were domestic.

When I wrote it I knew it was the ITCU .

They were the hackers.

I know some people sent me email in 2009 while I lived in Smithers, I received NONE !

Youtube was recording my hits when it should not have since I am the device/account of origin.

I only received the one from the man who took my picture wing skiing, it wasn't regarding my website at all.

I have had no recourse at all.

They stole my life, all the stats are wrong and faked by them.

When I was at the RCMP Detachment in Prince George in 2010 regarding the letter from CSIS I heard a constable in back say " He doesn't like Romnyiak's stats. "

They were faking the stats.

I know Robert Paulson and the father of a young man I skydived with in 2002 to 4 were involved in ITCU then, 2009 and now.

I know the RCMP gave letters and cheques from Google, Youtube to fakes !

I know email and letters sent to me never arrived.

I know mail sent to my box number in Smithers in 2009 and my box number at Purden ( Prince George ) never arrived.

I know someone stole my first mailbox form number when they took it back and gave me Box 981 .

It wasn't two different people, it was me getting my original box assigned stolen by the girl who assigned it.

She placed it aside for someone else.

Who ?

Have they been using it ? I believe so !

What a nightmare the last 16 years have been.

Betrayed to the enemy by my own nation, my own people .

My sperm and dna family targeted, betrayed by the same people.

Friends betrayed.

Nothing is fixed, everything is wrong.

The Governments are lying .

July 2, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

I have archived the previous month.

The other day when I was in Safeway as I left a black turbaned sihk said to his buddies at the service counter, " I am walking out with Bobby. "

That is assault, confrontational.

They attacked me intentionally.

It was not proximity.

Just as they did when a larger east indian employee said to me as I walked by " This el qeada ... ", it was a threat .

The local ishmailie sihk are not what they seem, they are here conducting terrorism .

One of the local east indian girls brags about having eaten a grand daughter of mines heart right in front of her !

Someone inside the store upon seeing me said " He didn't earn those medals ".

What was that about ? i have never seen a list of medals, how did he ?

Where did he see the list with my name on it ?

I am not a soldier or commissioned officer at all, I am not on any rolls, though I know a list exists with my name on it.

As I left the building another east indian did the same thing and said out loud from near the carts, " I don't like you. ".

I turned to see who it was and he had the bearing of a young military officer from India.

It is my intel that many of the Pakistani and Indian men working at Safeway are active duty Special Group soldiers ( Pakistani, Indian special forces ) .

They are not here protecting us.

So many of our long time residents of Smithers are missing.

It is not a normal demographic change, they did not all migrate somewhere else at all.

Intel indicates they took 17 children yesterday that had been in elementary school here.

Where did they bus them to ?

Current intel indicates they took some parents with them also, is it deception or forced transport, one was apparently complaining about where her and her daughter were going !

One of their agents watching my type last night enquired vocally " how does he know this, we didn't even tell the canadian government. "

I am not going to anyone how I know, it would compromise continental and global security. Security Clearence : Above and Beyond .

No one can compromise continental and global security for national interests ! Mutual Security Agreements.

The other day I located a head that had been taken off a young american officer in this area training, it was in the home of a new east indian nieghbour of his own family in the United States.

The family themselves went and retrieved their sons head, no one was hurt.

Intel is indicating the young soldiers family is now missing also and no one is investigating the east indian family who say they are Canadian, were they from his area ?

Where were they taken ? Who told them to take the soldiers family ? What are they hiding ?

Did anyone see any east indians leaving their home yesterday ?

Did they have other children with them ?

It does not look to be a safe summer at all for white nordics here in Smithers, or elsewhere either.

So much sadness amongst older residents.

So many young missing since 2017, so many young adults missing, so many families missing.

Those doing it to us laughing at us, those with grey hair, openly.

They even talk about it openly.

I found out the day before yesterday they intended to put another kidnapped grandson of mine on the streets of Calcutta yesterday, all over again.

They have done so numerous times.

How are they finding out who they are, not all are documented at all, children out of wedlock, they are using DNA ?

So many children missing, not just my grand children, their families missing also , how ?

So many military personel responsible for continental and global security missing, even their families .

There is no other explanation for this occurring except collusion at the highest levels.

Corrupt elements within gthe government are helping to kidnap them for the enemy.

Why we have all been betrayed, civilian and military !

This morning an east indian indicated he placed a head taken last night into his freezer here in Smithers.

Was there 1 or two buckets ?

They are at war with us, attacking us on our own soil .

Our military and police doing nothing and they have the same intel I do, they know who I am !

They know what happened last night .

They know my security clearence .

I know there are particular people who have a plan to bind and torture me tonight from my own home.

Some want to kill me here over a long period of time so others can watch them do it to me over the bib and other illegal broadcasts.

