Hello... Welcome to my studio.

Note : I am still fighting identity theft and felony theft at the higbest level .

The Music of Life ~ A natural pair ~ Boy and Girl. The black and white spheres are a piano/organ keyboard.
Modern Era

The more I know , the more I don't know , the more I know !
If I don't know why I learn why - If I don't know how I learn how .

Dedicated to my Sons, Daughters and Grand Children.
I love you to, I always will, Forever and Always.

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Most Recent Entry

Dec 7 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Top of Black Diamond Trail , Land Grant 09UXA0070170609 .

Boy did I get drunk last night .

I understand a local Catholic priest started laughing when he read about my grand son .

What an ugly world they live in .

The underworld .

No one will allow me my free brain , my free will , my free life .

That is what the after life is for my immortal soul and every sprite that arrives with me naturally .

All others entering unnaturally steal life .

They are still connected to their after life .

They make hell when it doesn't exist .

Towards my Identity :

Identifying Marks : As on my profile page Identifying Marks

I have NO tattoos , not one , I do NOT believe in them .

Scars: As used in my screenplay " Dream Weaver " original working tital ' Scar Creek '.

Round scar between both eyebrows, insect bite, later in life.
Scars behind both ears with stitch marks, Surrey, St. Pauls Hospital, New Westminster.
My tonque was clipped, the end cut off as a child .
Small scar inside right elbow , 2 yrs old, Powell River.
Tip of penis, insect tick removed in Australia as a young boy.
Scar in eyebrow of right eye, Wauchope, Australia.
Scar across top of head 48 stitches, Hudsons Bay Mt Ski Resort, Smithers Hospital 2009.
12" Puti plati scar left dislocated shoulder, Dr. Ducharme and Dr. Dahlstrom, Prince George Hospital.
Metal Stapel by left shoulder socket, see above.
Large keloid scar left thigh, 4", Surrey.
Small scar and cut cartilage , right ear , top , Prince George , Barber , Picture in paper , advert Grade 8 or 9 .
Small scar side of left knee, Tabor Mtn, Prince George
Trigger finger operation scar left hand base of little finger, 3 stitches visable, Dr. Dahlstrom Prince George.
Small scar left lower shoulder blade removal of cyst, benign, Dr. Dahlstrom, Prince George.
Left collar bone broken, protruding, Troll Resort, Quesnel Hospital.
Small scar right thumb, whittling.
Scar base of right thumb, 1.5 ", Smithers Hospital.
Circumcision scar behind head of penis, Powell River.
Near vertical with curved ends , above right eyebrow 1 3/8 " , 12.03.21 .
Scar across right middle finger print above center twirls .


I am not going to give details of my micro and macro plans anymore .

I have removed those pages and Ski Bum Grub Time which I will not be doing .

Someone is killing my genetic proximity on our planet and elsewhere .

The cusp , children with souls from our proximity are also at threat .

I am not going to give it to the enemy .

They will have to use their own brains .

They can help themselves !

In the last 6 years they have murdered 90+ million of my genetic family , my species .

A lot of O negative blood dead .

Genocide : Genetic Homicide : Mass Murder of a species .

Dec 8 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Top of Black Diamond Trail , Land Grant 09UXA0070170609 .

Science as Magic !

On hold on earth due to the previous entry above .

The dark lord cannot have it .

Someone is re-directing my phone number to a location on Oahu connected to the NW Beach House .

Whoever is there is not me .

Who is receiving calls fot it in Smithers or elsewhere ?

How many people are having calls to my phone re-directed to them ?

It is NOT authorized or allowed , it is illegal !

I am not indisposed at all .

My phone number can be found on my business card on my homepage and profile page .

I have not received a call since I purchased my Jeep .

I have it disconnected to prevent triangulation I concieved of but is being used against me .

It is 6:37 pm BC time , Smithers time .

My phone is now on again and I am at my home , my one room cabin .

1 Bobs Place , Top of Black Diamond Trail , Land Grant 09UXA0070170609 .

7013 McDonell Forest Service Road , Km 13 also known as McDonell Lake Rd. not trail .

My home location on Google Earth Pro :

Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

Longitude and Latitude : 5446'34.49"N 12726'15.67"W

A Collage for those with the need to know :

Robert W Nelmes (Bob) Collage Jan 17 2022 t (28K)

My brain is not public access , it is Private !

Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) Aug 10 2022 DSCN9934 t (23K) Robert Wayne  Nelmes Bobby Grade 1

There is more to come on another day .

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Robert W Nelmes (Bob) MBA BBA

My Journal

Nov 5 , 2022 . : 1 Bobs Place , Little Round Top of Black Diamond Trail , Grid Ref : 09UXA0049271011

Next Up :

Ski Bum Grub Time 2022 .

Dinner Number 1

Dinner Nov 4 , 2022 . DSCN9933 (1313K) Dinner Nov 4 , 2022 .

Beef , Onion , Orange Pepper , Saki .

Nov 6 , 2022 . : 1 Bobs Place , Little Round Top of Black Diamond Trail , Grid Ref : 09UXA0049271011

Next Up :

Ski Bum Grub Time 2022 .

Dinner Number 2 :

Dinner Number 2 : Nov 5 , 2022 . Ski Bum Grub Time .DSCN9936 t (19K) Dinner Nov 4 , 2022 .
Dinner Number 2 : Nov 5 , 2022 . Ski Bum Grub Time .DSCN9941 t (24K) Dinner Number 2 : Nov 5 , 2022 . Ski Bum Grub Time .DSCN9943 t (24K) Dinner Number 2 : Nov 5 , 2022 . Ski Bum Grub Time .DSCN9944 t (25K) Dinner Number 2 : Nov 5 , 2022 . Ski Bum Grub Time .DSCN9945 t (25K) Dinner Number 2 : Nov 5 , 2022 . Ski Bum Grub Time .DSCN9946 t (25K) Dinner Number 2 : Nov 5 , 2022 . Ski Bum Grub Time .DSCN9947 t (25K) Dinner Number 2 : Nov 5 , 2022 . Ski Bum Grub Time .DSCN9948 t (23K) Dinner Number 2 : Nov 5 , 2022 . Ski Bum Grub Time .DSCN9949 t (24K) Dinner Number 2 : Nov 5 , 2022 . Ski Bum Grub Time .DSCN9950 t (24K) Dinner Number 2 : Nov 5 , 2022 . Ski Bum Grub Time .DSCN9951 t (19K)

Cubbed Beef , Chili Powder , Onion , Red Pepper , Yellow Pepper , Chunky Campbells Soup , Soft Burrito , Cheese , Mayonnaise .

