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Ski Bum Grub Time

Ski Bum Grub Time

We're all equal in the beginning, we all start with milk.

In the summer of 2010 I had an idea for a cooking show in my cabin.

I was going to call it 'Ski Bum Grub Time'.

How to live and ski on a budget, cook on a wood stove and live with only enough electricity for my organ and my computer.

I first had the idea when I was skydiving.

A cooking show for a sport channel on the internet would be fun.

A skydive in between.

I figured I could do my recipes, drum on my pots and pans, and then do a ski clip. It would have been fun.

But, my ski cabin/home at Purden burned down Sept. 19, 2012 without insurance. It was my home. It broke my heart.

So I've decided to do it anyway, the pots and pans can wait until I have another rack and another stove.

All the recipies are from necessity, the ingredients and methods I had available to me living in my cabin a long way from town with no vehicle.

Very simple, very inexpensive.

Ski Bum Grub Time Episdoe 1 The Golden Bowl

Episode 1 ~ The Golden Bowl

I've combined some footage from my Cando Camp holiday at Mt. Sir Robert in 2014 and my new painting 'Golden Bowl' for the first episode.

Cando Pizza pan style, Curried Sausage and Rice with pan fried flat bread.


The introduction where I am playing pots and pans is the kitchen in my old ski cabin at 3015 Purden Ski Hill Road before it burned down.

You can see the little mermaid/dolphin hanging from the railing. I was able to save that from the ashes, sand it and place it on my Garden Terrace Table.

I am going to call it the 'Golden Mermaid'.


Emperors Breakfast.

Fresh flat bread made with garlic, rolled to leaven. Cut into strips to dip into homemade mayo and mustard sauce.

Mix flour and water until dough can by manipulated without sticking to your fingers.
Knead and fold until it starts to puff up a little.
Roll into a circle, place on pan.
Or, place in table top grill for about 15 minutes.
Cut into strips.

Mix two heaping tablespoons mayo with a tablespoon of mustard.



Decadent Power Bars ~ Decadent Power Bars

Mix and add ingredients until stiff consistency. Place in fridge. They are good. More chocolate to taste.

Sweetened Condensed Milk
Chocolate Powder
Chopped Dates
Bran Flakes
(Anything else you like)

Perfect for those long hikes and climbs to a little piece of heaven.


Cando Pizza ~ Cando Pizza

Did you know there is a city almost dead center in the middle of North America called 'Cando' in N. Dakota near the border between Canada and the United States. Kinda cool.

'Cando pizza, good for the core'.

9-10" 1" deep round pan.
Tomato Sauce
Cayanne Pepper

Mix flour and water until dough can by manipulated without sticking to your fingers.
Knead and fold until it starts to puff up a little.
Roll into a circle, place in pan and fold sides down for thick edge to top of pan.
Spoon a thin layer of tomato sauce.
Layer of sliced or grated cheese.
Layer of Sausage.
Layer of Onion.
Layer of Pepper.
Layer of Tomato.
Thin layer of Tomato sauce.
Layer of Cheese.

Place on top of hot stove above grate or burner to allow air under the pan.
Cover with a lid.
Let cook about 15-20 minutes, until cheese is melted and crust is firm underneath and cooked on the edges.
If you want a crusty bottom place directly on the grate or burner for a few minutes.

Watch carefully.

Let cool!

Yummy. They are damn good.


Experiment with toppings.


Kings Snack. ~ Kings Snack

Fresh flat bread, rolled to leaven with garlic topping.

Mix flour and water until dough can by manipulated without sticking to your fingers.
Knead and fold until it starts to puff up a little.
Roll into a circle, place on pan.
Or, place in table top grill for about 15 minutes.
Cut into strips.

Melt 2 tablspoons bacon grease or use canola oil.

Spread oil on sticks.

Sprinkle garlic powder to taste.


It really is good!


Tuna Salad ~ Tuna Salad

Boil macaroni about two cups. Drain, rinse with cold water, repeat until chilled. Place in bowl.

Dice one large medium sweet onion the way you like, mix with macaroni.

Open one can of Tuna, drink juice, mix with macaroni.

Add mayonaise pepper and salt to taste.

Mix well.

Use your favorite spoon.

I was able to save mine from the fire. It is a duplicate I found in my cabin of one I used to have for a long time and lost. It is symmetrically perfect for my mouth. It is silver but tarnished.



Flavour ~ Beans

Open one can of Pork and Beans.

Place in bowl of your choise.

Use your favourite spoon.

Open salted crackers place around bowl.

Dig in. Use crackers and spoon.

It is so good. The flavour is better cold.




A tea to help your periferal vision and expand the small capillaries in your body increasing blood flow to the hands, feet, muscles, brain.

