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Sept 1, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : 54.776258, -127.437675

My university transcript burned in my cabin fire at Purden Mtn Ski Resort back in 2012 .

I finally got around to ordering a new one .

It is not the official one , I have to order that in another way .

It is a version in the new business school database and report format .

Mine was from the ' Faculty of Business Administration ' , I declared it when I started at SFU .

There are a few discrepencies , I was sure Finance was my last exam but it is showing up earlier , , an economics course I repeated is showing up twice and some course names are different , that is all .

I got a couple of grades mixed up but I did get 2 A's and a bunch of B's , just fine really .

I really did get an A+ in Computer Programming 1st year course , Cobol business language .

The other A wasn't Anthropology as I thought , I was so sure , it was ' History of Western Canada ' .

I didn't get a B in 4th year Finance as I thought , it was 3rd year Finance and a C+ .

In forth year I got 8 B's and 2 C+ .

I will list the course names on my profile page : the number is the year level of the course .

Understand :

My official transcript has a grade point of 2.73 but there were a couple of F's and a D skewing it in the wrong direction .

I should have taken it up with the University before I graduated , for some reason I did not , I am not stupid .

They are not representative so for a more accurate distribution that includes my two A's they must be removed .

I thereupon have a grade point of 3.3 !

My University Degree was bestowed upon me by Simon Fraser University ~ Faculty of Business Administration .

Not by Beedie Business , I am still upset they did that , renamed the faculty of business to the name of some contributor .

It is now biased towards his desires , his point of view , I may not necessarily agree with .

Evidenced by errors in the transcript .

I will be taking it up with the University .


Business Economics

Business Economics
Business Economics




Intro to Fiction
Canada since Confederation
Prgm Language 1 Cobol
Business in Society
Calculus - Social Sciences I
Intro to Anthropology

Micro Economic Principles
History of Western Canada
Macro Economic Principles
Europe 12th/Mid 16th Century
Intro to Accounting
Accounting : Structure and Methods
Organizational Behavior / Decision Making
Intro to Labor Economics

Managerial Economics
Money and Banking
Business Finance
Accounting for Management
Economics and Business Statistics I
Elementary Statistics II
Management Informations Systems I
Intro to Marketing
Industrial Marketing
Buyer Behavior
Economic Development ( 3rd World )
Micro Perspectives Organizations
Macro Perspectives Organizations
Commercial Law ( Contract )

Management Information Systems II
Promotion Management ( Consumer )
Organizational Behavior
Seminar/Administrative Policy
Personnel Management II
Organizational Development
Human Relations - Business

Until you have finished University you will never know what it feels like to have a degree .

To have a 4 year degree.

It feels so good .

I also have a year of Sciences - Physics , Chemistry , Biology , English from the College of New Caledonia in Prince George , 74-75 .

I am putting this on the internet early since it is already the 1st in Australia and New Zealand .

For those who need to know :

I am not a living soul , I am a man with a brain .

Sept 2, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : 54.776258, -127.437675

Once again ,

For those who need to know :

I am not a living soul , I am a man with a brain .

Look in the mrror ,

What you see and the brain inside is where you go when you die .

Someone here on planet earth just like you the instant of your death .

He is not you .

You won't mind .

You are him .

The same applies to girls , though , they may go to the love of their life first . 1st attraction .

Everlasting love , DNA , Personality , Like Minds , Love .

The key to where you go is your brain + dna .

The key to everlasting love .

Love really is the key to eternal love .

The girl quantum signature will always go to the boy she loves forever .

She will always , thereafter , go to the girl that he loves and loves him , always .

They are always married .

Natural Law .

It applies to loving pets to !

So Incredible .

Wonder upon wonder .

Sept 3, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail .

I just watched a new video by ' Janet Jackson ' .

Janet Jackson - Together Again

She has it right .

Kudo's Janet !

Not only together again , together always , one .

Shakira and ' Don't wait up ' with her surfing !