There is now a link on my index / profile page to Ski Bum Grub Time : 2022 / 2023 .

Ski Bum Grub Time .

Nov 7 , 2022 . : 1 Bobs Place , Little Round Top of Black Diamond Trail , Grid Ref : 09UXA0049271011

Left overs , boy was it good .

I am stuffed for a while .

I have archived the previous entries in my journal .

Starting a new .

Nov 8 , 2022 . : 1 Bobs Place , Little Round Top of Black Diamond Trail , Grid Ref : 09UXA0049271011

Yeee Hawww , we are still here .

Thank You for your diligence and intelligence .

This is a little secret communication most have no idea about .

Above all the boxes , triangles and pyramid schemes .

They need a hug too !

Thank You .

My living room and den in my one room cabin , my home .

My dorm room .

DSCN9966 t (25K)

Dinner Number 3 :

Dinner Number 3 DSCN9956 t (22K) Dinner Number 3 DSCN9958 t (24K) Dinner Number 3 DSCN9962 t (24K) Dinner Number 3 DSCN9964 t (23K)

Cubbed Beef , Onions , Potato .

What is life like at the zero point : Point Zero , the top of the bell curve ?

One Salted Cracker : Margarine , Djion Mustard , thin sliced salami , mayonnaise .

Yummy ...

So Simple ~ So Good .

My Den , my hobby , my voice !

My Communications Center .DSCN9974 t (25K)

No matter what :

I have a small retirement pension , a safe bed on my own land a direction and a legacy to leave .

Nov 9 , 2022 . : 1 Bobs Place , Little Round Top of Black Diamond Trail , Grid Ref : 09UXA0049271011

Affirmative Action and our desire to be inclusive has placed the mentally ill in positions of power and they are now killing us for their lunch money . .

You may quote me , " Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) MBA BBA . "

On another note :

I came up with a new story line for a Screen Play today .

BED Musict (21K)

Trading Day

Screen Play, Mini Series Treatment ~ Draft still in Development.

A story about the inter personal and group dynamics behind a typical trading day , Cardiff - Chepstow , Wales , 3500 BC would be a movie unto itself .

Dates , Marijuana , Hashish , Wine , Contests , Entertainment , Love Story .

Trading Day : 3500 BC , Present day Cardiff - Chepstow , Wales , Wales , United Kingdom .

Chapter 1

The sun is rising over the western hills , ships in harbour still unfurling sails .

People are awakening knowing it is trading day , the excitement endorphic .

A 24 hour day .

Farm boy meets Farm Girl .

Sailor meets Restaurant Girl - Waitress .

Farm boy marries girl .

Sailor rescues damnsel from distress .

They are freed from bondage , their lives entwined with love and family forever and always .

Epilogue :

We smile , the traders smile .

Repeat Business .

We both win .

We are a family of builders :

Homes , farms , villages , community halls , schools , markets , carts , boats , business , entertainment , trade , ships , profit , invest , progress , profit , invest , profit , progress .

I am a farm boy with a brief case .

Concurrent Exploration :

A Star Map :
A Management Information System :
Mapping Today , Tomorrow and Beyond .

Nov 10 , 2022 . : 1 Bobs Place , Little Round Top of Black Diamond Trail , Grid Ref : 09UXA0049271011

It is a little cool this morning .

Cold .

Though someone is with holding escrow accounts , stole a career , a salary and a business plan .

All things being equal , I am retired on a small pension with a voice .

CPP , Old Age Security and Guarnteed Income Supplement , just under $ 2,000. per month .

For the first time in 30 years I have a safe bed , a home , land and a future .

The feeling of being a Land Owner is something .

My Land Grant 09UXA0070170609

A responsiblity for the future .

Crossed paths with Clay Stewart of Northern Industries , the logging company , today so I asked him his schedule .

Apparently the scales will be open again on the 20th so they will be hauling their cut out .

The saw mill is apparently still open .

He is estimating the middle to end of December .

That means I have a road and wheels until then .

After that I expect to be snowed in .

I am looking forward to it .

Nov 11 , 2022 . : 1 Bobs Place , Little Round Top of Black Diamond Trail , Grid Ref : 09UXA0049271011

On Flanders Fields the Poppy's Grow , row upon row .

My grand father , my mothers father , Frank Evans was wounded in the legs at Flanders Fields .

He was my mother Sylvia Charlotte Nelmes father , why her maiden name is ' Evans ' .

Her given name : Sylvia Charlotte Evans : Her married name Sylvia Charlotte Nelmes .

He is buried in Calgary near where I lived on 18th when I was skydiving after Amoco Canada .

I would sometimes go and talk to him , family I never knew , family I know .

He is of a long line of good men .

I did the same thing in Chlliwack with Grampa Edgar and Grampa David's graves .

I had no idea then they were masonic , lives stolen by secret societies , as was my father .

They were from a long line of good men .

Once I discovered Weaver Lake I would go there for quiet at the far end , just to think .

Great Grand Father Thomas Weaver and his son George Weaver both from a long line of good men also .

Weaver Lake and Weaver Creek named for him .

Francis Lake named for my great grand mother his wife , Grace Lake for their first daughter .

He was a logger eventually owning his own company at the turn of the last century , 1900 .

My stock , good men , farm boys , industrious boys , intrepid explorers all .

Now I have a University Education to top it all off .

I am a farm boy with a suit , a brief case .

A course in Commercial ( Contract ) Law to top the Business Degree off .

I really enjoyed the course and did quite well .

Contract Law

I don't even have to be admitted to the bar for that at all .

Though a British Columbia Supreme Court Judge noted in his file of me that he would admit me to the bar .

It is a nice feeling knowing it .

I am staying a good man .

Being a good person is the best feeling on earth .

A realist , natural law .

A man with a brain .

I have the following University Education , I am not making it up .

MBA : Degree of Master of Business Administration .

BBA : Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration .

Both from the Faculty of Business Administration of Simon Fraser University .

I built a small cabin in the bush for survival in 2015 , it is a long story .

Now I own a square mile of land with both a short and long term plan .

That is separate from my Business Plan:

The corporation I wish to create to market my ideas , my creativity , my creations , my art , music , sculpture , writing , etc .

The business that will finance my Foundations .

I simply need my free communications , something I do not have .

The Canadian Government and Royal Canadian Mounted Police , ( ITCU ) , the Management Group :

owe me $ 1.8 Billion dollars , real money .