Others want to torture but transport me to Saudi Arabia and/or UAE into slavery.

They also intend to broadcast it live, I will not allow it .

I am a naturally born Canadian !

I am not a secret agent for others .

It really is classified.

FYI : I am not in the Hawaiian Islands or anywhere else I am at home.

1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC, Canada. ... 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W

July 3, 2021, Modern Era.

Worked on the deck for a while this morning and then the gas line on my 1995 Nissan Pathfinder.

Worked on it again late in the afternoon and this evening.

I got the gas lines replaced but their was then a leak coming from the top.

I will have to drop the gas tank to fix that.

I'm in the mood to scrap it.

It is driveable now, the leak is light from the top of the tank when the car is running so I may just drive it directly to the junk yard.

I am not going to keep it, I am not going to waste any more time on it, it served me well for the last 7 years, it cost me $600 .

I will look for another one.

El Qeada Platoon cannot have it, they are not my friends, they work for the bin Ladens.

They work for a heroin trafficking and white slavery criminal organization run by baba khalsa (sihk) and bin ladens, they work for terrorists and the Hells Angels Biker Gang, they are not militia !

I would advise all straight white nordic real militia not to train with them at all, ever .

El Qeada means ' the base ', the paste from the Opium Poppy they use to make heroin .

Heroin kills way to many people.

I understand there is possibly a young man who works as an ambulance attendent here in Smithers using the name Robert W Nelms, he also uses the name Bob, Ti, Jeff .

His real name is Jeff Tibault originally of Prince George, BC, Canada.

There are warrents out for his arrest by the RCMP and others.

He is a fugitive from justice, a mass murderer.

He and his buddies have nothing to do with me or my website or my videos, music, art, anything.

They are frauds !

Correction to a previous entry :

Evergreen gave me the right size except for one which is the one I used first to check.

Everything else worked !

They did great !

Even though the top of the gas tank is now leaking.

I love the bacon and egg breakfasts at Louis's Kitchen.

I highly recommend it.

I had other info up today but I removed it since the guilty got the message, they really did !

I am still going to go there, I like the breakfasts and the staff .

The confrontational man in words and action that I pointed at can stop lying in morning reports, I am a good man !


There is NO office for, Special Projects, Robert W Nelmes or Numers Inc beside Louis Kitchen .

There is also no office or mail drop either !

I do not have one .

If there are any, anywhere, they are fraudulent.

There is NO relative with my name, my age group, my date of birth in any military running anything called Special Projects.

That is a name I coined for a job I was going to do revolving around process improvement that never came to fruition, though others are still trying to make it happen for me and them.

Others are still in the way trying to prevent it and portray me in a negative perspective to others.

Please Understand :

I do not have a commission in any military, though one was offered and there was acceptance.

No paperwork was ever received by myself, therefore none was submitted .

I am not involved in any Escape and Evasion Terrorist Training, never will be.

The people who are and use my name are not associated with me at all.

They do nothing I was going to do.

I would never take their unit on or their personnel.

They are a fraudulent unit working against everything I was intending to do !

The people involved in creating and running it are a high security risk and very dangerous !

Someone else is using my authority for themselves.

The 85% do not know it is fraudulent.


There is NO real Robert W Nelmes at the Pentegon in Admin !

If anyone is there using my name he is an identity thief and a very high security risk.

Very possibly David Luvgren of North Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Skydive Center when it was operational in Chilliwack.

I was DZ Coordinator there until I sold my trailer to David in March 2004.

David is wanted for murder I believe .

I have been rearranging furniture in my cabin.

I have gotten rid of my homemade bed, I want to buy a light wooden hide a bed.

My cabin interior

1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC, Canada. ... 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W

July 4, 2021, Modern Era.

Happy Independence Day USA.

For those who do not know.

This website is called Robert W Nelmes, Skier and Creative Artist, the domain name is, the .ca means Canada.

My Home Page can be reached by clicking the sun at the top of the page.

You can find it on any search engine by using my name, any version of it.

I use Robert Wayne Nelmes, Robert W Nelmes, Bob Nelmes, Bobby Nelmes, R W Nelmes.

Birth Name = Robert Wayne Nelmes .

First Name = Robert = R = Bobby = Bob .

Secound Name = Wayne = W

Last ( Family ) Name = Nelmes

I am 5' 7" ( 170 cm ) tall .

Born October 9, 1955 in Powell River, BC, Canada .

I am 65 years old .

I am right handed !

Remember my fingerprints and DNA in Oct 2020 and 2011 !

I insisted they be taken last Oct and I volunterred them in 2011 !

I am a goody two shoes !

I have Free and Cleared : Global !

