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My Journal
Serendipitous Synchronicity

The whole truth and nothing but the truth ! ~ Most Recent Entry

2021 ~ January to March ~ April ~ May ~ June 1

June 1, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

My heart is so broken.

Attack upon attack upon attack.

Nothing is fixed !

Everything is Wrong !

June 2, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

Worked on the trail down the steep rocky section of Black Diamond Trail .

Went down to get under my Pathfinder today.

Checked the gas line but also discovered more erosion in the frame itself by the right rear wheel and a little on the left.

My Pathfinder is not road worthy anymore.

The engine is good and if I knew how to weld and had access to the equipment I would be fine, but I don't.

I think it is time to give it up for scrap somehow.

Jerry and his brother the woodcutters might want it for the engine and parts, they will have first dibs.

If not I could jury rig a gas line from a gas can to the fuel line and get it to the junkyard.

I am not going to leave it in the bush.

Time for a new inner tube for the bike and since I don't need to fix up the Pathfinder maybe I can afford a brush cutter now.

When my GIS ( Guarenteed Income Supplement ) arrives I can think of buying another beater.

I applied for it the same time I applied for my Old Age Security, I am 65 and a half now.

They should have had all the information then to make a decision.

It should have showed up then also.

I supplied more information in Feburary, nothing they did not already know and it still is not here with no letters of advisement either.

What is wrong ?

I think it is more than covid-19 delays.

It should be going to the same bank account as my CPP and my Old Age Security.

It should be the full amount from Nov 27, 2020 to the present.

That should be around : $7,000.00 to the present date.

I wonder if it will ever show up ?

If stolen it would have to be an inside job.

Someone with a government computer.

A jihadi, el qeada, pakistani/indian pirate would say " hmmm, he knows how we are doing it. Quote unquote ".

He probably has connections to a man in the Liberal Cabinet, one possibly in communications, tech or immigration, social development.

Interesting isn't it ?

How many people are getting my GIS ?

I know I'm not.

A never before published picture of me climbing my first tree.

Believe it or not I had a deja vu today about being on that branch.

I saw a tree and branch just like it.

I know exactly what I was thinking, how I was feeling.

It was so wonderful.

We lived at Plack Point near Powell River, BC at the time.

My father, Edgar Norman Nelmes ( Ted ) and mother Sylvia Charlotte Nelmes ( Evans ) were building a little house for us to live in.

Blackpoint Climbing Tree BBA Simon Fraser University.

My older brother Teddy is above me.

My mothers mother, my grandmother Mabel May Cameron ( Maiden mame Platt, first husband Evans )

June 3, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

Quiet day most of the day.

Began making two more smaller benches.

Need to get to town and get the inner tube, some nails and check on the camera cord at The Source again.

I began a file for receipts, first in are The Source and Home Hardware.

My Deep Cycle Battery charged up fine today and so did my laptop.

I have decided to look for a Generator also to keep the battery topped up and a few other things.

I will also be looking for another solar panel and controller.

Updating some info on my Profile page live from my log cabin on the hill above Dennis Lake Recreation Site near Smithers, British Columbia, Canada.

4:41pm June 3, 2021 with my ZTE Telus Internet Stick

I am off grid completely, cool aye !

I am not anywhere else, guaranteed !

See Contact and Location information on my Profile page also.

Just so you all know I have added something to my Security Clearence Information.

It is all you need to know.

  • Security Clearance :
  • Above and Beyond.

    Free: Clean and Cleared.

    I am the only one to ever pass the USA Confirmation Process.

    I am a naturally born Canadian.

    Born and bread.

    June 4, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    I was going to do a map today of the trails I am going to blaze but I am a little sad.

    June 5, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    Yeeee Hawww, I made a serendipitous discovery yesterday.

    I have not been able to find a charger cord for my Nikon Coolpix camera.

    I bought one that didn't work from The Source.

    I won't have to take my camera with me when I return it with the receipt.