It is in escrow , still in my name , my identity .

They use my identity , they portray me , they use it and hide me , they are thieves , they are corrupt .

They protect organzied crime and terrorists like the bin Laden family whom they gave my details to in 2001 .

They created and protect identity thieves who protect them .

I have no recourse : They are the government , the security services , the police , the military .

They are organized crime and the secret societies .

Our government is the most corrupt government of the modern world .

They tell people they fixed it , that they payed me , they lie !

They lie to everyone .

They have fixed nothing .

Why I am happy I have a small pension .

I get that whether they like it or not .

It is my right .

My brain is not public access , it is Private !

Nov 13 , 2022 . : 1 Bobs Place , Little Round Top of Black Diamond Trail , Grid Ref : 09UXA0049271011

I am returning to the same format as my old site that is now downloadable .

The home page is back to being an index of the site .

Some Observations :

If it wasn't for true educated professionals in our bureaucracy in Canada and elsewhere , we would be up the creek without a paddle .

Affirmative Action and Patronage are a serious problem .

It is the real pandemic !

Nov 14 , 2022 . : 1 Bobs Place , Little Round Top of Black Diamond Trail , Grid Ref : 09UXA0049271011

My heart is so broken .

They have turned heaven on earth into hell .

There is no safe place to live on our planet any more .

There are still some outright lies going around Smithers and elsewhere based on fraudulent/forged paperwork , fake results , fake and fraudulent diagnosis and outright deceit and lies .

The following is absolute truth :

I have Clean Healthy Normal DNA ( Personal Genetic Code )
Blood Type: O - (O Negative).

For Example :

With O Negative blood I am a Universal Blood Donar .

It is genetically , scientifically and biologically absolutely impossible for me to have illnesses such as schizophrenia , manic bi-polar , dyslexia , homosexuality , etc .

It is not subjective , proven by DNA , bloodwork and CT Scan factual results .

I do not have Herpes Zorster , absolutely impossible .

I have not had a life long drug habit , I do not have dementia , quite the opposite .

I am not an indigent .

I have Free , Cleared and Clean !

I really did pass the US Confirmation Process , the only man who has .

I am a good , innocent man .

Absolute Truth !

Nov 15 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

Sunrise at my home .

Sunrise at home 11 15 2022 . DSCN9997 t (23K)

Back when I had my twitter I included it at the top of my homepage and tweeted 6000 times not getting a single reply .

Not one tweet arrived on my account connected to my website , my art , my music , my videos , my writing , etc , nothing !

I have a few files from " All my Tweets " to prove it .

I did recieve some from some El Qeada and girls looking for traffic .

Nothing ever to do with my website or content .

Interesting , isn't it ?

I also corresponded for a little while with some people I believe were El Qeada , fishing for information about who @khandanish_ was .

Tweets connected to them showed up , in addition to hackers anonymous who began a global attack upon me .

I almost turned @khandanish_ after talking about being an uncle .

A short while after that they never showed up anymore .

I know people tweeted me about my website , where did they go ?

Who received them and pretended to be me ?

Who was hacking , intercepting and using everything of mine ?

I know the answers .

I know RCMP ITCU wasn't helping me , they were faking my stats and stealing my mail literally .

I finally took my twitter off my website almost 10 years ago .

For those of you who believe I am slandering , I am not , I am telling the truth .

Not a perceived truth , absolute truth .

Anyway , one day I was being attacked by El Qeada and decided to tweet something just for them .

Like so many others , I decided to tweet something humorous .

It was not evil or slanderous .

It was not to help them at all , it was to catch them .

What I did was make a business card and put it on my twitter .

They immediately saw it and used their ' telephone ghosts ' to literally ask : Bobby can we use it ?

I said ' Go Ahead ' , use it any way you want to .

I was not helping them , I was identifying them for our guys , for me .

El Qeada has been at war with me since my University days , first attacking me in Sri Lanka when I was visiting my parents there .

They also attempted something at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Hong Kong on my way home .

I did not know it then .

Some wanted to use the card format for their business , fine .

All of their interest using ' telephone ghosts ' , another way they make war upon us .

Others wanted to use it for the secret meaning I created it for , identifying them as operatives for El Qeada Baba Khalsa... to catch them .

They wanted it for that reason , a card for El Qeada .

They did not care that it came from me .

Many have it in their wallets now and / or in a shirt pocket identifying them as " El Qeada " .

Any of our guys seeing one would know they were hard core ' terrorists , subversives , moles ' .

This is what it means :

Ali Baba = Pirate

Tele = Telephone

Djinn = Ghost

Baba Khalsa = El Qeada

Why they liked it and use it .
I created it to catch them , they are not nice .

El Qeada = Baba Khalsa = Sikh = Niazi Khan , the Golden Temple .

El Qeada = The Opium .

El Qeada = The base for making heroin .

A highly addictive drug .

I am going through old files on my Lenovo Laptop that was retired to see if I can find the .jpg of the card I used .

The first line centered read : Ali Baba

The 2nd line centered read : Tele Djinn

In the bottom right corner it read : Baba Khalsa .

If someone shows you that card then they are El Qeada operatives , moles , terorists , subversives , etc .

At this time Islamic Jihad , Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic State all use the format also .

It seems they have been trying to surround me with their Golden Temple since Elementary School in Prince George and the Khan since East Pakistan in 1964 .

East Pakistan is present day Bangladesh .

I lived in the Expat Colony Compound with my parents at Khulna Newsprint Mills , Kalishpur .

I have never sponsored or given anyone from India , Pakistan , Bangladesh or anywhere else permission to use my name .

I would never do so .

Any immigration papers for anyone with my name on them in any way are faudulent , forgery's .

Ahista Ahista ( Slow , Slow , meaning : STOP ) pronounced ' Auste Auste ' .

Nov 16 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

Went into town yesterday to pick up a few things and check the bank .

I discovered my Guarenteed Income Supplement , GIS was finally in my account and registered once again .

Hopefully they can have it stream lined next year , the annual statement should be a known item in today's banking and financial system .

Run with it please , save everyone time , money and frustration , eliminate that step .

When that happens no one can cheat .

It is nice to know how much I have to work with .

Now I can start a budget .

GNU Cash is my next download .

I will simply not include my financial information until I personally know it is unhackable .

Overall it was a nice day in Smithers , everyone friendly .

I enjoyed it .

Blinds finally wore out so I made some curtains out of a red sheet and home made rods .