Shakira and ' Don't wait up '

Kudos !

Wildflower is the first movie I have been able to watch all the way through in a long time .


I really enjoyed it .

It is how I was brought up , just without sunday service .

Born to be alive , I love girls , family , friends , life .

Natural Law .

I do not like sexual predators .

I do not like murderers .

I do not like rapists .

I do not like kidnappers .

I do not like slavery .

I do not like the underworld .

I do not like organzied crime .

As the old saying goes :

' Though shalt not trespass upon me . '

' No man or soul over me and mine . '

I am not a religious man .

I am a realist .

Common Sense .

I will never accept freemasonry or devil djinn !

It is my life not theirs .

Natural Law is perfect .

I am not a living soul , I am a man with a brain .

Sept ,4 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

I am going to be busy for a while

Identity theft is a crime .

Even by the government .

My heart is so broken I cannot describe it .

Betrayed to the enemy by my own people .

Nothing is fixed .

I had thought of leaving my sculpture : ' Theory of Everything . ' to SFU .

Sculptures, Theory of Everything.

No longer .

Just so everyone knows .

  • All " Last Will and Testaments " are Null and Void effective 7:25 pm, Dec. 15, 2020 !
  • No subsequent Last Will and Testament will be legal unless the notice is on this page of my site. ~ Legal Need to Know

    0 - Zero relevant emails re: this website, my creativity , my videos , nothing , not twitter , facebook , skype , mail or communications received of any kind since May 2009 . Absolute Truth !

    It is 2:32 pm Sept 4 , 2021 .

    Now to get back to my website :

    Some new photos of my sculpture , taken today .

    Theory of Everything Sept. 9, 2021 . DSCN9871 t (25K) DSCN9872 t (26K) DSCN9873 t (26K) DSCN9874 t (26K) DSCN9875 t (26K) DSCN9876 t (26K) DSCN9877 t (25K) DSCN9878 t (25K) DSCN9879 t (26K) DSCN9880 t (26K) DSCN9881 t (26K) DSCN9882 t (26K)

    Sept ,5 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    I have come to the conclusion after 6 years that I am dealing with stupid men at the highest echelons of our Governments , Militaries and Security Services .

    They know not what they do .

    They betrayed me and mine to the enemy and gave aid to el qeada , islamic jihad , baba khalsa and muslim brotherhood on our soil .

    A little truth for you all , CSIS and the CIA gave my personal information , everything , to El Qeada and Osama bin Laden himself 20 years ago .

    They stole my identity .

    They have had me isolated technologically and by disinformation ever since .

    I will not support the decisions they are making .

    The soul of another child of my family has arrived with me , a little boy from Australia , a great grandson of George Weaver , my great uncle .

    He was murdered by people associated with escape and evasion training being conducted around the world .

    When my site did not turn up on - the wayback machine in May and June of 2009 something was very wrong .

    I notified the authorities .

    It still has not been corrected .

    They stole my life .

    It is all connected to an old website of mine , which I removed from the internet Nov , 2003 .

    I was chief cook and bottle washer in addition to writing my own editorials I called : Roberts Rules .

    Personal Archive

    Those of you seeing a different home page on a military or police server .

    It is the one on my laptop working copy directory , no where else .

    You men are cheating me of what is rightfully mine .

    It is how I feel .

    Sept ,5 Afternoon 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    I have been bucking up wood all morning .

    Went down and got the new deep cycle battery and hooked it up to the others and the solar panels .

    My pathfinder might make a couple more trips before winter so I have to plan accordingly .

    Supplies for the whole winter and winter clothes .

    I will sort the list by store .

    New ski pants and jacket are the order of the day for me .

    I have them all picked out .

    Mail order though .

    Maybe I should check out local , but my birthday is in October .

    Their stock won't be in yet , but , you never know with catalogues .

    Time for a new flight simulator joystick also .

    Visiting girls can use mine .