    I discovered that the charger cord for the ZTE Blade A3 Smart phone works with the camera plugged into an electrical supply not the laptop !

    Yeee Hawww, photos soon !

    Just so you know :

    The following is my new phone numnber. Please do not call me .

    That includes my brother and sister.

    I have not given it to anyone and have not made any calls from it yet.

    My cell number is 1-250-877-8266 .

    It is a Telus number.

    A man I knew in high school used to work for Telus in mobility, Ron Musa.

    He has not been a friend for a long time.

    If anyone has received a call from this number then is is fraudulent.

    If anyone has answered at that number then they are fakes !

    FYI :

    The dock at Dennis Lake Recreation Site is gone right now, it has been pulled out of the water to be repaired.

    New photo today below and new right thumb print.

    Robert W Nelmes (Bob) June 5 2021 right thumb

    June 7, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    For those who do not know this website is my hobby.

    For anyone who has followed my journal my cabin is survial, not heaven on earth.

    It is not my chosen lifestyle, it just happened.

    I am not a hermit, I love people.

    Worked on a couple of benches this morning and since I don't have my brush cutter yet I made a whipper snapper.

    It is a stick with a sharp blade on the end I can use like a golf club to cut grass and brush.

    I found another hole in my inner tube, the bear punctured it twice.

    I patched it again and voila, I have a bike again.

    Gorilla glue and old inner tube works fine !

    For those who do not know, my 1995 Nissan Pathfinder is not road worthy anymore so I am not driving it.

    I have not since I bought groceries last at No Frills in Smithers.

    I have my bike again though, a healthy lifestyle.

    I still do not have my GIS so when I do get it I will look for a new vehicle.

    Things are pretty difficult right now.

    I have to get a new printer so I can get my lawsuit underway.

    That will keep me busy.

    I have to sue some doctors, Northern Health and the RCMP.

    It revolves around events between 2004 and today.

    It will lead elsewhere also !

    Should prove interesting.

    I have deleted my vimeo account.

    Guess What ?

    I can get to the Canadian Tire site but I can't get to anywhere else on the site.

    My computer system is now on Network 16.

    I don't like our government very much at all right now.

    June 9, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    Started on the front trail today.

    I am also clearing around raspberry bushes.

    I am back using my machette.

    Boy do I have a lot of wild raspberries.

    Raspberry's, Raspberry pancakes, Raspberry Jam, Raspberry Snapps, Raspberry Champagne.

    June 10, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    Worked on the trail, cleared some raspberries.

    Repaired my stove pipe and roof.

    Having onion rings.

    Came up with some great ideas.

    June 11, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    Put in 5 hours on the trail and some more raspberry bushes.

    Found another treasure trove today.

    I will tackle them tomorrow or this afternoon.

    I had to climb back up to the cabin to move the solar panel into the prevaling sunshine for the afternoon.

    Boy am I itchy !

    Some of the plants I am wading through can be quite nasty.

    Everytime I look at the patches of raspberry's I am cultivating my mouth drowls.

    They are worth it.

    June 12, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    For those who do not know :

    My website, this website, of which my journal is one page, has been on the internet for 11 plus years now.

    Finished the upper half of Black Diamond Trail.

    I have added a page for the trail in my Photo Series section.

    Black Diamond Trail

    I still have to put some steps in at the creek and rake the lower section.

    I was going to do that today but it is raining.

    For an example of one of the raspberry patches.

    Black Diamond Trail

    June 13, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    Got the lower half of Black Diamond Trail raked and put some primitive steps in by the creek.

    Took some new photos and added them to the Black Diamond Trail page in the Photo Series section.

    It has a photo of the real ' Medicine Tree ', FYI : The Devils Club Plant is poison.

    Black Diamond Trail

    June 14, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    I realized this morning I had not put " The Adventures of Bob ' back up on my site.

    Here it is, though I still have to add a lot.

    It is just a condensed biography.

    There is still a lot missing, higher priorities.

    The Adventures of Bob

    I have also placed it on my writing page.