One of the men using my identity and portraying me as a military officer is Brad Stewart .

i went to school with him in Prince George, BC, Canada.

He is in Smithers right now, possibly at HBM Ski Resort portraying me !

brad stewart 1 t (24K)
Brad Stewart

This is a link to another directory with some more identity thief photos .

I will display them in a more user friendly format soon.

There are others, but I do not have photos of them, they have been excised from the internet it seems .

There is a young man on this planet who took a video of himself and his father, possibly also his brother murdering a daughter of mine .

He took a course at Banff Springs School of Fine Arts and colorized the footage to represent CGI a while after it !

He made a snuff film of their murder, her being decapitated and then sexually abused after death, head and torso.

So disgusting.

His parents own a cabin at Purden Mtn Ski Resort, the Muir family built it.

Her head was found on their property.

I know forensics showed sperm from them all !

I know there are warrents by the RCMP out for their arrest.

The father is David Kueing of Prince George and Purden Mtn Ski Resort, he is married to Leeann Muir, the sons are named David/Trevor and/or Derek;

I was never introduced to them.

They are still free !

Someone in the RCMP showed it to a girl here in Smithers yesterday or the day before telling her it was an film, HE LIED !

It is not, they are identity thieves, stealing mail, etc, he knows it !

He is related to my great grand mother, Annie Danbrook, who was married to Great Grampa David Nelmes of Chilliwack, originally of Oxford County, Upper Canada. (Now Ontario)

This is a picture I have of my daughter taken by the RCMP and possibly CSIS during an interview where they told her who I was and where I lived.

There is a record of the meeting, also birth records.

My daughter

I have a copy after saving it from her facebook page after she friended me.

Shortly thereafter her page vanished .

I found out later right then and there she made a decision to come out and meet me her father and start a new life if possible.

I would have accepted her and loved her unconditionally instantly and given her a safe bed, I had one ready for anyone who showed up .

She was intercepted. How ?

I have discovered that the Kueings picked her up hitch hiking at Lake Louise where one of the sons was working.

They built a cairn at the location where they killed her between Lake Louise and Jasper, possibly Columbia Icefields.

They transported her body to their ski cabin at Purden Mtn.

At a party they cooked and ate her brain.

They still have her body and anothers buried in front of their ski cabin beneath the deck.

Just as Jeff (Ti) and Bob Tibault and the Kueings buried more bodies, including another daughter of mine, under their deck directly across from my old cabin across the road from them.

It burned down on Sept 19, 2012, I lost almost everything.

The RCMP have warrents out for all of them and no one is serving them.

Their location is not unknown.

I know they pretend to be me,, half my age and my age and my sons !

The authorities know it !

Shall I go on ?

In addition :

I have discovered that in the summer of 2010 when I was making pies for Kieth Buchanan and Mikeala Veeken at the summer restaurant twice a week a girl showed up asking for me and how to get to my cabin.

I purchased my cabin, 3015 Purden Ski Resort from Mikeala Veeken and Kieth Buchanan, it was in her name.

They introduced her to someone else at the restaurant but she knew who I was.

Mikeala and Kieth murdered her to prevent her from getting to my cabin with that information.

The information I have indicates she is buried in the wall behind one of the freezers in the basement of the restaurant.

I believe she is my niece Elyssa Nelmes, my older brother Teddy's daughter.

If they are missing then they may also have killed either Gerald Johnstons daughter from chilliwack, the bus drivers daughter from across the street from my fathers home or both.

Shall I go on ?

One day this spring I was in town and walking by the Hudsons Bay Mt office when I passed a man who was talking to a girl.

I immediately felt his devil djinn enter and his personal id was ' Osama bin Laden '.

He was telling me to leave town and even making arm movements when I looked back at him wondering who he was, he looked familiar.

I wonder, has he ever been to the disco on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Hong Kong in the early 80's ?

I bet if he has one of the network connections to my computer to watch me live if he is thinking " How does he know it is me ? ".

What is he doing here ?

If it is him is he still using my documentation that the government gave him in 2001.

Who gave him sanctuary and condemned my family ?

He is still the head of a heroin and white slavery criminal organization conducting terrorism on our soil.

He has showed up everywhere I have gone in the last 20 years.

I know that the DNA of Osama bin Laden was found in the vagina of a young indian girl of his own family that turned up dead.

I know that his DNA has turned up at a murder scene in this area .

I know he is still conducting terror trying to control this area, the ports and population for his baba khalsa and his family.

I bet he was bragging about it last night.

I wonder if there is a warrent out for him ?

I know that a young grandson of mine was delivered to the streets of Calcutta again today, enslaved, captive .

I want to rescue him more than you can imagine.

Just as I want to rescue so many others of my family and our cousins.

Face, ears, DNA, white nordic children.

