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The Day The World Changed... Eight Years Later.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 09/07/2008.
Today is Sept. 11, 2009, eight years since 9/11... the day the world changed. I remember sitting down to write 'The day the world changed.'... the emotions, the feelings.

Hudsons Bay Mountain... Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 09/07/2008.
I wrote this letter after skiing at the mountain all winter.

The Day The World Changed... Seven Years Later.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 09/07/2008.
Today is Sept. 11, 2008, seven years since I wrote 'The Day The World Changed.' Not only did the world change in a way we could not have forseen, but my life was changed in ways I could not have imagined or perceive at the time.

‘Society Of Lawyers’.  Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. July, 5, 2002.
Should anyone be surprised about the revelations emerging out of the disbursement of funds to the Air India defence team?

Integrity, Character, Honor. Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 06/20/2002.
One of the most critical issues going to the heart of a functioning Democracy has been attacked... and there is virtually nothing in the news concerning it. Why?

Democracy Under Fire. Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 06/19/2002.
Freedom of speech and freedom of journalistic expression is under fire in Canada.

An American's Questions. Editor answers Ross R. Moore, Jr., Villa Park, CA. 04/05/2002.
The following is a series of questions put to me by Ross Moore, an American reader. Perhaps he is more in tune with realities up here than many Canadians.

Canadian Schizophrenia. Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 03/07/2002.
Could we be schizophrenic? Or is our government so out of touch with the realities within Canada and our place within international issues, that they believe their own propaganda?

On Canadian Identity. Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 02/25/2002.
Although the Calgary Olympics were the ‘Best Ever’... Salt Lake will be for Canadian’s the... ‘One to Remember’.

February Farces. Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 02/15/2002.
I won the Lotto twice in the last two weeks! I am still in shock and in a state of disbelief. In the last 8 years I didn’t win a single thing and then within 10 days I win twice. It is such a great feeling.... just like the commercials. I am not sure yet what I am going to do... maybe I should just retire.

January Jeering. Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 19/01/2002.
With Dictator For Life, Jean Chretien deciding to stay with a new batch of yes persons under his thumb there should be an endless supply of issues and controversies to fry them with.

Where Did Canada Go? Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 12/06/2001.
I wonder what I am to do to save my country...

Does Canada Support Terrorism? Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 12/06/2001.
According to the Canadian government and Mr. Manley, the charitable arm of Hamas does not support or fund terrorism.

Message To Extremists. Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 12/05/2001.
The starting point for learning to understand and accept the inherent differences in each of us is the recognition of the universal right of each individual to be different.

Dangerous times. Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 12/05/2001.
‘The dangerous clashes of the future, are likely to arise from the interaction of Western arrogance, Islamic intolerance, and Sinic (Chinese)assertiveness.’

December Doodlings. Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 12/05/2001.
Is anyone surprised by the contents of the Auditor Generals report to Parliament.

Socialist Idealism, The Flaw In Our System. Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 11/27/2001.
The old regulations were obviously not sufficient, so will the new regulations have an impact? I fear not... for one reason only... we have the same people processing the applications and making the decisions.

Documents Indicate Canadian Connection?Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 11/17/2001
Other documents that have significant bearing on Canada and our porous borders are the Canadian passport applications found on the premises.

Lawyers Fight For Dirty Money.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 11/16/2001
There is no question they are uniquely special in our society... uniquely greedy that is.

November Knashing.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 11/06/2001
The trees are colourful, the rain is falling, the seasons are changing and all is right in the world... well in our little corner of it... for today anyway... or was that yesterday?

Civilian Casualties.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 10/30/2001
How does a modern civilisation prosecute a war on terrorism when their own media crucifies them for accidental civilian deaths?

Tobin's Subsidy..Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 10/27/2001
Our diminutive industry leader is obviously reaching for unattainable heights with his new initiative to provide high speed cable internet service to rural areas.

For The Want Of Common Sense.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 10/19/2001
For the want of common sense, realism was lost.... And all for the want of common sense.

Last TANGO In Canada.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 10/17/2001
Personally, whenever I hear the word ‘tango’ I immediately think about the movie ‘Last Tango In Paris’.

The Freedom To Live!Robert W. Nelmes., Editor. 10/12/2001.
Well... from what I hear about the instances of anthrax appearing, one can objectively assume the postal system is being used as a means of dispersal.

October Observations.Robert W. Nelmes., Editor. 10/11/2001.
Summer is over and things are settling down somewhat so there will be more time to raise heck with all that I find ridiculous, bizarre or downright stupid.

It's Not Just Afghanistan.Robert W. Nelmes., Editor. 10/09/2001.
The difficulties of combating terrorism while considering the complicated and convoluted geo-political and religious issues cannot be underestimated.