    Added to my Food for Thought :

    Food for Thought

    Have an enjoyable evening .

    Sept 7, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    Tomorrow I am going to paint the benches and do a table top for the deck .

    I may also start picking up all the wood I have bucked , I have two months to do it .

    Still a lot of standing dead fall , everywhere .

    Thank you pine beetle .

    The new trees are growing well , some need spacing .

    It won't be long until the hill is fresh again .

    There is still a lot of standing dead on the hill side blowing over and turning up dirt .

    I have thought of cutting the standing dead down to ensure the stumps and roots maintain the hill .

    The new trees will grow well then and hold the ground .

    Sept 8, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    This is my fav photo of myself , it reflects my real personality .

    It is candid , not posed , I just happened to look up and someone was taking the photograph .

    It was taken on May 6 , 2009 , I was 54 years old .

    I loved 2009-12 , I was in the best physical condition of my life .

    I love it .

    Sept 9, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    A beautiful sunny day here on the hill above Dennis Lake Recreation Site .

    My heart is so broken .

    I want to enjoy the sunshine so much .

    I have been attacked all night long technologically and by other means by Canada , the United States , United Kingdom , Pakistan, India , Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates and Russia , all night long , all day yesterday , all the previous night .

    The major religions , secret societies , khan foundation and royal families of our planet participating in the attack .

    It is so awful what they are doing .

    Why ?

    I just shake my head .

    Betrayed by my own christmass tree .

    Another member of my family had his testicals cut off by El Qeada in the lower mainland last night .

    He had already been kidnapped from Smithers where he and his family had moved to .

    They ate them in front of him .

    They have destroyed our country , our planet .

    4:05 pm .

    I was just attacked by masonic ghosts from homosexual neo nazi biker ganger heroin addicts .

    Apparently there was one El Qeada operative with them .

    Current intel : Osama bin Ladens 's son possibly . Likes white rimmed sunglasses .

    Just awful , out here causing a disturbance .

    I got mad at some people in the Hawaian Islands I know are connected to it , org crime .

    They started yelling up .

    I could hear them better than they could hear me .

    I explained the situation in a calm voice , not yelling .

    They never answered .

    They do it on purpose knowing they deliver incompatible sour ghosts who want to frame me .

    They threatened yesterday to open fire on me this afternoon , they have not .

    One , a man named Byers actually demanded I accept his ghost , NO , just as a nieghbour who is a Grand Master of nothing does .

    Another man , I coined ' Penis Extender ' for his 4 wheel drive he doesn't like to take off the pavement wanted to climb up and kill me .

    If a red head near or at where he lives is missing then he is a prime suspect , she may be in Stewart !! , one of their transhipment locations for white slavery , or an airport on her way to europe .

    Highly likely someone connected to bin Laden's son , possibly father , is with her , he is very dangerous , on way to France , Khan estate maybe ?.

    Is the Agha Khans son with her ? If he is then he is not telling anyone the whole truth .

    They have someone of my or her family chained in the basement of their estate .

    Who's passport is the man using ? I haven't renewed mine since London in mid 90's .

    If her brother is missing then he is the prime suspect in that also as is ' Palm Tree Tattoo ' .

    I believe he is trying to ' transfer ' her home into his name .

    I believe they have gone back to town to complain about me .

    I can't believe they are helping el qeada .

    I am going back to working around the cabin for the rest of the day and keeping my head up .

    Sept 10, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    A table I am working on for the deck .

    It still needs 2-4 stumps for seating and an umbrella .

    A table for the deck . A table for the deck . My organ .

    One has my organ on it .

    You know what I discovered this morning at around 4:00 am ?

    Microsoft itself has a man in their Seattle office watching me use HTML kit and he is interfering with it and my laptops performance , capabililty , function .

    Who has given him access to my laptop , microwave tower or satellite , I use a satellite dish connection ?

    Some functions are not working , they are using the open source nature of the software to affect it's function on my laptop , changing the code itself , by remote means also .