They look fine .

New Curtains . DSCN0017 t (25K)

The wallpaper on Bing today of the Pueblo secluded under the cliff is exactly what one of my representative rock sculptures is .

What I was thinking about when I combined the unique rocks I found : I just didn't know where they were .

A Pueblo Home . DSCN0020 t (19K) " Mesa Verde National Park, where Ancestral Puebloans lived for seven centuries " .

I find serendipitous synchronicity so interesting .

Nov 17 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

I find serendipitous synchronicity so interesting .

A Pueblo Home . DSCN0020 t (19K)

I could very well call the arrangement , " Sole of Foot " .

The small rock reprenting the missing piece needed for a ski boot , the arch .

What shape supports the greatest wieght most effectively ?

The Arch !

Arch support distributes the wieght and pressure along the whole edge of the ski .

Why centered balance is so necessary for 100 % control of the pressures along the edge of the ski .

As you become better at it you can feel the edge of the whole ski at all points .

When you are capable of doing it there is no terrain you cannot ski unless it is impossible .

You will " Own your edge " .

Let the ski become you !
Do not become the ski .

Another perspective : From the soles of our feet to Star Travel .

It can also represent us , The People of Planet Earth , Terra .

Our bi-pedal evolution allows us to go skiing !

It allows us to run , to play , to enjoy the world around us .

Every day is a beautiful day .

A little ditty I put together and then dedicated to my parents , the source of my dna .

Sole of Foot :

Sole of Foot Music Video.

The feet of commen men , women and children built this world .

The foot is connected to our brain , our ' senses ' receive information we then process with our brain .

We Learn , Dream and Do .

From the moment we are born .

If I don't know how , I learn how .

If I don't know why , I learn why .

The More I Know , the More I Don't Know , the More I Know .

One question leads to many , all need to be answered .

From the moment we became upright and could see our world , we have explored .

We have wondered how , why .

How can I make irrigation easier ?

How do I make transportation easier ?

How do I make long distant communication easier ?

How can I make more liesure time a day ?

The small rock can also represent a ' Flitter ' , a small two/4 person Star Ship .

Kitchen clean .

Chores done

My Kitchen :

My kitchen . DSCN0022 t (25K)

My Home :

My Home . DSCN0026 t (25K) My Home . DSCN0027 t (25K) My Home . DSCN0030 t (25K) My Home . DSCN0034 t (25K) My Home . DSCN0036 t (25K)

Nov 18 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

If someone is waiting to watch me budget my pension with GNU Cash you are wasting your time .

Your illegal sereptitious hacking of my hardware and data is getting tiresome .

Your illegal broadcsasting of the classified digitial stream from my laptop and cabin is the definition of incompetence and negligence .

I consider it treasonous .

I am not your punching bag .

I am not your school .

Identity Theft is a CRIME !
Financial Theft is a CRIME !
Banking Fraud is a CRIME !
Erasure is a CRIME !
Murder is a CRIME !
Kidnapping is a CRIME !
Slavery is a CRIME !
Mail Theft is a CRIME !
Fraud is a CRIME !
Forgery is a CRIME !
Genocide is a CRIME !

Intentional False diagnosis is a CRIME !

For Example :

A few years ago I bumped my head against the frame of my door way .

There was a small wound .

I developed an infection underneath the scalp .

The infection was very painful for a few days , I could hardly move .

When I felt better I got on my bike and rode the 30 km into town .

Every bump was painful , causing pain in the area around my heart .

Indicating an infection within the pericardium protecting the heart .

When I got to emergency it was full and so I ended up waiting hours .

They never took blood work at all .

I related everything to the admitting nurse .

When I finally got into the examination room the so called doctor came in , faced me towards the security camera and then told me to open my mouth .

She did not look at the wound on my forehead or the blisters .

She simply wrote a diagnosis for shingles that was false and gave me a prescription that would not work .

A prescription that would have harmed me if I had taken it .

Shingles everyone is Herpes and I KNOW I do not have it .

Once infected the virus stays in the blood , why it is recurring on a regular basis .

I did not fill the prescription and did not take anything .

Two years ago when I was in the hospital under false pretense by others they extracted 4 vials of my blood .

They discovered that I am clean , 100 % , clean blood , clean DNA , etc , no sign of shingles or anything else at all .

The true results negate everything they placed on paper , why another false diagnosis and unnecessary prescription I again did not fill or take .

I KNOW I do not have schizophrenia , it is 100 % impossible with my genetic code , Scientifically IMPOSSIBLE .

It is NOT subjective , it is scientific .

I had already learned the drugs they were prescribing were harmful to me .

I am clean , healthy and normal in addition to having Free and Cleared .

I know I am right .

I still want to sue , other matters are holding that up .

At present the law suit I am planning includes multiple doctors and hospitals .

They ruined my life for over 18 years .

They have fixed nothing .

The information on my profile page is 100% true .

Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) MBA BBA

I am not making anything up .

So who is ?

They really are lying !

They should try the scientific method and common sense .

Missing Saki :

I just went down to my jeep to pick up the rest of my juice and a bottle of saki that I purchased the other day .

The Saki was not there , my drivers door was open , unusual , no signs of tampering though , I may have left it open .

I remember taking the saki out to re-arrange the load in my backpack on the passenger side and could have left it behind inside or on the snow out in front of my garage .

It was not there .

It is not at my cabin , it is not on the trail .

Someone stole my saki !

Who knew it was there ?

They knew it was by my garage and on private land via a Classified Digital Stream they are not allowed to have access to .

It would have had my fingerprints on it .

They stole it !

Our government has lost it's mind .

I also saw someone leaving my property that was not a logger and had a head set on .

His devil djinn inside unnaturally indicates he is a foriegn soldier , on our soil killing Canadians and Americans .

A forward operative who was told they would be protected by the Canadian Armed Forces .

Who in the Canadian Armed Forces is betraying the people of British Columbia , Canada and the United States , North America ?

Only Northern Industries has permission to use my private road for access to their logging license .

No one else has permission to use it in any way shape or form .

He is not the only one I have caught using it knowing it is private , they lie every time .

It is not public access , it is not a thru road .

It is now a private road on my registered Section of land : My Land Grant 09UXA0070170609

I will be investigating .

Nov 19 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

Time for some electrical to match my solar panels and batteries .

It should be more efficient when I am done .

I need better lighting inside the cabin with lower wattage .

More on the missing Saki :

Went into town to pick up a new controller for my solar panels , JVC Radio for my Jeep and some overhead lighting for my cabin .