Here We Have A Man...Robert W. Nelmes., Editor. 10/03/2001.
Over the last few weeks I have been completely ashamed and disgusted to have Jean Chretien as my Prime Minister.

A Time For Realisation.Robert W. Nelmes., Editor. 10/02/2001.
Just treating symptoms of the cancer will not cure the patient, it will only give false hope and allow the unrestricted spread of the disease to all parts of the body.

Cleaning Up The House.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 09/19/2001.
Make no mistake... civilisation is at WAR! Many people though, when they see or hear the word ‘war’ can only interpret it in a manner consistent with their sphere of understanding.

Why The Terror?Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 09/18/2001.
There are numerous so called experts in the media attempting to answer the question... Why did this horrendous act occur?

Who Is The Enemy?Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 09/13/2001.
That will be the greatest challenge for all of us during this war.... determining who the enemy is.

The Day The World Changed.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 09/11/2001.
Today the world changed in a manner we could not have envisioned when we went to bed last night. Though we all knew this could or would happen eventually, it does not prepare one for the complete horror of witnessing such unprecedented premeditated devastation.

September Seethings.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 09/07/2001.
The concept of reparations for all perceived historical wrongs is getting way out of hand. It is time for it to stop. How far do we go back?

The Softwood Dilemma.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 08/22/2001.
The 19.3% duty on softwood lumber imposed by the USA has elicited numerous emotional responses from concerned citizens.

August Angst.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 08/22/2001.
Have you ever noticed that a political career is the only career where someone does not need an education, degree, experience or knowledge of any kind... just a smile, ability to look important and hold out a hand. Sounds like a beggar to me.

Violent Protest Has a Consequence!Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 07/25/2001.
Everyone has the right to protest... but violent protests serve no purpose in a civil society.

Present Peeves.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 07/25/2001.
Well... another summer and it seems to be going faster than ever this year. Why is it that as one gets older time seems to go quicker?

ACPA - ALPA Union Merger Raises Red Flags.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 07/17/2001.
During the process of digging up information and receiving anonymous information I have come across anecdotes, rumours, statements and facts that are sending red flags up all around me.

Vancouver 2101, Headlines.
Headlines 100 years from today.

Nepotism and The Lucky Sperm Club.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 07/15/2001.
Well... it seems the influence of the lucky sperm club combined with entrenched nepotism in the political and media fields has finally come out of the closet in Canada.

Stockwell... GrassRoots Say The Day Is Done.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 07/11/2001.
I have not been inclined to comment on things political for some time since the Canadian political scene has been one worn out soap opera with little chance of a plot change. Then here you come with a challenge to the grassroot Alliance supporters... you will only listen to us.

Summer Simmerings.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 06/27/2001.
Is anyone else out there surprised at 'Emperor Chretien’s' flip flop on health in the last week. I'm not!

Diary of an Embolism.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 02/22/2001.
Just a little disappointed in a few people within the system. I just feel it might help others in some way or another. week. I'm not!

Union Brethren: Rescue Downed Pilots!Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 06/21/2001.
The issue raised by ALPA and the Mitchnick Arbitration decision, and supported by numerous union members and executive is a matter of highest priority for all union brotherhoods.

Air Canada, ACPA and CIRB creating "Aparthied".
I wonder how Air Canada can justify such an inane method of merging employees. Send this view to your MP!

Chilliwack All-Candidates Meeting.
As readers may be aware I have been quite bored with the BC non-election, so I attended an all-candidates meeting only a few blocks from my home in Chilliwack, in the hopes of kindling some excitement or give me something to write about.

May Meanderings.
I have recently been hearing rumours about goings on with the Air Canada - Canadian merger and their treatment of Canadian employees that is raising the hairs on the back of my neck.

April Ponderings.
Here's our Federal Government allowing a known bomber of McDonald’s Restaurants to enter Canada to appease groups that are hiding under ideology while condoning physical violence against other human beings.

Thoughts for this Week.
I'm of a mind that if the Americans impose duties on Canadian Softwood Lumber we as citizens will have to do something.

The PM's Calgary Speech.
I watched our Prime Ministers address to the Canadian Petroleum Producers Association on the television today and have the following comments:

We Must Control Our Resources.
Given the expiration of the Softwood Lumber Agreement and the threat of duties by American interests, it is in Canada's best interests to play hard ball.

Political Arrogance.
...the Prime Minister made a couple of statements that clearly illuminate his arrogance and contempt for the Canadian people.

Subliminal NDP.. What they really say!
I received my copy of the most recent example of NDP campaign material paid for by the citizens of British Columbia. 'A Report to British Columbians' entitled 'Budget 2001'.