    Believe it or not everyone , CEO Nadella believes he is Vishnu's life on earth and is a card carrying el qeada , for real , he believes he is god .

    I know he likes the card I put on my twitter so long ago as a ruse to identify ' el qeada ' operatives .

    They read : Ali Baba's Tele Djinn ( tele djinn means telephone ghost they place inside everyone around them ) Baba Khalsa in the bottom right corner ( they know it means el qeada terrorist ).

    Apparently they started relaying my to a bin Laden last night as they have been doing for a long time .

    That is illegal CEO Nadella , perhaps I should request your records , data trails .

    Our guys in the know liked being able to identify the terrorists since they love the card ' Bobby ' made , I am Bobby Nelmes !

    Who murdered a boy who looked like me last night ?

    Sept 11, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    It has been 20 years since the day the world changed .

    We were already living in a world of no fear .

    Our world darkened that day .

    This is a song I named " Song of the Butterfly . " in memory of all the victims of 911 .

    My music :

    My Music

    It is all there , even my beginner stuff , some good , some sound great , some iffy .

    I enjoy winging it and coming up with something wonderful sometimes .

    I love music so much .

    For my grand children and my children :

    I love you to , I always will , Forever and Always .

    The Elm Tree

    Sept 12, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    New current photo with deck in background .

    Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) Sept 12 2021 DSCN9917 t (23K)

    In this profile you can see my blue eyes and my ears , it shows my right ear flat , botched operation I didn't need on both ears when I was 7 years old at St. Pauls Hospital in New Westminister, BC , Canada .

    The same operation cut the nerve for my left ear causing about 80% deafness , it is now virtually 100 % due to ultrasound exposure .

    Sept 13/14, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    The Canadian and American militaries just decided to attack me with special forces and hand me over to ishmailie sihk el qeada islamic jihad niazi khan
    neo nazi terrorists in this area to be tortured and butchered on my own property while they broadcast it live by satellite zoom cameras , HD cameras and my eyesight via the ' bib ' , national security television .

    Betrayed to the enemy by my own people .

    I have the right of self defense .

    I discovered last night that my youngest son is captive in the Tower of London , dismembered , blind , in a cell , 11 years old .

    He was screaming " I am Bob's son. " .

    I discovered the day before a grand daughter and a grand son captive by the Agha Khan Foundation in Islamabad , Pakistan , slaves .

    I am Canadian , born in Powell River , BC , Canada .

    I am North American , family on both sides of the border , United States and Canada are my family .

    Our family has been here since before Independence and before Confederation .

    They are no longer Canadian in Ottawa or American in Washington .

    Where did our countries go ?

    My heart is so broken .

    I am a skier and creative artist .

    Performance Evaluation : Keywords .

    Re :

    Canadian Armed Forces Council
    United States Joint Chiefs
    British Ministry of Defense




    It is 7:18 on the 14th and I just went out on the deck to enjoy the beautiful morning .

    The door has been closed all morning .

    As soon as I did someone at the campsite , out of sight , said " Listen to this Bob " .

    The tone and words threatening , they know who I am .

    I replied in a soft calm friendly nice voice saying good morning and invited them up to see the deck .

    There was no reply so I do not know if they heard me .

    The atmospheric conditions are such that the campsite down in the valley works like a megaphone .

    I am at the rim .

    Just so everyone knows , Dennis Lake Recreation Site does not have cell service , I do .

    Intel indicates it is a Sgt in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police off reservation .

    Possibly connected to the Hells Angels Biker Gang and Neo Nazi Odessa .

    They are helping the real insurgents , ishmailie sihk niazi khan el qeada islamic jihad muslim brotherhood islamic state .

    I wonder who is with them ?

    Current Intel indicates that my journal apparently received 3 billion views over night and increasing .

    They are not displayed by the authorities at all , when I have adv on the site , they collect it .

    I receive nothing , not even from the unauthorized broadcast of myself over the last 6 years , nothing , though it is all held in escrow in my name .