I believe there is a connection .

Shall I go on ?

I am going to.

It will be interesting reading.

May help solve some cold case files.

It will take a while.

It's a long story.

A lot of missing have been beheaded.

Check this out.

Who the evil ones work for, truth .


You know, I hear the PM of Canada denied a christian school a grant but granted money to every sihk temple.

I have decided not to get rid of my Nissan Pathfinder at this time.

I was down getting some gas for my chain saw and there was nothing on the ground.

I am going to buy a tool set, drop the tank and fix it myself !

I have promised it when I don't want it anymore to Jerry the Firewood Cutter and his brother.

I enquired about another vehicle on but I never got a reply at all after I agreed to come see it.

When I checked this morning there was no information as to where to go.

In addition, el qeada and el qeada platoon were spamming me, so I deleted my account.

The order for it came from Islamabad .

Members of India and Pakistan Special Group, their covert special forces are involved.

They are ALL el qeada or islamic jihad !

They may have already kidnapped some people involved in my communication on .

They have threatened a young man who was interested, one I told if Jerry didn't want it he could have it.

I am worried for him and his family, they are good people .

I am keeping it.

El Qeada Platoon is a problem.

1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC, Canada. ... 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W

July 5, 2021, Modern Era.

I clarified the photo album and some photos on the right side of my Profile page.

Moved the one of me when we paved the Stewart Meziaden Hwy so long ago down a bit, I also put in the larger image when clicked.

Robert W Nelmes (Bob) Photo Album

I am at a wedding, a flash was used, why you can't see my tan.

The suit is a grey 3 piece pin stripe I purchased from Tip Top tailors as a young man.

I had a really good time.

It was the same summer I met Ramona .

More sperm and blood (DNA) family missing !

Many are children .

My intel indicates a cousin named Danbrook drove 3 of them to an extermination site .

He murdered one right away with a bullet to the head .

He purchased Ken and Sherry Mann's cabin beside the Knight cabin at Purden Mtn when I had my cabin there.

I asked him if he was related to the Listowell Danbrooks of Ontario.

He never talked to me again.

He is in Smithers right now.

He may have purchased a home and a ski cabin at Hudsons bay Mtn where he may be !

He may be at work though I am not 100% sure what he does for a living .

He may be either an insurance/investement salesman or an RCMP officer .

He is also Hells Angels Biker Gang .

1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC, Canada. ... 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W

July 6, 2021, Modern Era.

I got the Pathfinder running, gas lines fixed, no leak .

I was able to get to town and resupply, feels good .

It was so great to see so many people out smiling .

It felt so good .

I believe in moderation so I also added a case of beer, no marijuana though, not for a while .

I have decided though to replace the whole lines from the gas tank to the engine so I will have to pick up the right gas line hose .

The one I am using expands a bit more than I want, though it is holding just fine .

The expansion is probably helping the seals !

I will feel safer and more confident with the proper hose .

I won't have to stop and check every little while .

I won't be selling it for a while, it has become a project .

I have begun seperating the terminal punctuation in a sentance with a space for translator purposes !

In example : Do you understand ?

I am making it a habit .

It just seems like a good idea .

It has to do with the digital age and cross cultural communication .

Common Sense !

Supt. Ghalib Bhayani of the North Vancouver RCMP is the man who planned the attack at the Lynn Valley Library in North Vancouver .

He is El Qeada Islamic Jihad !

He is a terrorist , a mole, I do not believe he is who he says he is !

Supt. Ghalib Bhayani is Pakistani Secret Service working against Canada , USA , North America and our people .

He murdered 3 RCMP officers at Golden Ears Park who were investigating the attack plus some witnesses !

Just as a fraudulent Constable Niazi I crossed paths with in Smithers on October 5 is a mole for el qeada niazi khan.

He murdered Constable Stephens in an Afghanistani jail cell and stole his identity .

Where is the real terorist who attacked the Lynn Valley Library ?

Is he at a terrorist camp in New Zealand holding a gun on innocent nordic whites ?

My intel indicates someone watching my computer said : " Bob knows what we did . "

Supt. Ghalib Bhayani may be at the Abbotsford Sihk Temple today learning how to arm a nuclear weapon from the El Qeada armorer .

The armorer is the bin Laden who was at MSA in 2004 at the same time as myself when I was setup .

I gave a copy of my book " What if your head isn't Empty ? " .

They are arming some nuclear weapons with Automatic Activation Devices from the old Fraser Valley Skydive Center, they got them from Norm Forbes, the old owners locker, probably in Chilliwack !

They are the ones that on the student gear we used .

Many of those that were at that DZ have not been friends of mine for a long time .

My book had my signature in it also so they may be using a transparency of it also, maybe on fraudulent immigration papers .