There wasn't enough 10 gauge electrical wire at Timbr Mart for my solar panels so I will check at ECOL early this week .

I will make my own combiner unless I find one early next week with the wire , I also need a weatherproof junction box .

When I went down to the Jeep I got it going then started a good look around for my Saki again .

I looked all over plus underneath the Jeep , front to back , nothing .

After pulling out I went to pull the door down and holy makeral , there it was .

Lying on the ground , right in the middle between the rear tires .

Priceless .

Who has that not happened to ?

Nov 20 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

No man or soul over me and mine .

Thou shalt not trespass upon me .

Yesterday when I was in town I was assaulted everywhere I went .

One young woman coming out of Canadian Tire started to look and smile towards me when she suddenly reacted surprised that she wanted to say hello and then commented why would she do that her army was here killing , exterminating my genetics , my face , my people .

I am a man with a brain , not a living soul .

I will not support or stand by the Canadian Armed Forces Council , the United States Joint Chiefs or the British General Staff in the decisions they are making .

They have everything wrong , as do their bosses .

They betrayed me and mine to the enemy .

They are supporting India , Pakistan , Iran , Saudi Arabia and UAE militarily on our soil against us .

Those countries are at war with us , killing us wholesale on our own soil and overseas .

90+ million of my people my species , my genetic family , white with blue eyes , O negative blood , murdered in the last 6 years .

The nicest people on earth butchered by stupidity , ignorance and incompetence .

I am crying all day long for the souls that have arrived with me murdered , butchered brutally .

There is no justice in our world .

They will not take my advise .

They have done nothing I thought of planned or wanted .

Therefore :


I don't get paid anyway , the fakes do .

They use identity thieves at meetings .

They even pinned more than one medal I earned on identity thieves who did nothing except nod at everything they said .

They murdered my genetic proximity , everyone who wanted to stand by my side and help me .

Crimes Against Humanity .

What is Base Line and proximity you ask :

Base line is the genetic of the first two people of a species , a family , a people , genetic compatibility .

Their children are like them , their children mate with others of their own genetic , like minds and body .

Their children marry like minds and body .

And so on , all a variation of the first two .

That is what a common man is , ordinary .

Base Line is clean DNA , no fault , no damage , not degraded .

That is what I have , who I am .

Why the science monitor existed .

Any other representation is false .

My security clearence still applies .

Military and Civilian need to know

Nov 21/22 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

It is time for God mode .

No man or soul over me and mine .

Thou shalt not trespass upon me or my land .

Thou shalt not exterminate my species or any other .

Things are not right in my little corner of the world .

Everything is wrong .

A little background you may not know :

  • I have never Married though I wanted to .
  • I am a Single , Straight , White , Heterosexual , Blue Eyed , Original Nordic , Male , Right Handed.
  • Clean personal Genetic Code with O negative blood , no fault , not damaged , not degraded .
  • Ancient Briton English heritage , includes :
    Elms , Celt , English , Welsh , Scottish , Irish .
  • Ancient European Germanic heritage , includes :
    Elms , Celt , English , Welsh , Scottish , Irish , Gauls , Dutch , Germanic .
  • The Peoples of the North :

    Who we are !

    We are a good people , a compassionate people , a caring people , a friendly people , a nice people .

    We have been ' sentient ' and highly intelligent a long time .

    Someone is killing us methodically .

    It is Genocide .

    Some people discuss it openly in town .

    It is happening all over the world .

    Odd jobs at home :

    I installed a new controller for my 4 100W solar panels .

    It is working very well .

    I have also put a roof on my closet , another shelf , yeee hawwww .

    It also prevents charcoal dust from my fireplace getting on my clothing .

    My Acer Aspire Laptop uses 48 watt to 68 watts .

    My new florescent lights use 15 watt each .

    They are not on all the time at all .

    With four 100 w solar panels , 4 Deep Cycle Batteries , 1 30 watt controller , 1 1100 watt inverter I probably use 100 watts total per hour .

    I use my small generator to top everything up during the middle of winter once in a while .

    I can even use my vacuum when I want to .

    Commercial Law is Contract Law :

    Offer and Acceptence .

    Reciprocity :

    All business is Reciprocity .

    All business is an agreement between two people .

    Contract Law is Reciprocity .

    Process Improvement :

    Stream lining / Improving the performance of a contract is Process Improvement .

    For highest performance :

    Process Improvement is reciprocity between a person , an action and the environment .

    Balance .

    A new screen play :

    He came from no where :

    Farm Boy .

    A movie treatment .

    Think special operations forces on a 1700 frigate .
    Like body , like mind .

    Think of ' Farm Boy ' in the navy .

    He always sinks the pirate ship .

    Empty .

    My Tent :

    I have an idea for a large " Tent " .

    Also the perfect theme .

    Nov 23 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

    Wow , nothing yet

    I have the whole day ahead of me .

    Don't you wish you were retired and building for the future ?

    Some people must understand that I live here .

    I am a Land Owner in BC , Canada .

    I own 1 square mile of land , 640 acres , 1.609344 square Kilometers, 258.9988 hectares ..

    I am not going anywhere !

    Nov 24 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

    Raining all night .

    Just stopped 7:34 am .

    When it is light I'll be able to see how much snow is left .

    I have the start of a new electrical system .

    You have no idea what it is like to be able to use an on / off switch for my lights .

    I used a candle last night for quiet ambience , not light .

    Being off grid has it's challenges .

    It is now snowing , 8:34 am .

    This is a link for a physicist who wants to see the image regarding ' wavelength ' and 1st attraction within the multiverse and our own universe and solar systems .

    It was a link to an image on a local radio station , someone is already interfering with the link so I have a direct one above now .

    Thank you to CFNR , let the artist know your getting credit for the image .

    For those who are curious :

    It is simply an image of a wavelength or frequency that had me thinking of something specific relating to sound in regards to our multi-verse and quantum mechanics at the elemental level .

    It fits what I have learned of the instantaneous travel of sound and thought over vast distances at the quantum level .

    It is simply the quickest way for me to disseminate this information among specific physicists .

    It is supposition based on existing information and facts .

    4:35 PM BC time .

    The Multi-Verse , is it creating as the sound is expanding ? :

    An ever expanding sound wave .

    Snap , Crackle , Pop .

    We are inside an even bigger explosion .

    Is it everexpanding ?

    Does it eventually collapse also . ?

    I hope not .

    I am not going to worry about it .