    It has been that way since May 2009 , I took my adv down the end of 2013 .

    It is a crime .

    It was apparently the same situation when I had my old site , so long ago .

    I took it off the internet in Nov. 2003 .

    Let us see what another day in a technological bubble ( metal box ) brings .

    Heads Up :

    A yellow helicopter just flew low over my cabin ! 9:20 am .

    That has never happened before .

    I am betting Canadian Military .

    I wish I had my camera to get a photo of the call numbers on the bottom .

    10:33 am .

    The helicopter flew around for a while and then landed at my 2015 campsite it seems , Roanoke , what I originally called Bunny Hill Camp .

    The right hand door was open .

    It has moved off and looks to have flew back towards town behind me at a high altitude .

    My intel indicates that a grand daughter sent me an email to last night .

    I did not receive it .

    Apparently, someone at Special Operations Group Green Berets is answering it .

    They are so blind to what is going on .

    One of their Warrent Officers has been using my identity in Smithers pretending to be General Robert W ( Bob ) Nelmes deceiving everyone who he talks to .

    He calls me , the real Bob Nelmes , Ted and Sylvia Nelmes son , on the hill above Dennis Lake Recreation Site , dangerous to them and ishmailie sihk .

    He is delusional .

    They are stealing my identity for organized crime and drug lords , for secret societes within the system working for the caliphite and the khan .

    He is helping El Qeada Islamic Jihad in this area , they weren't here in 2016/17 .

    A little secret for everyone : the unit called " Special Projects " I coined and imagined , it was about ' Process Improvement ' .

    It never formed !

    There was offer and acceptence on my part with acceptence by Canada and others also .

    The mail never arrived , it was never processed for me .

    It was intercepted and prevented from arriving by the Canadian Government more than once and then an American Neo Nazi Admiral stole the briefcase and access codes he was tasked to bring to me .

    It never arrived .

    The first project was the development of a new process , a new direction to Special Forces in the US Army , one that would replace the Green Berets .

    One that would provide a new structure for todays world and technology within the military .

    When posed with the problem by the General Staff I had a solution within minutes , they wanted to try it .

    It had nothing to do with escape and evasion or inclusion of terrorists , absolutely nothing .

    The seed for it was the United States Navy Seals which would be built upon with the right profile from all branches .

    It would have been a small foot print accomplishig a lot , everyone already the best of their branch , not a boot camp .

    There would have been no sprawling new base in this area in British Columbia , totally unnecessary .

    There is already an existing system for development of skills in North and South Carolina also untilized by Canada .

    There is no need to duplicate that , it just needs some restructuring for the 21st and the 22nd centuries .

    Much of that detail would have come out of what my brain child would have developed seperate from the branches .

    It was stolen .

    Interesting isn't it , the Master Mason crowd stealing our world for Vishnu , Kali , Chryen and St. Peter/Paul .

    My brain child was above and beyond all the boxes , everyone straight like myself , no secret societies , everyone past religion , all good people , the best profiles of our people .

    Initial profiles proximity compatible with myself , my DNA , my point of view , likeminds , base line normal !

    In their escape and evasion system that is the profile going missing , being murdered , military and civilian .

    They must be stopped , the E and E system with terrorists shut down ,they are forward operating bases for the enemy on our soil .

    Sept 15, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    Interesting this morning .

    I have near full batteries .

    Nothing to interfer with the modem and/or xplornet satellite dish .

    I have all signal lights on .

    Modem frozen .

    No internet at all .

    8:58 am

    Yeee Hawwww , cav to the rescue .

    Gods from the sky , Above and Beyond , fixed it for me .

    Thank You !

    Good Luck to the Space X crew .

    Jared Isaacman, Dr. Sian Proctor, Hayley Arceneaux, and Chris Sembroski

    Take a lot of video and pics for the rest of us .

    One day that small bubble will be a clear sky over an atrium .