    June 16, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    You know, I wonder if my Guarenteed Income Supplement will arrive this month ?

    I still have not received it and it should have been with my first Old Age Security payment on Nov. 1, 2020.

    They asked for more info and I supplies that.

    It is now June 16, 2021, it still has not arrived in my Bank Account.

    When I last went to Canada Service they had no answer for me at all, just a question " Do you get your mail ? "

    I told her I had not received a letter at all.

    She didn't say anything else.

    No answer at all.

    I wonder if it will be there this month.

    It is supposed to be going to the same account as my CPP and OAS.

    I so wanted to wave the flag about our system, but alas I cannot.

    Everything is wrong.

    When it does show up it had better be the full amount owing Nov. 1, 2020 to the present !

    They should understand one of the courses I took for my 4 year Degreee in Business Administration from SFU was " Contract Law ".

    It is the same course they take at Law School.

    It matters.


    You can scroll up and down on the page.

    June 17, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    Cleaned out the firepit today, looks good.

    Started a small deck for the Garden Terrace ( Viewpoint ).

    I am going to place a table with an umbrella on it !

    Reflection Photo Fire pit Start of new deck

    June 20, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    Guess what I did ?

    I was cleaning my pendent and accidently threw the little carving off the porch.

    pendentt (29K)

    It is there so I am doing a grid search today.


    I already lost my lower right molar on the hill here where my tent was in 2015.

    I still want to get a metal detector so I can find the amalgam in it.

    I pulled it out complete with my fingers when I lived at my cabin at Purden Mtn Ski Resort after the worst tooth ache I have ever had.

    Foundation, 3015 Purden Ski Hill Rd, my old cabin. 3015 Renovations
    It burned down on Sept. 19, 2012.

    I am going to get them both back again, come heck or high water.

    It is a beautiful sunny sunday and there is not one canoe, not one kayak, not one fisherman, not one paddle board at Dennis Lake Recreation Site.

    No one.

    It is so odd !

    June 21, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    Alpha and Omega .

    The first and the last.

    The born identity .

    I was born on Oct. 9, 1955 .

    The sign of Libra .

    It is the 7th house of the astrological chart .

    The 7th house is the scales, the sign for Balance.

    The sign of Omega . d

    June 23, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    Raining lightly today.

    Riding my bike 60 km two ways and then running around town I have been petrified of loosing my wallet.

    I have an old DVD player case with enough room for the smart phone, money, debit card, drivers license, camera, subglasses so I put the shoulder strap from my brief case on it and threw it over my shoulder.

    It works really well.

    No more shallow pockets, no more worry.

    I rode my bike into town yesterday, my tube repair didn't hold and I got a flat tire in town and the lower gears on my bike stopped working.

    I dropped it off at McBikes and got a ride all the way home hitchhiking.

    Felt good.

    Bought a few things to repair the gas line on the Pathfinder, lots of bug spray and some ant bait.

    I also bought some hoagies and buns and pigged out yesterday.

    Boy were they good.

    The gas line on the Pathfinder is fixed to the best of my ability.

    Now to make sure it works !

    I have to wait until the battery I have has enough charge to haul down there and start it up.

    I plan on buying a new battery for it and another solar panel if I can get it going.

    The frame will be safe for what I need.

    If the frame breaks I will drive it to the wreckers.

    My next trip to town is a large expenditure, a lot of grub and goodies plus essentials to buy.

    I saved my old age security over the winter housesitting so I am trying to spend it wisely.

    I need things like a generator, gas cans, clothing/food bins, printer, another gas can, improvements on my solar generation equipment, two new water tanks.

    I have my fingers crossed.

    I also wnat to get a really good tarp this year, one that will last two years if necessary.

    I still cannot find the rolled roofing I need.

    I will need to order it in at the same time as flex grout for outside log chinking.

    I have a couple more benches, half size, to paint.

    They can be used individually and combined with the other bench to make a double bed.

    I am using the old bed as two small table for the Garden Terrace Deck View Point and the porch.