That is in addition to the transparency the stole from my computer .

They are printing the stolen sigs off from documents they are stealing .

They are likely using them on fake adoption papers of grand children of mine and others, our cousins !

A girl at Social Development in Smithers here just indicated " He knows what we are doing . "

She is watching me type also .

It is an illegal feed she is using .

Apparently their El Qeada platoon paid for it .


The manager of no frills in Smithers is telling a redhead that works there, one without a lot of life experience that he is taking her into detention after work today.


There is no such thing as detention, it is slavery and murder by terrorists.

He is an el qeada platoon LEADER .

Protect her and others like her.

They have a list they put together yesterday .

She is a redhead, possibly of Amish stock !

She needs help form her family, especially previous special forces soldiers !

She may be one of their daughters !

The authorities are not going to help her, or they will pretend to take her to safety when they would be taking her to her slavery .

She was the one who was stacking the carrier boxes at the casheirs when I was buying my groceries yesterday .

A fraudulent mole Const. Niazi is telling her the same thing, he is El Qeada, he transports to extermination. He is a TERRORIST .

My internet connection with my ZTE stick has been shut off, re : Canadian Forces Orion, they requested the duty .

Why ? Is it connected to threats of 711 , tomorrow ?

My internet has been re-activated !

Way to many white nordics have been going missing from No Frills .

A real war is going on .

Heads Up !

A native drug and alchohol councilor is El Qeada Platoon Native.

He is very dangerous to the native and white community.

He was sitting on a bench when I was getting a photo near the dugout canoe at the library a few years ago.

He targets Wetsuwetzen and white loggers !

He threatened the contractors cleaning up Km 14 road, the one I call Raspberry Lane, that leads to my upper trail head .

Be advised : This is happening all over North America and elsewhere right now !

Keep your head up and eyes open they are targeting for today and 7 11 !


Not a drill, not a game .

A container was delivered to the Catholic Parish .

Possibly by a trucker from Haney, possibly son of man from Haney that was on Cherry Blossom Cruise with me so long ago.

Sihk are using part of the parish as a temple .

High Probability a nuclear device is inside with timer going !

Also probably weapons in event bomb does not go off .


60 to 100 high yield Canadian made nuclear weapons ( bombs ) 160 mile wide blast each at Abbottsford Sihk Temple in BC , Canada .

Grapefruit size and pool ball size !

Recently delivered .

Also two volley ball size 10 m wide, one in Smithers .

40 destined for Vancouver Temple .

All to be distributed further to bombs already placed in N. America, Canada and USA and elsewhere .

Trucker at 4620 hunter place to leave tomorrow to pick up for distribution.

Start of Rolling Thunder as they call it, what they have been trying to do for so long, beginning with 7 11 .

My intel from their ops room, ops office is " He has it right " .

1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC, Canada. ... 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W

July 7, 2021, Modern Era.

Regarding Legal Issues .

See : Legal Need to Know on my Profile Page .

Please understand : I have done nothing wrong !

Karim Khan, better known as the Agha Khan, believes I am stealing his thunder this morning .

8:32 pm

I was just reading about an arson fire at the United Church in Spruceland subdivision in Prince George , BC , Canada today .

I went to young peoples at that church, I grew up in that area, I went to Spruceland Elementary.

CSIS, RCMP and Canadian Military know it as does US Miltary and CIA !

My painting called " Sadie Hawkens Dance " is set at that location when two girls asked me to dance at the same time in grade 7 .

My intel indicates that after it was set a man went to the 5th Ave Mosque on 5th and Foothills Blvd .

He may very well be from the 5th Ave Sihk Temple across from Spruceland shopping center around the corner .

It was set by El Qeada, Baba Khalsa, and Islamic Jihad, it is a Muslim Brotherhood Mosque , which also give sanctuary to El Qeada and Islamic Jihad .

They had two of my grand children there as captives for a while before transhipment overseas , a girl and a boy , plus 3 nuclear weapons .

They are heavily into transhipment of children for white slavery and a safe haven for terrorist in the area and from elsewhere .

A man I asked " Do you need help ? " when he was stuck in the snow in the winter of 2013/2014 when I lived on Hunter Place around the corner is the man who instructed the arsonist what to do .

He lives in the nearby condo comples, the far north unit !

My intel indicates they may be trying to blame white people, ie : Catholic, white neo nazi or freemen, etc like they did in Philidelphia .

In Philidelphia the Sihk's did it, the shooting, everything, then shot the white young man and blamed him .

The Sihk girl who survived was shot by her own father as where the other Sihks, shot by their own relatives .

The subsequent shooting was also done by Sihk Baba Khalsa !

They are painting our wagon as the problem when they are the self described " Evil Ones " .