    Further to yesterday , some more truth .

    I passed the United States Confirmation Process and confirmed 4 years ago .

    The job was a back dated commission ( fall 2010/spring 2011 ) as a Lt. General ( 3 stars ) in the United States Military .

    A Canadian living and working in Canada with a Commission in the United States Military .

    It began as a way for the US Military , US Navy and others to help me given the Canadian Government withholding my income and using my identity for others .

    I didn't want to just sit around so it blossomed once I gave them some solutions to some questions over the ' bib ' , prior to someone illegally broadcasting it .

    I suggested ' Special Projects ' as the name for it since I really enjoyed that aspect of my career with Amoco Canada Petroleum , myself choosing my staff, men and structure .

    They really liked the idea , so what happened ?

    The real unit has as yet not formed , I have not formally met anyone yet .

    Those intercepting everything isolating me from those I would be working with .

    The commission became a full General ( 4 stars ) at the time of confirmation , summer 2017 .

    It was raised to a Special 5 Stars in the fall of 2017 in order to operate effectively seperate from the branches during the duration of the progects .

    It has nothing to do with Escape and Evasion or Terrorists .

    It just never arrived and was never processed in the system .

    It was a Unit of " Process Improvement Specialists " that does not yet exist .

    I am proud that it was offered to me , though it never arrived .

    It represented North America , Canadian and American co-operation .

    It represented our people .

    It was a chance to try something new .

    I am the real ' Bob ' from Ops , I am just not in an Ops Room .

    I am not making this up .

    I feel it is necessary for Continential and Global Security to bring it up today in my journal .

    There are some people going around pretending to be me and my unit , they are not .

    HEADS UP Smithers area

    El Qeada Islamic Jihad Muslim Brotherhood attack imminent .

    Also applies to other locations all over North America .

    There is a high probablity they are going to use trucks and other portable means to SPRAY bio-toxin and gases .

    One main method is from truck spraying from the back , 40 ft coverage .

    Stay away , stay indoors , keep squares of cloth and cold water handy to cover your mouth if necessary .

    Keep all your doors and windows closed , shut all vents , etc .

    You know the drill , this is not the first time .

    The intel is they have already started in the outskirts of Smithers , east side of river , Driftwood etc .

    It will be fundamentalists , the 85% really do not want to do it .

    That means dangerous .

    I hope I am wrong , if nothing happens then this worked .

    Sept 16/17, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    Horror forstalled ; sporadic incidents .

    Feels good .

    Spent the day hauling stuff up from my pathfinder , now to re-arranging the inside of the cabin .

    I have some tools now and a much better electrial supply , I may even get another panel and btry .

    It feels good to be comfortable again .

    8:28 on the 17th .

    I am disseminating this information for the protection of our residents , people like me .

    Boy are the terrorists pissed off .

    The horror was abated , though the danger is not over .

    The local hospital determined anomalies from the norm with the few cases admitted .

    I will not tell you how I know this .

    The cases they have are under control , no need to panic .

    The people doing this are fundamentalists .

    In their minds they mean to kill us all any way they can .

    Some local residents did the right think telling them not to even try , a form of self defense .

    It has helped somewhat .

    They really are trying to blame the whites for what they are doing .

    They were not here before 2017 , many having arrived in the last three years .

    Mahar Arar , Canadian Communication Agency , a mole for muslim brotherhood , he only reports to protect their terrorists in our midst .

    From my perspective , they never protect us , ever .

    The Green Berets , Cansofcom say they are here protecting Ishmailie Sihk , that is who the terrorists/insurgents really are !

    They have some homosexual neo nazi's helping them , all connected to sexuality and heroin .

    The Ishmailie Sihk aren't going missing , we are .

    Naturally born white Canadians are the people being hurt and going missing , both military and civilian .

    Why was the subway owner given a full face mask and tank , he had it on ?

    The subway owner is the local el qeada islamic jihad muslim brotherhood safe house , he is their boss .