    Nov 25 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

    Important factors in 1st Contact :

    Interpersonal Communication and Co-Operation .

    Commonalities :

    1. Genetic Imperative

  • Genetic Families , Genus and Species
  • Planetary , Inter-galactic and Universal Levels

    We all need Safety , Shelter , Comfort and Food Supply which is a function of :

    1. Physics , Chemistry , Biology : Science Fact .

    2. Environment , Knowledge , Belief , Understanding .

    3. Level of : Sentience , Intelligence .

    4. A Biological Form .

    All peoples have those in common .

    Trust in Common Sense .

    Balance .

    I always go forward .

    Nov 26 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

    Forward Ho ....

    What is next ?

    I am staying a good man .

    No Religion .

    No Politics .

    No Secret Societies .

    My heart is so broken .

    Why I can only go forward .

    Mending a broken heart .

    My tongue clipped , the end cut off unnecessarily as a child along with my butchered ears and resulting deafness left me alone most of my life .

    I am thankful I got myself back onto my skis again , both in 2004 and in 2008 .

    My 1st love .

    I started skiing in 1967 .

    One day on Yale Rd in 2008 in Chilliwack I was stuck in hell and was standing in my doorway holding two of my snake sticks , one from Sri Lanka and the other from Tanzania .

    I had hit rock bottom .

    Nothing was making sense at all .

    In my mind I had ski poles on and I was going skiing .

    That moment saved my life .

    I went skiing .

    No man or soul over/before me and mine .

    Thou shalt not trespass upon me .

    I am a man with a brain .

    The born .

    Secret Societies and religions have destroyed or stolen every dream I have ever had .

    They are stealing all of our dreams .

    Dream Stealers .

    A new photo of me unshaven taken on Monday .

    Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) MBA BBA Nov 26 2022 DSCN0074 t (25K)

    You can see my eye color pretty well .

    You can also see how flat my right ear is compared to how my ears looked before they were butchered .

    The following photo shows some pictures of me today and in grade 1 , grade 2 and my 1st passport photo with ears damaged , butchered .

    My normal ears and me .

    So heart breaking .

    Question :

    Is there someone in the vicinity of Bermagui , NSW , Australia using my identity ?

    He is not me !

    Is his name Robert (Bob) Paulson , Hells Angels Biker Gang Leader , Neo Nazi Party Leader , International Pedophile Club Procuror and Protector ?

    Past Commissioner Royal Canadian Mounted Police .

    He is covered in tattoos and has experience working in a Post Office stealing mail and my identity for 20 years .

    I lived in Wauchope , NSW , Australia for a little while as a child going to school after Khulna Newsprint Mills school .

    My aunt and uncle had a small beach cabin at Bonny Hills near Lake Cathie , Port Macquarie and Wauchope .

    I never told anyone that one of my dreams was to retire to Bermagui with my small pension , not Bonny Hills though I did think of it also .

    Bermagui would have allowed me to get to Threadbo or Perisher Valley to go skiing while I could learn to surf and go ocean sailing living on the coast .

    Did Robert (Bob) Paulson use his position to cheat a classified stream from my cabin to intercept a possible life path in Australia and my income ?

    Nov 27 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

    Shoveled out my cabin and my Jeep .

    Covered the foundation with snow .

    The cabin will be warmer now .

    Revelations :

    I discovered who was behind cutting the end of my tongue off and butchering my ears unnecessarily .

    Who stole so much from me during my life so far .

    The ' Guild Hall ' .

    Destroyers of Worlds .

    Destroyers of Families .

    Destroyers of Lives .

    That is who the Catholic and Anglican Churchs are .

    That is who the 7 / 11 are .

    That is who the Sedari 7 are .

    That is who the ' Niazi ' Sikh are .

    That is who the Hindu , Jewish , Muslim , Sikh and eastern religions are .

    That is who the Hasidic's are .

    That is who used ' ghosts ' in the Guild Hall to invade Europe and own the aristocracy .

    They owned the ' Guild Hall ' and convinced them to kill and/or to enslave us .

    That is who has been running ' Pogroms ' to murder our people all across the globe .

    That is who Master Masonry , Knights Templars , Islamic Jihad are .

    That is who Baba Khalsa , Kali , Charon , Vishnu , Peter , Paul are .

    That is who Ba'hai , Vatcian City , Skull and Bones Club , Society of the Knights of the Round Table , Bilderburg are .

    That is who Opus Dei is .

    That is who the Inquisition is .

    That is who the Pirates are !

    They are dedicated to the murder of our base line white genetics .

    They are the ones who engineered me alone , mutilated .

    Preventing me from having any influence amongst my own people .

    Ostasized by my own people .

    My Species and Proximity murdered by our own people .

    I did not use the word ' hate ' for 45 years .

    I really really do not like the Guild Hall and the Cahtolic Church and their secret societies .

    I really really do not like the eastern religions for what they do to us .

    I will forever .

    They are killing me and mine for the enemy after letting them in the gate .

    They hold each others penis in rituals .

    They rape and mutilate our children in rituals .

    They destroy our childrens lives earning crests , titles and medals .

    They send our children into slavery overseas .

    They eat us in rituals and place us in their freezer .

    They spend every day attacking me .

    I will not stand by their sides .

    They will not stand by mine .

    They are right now as I type trying to exterminate me and mine from our own planet .

    They are sick .

    I am staying a good man .

    Their world is evil , cold , cruel , not good .

    Taking evil inside is not balance .

    I will never do their angry birds .

    Their world is unbalanced .

    I am staying a good man above and beyond all of it .

    I am not neutral .

    I will continue trying to save my people .

    I will not take anothers spirits inside .

    They are vampires , sucubus , devils .

    The child was already born with their own immortal soul and a brain wanting to be filled with truth .

    Stay out .

    Stay with your life , live there , die there , go where you go .

    The key to where you go is your own brain , your own dna .

    I am a realist .

    I live natural law .

    I believe in free will , free brain , free life .

    I believe in a Society of Friends, Family, Science, Truth, Natural law ~ I am a realist.

    A free society is a society of good people.

    Nov 28 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Military Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011

    A free society is a society of good people.

    I am posting this evening instead of tomorrow .

    Just too priceless , I can't keep it to myself .

    I went to Smithers yesterday to get some rat traps and poison .

    I wore my fav touque .

    I picked up some more grub also at No Frills .

    When I got home I discovered my wool touque had been eaten by a rat .

    I hadn't even noticed except in my shadow once , what was that ? .