Please Understand .

How I know this is

Above and Beyond .

The security clearance superscedes the Prime Minister, the Canadian Armed Forces Council, the President and the Joint Chiefs .

Continental and Global Security rule in this situation .

It really does .

I am not associated with CSIS or the CIA, they are National Security Services !

FYI : I was not in Smithers today and I am not associated with any office near Louis's Kitchen or in Huston, BC .

I am Canadian .

I am North American .

Does that help ?

I am original clean, normal, white nordic european DNA !

1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC, Canada. ... 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W

July 9, 2021, Modern Era.

I finally spent some of my Old Age Security savings from house sitting on something besides food yesterday.

I bought a new 100 watt solar panel and another battery yesterday .

That will give me a 140 w, 2 12v battery system for my little cabin .

I will be able to have light in my cabin when I need it now .

One of the fuel lines began to leak slightly at the gas tank in the heat so I purchased some good fuel line hose for both the fuel lines and the vacuum line .

I plan on replacing the leaking one today and the others shortly.

My Nissan Pathfinder is road worthy again, yeee hawww, wheels !

I bought a case of beer, Extra Old Stock and 200 ml of Tequila, Jose Cuervo, the other day .

It is now gone !

I believe in moderation so I have had enough toot and alchohol for quite a while .

I am staying clean .

I have been clean most of my life , 95 % of it anyway .

I believe in moderation .

When I was house sitting for my father in Chilliwack , when he was working overseas , after my mothers death of cancer ; I was squeeky clean .

He loved rum , I like tequila, but hardly buy it at all .

When I was living at the drop zone I acquired two marijuana plants from a nieghbour so I conducted an experiment .

What does one plant produce ?

I just wanted to know .

After the harvest I kept it in my trailer, I never had any intent of selling it, I was going to give it away .

Danny Luvgren knocked one day and asked for some, I gave some to him .

The next thing I knew 3/4 of the bag was gone !

All they had to do was ask .

I wonder if he and his brother David Luvgren sold it ?

I sold David my trailer at the DZ the end of March 2004 .

Who were they pretending to be ?

I have hardly done any toot since until Rural Leaf in Smithers opened .

I have done it moderately for the last year and a half .

I am back to extreme moderation .

I am not buying either for quite some time .

You know what I found out ?

My father purchased shares ( invested ) in Purden Mtn Ski Resort a long time ago when I was still in school .

He left them to me having already placed them in my name before his death .

Interesting isn't it !

Why was I not told ?

I am not incompetent .

Is that why some children of others who also invested in it didn't want me there, the Knights, Buchanan's, Muir ?

Will it really become my hobby ski hill ?

Thank you mom and dad : Family Tree

Here is a photo I took yesterday .

Me, Robert W Nelmes (Bob) July 8 2021

Legal Need to Know .

I am sitting at that table right now !

I am at my cabin .

I am not at the Storknest breakfast nook .

I haven't stayed there in 4 years .

Guess What ?

I changed the fuel line from the engine to the gas tank .

Worked like a charm , no problemo , no leaks .

I decided to replace the return line from the fuel injection system and when I tried to turn the clamp the copper connection to the tank broke .

Now I have to find out which part it is , order it , get some penetrating oil, the right tool and replace it .

It is the return connection to the Fuel Sending Unit .

I found one on the internet .

Now to see if I can get it out and see if I can weld a piece on or order a new one .

So funny !

Piece by piece I will get it going .

It has a good engine .

The Telus bill for my stick and my smart phone can wait !

I was going to pay for it today with my new bank card .

The old one expired .

I found a fuel sending unit on the internet so I know where to get one if I need one .

I will also try Lordco and the wreckers !

Maybe Zarko Manik has one in Quesnel, he owns the wreckers there, maybe the wrecker here can get it then .

I went to school with Zarko, we both graduated from PGSSS in 1973 .

I was able to get a passenger door window from him for my Ford Focus .

He better be ok , I liked Zarko, he was funny .

1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC, Canada. ... 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W

July 10, 2021, Modern Era.

I am trying a fix on my fuel sending unit, if that does not work then I should be able to have a copper fitting welded on .

I have some pictures but I am only going to upload them if it works.

I will know on Monday , if not you might see me on my bike .

I have also heard on the grapevine that my Guarenteed Income Supplement ( GIS ) was supposed to be deposited in my bank account on Friday .

I wonder if it is there or if it was intercepted also !

If it was intercepted, then it is an inside job .

It is also time everyone knew something that has occurred .

A few years ago the Federal Government of Canada and the RCMP went to the Supreme Court of British Columbia to have my evicted from my home .

I did not know about it .

They used my name .

The Supreme Court of British Columbia awarded the a section of land to me !