    He is very dangerous .

    Jihadi's themselves indicate they attacked 30+ residents yesterday , I do not know their status .?"

    I am not making this up .

    I am telling the truth , 100 % .

    For those who do not know , my home is not at Hudsons Bay Mtn Ski Resort , I have not skied there since Feb 26, 2016 .

    I couldn't afford to over the last 6 years , why I ski in front of my cabin .

    this year I might be able to .

    I do not live at or have a home at Lake Kathlyn either .

    Sept 18, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    I am retired .

    Since no one else will ,

    I am putting myself out to stud .

    A little humour .

    Some pics of the interior of my cabin today .

    Home Sept 18 , 2021 DSCN9941 t (25K) Home Sept 18 , 2021 DSCN9942 t (25K) Home Sept 18 , 2021 DSCN9949 t (26K) Home Sept 18 , 2021 DSCN9967 t (26K) Home Sept 18 , 2021 DSCN9979 t (25K) Home Sept 18 , 2021 DSCN9982 t (25K) Home Sept 18 , 2021 DSCN9990 t (24K)

    Home !

    I know that the Supreme Court of BC awarded me this land in a decision the Wetzuwetzen allowed .

    For that I am leaving the land to them in my will , for the grand children of the area .

    If the paperwork ever arrives I am going to deed the lakeside land to them right away .

    That is the land on the lakeside of the road , Mike Ridsdale has a great idea .

    I know the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the decision .

    The paperwork the Supreme Court mailed to me has not yet arrived .

    I know they mailed it 3+ times .

    It still has not shown up .

    It is still my home by law .

    I did not plan it this way .

    1:11 this afternoon I turned on my computer .

    It says I have an internet connection , nothing .

    I cannot open a single site .

    I fixed it by going into my settings and making it a private/home connection .

    That is what I thought it was .

    Sept 19, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    I have a lot to do so I am taking a hiatus from my journal for a while .

    It will not be updated everyday .

    I have a winter to survive .

    Note :

    British Columbia is the far western province of Canada !

    It is NOT in South America or the South Pacific or the Caribbean .

    The College of New Caledonia is in Prince George , British Columbia , Canada .

    One of the best video edits I have ever seen .

    Kudos to the creator , it pumps me up .

    I like it .

    I want to buy the music .

    I want to see the movie .

    Thank you .

    The Secret :

    The one no one wants you to know .

    Be the born identity .

    Be the child .

    Full life .

    If you arrive during life , be the child , be yourself .

    If you then go to another , it is closer to you .

    Eventually , yourself .

    No sprite/soul moves around .

    Only by natural law .

    We are the living .

    Sept 21, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    You know , the following video I like so much does not even show up in my history anymore .

    Are you able to see it or has it been deleted ?

    It won't show up at all on my computer .

    I like it .

    I can't find it anywhere .

    I'm a good guy , I love that video .

    Scroll up for Previous Entries. ~ Top of Page.

    Sept 22, 2021, Modern Era ~ Location : Top of Black Diamond Trail

    My answer is ' NO ' .

    No man or soul over me and mine .

    My free brain is my right .

    Thou shall not trespass upon me .

    I am the born .

    Please keep all your cults outside .

    No one is allowed to bring their spirits to me .

    It is forbidden .

    I live natural law , universal law .

    Everything happens naturally .

    Absolutely no one should be giving up their only life to a ghost that is from someone else not like them .

    Their life is already heaven for their immortal soul and other natural spirits hard coded to them .

    Do not ever give up your brain to another , ever .

    Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ), BBA
    Robert W Nelmes (Bob), Bobby), BBA ~ click for profile.

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    I have No Employees, No Associates and No Staff ~ Never have ! 100 % truth .

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    Absolute Truth !

    Imagine Waves of Warmth, the flag of Earth.

    I believe in a Society of Friends, Family, Science, Truth, Natural Law, Life ~ I am a realist.

    A free society is a society of good, honest people.

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