    Priceless .

    I wish someone had said something .

    Time for a new touque .

    Time to wash the clothes too .

    I wasn't dirty , only I notice it .

    Something to do in the coming freeze this week .

    Time for some new clothes , turtle necks , socks , etc .

    Some background :

    In 2003-4 I discovered some important information and trusted Homeland Security , CSIS , RCMP , CIA implicitly .

    An attack was prevented with the information I discovered and ensured was seen .

    They then stole my identity and betrayed me to the enemy .

    They are still betraying me and mine .

    My heart is so broken .

    Everything is so wrong .

    Back to Current Events :

    I went into town again today to look for a couple of touques since the rat ate mine .

    I also picked up two large rat traps of original design , I know those work .

    The rat trap I bought the other day busted right away .

    When I woke up this morning I found the other two mouse traps worked perfectly .

    My CPP , Old Age Security and GIS were in my account this morning so everything is fine until next year .

    I know how much I will be saving over the winter .

    I expect to be snowed in for 4 months this winter , 100 % .

    How long is my road plowed and McDonell Forest Service Road ( McDonell Lake Rd ) , that is the question .

    I expect to be snowed in for christmas eve that is for sure .

    I and some others are planning a turkey / ham dinner that night .

    We are all going to do the same thing .

    Their own thing though .

    We'll feel like ourselves that way .

    Hopefully we'll have topic , event , likemind relaxing evening .

    I have to make sure I have a toot for that evening .

    Not New Years though , I want to start every year clean , healthy and normal .

    Everyone else can be hung over .

    The public will never know , or will they ?

    5:01 pm

    One of the rat traps went off .

    Now it is gone to !

    Nov 29 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Top of Black Diamond Trail .

    A free society is a society of good people.

    Cold this morning .

    Getting ready for 4 months alone .

    I have a lot to do over the winter so I am actually looking forward to it .

    There is more light and elecricity than ever before in the last 7 1/2 years .

    Come April and May it will have lived here 8 years , home .

    I am a lot more comfortable , getting better all the time .

    I am a true land onwner now .

    A square mile of land , a newer vehicle , a soft garage , solar panels for elecrtricity and a satellite dish for the internet .

    Hopefully I can convert some things to propane next year .

    It is so nice having the Jeep Grand Cherokee .

    I bought it for $4,000 plus taxes and insurance .

    It came with 4 really good winter tires on rims .

    It is almost like new and fully insured .

    I am keeping it that way .

    I am hoping the old Pathfinder feels at home in the junk yard .

    I'll be snowed in soon .

    I will be able to forget about the world for 4 months .

    What will it be like when winter is over ?

    It is cold and windy .

    With the wind chill it is about minus 20 Celcius at my cabin today .

    Hunkdering down .

    Still need to hike down to the jeep today .

    3:03 pm

    Jeep started fine , warmed it up then disconnected the battery .

    I will be able to re-connect each time I need to start it .

    No trickle or massive drain this way in very sub-zero weather .

    I have a machette I use for trails , branchs , tinder , kindling .

    It is a souvenir from Montego Bay , Jamaica way back in the late 80's .

    It must have fallen out of the scabbard on my back while hiking down to the Jeep the other day .

    I can't find it for love or money .

    It either fell and slid a bit or was pulled by a branch and away from the trail .

    It is gone until spring .

    Anyway , it is a very important tool around my place so I am going to have to look for a substitute .

    Hudsons Bay Mtn Ski Resort is opening this coming weekend and the weather report looks real good .

    I am toying with the idea of going skiing at the ski hill .

    I normally only ski in front of my cabin .

    Some quick laps carrying my skis up on my shoulders .

    I have single , double and triple black diamond terrain plus a Little Bit of Paradise and Intermediate terrain .

    I have not been on the ski resort skiing since Feb 26 , 2016 .

    The last two visits were without skis , just to be on a ski hill .

    I bought a new belt sander to build my row/sail boat so I am going to use it to flatten the base so I can tune my skis .

    The edge must be sharp all the way along , no dulling .

    I do my own bevels with a good file and duct tape canting .

    A good hot wax and buffing will do just fine .

    I even have an iron for that .

    I am looking forward to tuned skis .

    Dec 1 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Top of Black Diamond Trail .

    For those with the need to know :

    Here is a small photo of me in the prime of life when I was a rakerman with Central Paving and Eng in Stewart , BC .

    We were there for two summers .

    The first was the airport , the 2nd we paved the hwy from Stewart to Meziaden .

    It was taken the 2nd summer , the summer I got to make love to Ramona .

    What I looked like when I was going to Simon Fraser University .

    There are also photos of me now , when I was in grade 1 , grade 2 and my first passport photo .

    The old passport with the photo in it was lost , I have never received it back .

    Somehow an identity thief has it and possibly a couple of others and one of my mothers .

     Me , Bob Nelmes 12 Stewart BC CPE Paving 1980-81 summer COLLAGE t (37K) Me !

    Dec 2 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Top of Black Diamond Trail .

    Hung the thermometer I bought the other day .

    It was 25 below zero celcius this morning at my jeep .

    I have to take my shovel down since they plowed the road and left a ridge line of snow along the entrance to my garage .

    A pile of snow to shovel , I had to back through it .

    It isn't usually a problem but I know a grader can scoop the ridge it creates on the side clean in front of my garage easily .

    Though I am shoveling I was hoping they would be considerate , they have not been .

    I am quite disappointed .

    I just shake my head .

    Dec 4 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Top of Black Diamond Trail .

    Used the belt sander I bought to build my sailboat to grinde the base of my skis .

    They are flat again .

    They look good .

    Now to flat file the edges and wax them .

    When I was younger I used to slightly dull the front and back of the skis about 3-4 inches .

    Not anymore .

    I keep them sharp from tip to tail .

    Do not do that unless you are an expert skier .

    The sharp edges allow me to use the technical characteristics of the ski to their fullest .

    I am not a weekend warrior .

    A phrase we used to use when I taught skiing for a living .

    When I was younger Ski Schools used to send Teams to Molsons sponsored races at the end of every season .

    At one of the Molsons Pro Team Races I was a competitor in I didn't finish , called a DNF .

    A Dual Slalom with 2 jumps .

    The gate before the 1st jump I twisted out of both front bindings , though I did not fall .

    With the momentum I ended up running down and standing on the top of the first jump laughing my head off .

    It was so funny .

    That was a DNF .

    At a Molsons Molstar Pace Setters race at sunshine , both heel pieces ripped right off my skis at the start gate .

