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Fusion Energy ~ Genetics ~ Technology ~ Science ~ Medicine

Exploration rather than war to invent, inspire ~the freedom to learn, dream, do, live.


DNA X and Y... holding hands.
Genetics ~ DNA X and Y ~ holding hands

Growth... Life.
Cells ~ Growth

Growth... Life.
Genetics ~ growing a steak ~ a heart.

  • Free food for everyone, the fridge would grow it.

  • Elimination of animal harvesting, no more pig farms, no more cattle ranches, no more slaughter houses, no more chicken barns, no more diary farms, no more fish harvesting.

  • No more mass feed fields, no more seal hunt, no more fences, no more hunger.

  • Over time the elimination of genetic defects.

  • The senses... eyes, ears, taste, smell, touch, including teeth ... health... for everyone.

  • Milk out of the tap tailor maid for your metabolism. Mothers milk for everyone.

  • We are starting to grow organs now. We will be able to regrow limbs.

  • We could grow eggs and bacon. Home made bacon and egger.

  • With the computer 'knowing' you, as you are putting the last egg on the last kaiser roll it will tell the cupboard to make six more rolls and the fridge to make six more eggs.

  • Because the Q Ball gives every single person on the planet free electricity.

  • The power needed to run the fridge (replicator) will be free, free food.

  • The power needed to run the closet(fabricator and duplicator)will be free, free clothes and toys.

  • The power needed to run the shield will be free, free shelter, free warmth, free transportation.

  • The power needed to run the quantum computer will be free, free net, free communications.

  • No need for money!

  • There will be no financial system.

  • A lot of jobs will become obsolete, better find a hobby you love now!

  • We will all do what we love to do.

  • The freedom to learn!

  • The freedom to dream!

  • It will be in everyone's best interest to work together on ideas, sharing of information, open source development and continuous improvement.

  • There will be only one operating system, one database, one network, the most efficient!.

  • It will keep improving and so will we.

  • Cool Aye!

"Question... Believe in Truth!... Knowledge is a wonderful thing."

Spheres of Understanding... Cold Fusion...
Spheres of Understanding

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