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Spheres of Understanding.

When I first began using MS paint back in the last century, I used to draw circles and connect them with color. Prior to that as a young man I would do it with pencil or pen then I moved on to a protractor. I have been doing this type doodling for a long time. MS paint is very 2 dimensional so discovering the 3D aspect of gimp allowed some further experimentation with the same concept.

These are examples of placing 3D Spheres within a 3D Sphere. Resulting in a very good representation of various spheres of understanding residing within a single sphere of understanding. Each sphere in the series would represent a sphere on the sculpture Perceptions. Both the sculpture and the series of spheres illustrate the common root for all things...

The 2nd last one is my painting, The Key, there is only one pizza, how we interact with one another.

It can also represent the big bang to today.

It also represents my soul, my life ~ my spiritual lineage ~ the men that comprise my soul ~ Perfect Compatibility ~ 'Ice Age Bob' to me!

The last is the first microwave photograph of the universe. I downloaded it from the Encylopedia Britannica site in July, 2010...

A Sphere of Understanding A Sphere of Understanding A Sphere of Understanding A Sphere of Understanding A Sphere of Understanding A Sphere of Understanding A Sphere of Understanding A Sphere of Understanding A Sphere of Understanding A Sphere of Understanding A Sphere of Understanding A Sphere of Understanding Pixel upon Pixel... A Family of One. Microwave Image of the Universe A Sphere of Understanding Our Reality, the Multi Verse.

An eliptical sphere is a good way to display the surface and contents of a globe, a round sphere.

Our universe

We live in a bubble.

Like bubbles in milk... quantum foam.

snowt (12K)


Field of Light
Field of White
Pixel upon Pixel
Wonder upon Wonder

Pixel upon pixel,
Solar System upon Solar system,
Galaxy upon galaxy,
Universe upon universe.

There has to be other bubbles out there.

I love skiing so much.


Pixel upon pixel, everyday a new painting.

Please Note: This does not mean three souls and it does not mean every spirit on our planet is inside one light, inside one pixel, inside one divine mind. It is a visualization of my sculpture Perceptions.

No unauthorized use permitted

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