    Screws and heli coils both .

    I went thru the gate head first without my skis on .

    They wouldn't even give me a re-run .

    In the last two years I discovered they were sabotaged on purpose .

    Buggers wanted to slow down the new guy I bet .

    Level 4's , the blue pin , have a sense of humor sometimes .

    They gave me a spike along with my red pin when I passed my Level 3 Course .

    On the Bump run exam one of my skis came off at the top of the run .

    I am glad I had brakes on my skis and not run away straps .

    I just kept going on one ski .

    That didn't affect my mark , they knew me and the bump run before the Pro Team race .

    They are still very happy memories for me , funny ones .

    I wonder if they saw my bump run the day before .

    It was so much fun .

    When I was teaching the CSIA Examiners were a good bunch of guys on the whole .

    I remember going up the lift at Sunshine on my Level 3 course and watching the Level 4 class skiing GS in the bumps .

    I decided right then I wanted to get my Level 4 .

    Other factors came into play so I decided to go back to University .

    I am glad I did .

    Me at play , 54 years old on May 2 , 2009 doing two things I love to do at the same time .

    It is taken on the plain above Hudsons Bay Mtn Ski Resort .

    The photo is not posed , it is candid .

    I had no idea they were there .

    I love it , it reflects me , my real personality .

    Me, Teaching myself wing skiing ~ 54 yrs old

    Dec 5 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Top of Black Diamond Trail .

    12:34 am .

    Went to bed early so I am up early .

    Checked out ' Little Bit of Paradise ' yesterday .

    It is a small slope in front of my cabin / home that is almost perfect when the snow is right .

    There are a lot of ferns in that area during the summer , no rock on the ground .

    A little more snow and I'll be skiing .

    Little Black Diamond right in front of my cabin / home still needs quite a bit of snow since it is all rock .

    That slope has single , double and triple black diamond terrain .

    I love it when there is a lot of snow , steep and deep .

    A quick lap with with skis on my shoulder climbing up .

    No lift or packer on my little hill .

    I'll be skiing soon .

    A lot of souls have arrived with me in the last week , so many .

    All murdered , what some people call exterminated , all of my genetic , my proximity .

    A lot of skiers .

    From all over the world .

    All in shock , murdered by people they knew or trusted .

    It is so awful , so horrific .

    Genocide .

    Do you know what else I cannot stand ?

    Intellectual Property Thieves

    Dec 6 , 2022 . : My Home , 1 Bobs Place , Top of Black Diamond Trail .

    Drivers Licence Robert W Nelmes (Bob) My Drivers License .

    My Birth Certificate t (82K) My Birth Certificate .

    Birth Certificate duplicate t (14K) A Duplicate of my Birth Certificate for safety .

    Robert W Nelmes Social Insurance Number 714 525 839 t (20K) My Original Social Insurance Card from 1971 , April , 714 525 839 .

    SFU Alumni Card t (18K)I am an Alumnus , my student number : 791011513 .

    I graduated from Simon Fraser University , 1984 , not just attended .

    MBA : Degree of Master of Business Administration .

    BBA : Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration .

    Other Accreditation ~ Public Activity

    You cannot have my identity !

    No notarized or endorsed photo copies or photos of my identitification or finger / foot prints are authorized or legal .

    Anyone using such would be an identity thief .

    Anyone with military identification of any kind with my Name and Identity is a fake , an identity thief , a fraud , a criminal .

    High Security Risk.

    My paper and personel naver arrived , never submitted into the database .

    Everything has been intercepted .

    Identity theft is a crime .

    11:14 am

    2 + 2 = 4 .

    Civilization is Lost .

    No doubt about it .

    They are killing the good .

    There is no where safe for us to live anymore .

    They are exterminating / murdering our baseline white genetic family , our species .

    They are murdering our proximity .

    My heart is so broken .

    They built a true nightmare .

    Our own christmas tree won't defend us .

    They betray us and hand us over to the enemy for butchering or they put a bullet into us themselves .

    They have lost their minds .

    We are the good , we are the nice .

    We are the dreamers .

    We are the future .

    We have the right of self defence .

    I am Bob Nelmes , son of Ted and Sylvia Nelmes .

    Bobby .

    Another grandson of mine was murdered last night in the Smithers area somewhere .

    I discovered it standing on my viewing deck beside my cabin today , his soul with me .

    Brutally by ugly men .

    They know not what they do .

    He is relieved he arrived with me , grampa !

    I will love him forever and always .

    Another grand daughter of mine was kidnapped yesterday also .

    I fear for her life .

    I will love her forever and always .

    The secret societies are engineering the death of my blood line .

    They know not what they do .

    I crossed paths with a man who said he was born and bred here .

    His catholic devil ( ghost ) entered my life unnaturally and I knew right away he was from New York city .

    He lied and also indicated he has killed 9 people since he arrived here .

    His ghost said they were bringing their whole Diocee here .

    Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) Aug 10 2022 DSCN9934 t (23K) Robert W Nelmes ( Bob ) MBA BBA Business Card t (12K) Robert Wayne Nelmes ( Bob ) MBA BBA Right Thumb Nikon Coolpix photo taken Aug 26 , 2022 , 10:17 PM . Grid Reference : 09UXA0049271011 , 54 46'34.49 N 127 26'15.67 W

    Robert W Nelmes (Bob) MBA BBA ~ Where I live - Google Map .

    Full Given Name : Robert Wayne Nelmes , Born 10.9.55 : 714 525 839 .

    R. W. Nelmes , Robert W Nelmes , Bob Nelmes , Bobby Nelmes

    MBA : Degree of Master of Business Administration .

    BBA : Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration .

    Simon Fraser Uiversity Faculty of Business Administration .

    See : University Education

    I am a goody two shoes and proud of it .

    Home Page/Profile ~ Legal Need to Know . ~ Military and Civilian need to know ~ My Land Grant 09UXA0070170609 ~ Photo Album ~ Finger Prints

    For my family : I love you to , I always will , I'm your Grampa Bob , I'm your father , Forever and Always .

    I believe in a Society of Friends, Family, Science, Truth, Natural Law, Life ~ I am a realist.

    A free society is a society of good, honest people.

    Imagine Waves of Warmth, the flag of Earth.

    Google Earth Web ~ Google Search ~ Bing ~ Baidu ~ Yandex

    No unauthorized use permitted

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    Original has now expired and been purchased by someone else so I will no longer be using it as a Domain name.

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