The Wetsu'wetzen were consulted and allowed it, knowing me, knowing the situation .

It is just a hunk of rock anyway, it doesn't bother the trap lines or the salmon .

I have already decided that they will get the land and any buildings in my will .

The Federal Government then took it to the Federal Supreme Court, again without me knowing it .

They upheld the British Columbia Supreme Court decision .

The British Columbia Supreme Court mailed me the paperwork to process it and the Post Office was instructed to hold it for me .

They did this a minimum of 3 times, I still have not received it .

It has been stolen each time, an inside job .

The Federal Government of Canada is intentionally preventing me from receiving it .

That is a felony, even for them !

Apparently, members of org crime have gotten their hands on the documents and have tried to process them as if they were me .

One even from Thialand .

The BC Supreme Court Judge was introduced to a fake who tried to transfer it to the bin Ladens .

All are fraudulent .

I am the man who has lived here for 6 years, I built the cabin, I am the one with a plan, I am the one developing it .

It is not recreational land, not tenure, it is deeded to me !

I will not owe tax until one year after I process the paperwork when I receive it, if there is any .

There are not services where I am at all .

I am a naturally born western Canadian, a born British Columbian, why I was awarded the land .

My direct ancestors were here when British Columbia joined Confederation .

I live on it , I am developing it .

There is no dead line .

The land became mine the moment the decision was made, the paperwork is a formality that has not occurred yet, though the land is still mine .

My not receiving it is not my fault .

Contract Law !

I did not intend this in 2015, it really was survival and a safe bed with no money at all, only $350 Canada Pension Plan at the time .

I turned it into an adventure on my website in order to keep a smile on my face , it has been very hard .

I lived on that until I received my Old Age Security last year, no GIS yet though ; I still have to check the bank .

I was denied everything else .

It is my home, my safe bed .

I am the only born Canadian in this valley .

The Wasers are from Switzerland, Eugene is from Switzerland, Bill Mix is from the USA and I just learned that David Doherty is likely from the USA also .

David Doherty is house sitting at Bills place on Hankin Road now .

Apparently there are warrents out for his arrest for multiple and/or mass murder, possibly on both sides of the border.

Heads Up !

We are not friends anymore , members of my family , Canadian and American , are missing .

Heads Up ! URGENT

The young Canadian Tire employee who helped me with a battery for my pathfinder may have been sent to Midway Island in fraudulent detention/training .

Is his name Sam ?

It is being treated as a Canadian Government operation there .

It is not detention or Escape and Evasion, it is something else , not good, everyone going there goes missing .

A redhead from Smithers may also be missing, one who lived across from Sue on HBM road !

She may have been taken there also under false pretense, like everyone else .

He is supposed to be at work !

He is supposed to be with his family !

If true, what is going on ?

That is a very dangerous place, not a holiday .

A lot of people have died there .

Where are his parents ?

They are in grave danger too !

They need help !

They are my family DNA !

I found out that Danbrook, he himself admitted it , has murdered 1500 people himself .

Was he camp commander at Midway Island, a Canadian Gov fraudulent Detention Escape and Evasion location ?

Are they clandistine operations by corrupt elements within the system ?

He also admitted to shooting people from his quarters there !

My intel indicates he may be a Sgt. in the RCMP !

If my nephew Stephen Tyler Hanison-Nagel is missing ( my sister Carrie's son ), then Danbrook and others may have nailed him to the wall of a cabin at Purden Mtn Ski Resort and then burned it down .

Someone watching me type just replied ' shit, he knows . ' .

If Brody Dorer is missing then his room mate at UBC killed him, was Pardeep Jaswall his room mate ?

My intel indicates his body was discovered on south Marine Dr near UBC a few years ago .

He is the son of Jaz Jaswall, a man who bears a striking resemblance, even with the same university degree as Osama bin Laden .

He used to own 4629 Hunter Place in Prince George, BC, Canada, where I used to rent a suite .

I wonder if they are related ?

Current Intel :

Pardeep is at Midway Island holding a gun on people of my DNA !

He is NOT a real officer in the Canadian Military, he is baba khalsa El Qeada !

Like so many others in that fraudulent operation .

1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC, Canada. ... 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W

July 10 morning, 2021, Modern Era.

I purchased some EcoFriendly casting epoxy in order to try making my own dentures .

I want to overlay them over my teeth .

I had them prepped for caps 12 years ago, but it never got completed .

I was being over charged and they weren't even done yet, not enough money .

They were removing all the enamel, everything .

They have deteriorated since , I am poor .

The two front teeth were damaged eating hard chocolate .

I try not to open my mouth much or smile with my mouth open .

For real .

I am going to try making my own .