I tried using it after someone at the restaurant in Wells, BC told me about Cayanne pepper.

I started making it when I lived in Smithers and used it a lot at Purden, particularly when I wanted to decrease or stop coffee intake.

On a clean system it has quite a beneficial affect.

Boil water and add a tea bag, your preference.

Teaspoon of concentrated lemon juice or slice of lemon or lime squeezed with rind.

Cayanne pepper to your preference. A pinch is usually enough.

Half a teaspoon of honey.

Mint leaves if handy.

Because of it's similar affect on the capillaries and blood vessels it can work like viagra.


Wave of Spice Wrap

Review after eat the first 3 ~ Boy these are good.


Mix flour and water until dough can by manipulated without sticking to your fingers.
Knead and fold until it starts to puff up a little.

Sprinkle flour on the counter. Roll dough out until 1 1/2" thick, cut into 1 1/2" wraps. If no rolling pin is around a metal or hard plastic water bottle works well. That's what I use.

Roll out each until it fits the frying pan ~ 10-12" Sprinkle flour on counter and set aside.

Place large 10-12" frying pan on stove, grease with oil or fat.

When hot place place a wrap in the frying pam, wait a few minutes and check, if soft and the bottom is spotty brown a bit flip.

Wait another minutes check to see if cooked. Remove and set aside on a plate. Repeat for each wrap.


Brown 1 lb hamburger with 1 Large onion diced to prefered size. Same frying pan.

Sprinkle with lots of garlic or place 1 lrg clove diced in hamburger.

Sprinkle with lots of cayanne pepper.

Sprinkle with lots of hot madras curry powder.


Place 3 heaping tablespoons of hamburger along middle of wrap. Add letuce.

Roll one side over top and tuck in then roll and fold one end in.



Mellow Yellow

When you finish a banana scrape off the inside of the banana skin until all the soft white inner skin is removed.

Let dry until hard.

Break and crumble.

May be used for baking cookes, fudge, cakes, breads.

You can also place some in the bowl of a hookah and smoke it. You'll like it.

Very pleasent and none of the addictivness of marijuana, opium, cocaine etc.

It also works well as a laxative.

You can already buy it at the grocery store pretty cheap. You also get vitamins C,B,E and potassium.

You won't have to give as much money to the Hell's Angels.

A solution to the drug war.

It would probably work. No consumer to drug cartels.

Say No! to crime.

It may probably work as a means to wean oneself off the craving for the addictive substance you may be using.

Just think lower hospital bills, lower hospital costs, medical costs go down.

Say Yes! to to health and No! to the drug war.

It may work as a simple homemade calming medication too.

Yeee Hawwww ~ Lower drug costs. No dispensing fee. Less harm to the environment.

Lower crimes, lower policing costs, lower prison costs.

Yeee Hawwww

Lower taxes!


Poor Man's Chili Poor Man's Chili


Shepards pie, no oven Shepards pie, no oven



Puff balls

Date squares


Willow Tea

Twisted Salad

Pot Luck Beans

Homemade wraps


Direct from me Robert Wayne Nelmes (Bob), born Oct. 9 1955, son of Ted and Sylvia Nelmes, in my cabin on the hill above Dennis Lake to you right now. Sept. 19, 2017

I just noticed the date, 5 years since my ski cabin at Purden Mtn burned down and I lost everything except what I could carry out quickly like my computer, my sculptures, some papers, some keepsakes, my brass table, my machette, my ski clothes, I lost everything else. It has been so hard ever since.

So the flavour of the following helped me alot today.

For my friends not my enemies, their palette will not like it.

a whole bunch of northern BC fall cherries, boil with 1 cup demerara brown sugar until thick, the consistency of jam.

they are not the cherries you buy in the store.

Let cool.

Pancake: flour, milk powder, baking powder.

Cook one pancake, heat up about half a cup of BC fall cherry jam with a little water, they are not the cherries you buy in the store.

Have the teams pick some and send them down.

Butter or margarine on the pancake, then syrup, maple or fake maple will do, cover, then pour the berries and berry syrup over top.


The demerara sugar caramelizes slightly too, the flavour is so good, mouth watering, you have to eat breakfast slowly savouring every bite it is so good.

My guys with me, the men's souls with me naturally and those by proximity of me who also expericence it agree.

It is so good.

Get going now.

Another recipe

half cup of bazmati rice, knorrs tomator vegtable soup,half cup of tomato sauce, can of turkey, garlic, hot pepper to taste, boil until rice is cooked and most of the water is boiled off.

Bake some leavened bread in a pan, hard on both sides. When done slice the hard sides off, butter, then sprinkle garlic.

Use with poor mans turkey cachatori.

It is so good.

For desert butter the soft bread slices and spread bc fall cherry jam on them.

It is so good.

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