    I can buy a new bed.

    After that I will be able to start on the extreme trails to the ridge in addition to an easy one.

    Thought of the Day :

    I can confidently say I am a good honest man because I have learned from the past

    June 24, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    The Further Adventures of Pathfinder .

    It turns out their were two lines broken, I must have patched the air line.

    I took my battery down today and started it no problem, gas leak still there.

    I was however able to isolate it so now there is no mistake which one.

    They both have to be fixed anyway plus I found an electrical line broken that I can replace.

    I found a matching spare multiple line I can use from old computer cable.

    June 25, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    I got the gas line fixed and started it up this morning, sounded great.

    I got out went back and took a look.

    There is another leak in the same inaccesable area !

    How many gas lines are there ?

    The question becomes, do I replace all the lines ?

    I am leaning towards no, I have had enough.

    I do not want to risk it anymore.

    Time for a new used vehicle.

    I will have to find a way to get it to the auto wreckers.

    A little truck, suv or something .

    The Guarenteed Income Supplement should help a lot if it ever arrives.

    Until then I have my bike.

    I am going to keeps my eyes open for a bike trailer to.

    I have decided to give it another try.

    All I need is more tubing for two more lines, clamps and inline hose to hose adaptors.

    I can change the one I put on and add two more if necessary.

    I might as well fix them one by one.

    Next trip !

    June 26, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    No man or soul over me and mine !

    I am subordinate to no one !

    No one is superior to me !

    I follow no man !

    I stand by those I agree with !

    I DO NOT stand by, believe in, belong to, follow or serve

    The Illuminati, Kabbalah, Bilderburg, Skull and Bones, The Society of Knights of the Round Table, Opus Di, Vatican, Scientology, Neo Nazi, Odessa, Sudairi Seven, Muslim, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, Babar Khalsa(el qeada), Sihk, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, Jehova's Witness, Buddhist, Falun Gong or any Religion, Cult, Secret Society, Monarchy, Masonic, Knights Templar, Freemason, Oddfellow, Scottish Rights, political party, terrorist or criminal organizations, etc.

    I never will .

    I am a good, honest man .

    They are the Anti-Bob club .

    Now, back to the future.

    I got some of the deck done, framed out anyway.

    Now to cut some logs in half and fit them on.

    I am sort of enjoying the heat wave.

    I got a notch done today.

    The view point, the trails I am planning.

    I can leave something behind for everyone.

    I even want to build a yacht club.

    You know, small sailboats.

    I need one first, so that is a priority.

    In the meantime, maybe I'll get rich without the gov stealing it.

    I just added to my Food for Thought page .

    Food for Thought

    June 27, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    I'm on Network 28 now.

    I am a single man with a connection to the internet from a Lenovo B575 laptop computer and a ZTE Internet Key .

    There is no one with a computer closer than 9 km .

    I was playing some music the other night and got really into it, it is fun winging it.

    I need to get some pics of the upper trail with all the willow's hanging, two more single log bridges to build.

    Some planks to make for the deck.

    I need to tend to the raspberry bushes.

    It was so serene with the sun and the heat yesterday that I stopped using the chain saw early and decided to make it a chainsaw free weekend.

    I plan on being as productive as yesterday.

    10:51 am

    Still doing nothing.

    So much to do.

    3 days and a wakeup and it will be July 1st.

    Canada Day.

    I was on July 1st in 2004 when I had a dream about a sculpture.

    17 years ago now.

    I was thinking about how I needed a visual aid, a teaching tool, a means of explaining something.

    Sculptures, Theory of Everything.

    It is connected to ancient Celtic symbolism for the wheel of life.

    We have been around a long time.

    June 29, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    Trying a new stream for my digital videos, first one up is " Dream Weaver ".

    Dream Weaver

    I will be slowly adding the simple paintings, message and music.

    Watch to your hearts content, build a library, maybe it will make a good baby sitter !

    It should also be downloadable, though still belongs to me.

    Meaning, you cannot use it to make money !