I tried a little bit on the Fuel Sending Unit but it would not get hard at all .

I am not pleased with the product so I am going to return it and recommend they not stock it .

I have used a lot of epoxy in my life repairing down hill skis , I know how to use it , how it cures !

I think I will try something like Steal Stick or J B Weld on the fuel sending unit, I'll just have to ride my bike in to get it .

I know Home Hardware has epoxy that will work, it did 16 years ago anyway .

1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC, Canada. ... 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W

July 10 afternoon, 2021, Modern Era.

My laptop is now on Network 37 !

I have a house hold of 1 .

Boy, there is a lot of people watching what I am doing .

I wonder, do I get the boot up last on the computer and software ?

I need a new joystick for my Microsoft Flight Sim, mine has no rudder .

I am really looking forward to downloading the new one as soon as I can have cheaper data .

I am not pleased with my Telus stick, the data usage charges are way too high .

I have hardly used it and I already have a $50 Canadian Data Usage surcharge, the previous month was high also .

I will still be able to use it when I am roaming though, I'll just have to activate it .

I am going to cancel it as soon as I get to town .

I am going to switch to Xplore net satellite as soon as I can .

They have an office in town.

I have enough electricity now and I will have more soon with more batteries and another 100w solar panel .

Hopefully by winter I will have 2-3 and 4 batteries plus a generator .

There are threats for 7 11 this year, 20 year anniversary of 9 11 .

That is tomorrow .

I wonder what bin Laden, baba khalsa, the Sedari 7 and the Khan Foundation are up to, they planned 9 11 though now they have help from others .

Apart from mission creep related to fraudulent Escape and Evasion training, Terrorist Camps and interrogations, they are deadly, I am betting it will be quiet .

I am still trying to have them all shut down .

They have nothing to do with process improvement or continental, national or area security .

Some hard working professionals have a very good handle on the nuclear threat though suicide nukes are still possible .

They have really impressed me .

Kudos !

I did not have lunch with anyone today !

My intel indicates Brad Stewart is likely storing weapons for el qeada baba khalsa at his west vancouver home.

Who's name is it in ?

I was not at any lunch with anyone in Smithers today, I am at my cabin .

How did Pardeep Jaswal from Hunter Place where I lived for a while and DP Todd High School get a copy of the Microsoft Flight Sim that I gave my nephew Brody Dorer !

I know he didn't buy it .

Was he really my nephews roommate at UBC ?

How did that happen ?

Did he get the joystick too !

Why I purchased a new copy of Flight Sim one when I lived on Hunter Place !

I wonder, was Jas Jaswal ever at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Disco in Hong Kong when I was on my way home from Sri Lanka ?

Or was it a cousin, or a double ?

Does his uncle live in Golden ?

I met two beautiful girls there and a man who looked like him sat down with us .

Who was it ?

I believe it was a bin Laden !

I believe he is in Smithers right now .

He is not my friend, he is a card carrying terrorist, a drug lord still conducting war .

1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC, Canada. ... 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W

July 11, 2021, Modern Era.

Network 38 this morning .

It is a felony !

Why are NC3 and Canadian Communications Sqd doing this ?

I am not a threat to anyone .

I have Free and Cleared .

For those who wonder why I have mentioned a few people in my journal .

It is self defense .

They have threatened my life, more than once .

The authorities know it .

They are very dangerous .

I want them to know I know !

It is safer for me .

They are not false accusations .

They are simple statemetents of truth .

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1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC, Canada. ... 54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W

July 11 afternoon, 2021, Modern Era.

I am going to make a ' Den Wall ' for my site .

I am going to use my original photo of my degree so I have changed it on my profile page .

I love the one with the feather in my cap, I will still be using it also, it is the same degree !

I am still waiting for my Masters, MBA, I do not have it yet, though, apparently, SFU conferred one on me !

Some items I have and can have framed and display :

BBA Simon Fraser University. BBA Simon Fraser University. Chairman, Canadian Cancer Society Campaign, Chilliwack. Cascadian Footbal Camp Award, Wenatchee Washington. Bob Buqour Memorial Star Crest Award. 8 Way. Palliative Care . Drayton Valley Players Award. I was the Stage Manager. Special Olympics Swimming Coach. Chilliwack Times, Nelfam Publishing.

Now to fit them in on my profile page .

Bob Nelmes 1t (15K) Robert Wayne  Nelmes Bobby Grade 1 Robert Wayne Nelmes Bobby Grade 2
Robert W Nelmes (Bob, Bobby), BBA ~ click for profile.

Robert W Nelmes (Bob) June 5 2021 t (37K)

Single, Straight, White, Nordic, Blue Eyed, Male, Never Married, Right Handed, Type O Negative Blood, Born Oct. 9, 1955.

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