Was there a 'Form of Transfer'?
Are we to believe two wealthy, powerful and intelligent people, one in a politically sensitive position, concluded a sale...

Thoughts for this week.
Let's hope the pressure can be maintained on the PM to step down and call an independent inquiry... as ordinary citizens we must do our part and apply whatever pressure we can.

The Dissemination of Hate in BC.
Whenever I hear about a group or organization that uses the word 'Freedom' in their title, I get suspicious and red flags start going up in my head.

Thoughts for this week.
If a new coalition party is created to unite the right in Canada then we will in essence only be creating another Federalist Party with no strong desire to overhaul our Parliamentary system. We would be replacing one dictatorship with another.

The big 'D'can happen again!
As is evident at this time, the same rules apply to the new economy as they did to the old. People are still human, greedy and still run when afraid... while analysts continue to smile.

Technology Careers... Deceiving Our Youth.
We are pushing far too many of our children into technology careers and not caring about who will be building our homes or taking care of our vehicles.

Why the NDP Must Go... Native Son Alberta Bound.
I am going to tell you a short story about my brother which serves to illustrate the true state of our economy in B.C....

B.C. Election Ponderings..II.
Well... it seems the NDP are going to stoop as low as the Federal Liberals and run a campaign of fear... demonizing everything and everyone but themselves.

Independence and the well traveled.
In reading and listening to various media over the last while it seems there is an assumption that those who believe the west should consider independence are unworldly, untraveled and narrow minded and that if only they could travel they would see what they have here.

Accountability or Immunity?
If we demand accountability on the part of foreigners and their diplomatic personal for crimes perpetrated on our soil, then we must allow their country the same right.

Union Puppy Humpers!
Is anyone surprised or disgusted that more than one of the traditional union supporters of the NDP are threatening strike action...

Health Professionals.. an observation.
The case of the woman giving birth while a ward nurse reprimanded her does not surprise me given my own recent experience with the health system.

Liberals say 'No' to ethics and their own promise!
We now have another demonstration of the true nature of the governing Liberal Party, voting no to their own promise and showing what they truly consider 'ethics'.

Investigate! The PM is not above the law.
Join us in pressing for further investigation of the Prime Minister and email this view to your MP/MLA.

B.C. Quake? Your on your own!
With the news of the quakes in Central America and India I began thinking about BC's overall readiness for the inevitable event here.

Mainstreaming Independence!
I have been a proud Canadian for 45 years and worn the Canadian Maple Leaf with pride as I traveled extensively throughout this world of ours...

Charest Meech!
Is anyone out there surprised that Mulroney's little protoge...Charest and the Quebec Liberals are now singing "Here a meech,...

Lift the west coast drilling moratorium.
...there is no doubt in my mind that major reserves of both NGL and LightCrude exist off the coast of British Columbia...

Why genetic research? are some advances I have no doubt will be discovered as the result of genetic research.

Jean, you are wrong!
This is an open letter to the Prime Minister of Liberal Canada.

The Mandate Myth.
Now that the election is over I am hearing the Liberals and Jean Chretien declaring a mandate from the people to continue their policy’s.

The Myth of Federalism.
Our present federal system maintains it is for all of Canada’s peoples. If this is true, then why is there such distinct geographical polarisation?

PM's Confederation Speech.Robert W. Nelmes, Editor. 09/19/2001.
Our present federal system maintains it is for all of Canada’s peoples. If this is true, then why is there such distinct geographical polarisation?

Immigration: Canada’s Survival
The average Canadian must come to grips with the fact Canada requires immigration in order to survive...

Solution to Polarisation and Partisan Politics!
After watching the course of the United States election and how the Canadian election is progressing I had a moment of inspiration and come up with a solution to the polarization of both countries...

United States: Democracy or Rule of Law?
The American election... is this just another episode of Survivors? As an outside observer of another nations election I have learned a number of things:

Identity ~ Canadian or Hyphenated-Canadian?
One of my biggest pet peeves is the classification as a hyphenated-Canadian.

Health Care: The Largest Non-Issue?
Health Care... the biggest bugaboo non-issue of this election.

Jean Chretien: The Transparent Man.
How can I trust a Prime Minister who consistently gives explanations so transparent they don't hold water?

Stockwell Day: Demon, Saint or a Change?
As with many people today, within a short time we were discussing the upcoming election.

Joe Clark: Captain of the Titanic.
Joe who? Most of us recall this small question.

Alexa Mcdonaugh: What Planet Is She On?
Whenever I listen to one of Alexa’s speeches I wonder if I have slid into another dimension.

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