    It is on my original google drive for my creativemilkproductions/Rwnelmes_ca account .

    I have a lot of free storage space, so lets see what happens !

    Maybe it will work fine, they can't add advertising there not without my permission.

    I can't even get it to upload to my google drive at all.

    I do know it arrived on someone else's computer though !

    Not where it was supposed to go, that is a major crime in todays world.

    That is the mail, the financial system !

    I just shake my head.

    I still can't get it to upload so here is one that was already up there.

    Sole of Foot Music Video.
    Soul of Foot

    It is a tribute to my mother and father, my DNA, my outlook on life.

    The photo is one of them when they were younger, after we were grown, on their way again, consulting overseas.

    Watch it on a bigscreen !

    I was 56 years old.

    You can see some originals in the footage, My Pocket Guide, my book " What if Your Head Isn't Empty ? "

    My Molsons Pro Team Race Competitor mugs.

    My purple and yellow skydive logbook is even in the footage I believe.

    My parents both died of cancer in Chilliwack.

    Here is another one, it is the intro I was going to use for my Ski Bum Grub Time episodes.

    Ski Bum Grub Time

    It is better on the big screen.

    June 29, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    I still cannot upload anything to my google drive.

    I discovered I had already uploaded it to another folder.

    Here it is .

    Dream Weaver
    Dream Weaver

    It is also the only one working on my videos page.

    Music Videos ~ Creative Milk Productions, compositions using my art, my music and loves.
    Creative Milk Productions

    Here is another one.

    Trees of Knowledge.
    Trees of Knowledge

    Also now working.

    June 30, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    In Smithers seeing if my bike is ready.

    Crossed paths with a mother grizzley and two cubs on my trail this morning.

    I thought it was a black bear since the cubs were so dark, but when she poked her head up above the foilage there was no doubt.

    I had my bear spray but I didn't need it, I backed off, went up to the cabin and got my camera.

    It was necessary to go back down the same trail so they know it is just me.

    They were gone, though I called out ' Yoo Hooo ' as I walked down the trail.

    It is a sound they relate to me, my smell, my look.

    No problemo.

    I just have to be very careful climbing up and down.

    They are welcome, I just hope they don't get all the raspberries.

    Picked up my bike, McBikes did a great job !

    I was going to stay the night at the Fireweed for a holiday but they wouldn't give me a room.

    There were no cars in the parking lot but they said they were booked up.

    As I left the girl said " It is easy to say no to you. "

    What did I do ?

    I've spent over a thousand dollars at that motel.

    I went to Canada Service to enquire about my Guarenteed Income Supplement and she didn't want to help me at all.

    They told me nothing.

    She told me it said the GIS was on hold with no explanatino, no request for anything.

    There was no mail last time I checked, I will check again as I leave town this morning.

    It is not going to be a good Canada Day.

    If my GIS is missing then it is an inside job.

    I am below the poverty line, that is what it is for !

    I went back to the post office before leaving town and nothing was there, though the post office worker behind the counter gave me two letters addressed to someone else.

    I took them back right away, still nothingh for me.

    You know what is incredible.

    The man looks like ex commissioner Royal Canadian Mounted Police Robert (Bob) Paulson except for a beard and tattoos.

    I asked him if he was related .

    He said no.

    I know there are warrents out for his arrest and no one is serving them.

    I have only recieved notices and bills from the gov in the mail for the last 6 years.

    Nothing else.

    Scroll up for Previous Entries. ~ Top of Page or Scroll Up.

    July 1, 2021, Modern Era. 1 Bobs Place, 7013 Mcdonell Forest Service Road, Top of Black Diamond Trail.

    Happy Canada Day .

    FYI :

    For those who do not know, once again, I am NOT house sitting for William Stevens Mix (Bill) on Hankin Road further up the valley at all anymore.

    David Doherty is house sitting, we are not friends.

    I am at my cabin.

    I have no association with that location anymore at all.

    My Physical Location:

    Where I live:

    1 Bob's Place, 7013, McDonell Forest Service Road, (Km 13 7000 Road), Top of Black Diamond Trail, Smithers, BC. Canada.

    Across from Dennis Lake Recreation Site turnoff.

    Click Coordinates for Google Maps: Zoom in and Out

    54 46'34.5"N 127 26'15.6"W --- or --- 54.776258, -127.437675

    Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live Where I live

    Someone flew a remote controlled drone up to my hill top this afternoon.

    It was so cool, I want one.

    They were taking a look from an angle at the cabin and the new deck for the viewpoint.

    View Point

    I went out to the deck but it had gone.

    I was hoping he would fly it up for a close up.

    I don't think it is malicious.

    They must have read my journal !

    The deck is coming along fine, I need some more canola oil for my chainsaw, I use it for the chain.

    The adaptors and crimps I bought at Evergreen were the wrong size, I even had the hose.

    The first one he picked and I tried was not to tight, it was the right size.

    The crimp is way to big for the hose.

    I have the receipt so I will ride in and exchange them as soon as I can.

    I decided to fix the gas lines on the Pathfinder.

    At least it will be road worthy then, at least until I can find a better solution.

    I need it to pick up a new printer, another battery and another solar panel so I can begin legal action against some doctors, Northern Health and the RCMP.

    I am pretty fed up, maybe I'll be suing the federal government, how do I afford to you ask, I can do it myself, I don't need to hire a lawyer.

    I represent myself, I take my own council, I use my own knowledge, I don't need to hire a lawyer or expert advise, I know the truth.

    They have to prove me wrong and they cannot, I can prove I am right !

    No way to find out about my Guarenteed Income Supplement is a problem.

    I quess I will have to write them a letter.

    Maybe that will require a law suit also !

    After 20 years, 12 years since I started this website :

    Nothing is fixed, everything is wrong.

    You know, I wrote the RCMP ITCU (present NC3), Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, MI5, MI6 and Interpol ( International Police ) in 2009.

    My site was not showing up on, " The wayback machine ".

    It indicated a crime of international scope.

    Other .ca sites registered that month were on there, mine was not.

    Why ?

    It was on the net.

    It was a sign that something was wrong, my site was being intercepted, preventing their robot from finding it.

    How does anything else find it ? In Example : Google, etc.

    When I had it recorded it all the time, the whole site, not just a bit of information from the home page.

    I got an answer back from the RCMP, R. R. Romnyiak, " ... It must be a hacker . "

    CSIS sent one saying it must be Microsoft .

    MI5 sent one saying it wasn't their responsibility, they were domestic.

    When I wrote it I knew it was the ITCU .

    They were the hackers.

    I know some people sent me email in 2009 while I lived in Smithers, I received NONE !

    Youtube was recording my hits when it should not have since I am the device/account of origin.

    I only received the one from the man who took my picture wing skiing, it wasn't regarding my website at all.

    I have had no recourse at all.

    They stole my life, all the stats are wrong and faked by them.

    When I was at the RCMP Detachment in Prince George in 2010 regarding the letter from CSIS I heard a constable in back say " He doesn't like Romnyiak's stats. "

    They were faking the stats.

    I know Robert Paulson and the father of a young man I skydived with in 2002 to 4 were involved in ITCU then, 2009 and now.

    I know the RCMP gave letters and cheques from Google, Youtube to fakes !

    I know email and letters sent to me never arrived.

    I know mail sent to my box number in Smithers in 2009 and my box number at Purden ( Prince George ) never arrived.

    I know someone stole my first mailbox form number when they took it back and gave me Box 981 .

    It wasn't two different people, it was me getting my original box assigned stolen by the girl who assigned it.

    She placed it aside for someone else.

    Who ?

    Have they been using it ? I believe so !

    What a nightmare the last 16 years have been.

    Betrayed to the enemy by my own nation, my own people .

    My sperm and dna family targeted, betrayed by the same people.

    Friends betrayed.

    Nothing is fixed, everything is wrong.

    The Governments are lying .

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